Planitax Uses FusionReactor to Provide High Availability to its Clients

Planitax Uses FusionReactor to Provide High Availability to its Clients

Emeryville, CA (PRWEB) July 11, 2007

Planitax, Inc., the leading provider of tax information management solutions for corporate tax departments, uses FusionReactor 2.0 to provide high availability to its clients through ColdFusion monitoring, performance measurement, and system protection.

Planitax provides a Web-based hosted service for its clients’ tax operations and high availability is of critical importance. FusionReactor allows Planitax to easily monitor important operational characteristics such as CPU usage, low memory, and poorly performing requests. This provides an effective way to ensure the overall integrity of the Planitax network as well as measure the health of specific processes and servers.

FusionReactor provides notification and event management capabilities that ensure problems will be immediately recognized and addressed. Planitax sets system thresholds in FusionReactor that automatically trigger alerts when the threshold values are exceeded. Such real-time monitoring allows Planitax to proactively address potential issues before they impact client’s operations, thus ensuring high availability and improving response times.

“The availability of Planitax applications is critical to our customer base. Having a tool like FusionReactor ensures that we meet or exceed our application up-time commitments to our clients,” said Chris Stauber, VP Product Development of Planitax. “High availability will continue to be important as we roll out our new Tax Provision application, where user’s demand, and receive reliable operations.”

About Planitax

Planitax, Inc. is the leading provider of tax information management solutions and services that enable corporate tax departments to efficiently and effectively manage the data required to reduce operating costs, strengthen tax positions, and improve internal controls. The company’s Corporate Tax Horizons® solution targets a range of tax processes including document management, entity management, and audit management. Thousands of employees in industries such as financial services, retail, manufacturing, technology and health-care access Planitax’s solutions. The company is located in Emeryville, California. For more information, please call 800-606-3080 or visit

About Intergral GmbH

Since the 90’s, Intergral has been providing innovative products, software solutions and IT Services to hundreds of customers across the globe. Intergral’s product range covers essential development and support extensions to Adobe’s ColdFusion product line as well as Enterprise scale web solutions in the information management space. In the ColdFusion community, Intergral is best known for its’ Fusion products, which include FusionDebug, the first ColdFusion MX debugger for use with the Eclipse IDE and FusionReactor, the leading ColdFusion Development and Support Monitor. For more information on FusionReactor please visit


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