Global Leader in Audience Response Systems, IML, Launches New People Meter Software

Global Leader in Audience Response Systems, IML, Launches New People Meter Software

London, England (PRWEB) October 9, 2008

IML, market leaders in Audience Response Systems, have developed new software called People Meter, which provides a moment by moment on-screen track to gauge audience reactions to live presentations and speeches.

IML’s People Meter can be used to rate the popularity of speakers and the effectiveness of presentations during debates, speeches, product launches, demonstrations and focus groups.

A choice of two on-screen opinion meter charts provide real-time updates which can be shown live on-screen; the IML People Meter Worm and Gauge.

The Worm

IML’s “Worm” chart sees the Worm move up or down as audiences react.

The Gauge

Alternatively reactions can be shown in a “swing-o-meter” style gauge. See the dial move as opinions change.

How IML People Meter works

Audience members use IML’s interactive Communicator keypads to input their reactions

to what they hear and see during presentations. Participants simply vote their approval rating on a given scale at continuous intervals.

Votes are received instantly and the data is automatically displayed on the chosen chart to give a visual representation of audience opinions.

People Meter Gauge in action

Ipsos MORI and the BBC recently used IML’s People Meter Gauge to gather the shifting opinions of floating voters during both Gordon Brown and David Cameron’s speeches at the recent political party conferences.

Using IML’s new People Meter software the panel registered their approval or disapproval for what Gordon Brown and David Cameron said using IML’s Communicator keypads.

To see how IML’s Gauge was used click on the following links from the BBC footage -

In addition to the UK offices IML now has offices in North America, Germany, Belgium, Hong Kong, South Africa and Australia. To find out more about IML’s global offices visit


About IML

IML is a leading global supplier of audience response systems. Their award-winning, interactive audience response keypads and software are recognized globally as the most advanced and sophisticated audience response system available.

IML’s audience response services are used worldwide by big name clients who rely on their systems to gather accurate and invaluable feedback data in seconds. IML has delivered more than 12,000 successful interactive audience response events globally since being launched in 1991.

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