Integrated VoIP and FoIP Software ? Enabling Telecom Devices Beyond Voice

Integrated VoIP and FoIP Software — Enabling Telecom Devices Beyond Voice

Integrated VoIP and FoIP Engine Block diagram

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) February 5, 2011

Floreat, Inc. announces the immediate availability of FloVFoIP, an integrated software suite of host and embedded Voice over IP (VoIP) and Fax over Internet Protocol (FoIP) solutions, as well as product-engineering services for global markets. This will effectively meet the growing demand for Multimedia products that support more than just Voice. The main applications are IP enabled SOHO and other gateways, Media consoles, next generation Internet-enabled Fax and Voice machines, Green Fax, Smart Phones, Tablets, VoIP Fax, T.38 VoIP and other specialized applications. In addition to feature enhancements and reduced time-to-market, this suite of FloVFoIP software and associated services lower manufacturers’ costs by more than 50% relative to other solutions.

With increasing e-communications and declining PSTN deployment, it was assumed that Fax would disappear; to everyone’s surprise, its presence has grown steadily to meet the requirements of corporations, lawyers, hospitals and even home-users. With VoIP now widely-deployed and accepted, many VoIP users need reliable Fax communication over their VoIP lines. This is made possible by products such as our FloFoIP and FloVFoIP that enable Voice and Fax communication over the Internet.

With the goal of meeting any application or communication requirement, Floreat has integrated its VoIP and FoIP software products, using 20 man-years worth of proven legacy voice and fax technology, deployed by more than a dozen industry leaders. In addition to making the integrated VFoIP work seamlessly, Floreat’s engineering team has taken care of quality related issues at the code level and thus enhanced the user-experience. FloVFoIP, our integrated VoIP and FoIP software solution, include an integrated VoIP and FoIP Framework; G.711, G.72x, iLBC codecs; VAD/CNG; G.168 Echo Canceller; Jitter Buffer management; PLC, DTMF; CP tones; G.167 AEC; Voice-Fax discrimination; T.38 FoIP relay with V.17, V.29, V.27ter, V.21ch.2 Group3 fax modems; Terminating T.38, T.30 Fax Application Software with Tiff support; QoE and performance enhancements; support of call control stacks – SIP, H.323, and others. FloVFax also supports Fax and Voice over RF links, and enables Green Fax that eliminates ink, paper and thermal transfers on mobile and portable communication devices.

Floreat also offers product-engineering services for software, firmware and hardware development. Floreat’s team has developed this expertise while enabling and supporting customers’ products with its software. The product-engineering services include software porting on embedded processors and DSPs, software optimization for footprints and CPU load, customization such as integration within any specified OS environment, development of device drivers, prototype hardware-design, and support of various AFEs. Our well-equipped test-lab facilitates testing and accommodates other development requests.

These unique, robust FloVFoIP offerings provide our customers a single source for their Voice and Fax requirements and overcome the challenges inherent in other solutions, such as incomplete vendor-offerings that do not permit a combined VoIP-FoIP product, lack of inter-operability with the numerous gateways and 100+ fax machine models available on the market, and inflexible incumbent (and obsolescing) hardware chipsets.

“Our team thrives on innovative and creative solutions to our customers’ specialized requirements in these transitional times; we thus provide an essential ingredient for their success in the market-place. With an integrated VoIP and FoIP soft-solution, we can quickly provide essential communications functionality in devices- at a fraction of current recurring expenses. Seamless migration is facilitated by our structured APIs and our engineering expertise”, said Raj Gupta, Floreat’s Vice President of Sales and Applications.

Processors Supporting Integrated VoIP and FoIP Software (FloVFoIP):

ARM 7/9/9E/Cortex A8
TI C5000 and C6000
Intel Pentium fixed and floating point, Atom
Marvell XScale
ADI Blackfin (BF53x)
PowerPC, STM, SuperH cores

About Floreat, Inc.:

Floreat, Inc. ( is a Silicon Valley provider of embedded multimedia software and services to the Telecom Industry (equipment and device manufacturers, service providers) and the Embedded World (semiconductors, mobile and portable devices, consumer electronics, MFPs).

We offer a range of rigorously tested and robust Fax, FoIP, Speech, VoIP, Telephony, Modem, DSVD, Imaging and Video Software Products that are supported on a variety of DSPs and Processors as well as in ANSI C. Floreat’s XoIP software – Voice, Fax, Modem and Video enabled over IP- caters to embedded Triple Play applications and can be customized for specialized applications. Floreat’s code is fully compliant with ITU and other applicable standards, and is field-proven. We also provide product-engineering and silicon-platform software services, hardware design services, and R&D consultancy from world-renowned experts. Floreat enjoys an excellent reputation in the marketplace and has many distinguished customers like Apple, Brother International, MultiTech, Siemens, LGE, Motorola, Hitachi, Lockheed Martin, NEC, Harris Corporation, National Semiconductor, ESS, Zilog, Casio, SmartLink, DSP Group, Infineon, STMicroelectronics,, GVC, CEVA, AMCC, Ericsson, IPM Group, C&S Tech, ETRI, KICOM, Furuno, Sunrise Telecom, Honeywell, Govt. of Israel, US Government departments as well as many smaller customers.

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