New Video Recorder Software Captures Any Internet Video Legally

New Video Recorder Software Captures Any Internet Video Legally

San Anselmo, CA (PRWEB) July 10, 2008

Applian Technologies and All Alex Inc announces the release of WM Capture, a unique, high-performance video recorder program for Windows that records any video playing on a PC with near-perfect quality. WM Capture creates unprotected video files from any region of the screen in real time, as the video is playing. Using a high-speed, high-quality MPEG-2 codec, WM Capture can record and compress video fast, resulting in a superior picture quality. Audio playing from the PC’s speakers is incorporated into the video as well. Windows Media format video files can also be created by the software.

In addition to offering superior quality, WM Capture has a convenient “get window” feature that automatically marks a recording region just by moving a mouse over it. Most Web page embedded video players can be located in this way. Recording regions can also be set manually to crop or extend the recording area.

Alex Urich, the developer of WM Capture explains, “WM Capture is the first program of its kind to offer all this recording capability for less than $ 100. WM Capture brings to the consumer a type of technology that was only available for professional applications. Now everyone can capture any moving image on screen and watch it with perfect clarity.”

Screen capture for personal use – which is 100% legal – has to date been limited by CPU speed and inferior capturing technology. Using WM Capture, the company claims the difference between a screen captured video and the original is negligible.

WM Capture is just $ 39.95, and will work on all modern Windows PCs. To learn more, visit

About All Alex Inc.:

WM Capture was developed by Alex Urich of All Alex, Inc, which also developed WM Recorder and WM Converter. Alex Urich partnered with Applian Technologies in 2003, and they have been working together ever since. Alex Urich also has started Circuit Tree Medical and AHA Software Companies. He has been developing software for over 15 years.

About Applian Technologies, Inc.:

Applian Technologies is recognized as the global leader in software products for recording streaming media. Other popular Applian products include Replay Media Catcher, Replay A/V, Replay Converter, and Replay Music. Learn more about Applian Technologies at

For more information about the WM Capture please contact:

Leslie Bee

Director of Marketing

Applian Technologies

1-888-808-9877 ext. 4



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