History Channel’s Modern Marvels Series Features 80s Tech and Pop Culture Experts

History Channel’s Modern Marvels Series Features 80s Tech and Pop Culture Experts

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 9, 2006

There’s no one around who knows more about how the Rubik’s Cube, Pac-Man, Talking Heads or “Miami Vice” impacted the popular culture of the ‘80s than Los Angeles businessman David Landis. Landis, who is the President of the Internet radio station Ultimate-80s and an authority on ‘80s popular culture, will be featured on the May 24 airing of the long-running acclaimed History Channel series Modern Marvels. He was tapped for the show because of his expertise about ‘80s entertainment, music and pop culture.

The show highlights the amazing technological advances as the digital decade was born. It was the transition from the industrial age to the information age as microchips, Apple computer, CD players, video games, and the Walkman forever changed entertainment and communication. During the episode, entitled 80s TECH, Landis shares his insights into the trends and crazes of this unique decade and what was happening in society during the development of these technologies.

“The ‘80s was a time of incredible innovation bringing futuristic style items into the reach of the typical American consumer accessible. Simultaneously, we also witnessed the launch of products now considered staples of current global cultures from PCs and cellular phones to the remote control locking system for cars,” said Landis.

Produced by Actuality Productions, Inc., with Executive Producer Don Cambou, and writer/producer Beata Ziel, the 80s TECH show features Landis, Apple computer co-founder Steve Wozniak, a visit to the Computer History Museum, conversations with Sony and more.

The Ultimate-80s Internet radio station is the brainchild of Landis, who launched the station in 2001 both because of his knowledge of the ‘80s, and the impact the music and culture have on society today. Ultimate-80s plays some of the most memorable music of our times featuring songs by the well known artists including U2 and Duran Duran to more obscure tracks by bands such as Wire Train and Blancmange.

Landis, who began his career in the music department of the William Morris Agency, has appeared on TV, radio and in newspapers as an expert on ‘80s popular culture.

The one-hour Modern Marvels: 80s TECH episode is scheduled to air on May 24, 2006. Check the history channel web site at http://www.historychannel.com. for exact times.

For more information about Ultimate-80s radio, visit http://www.ultimate-80s.com.

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