New Release of Easy to Use, Visual Web-Site Builder with Built-In Graphics Support

New Release of Easy to Use, Visual Web-Site Builder with Built-In Graphics Support

British Columbia, Canada (PRWEB) May 8, 2006

Virtual Mechanics has released SiteSpinner V2.7, a Windows based visual website publisher designed to be easy for beginners, but with powerful features that they can grow into. Its industry-standards compliant use of CSS enables pixel precision WYSIWYG design that lets you position text, graphics, foreign objects and words exactly where you want them. Additional layout enhancements include the ability to easily ‘center’ a website with the click of a button – no messing around with Tables to lay out your pages – or to place objects relative to the browser window or to other objects on your page. With its built-in word processor, advanced layout options, and integrated graphics capabilities, it’s easy to build stunning, professional looking web sites without having to learn html.

The latest release includes many additional features and enhancements to make putting together a web site even easier than before. Now creating Forms are quick and easy. Drag and drop form objects wherever you like on your page. The inclusion of more advanced layout options for object placement and sizing makes laying out your project even easier. Additional new features include the ability to create navigational drop-down menus. And the ability to create thumbnail triggered pop-up photo galleries.

SiteSpinner’s built-in graphics support has also been updated, making graphics and image manipulation even easier. You can build shapes, and fill them with intricate patterns. You can rotate titles and graphics, apply gradient shading, set transparency, and perform anti-aliasing to eliminate rough edges. It’s easy to adjust any image’s brightness, contrast and color balance.

SiteSpinner includes a familiar word processor interface for text editing that enables users to be productive immediately. In addition to a powerful set of text editing capabilities such as the selection of fonts, styles, and colors, SiteSpinner supports rich text, raw code, and titles. Titles make it easy to format and render fully-scalable text with shading and anti-aliasing. There is a built-in spell checker, and a link editor that makes it quick and easy to create and update links site-wide.

Once you have created and laid-out the text and graphics the way you want, the built-in FTP client uploads and publishes your web pages. All files associated with your site, including images and foreign objects, are automatically ‘gathered up’ and published to your webhost in the appropriate directory.

Power users will appreciate SiteSpinner’s advanced features. Vector geometry tools let you create images for HTML or SVG display. Advanced Project capabilities allow project-wide editing of objects such as text, graphics, and links. Pages and objects can be set to a fixed size, or can be set to dynamically scale to the browser window. SiteSpinner also includes advanced mouse-over editing capabilities.

Whether you’re a graphic artist who needs to develop a professional web site without learning to code, a student who needs an all-in-one tool for creating web text and graphics, or a home user who needs an intuitive tool for creating a family web site, SiteSpinner provides the tools.

SiteSpinner V2.7 requires a Pentium-class PC, runs under Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP, costs $ 49.00(US), and may be purchased securely at You can download a free, fully-functional trial version from the same web address.

About Virtual Mechanics Inc.:

Since 1998, Virtual Mechanics has been developing and marketing Windows based web design and animation software for business, professional institutions, web hosting companies and the home user. With its sophisticated, interactive animation software engine, Virtual Mechanics’ applications support state-of-the-art, industry standards compliant HTML, DHTML, and SVG content.

SiteSpinner is part of Virtual Mechanics’ Interactive Multimedia System (IMS) suite of web applications. In addition to SiteSpinner, the suite includes IMS Web Engine, a drag-and-drop web design editor for creating advanced interactive animation in DHTML and SVG for the Web and Mobile Devices; and WebDwarf, a free web design tool for creating single web pages.


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