Low Cost TechHotline Service Revolutionizes Industry

Low Cost TechHotline Service Revolutionizes Industry

Boston, MA (PRWEB) October 17, 2007

The TechHotline continues to prove this week that consumers want fast, friendly computer support at a price they can afford. Launching its $ 24.95 flat-fee, “fixed or free” service last month, the Tech Hotline takes aim at the number one request from home and business computer users: better quality support at a lower price. Located in Massachusetts, the TechHotline unveiled its new direct-to-consumer service line, 1-866-76-FixPC and new website, http://www.techhotline.us , last month.

“Home and small business users are frustrated,” says Matthew Ferrara, CEO of the TechHotline. “They pay good money for computers and accessories, and get very poor service in return. Some companies don’t even offer phone support, instead requiring customers to search their websites or wait for an email. Consumers are left angry and annoyed. Just look at PC Magazine’s October edition, where most tech support ranked in the 6’s out of a possible 10 score. That’s exactly why we exist.”

The TechHotline provides a fast alternative for customers whose vendors have cut-back on their services or sent it overseas. James Dalfino, Call Center Manager at the TechHotline adds, “The reality is tech stuff breaks. But manufacturers are only focused on their next month’s sales. Nobody is focused on the loyal customer who already bought the product last month — and needs help.” Dalfino says the proof is in the emails he receives from customers.

Dick Barker, a real estate agent from Maryland recently used the service: “I had just bought a new IBM laptop and Microsoft Office wasn’t working properly. I spent an hour with IBM bouncing around, until a technician advised me to completely uninstall and reinstall all of my software. I checked with the Tech Hotline for a second opinion. They logged in and had me running again in about 20 minutes,” said Barker.

Speed is a definite advantage at the Tech Hotline, not just fixing problems but answering the phone. Most calls to the public line, 1-866-76-FixPC, are connected to a live technician within two minutes. “In fact, last month our average wait time was under 91 seconds,” says Dalfino. “Our specialists are trained in a wide variety of issues which means they don’t have to escalate calls to other technicians. Customers appreciate not having to explain the problem all over again.” Popular topics include Windows, email issues, antivirus and antispyware, digital cameras and wireless routers, Dalfino says. “Many of our small business callers are grateful for how fast we can help them setup their wireless routers, and they also appreciate our extra services,” such as optimizing existing systems and spyware elimination.

Derek Deveau, the Director of Business Development at the Tech Hotline says that most of their research comes down to a few key points. “Consumers are busy. They expect service to be fast, straightforward and affordable. They don’t want to be walked through steps on the phone. Our service is just like a quick oil-change. Consumers call us, we answer fast and for a flat-fee, we’ve got them on their way again.”

Unlike other services, TechHotline is based upon results. “Our special advantage is our simple guarantee. Either we fix the problem, or it’s free,” notes Ferrara. “Most of our services cost only $ 24.95 and there’s no time-limit.” Enhanced services such as networking or a system cleanup do cost more, but business users clearly consider it a bargain compared to spending hours doing it on their own.

About The TechHotline:

The TechHotline, owned and operated by Matthew Ferrara & Company, is located in Massachusetts. The state-of-the-art call center combines the latest remote service technologies with proprietary routing and database software to serve corporate clients nationwide. Since 1999, the privately-held company has doubled every year, through a combination of technical support, education and online training services. The core of its success continues to be its employees who believe in fast, patient and friendly service for every call. For more information about the TechHotline, visit http://www.techhotline.us


Matthew J. Ferrara, CEO

45 Osgood Street

Methuen, MA 01844

Tel: 800-253-2350 x202

Fax: 978-688-0044

Public Site: http://www.techhotline.us

Parent company site: http://www.matthewferrara.com


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