QlikTech Releases QlikView 8.5

QlikTech Releases QlikView 8.5

Radnor, Pennsylvania (PRWEB) July 8, 2008

QlikTech , the world’s fastest-growing Business Intelligence (BI) software vendor, announces the general availability release of Version 8.5 of QlikView, its award-winning business analysis solution. The highlight of QlikView 8.5 is a groundbreaking “Set Analysis” feature that allows comparisons among virtually any sets of associated data – providing users with more powerful analysis than ever before.

QlikView works the way your mind works to connect related data from many sources, using patented, next-generation association technology. Information can then be explored intuitively and visually – with drill-down detail in a few clicks – delivering users accurate answers and better insights.

Key Facts about QlikView 8.5:

    Revolutionary “Set Analysis” features compare associated data sets with any other data set – in the same view and on the fly.
    Enhancements for enterprise integration, such as open APIs for resource utilization, and mass client deployment using AJAX and Java make it even easier for the largest companies to deploy and manage QlikView.
    User enhancements, such as embedding QlikView directly in everyday business applications, improve collaboration, while additional visualizations make QlikView more useful and fun.
    Simplified licensing eliminates product distinction between 32- and 64-bit versions.

“Today’s BI landscape is fragmented with many different tools for different needs. Excel for entering data; PDF reports and dashboards for basic – and, ironically, executive – users; OLAP for power users to do analysis; and data mining for the exceptionally well-trained expert,” said Jonas Nachmanson, Chief Technology Officer of QlikTech. “QlikView bridges the gap among all of these tools in a single solution, eliminating the tradeoff between power and simplicity. It delivers the depth of an OLAP cube that is as easy to work with as a PDF report.”

”This combination of power and simplicity in a single solution makes the conventional, top-down approach to BI obsolete,” said Anthony Deighton, Senior Vice President of Marketing at QlikTech. ”QlikView gives people access to the information they need to be successful in their job. This creates departmental agility and allows organizations in all industries and of all sizes to be successful.”

New Features Make QlikView 8.5 Even Smarter

QlikView 8.5 is designed around four themes to make business intelligence even smarter. Most of the enhancements are evolutionary improvements in QlikTech’s mission to simplify analysis for everyone.

1.    End-user Experience innovations focus on making analysis useful – and beautiful. Groundbreaking Set Analysis features enable users to compare two or more selected states at once, “lock” or “choose” selected states for comparison, view multiple selection states, and extend the power of QlikView bookmarks – in the same view and all on the fly. For example, users can compare this year’s sales to last or the product mix of sales people who exceed quota with those who don’t – at any time, regardless of the current selection state. Set Analysis is a major advancement of QlikView’s patented “associative analysis” approach.

In addition to several new visualization and charting features, end users can “drag’n’drop” QlikView objects live inside PowerPoint, Word and Excel. This integration makes QlikView even more accessible for presentation and collaboration.

2.    Enterprise Deployment and Integration features simplify QlikView deployment and integration in organizations with complex existing infrastructures. Exposing management APIs and infrastructure to non-QlikView management software simplifies management tasks and integration with third party software, including J2EE server applications.

3.    Mass Deployment Clients features ensure simple, secure deployment of large numbers of QlikViews to large numbers of users, putting personalized analysis into the hands of the right user at the right time. AJAX and Java clients provide desktop-level interactivity and capabilities and allow customers to deploy QlikView to large numbers of users in seconds.

4.    Simplified Licensing makes it even easier to do business with QlikTech. The product distinction between 32- and 64-bit QlikView and QlikView server has been removed. All QlikView users now have the choice to use the full power of 64-bit QlikView.

Tested by More than 400 Users

QlikView 8.5 has been beta-tested by more than 400 people in organizations ranging from a Fortune 40 pharmaceutical company, to the UK’s National Health Service, to dozens of IT solutions providers.

“I like the theme of simplicity and focusing on core needs. QlikTech has been really responsive to users, and the product just keeps getting better,” said Rob Wunderlich of USS POSCO.

“While we are a long-time QlikView user, the new features in 8.5 will really help our company, and I think, would be useful for any company,” said Samantha Dinges of Alabama Farmers’ Cooperative.

“The continued evolution of features around the AJAX/Java client, as well as the improvements in QlikView Publisher, will allow us to deliver more complete and well integrated BI solutions to our enterprise class customers,” said Edward M. Bobrin, Director of Business Intelligence Services at the Bardess Group, a QlikTech Qonnect partner.

“As a consulting firm, we manage complex technology for our clients every day. As a QlikView customer, we’ve seen how QlikView has fundamentally changed the way we manage our business. For example, we have detailed visibility into over $ 3 billion of contract backlog and proposal pipeline. Our ability to get immediate insight to changing priorities gives us more time to developing winning proposals,” said Steve Hunt, CIO at SI International.

About QlikTech

QlikTech’s flagship product, QlikView, simplifies analysis for everyone. QlikView works the way your mind works – making associations by connecting data from many sources in a few clicks. This patented in-memory association technology brings fast results and better decision making to a wide range of customers and industries. QlikView is intuitive to learn, simple to modify and can be deployed in less than a week.

Named the world’s fastest-growing Business Intelligence software vendor by IDC, QlikTech has approximately 8,500 customers in 86 countries and more than 500 partners worldwide. QlikTech was founded in Lund, Sweden and is headquartered in Radnor, PA (USA) with direct operations throughout Europe and the Americas. QlikTech offers a fully functional, free trial of QlikView and a 30-day money-back guarantee. For more information, please visit http://www.qlikview.com.

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