Quadros Offers Prism? GUI Software for Embedded Devices

Quadros Offers Prism™ GUI Software for Embedded Devices

Houston, TX (PRWEB) July 21, 2010

Adding to its extensive suite of software for embedded systems, Quadros Systems, Inc., a leading provider of real-time operating systems (RTOS) and embedded software, today announced the immediate availability of Prism, a suite of graphical user interface (GUI) development tools written in C++ for embedded applications. This toolkit is ideal for navigation systems, cell phones, industrial control, gaming systems and medical electronics—anyone who is developing a sophisticated, dynamic user interface.

Graphical User Interfaces are one of the fastest growing areas in embedded development. The availability of lower cost graphical displays and microprocessors with integrated LCD controllers have encouraged many OEMs to employ GUIs to improve the value and differentiation of their products.

Quadros Systems has been selling and supporting graphical interface software integrated with the RTXC embedded RTOS for more than eight years. Prism is a new generation of graphical interface development tools and libraries created by Blue Water Embedded, Inc. This complete framework and toolset includes everything needed to design and deploy advanced graphical interfaces on embedded systems. The Prism software includes the Prism Runtime Framework™ graphical library and the Prism Insight™ desktop UI design and layout application.

Prism is a GUI toolkit for building sophisticated user interfaces with rich animations, screens transitions, alpha blending, anti-aliasing, and canvas transformations. Designed and optimized for embedded devices, it delivers a small footprint solution ideal for resource constrained applications. Prism Micro™, a graphics toolkit for monochrome and limited color depth targets, provides a solution for even the smallest devices.

Prism Insight is a desktop UI design and resource editing tool that supports both Prism and Prism Micro toolkits. Developers can use Prism Insight to completely design a user interface using the drag-and-drop WYSIWYG environment. Features include a resource editor for defining buttons, menus and other widgets and an animation designer to specify screen flows, transitions, effects and animations. The output is used by the Prism Runtime Framework to generate sophisticated screen views.

“Quadros Systems’ customers have come to expect high quality products and a high level of service and support,” said Ken Maxwell, president of Blue Water Embedded. “We are pleased to integrate high quality Prism GUI software coupled with our superior technical support into their comprehensive suite of embedded software solutions.”

“Quadros Systems has enjoyed a long and successful relationship with Ken Maxwell,” said Stephen Martin, vice president of marketing for Quadros Systems. “Our customers have benefited from his knowledge and experience in graphical interface software. It is exiting to be able to work with Ken and his team again.”


The Prism and Prism Micro embedded graphics toolkits are delivered with full source code and available immediately. A license for use in a single application product starts as low as $ 4995.

About Blue Water Embedded, Inc

Blue Water Embedded, Inc. is the leading innovator of graphics software for dynamic, high performance user interfaces in embedded devices. The engineers at Blue Water Embedded have decades of combined experience delivering quality graphical software solutions for use by embedded developers. Our commitment to quality and customer service makes Blue Water Embedded the software partner of choice for companies creating a wide assortment of products used in medical, consumer, security, telematics, and industrial applications. Blue Water Embedded, Inc. may be contacted at 810-987-3002, or email sales@bwembedded.com .

About Quadros, Systems, Inc.

Quadros Systems, Inc. (http://www.quadros.com) develops and markets RTXC technology, bringing together RTOS, hardware and software professionals into one development team to provide innovative technology that maximizes real-time responsiveness and eases the development process for customers. In addition to the RTXC RTOS family, Quadros Systems offers a wide range of communications stacks and middleware including USB development kits and precision time protocol which supports time synchronization using the IEEE 1588 standard. RTXC products have been deployed worldwide in hundreds of millions of embedded systems, serving markets such as communications, consumer electronics, medical, and industrial control. For more information, contact Quadros Systems, Inc. at 832-351-2830, Quadros Systems Europe at +49-703/339-1561 or visit http://www.quadros.com/products.



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