Powerful Technology Records Whole Year’s On Screen Activities

Powerful Technology Records Whole Year’s On Screen Activities

(PRWEB) June 30, 2008

Back to five years ago, it would be a crazy idea to record all on screen activities of a computer, 24 hours with 365 days, because the huge storage space that is taken was infeasible then in terms of both hardware and technology. Even today, it’s also a very challenging task. However, Screen Anytime, software developed by Stepok Image Lab, provides a perfect solution for that.

Based on a uniquely screen video codec named SSCv2 that was developed by Stepok Image Lab independently, Screen Anytime is able to compress the video recording of one-month into only one DVD capacity with nearly lossless video quality. As a result, it can easily meet the above-mentioned requirements together with currently popular large hard disk and disc-burning devices. Compared with technology adopted by other popular screen recorders, SSCv2 can achieve a compression ratio of over four times. Plus with specially designed features, Screen Anytime has become the only software released for the screen-audit market (recording all as compared to recoding a clip).

Recording all on screen activities is very useful in server management, security, employee management and bug-tracing, etc. For example, the administrator can easily search for and replay the operating and changes on a server by any user at any time for better management, no matter if it is through remote desktop or local; customer service staff can record the session of communicating with customers, including when and how they solve problems, by what means, so they can look back in future in order to improver service quality; just to name a few…

To make it effective, Screen Anytime can organize data by timeline or list based on different users. Searching is also provided for the keywords in the windows title of the program running at that time in order to find the video clip and replay. Screen Anytime even provides a feature called “moment tag” that allows a user to tag any special moments he/she prefer to. For example, you can tag important talks with someone or some screen displays and evidences that cannot be repeated. When you need it, you can replay the tagged moments easily in the future. Such features you can never find in ordinary screen recording software.

The newly-released v 2.0 provides an improved player, which not only replays the video of past activities, but also displays the absolute time and user of the activities. It can jump forward/back in the current video file according to window titles and it can even mark the density of screen so you can avoid the idle time (i.e. no operations); it also supports replay bat at 1x – 8x speed.

The software consists of a server edition and a workstation edition, which support Windows 2003/2008 server system and Windows XP/Vista respectively. In standard setting and typical configuration, the back-end recording will take less than 5% of CPU time.

If you are interested in the software, you can visit the website:

http://www.screen-record.com/screen_anytime.htm, and download the fully-functional 60-day trial version at http://www.screen-record.com/download.htm.



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