Orbit Micro Releases The World?s First 1.5U Rackmount Server Chassis

Orbit Micro Releases The World’s First 1.5U Rackmount Server Chassis

Richardson, Texas (PRWEB) December 6, 2005

Orbit Micro an industrial and server systems integrator, has announced the availability of the world’s first 1.5U rackmount chassis, designed to alleviate major heat, noise and vibration issues associated with a normal 1U chassis.

Due to higher CPU speed and consequential thermal issue faced by most of the 1U platform, Orbit Micro now offers an innovative 1.5U platform providing superior cooling and expansions over 1U, and storage capacity of a 2U enclosure.

Moreover, the RMC15 has less vibration and noise issues comparing to other 1U platforms. By having 0.5U less space, we can fit 7 more servers per 42U cabinet. This chassis is ideal for high performance computing, enterprise server (SAS version), and general purpose server.

Compared to 1U form factor

31% More airflow

Less Fan Acoustic Noise

23% Thermal Improvement

Less Vibration Issue

Lower maintenance cost

Compared to 2U form factor

Less Space required for the

same storage capacity

Higher I/O Performance per Rack

More cost-effective

Why 1.5U?


Theoretically, 42U cabinet can fit 28 RMC15 chassis and 21 units standard 2U rack-mount server. Apparently, 7 more rack-mount servers can be mounted into a 42U rack cabinet.

The deployment of the RMC15 (1.5U form factor) enables more servers to fit into rack cabinet and relatively increases I/O performance per rack.


With its extra 0.5U space, RMC15 is proven to be moreefficient in cooling. RMC15 is designed so cold air intake will be directed through air-duct before reaching the rear end. This one-way airflow concept has dramatically improved the thermal issue. Research

shows that RMC15 provides 31% more airflow (CFM) than 1U form factor.

As airflow bypass is seen in most of the 2U form factor, 1.5U height provide a more dedicated and focused cooling channel to cool off the CPUs. The CPU temperature of RMC15 is much less than 1U and 2U form-factor. Research shows that 1.5U has CPU temperature 23% lower than 1U and 12% lower than 2U form factor.


As some of you may know, overkill happens in standard 2U rack-mount server where only 2 out of 3 expansions are actually used. Taking price and needs into considerations, RMC15 is a cost-effective and affordable solution. It offers two(2) PCI expansions

and four(4) hot-swap drive bays (up to 2TB capacity).

As price is the main concern for many IT professionals today, the cost of RMC15 tie with standard 1U while providing what is exactly needed in 2U form factor.

For more information or pricing for the visit our site at, http://www.orbitmicro.com or please contact an Orbit Micro representative at sales@orbitmicro.com or call toll-free at 1-877-722-1116.

About Orbit Micro

Orbit Micro is a system integrator of servers, workstations, industrial computers and networking products. Our application design approach allows us to maximize performance for your computing needs. Our product line also includes a variety of computer components and peripherals as well as software. Through its premier market position, Orbit Micro enables its customer’s growth potential by offering innovative solutions and expertise that give them the lead.

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