FinalBuilder 4 Dramatically Accelerates Software Build and Release Cycles

FinalBuilder 4 Dramatically Accelerates Software Build and Release Cycles

Canberra, Australia (PRWEB) December 2, 2005

FinalBuilder 4 introduces a vast number of improvements which can dramatically accelerate software build and release cycles as well as increasing the flexibility of FinalBuilder build processes. The new version adds over 150 new actions and now includes integration with Microsoft Team System and VMWare.

FinalBuilder is an end-to-end build and release management system; capable of automating the entire build process, everything from integration with version control systems, compilation of source code, deployment, and burning a CD or DVD. As well as increasing the speed and reliability of the build process, FinalBuilder increases staff productivity by relieving them of the repetitive and error prone tasks.

One of the biggest new features in FinalBuilder 4 is the ability for the build process to be parallelised. This produces dramatic speed improvements on multiprocessor and multi-core computers. Even on single processor computers, I/O bound (either local or network) actions can be run in parallel with CPU bound actions, which leads to an overall reduction in the build time. “We have some customers whose build processes run for most of the day,” says Vincent Parrett, director of VSoft Technologies, “these customers [depending on their hardware and build process] will be able to realise a significant reduction in their build times.â€Â Running actions in parallel allows users to get more work done in the same amount of time.

FinalBuilder 4 also introduces an easy way to synchronise version numbers and version information between the various modules of a software project. It is common practice to use a single set of version information which is applied to a variety of modules, and it is important that each of these modules contain the same information, such as the file version. The new Property Set actions allow the build process to define a compact set of information which can be easily shared between different components, such as between compiler actions.

FinalBuilder 4 also adds support for synchronous waiting. The build process can be paused until a certain condition is met, for example waiting for a network share to become available, or for the date of a file to change. In the past, automated builds either had to either loop or fail outright if a certain condition was not met.

Similarly, the new File Dependency action can be used to conditionally run a set of actions depending on the file dates, attributes, or accessibility of one or more files. “We have concentrated on adding features to make the build process extremely flexible”, says Vincent Parrett, “the positive feedback received during our beta testing period show that these new features really make a difference”.

Pricing starts at $ 379 per developer for FinalBuilder 4 Standard Edition and $ 499 per developer for FinalBuilder 4 Professional Edition.

A fully functional 30 day evaluation copy is available from our website.

For more information, visit the FinalBuilder website at

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