Hardcore Computer?s Liquid Submersion Cooled Workstation Receives Editor’s Choice Award from Military Embedded Systems Magazine

Hardcore Computer’s Liquid Submersion Cooled Workstation Receives Editor’s Choice Award from Military Embedded Systems Magazine

Rochester, MN (PRWEB) July 10, 2010

Hardcore Computer, the industry’s most innovative computer design and manufacturing company, announced today that Military Embedded Systems magazine selected the Detonator™ as a recipient of their Editor’s Choice Award. Detonator™ is the first commercially available high-performance workstation with total liquid submersion cooling technology. The Detonator™ workstation platform is powered by up to two Intel® 5500 or 5600 series Xeon® processors, and features a purpose-built motherboard that includes the Intel® 5520 chipset and optimized data pathways.

Detonator was selected for the Editor’s Choice Award because of its applicability for compute- and GPU-intensive military applications such as simulation, real-time situational awareness, CAD and digital content creation.

Like all Hardcore Computer products, the Detonator™ workstation’s heat-producing components are submerged in Core Coolant®, which is 1350 times better than air, by volume, at heat removal. The net result is that the Detonator™ workstation allows for optimal performance and improved reliability.

Keeping in mind the needs of professionals requiring industry-leading computational power and top-performing graphics rendering capabilities, Detonator™ was designed to be the ultimate workstation for professional applications and meeting demanding performance requirements with 24/7/365 reliability.

“When those internal components’ temperatures go up, system performance goes down,” said Chris Ciufo, Open Systems Publishing Group Editorial Director and Editor of Military Embedded Systems. “Such is the natural order of the embedded electronics world. However, Hardcore Computer’s new Detonator workstation, cooled by liquid submersion methodology, is designed to crush the natural order.”

Hardcore Computer’s products comprise a suite of Liquid Submersion Cooled electronics that includes Reactor™, ReactorX™, Detonator™ and Liquid Blade™.

To view the Editor’s Choice Award for Detonator™, visit: http://www.mil-embedded.com/products/EditorsChoice/

About Hardcore Computer®, Inc.

Hardcore Computer®, Inc. custom designs and manufactures top-tier, high-performance computer systems. These systems use patented liquid submersion cooling technology to remove the main barrier of electronics performance — heat. In addition to its high-performance gaming systems, workstations and servers, Hardcore’s liquid submersion technology is suitable for cooling a number of other technologies, such as converters, telecom and other electronics.

Hardcore Computer®, Inc. is setting a new standard for computing performance, reliability, quality and cost-effectiveness. For additional information, visit http://www.hardcorecomputer.com.

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