EstHost, Inc: Cacti Renovated Tool for Server Monitoring

EstHost, Inc: Cacti Renovated Tool for Server Monitoring

Wilmington, DE (PRWEB) January 19, 2008

The new professional tool from EstHost, Inc is the perfectly fresh solution for the attentive and effective server condition monitoring.

Every webmaster is fully aware of the unpleasant consequences after the faintest faulty in the server operation processes which as a rule results in the outflow of traffic and loss of money. Thereof it is particularly important to lead the visual tracking of the servers operation in order to be able to predict possible faults and take appropriate measures in advance. As the EstHost, Inc primary aim is to provide its customers with the most convenient and effective services, such an important point as server monitoring has been taken into consideration and advanced by the EstHost, Inc development team. This time we are glad to introduce Cacti, the renovated and refined tool for server condition monitoring.

The name of Cacti is widely known and the tool itself is also extensively used and pays its contribution to the development of our customers’ business as it is essentially important to predict even the slightest possibility of fault occurrence.

Cacti Server Monitor Tool Features:

Cacti allows webmaster to imply the visual supervision to the server operations control process and give the advantages in the prevention of possible DDoS attacks to the server. The opportune analysis of the provisional graph also helps to assess the transient peaks if traffic. The data can be rationally used in the script tuning and possible traffic distribution between servers. The monthly traffic capacity and cost can be also precisely estimated.

Cacti is also a CPU/RAM optimizer, which helps to make the considered decision relating to the server upgrade if there is a known lack of resources.

Cacti an advanced and powerful server monitoring tool is accessible for every EstHost, Inc customer with a dedicated server. All graphs are easily tuned for every several server. The MRTG for the Esthost router is also available.

EstHost, Inc was created in 2004. Today EstHost, Inc offers the most qualified and reliable virtual hosting services including dedicated servers and virtual private servers on the basis of Virtuozzo. EstHost, Inc uses the internet connection services of nLayer, WV Fiber, Scnet, Sbc, Telia, SAVVIS, Global Crossing and constantly expands its integrated infrastructure. EstHost, Inc potential customers are provided with 5-day trial period, which is the great way to test the features of the EstHost, Inc services for free. In addition every customer is also free to use and enjoy the high-quality domain name relating services from EstDomains, Inc such as domain names acquisition, mail forwarding and managed DNS.

Any issues related to EstHost, Inc services, can be submitted to the ticket system at: The support ticket system requires user’s registration opened at


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