Enterprise IT Market in India on a Growth Path – Connect 2004 to Showcase Opportunities in the Enterprise IT Market in India

Enterprise IT Market in India on a Growth Path – Connect 2004 to Showcase Opportunities in the Enterprise IT Market in India

(PRWEB) September 9, 2004

Manufacturers are trying to come to terms with declining sales and increased competition. They have realised that there are huge opportunities to integrate their supply chains, and squeeze efficiencies from their supply chains. The lean, efficient supply chain is the new differentiator, and those companies best able to leverage their suppliers are the winners in the marketplace.

R Ramaraj, Managing Director, Sify, observes, “CIO’s in India and across the globe are facing enormous pressure to reduce IT costs. Enterprises are currently looking into a number of options in the way operations are carried out and in the technology itself. All in the quest of higher Return on Investment.” They are struggling for better, more cost-effective ways to coordinate key supply chain activities such as manufacturing and fulfillment and they are looking for better collaboration and data exchange

S Sundar Ram, President, Rane Brake Linings comments, “Increasingly, as manufacturing is getting more and more complicated, the earlier style of manufacturing management is no longer relevant. Most companies practice lean manufacturing where a lot of management is done on the shop floor – real-time management. People on the shop floor are responsible for results – production, quality and cost, material yield and customer returns. They have to manage all these parameters – they are individual mini-works managers. The quality of their management is going to depend on the quality and timeliness of the information they get.” This translates into a pressing need for IT-based solutions for manufacturing companies.

“Fairly large investments have gone into IT technology and solutions over the last decade,” says B Santhanam, Managing Director, Saint-Gobain Glass. “Most companies have achieved transaction automation, work flow and moderate integration amongst all the systems. What is now needed is – how do we leverage the investments we have made so that the entire organisation’s processes are integrated? What companies want now is to bring products faster, remove kinks in the supply chain, and meet customer requirements at a high level of satisfaction. There are huge investments already; converting that would mean the finishing touches are done.”

Integration seems to be the buzzword. Companies that have invested heavily are now looking for a balancing act and for the fruits of their investment to reap rewards. Santhanam says, “This is the real task for the IT industry – to unlock the hidden potential in the IT investments that companies have already made, The focus should be on the ‘I’ of IT not on the ‘T’ – information, intelligence, integration rather than technology.” The current market opportunity for Enterprise-wide technology in manufacturing companies is huge and is in the Application Services domain. Ramaraj remarks, “The market for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), SCM (Supply Chain Management), SFA (Sales Force Automation), Business Intelligence and Enterprise Information Portals has shown good growth in the manufacturing and services sector.”

Will Connect 2004 play a role in addressing the issues of integration and cost-effective solutions? According to Ramaraj, “Connect 2004 will feature exhibitors displaying the most up-to-date products, services and technology for manufacturing and the services sector. With a growing industry in IT, one would be interested in those products and services which allows one to explore new arenas in exporting outsourcing services to overseas markets as well as get more productivity from service exports.” According to Santhanam, Connect 2004 is of interest to manufacturing companies from many angles – The display of a range of technology, solutions, products & services for Manufacturing & Services companies at the exhibition, and the exhibition being organized around several innovative themes & concept zones. He says, “You can focus on what themes you are looking for and spend time on what interests you.” Sundar Ram believes that Connect 2004 is a good business platform since ‘it brings together ‘people who need something and people who have it’.

Connect 2004 will showcase a wide range of IT Technology, Products, solutions & services for Manufacturing & Services companies. Manufacturing & Services companies looking for Cost effective IT Technology, Products, solutions & services will be visiting Connect 2004 to explore & evaluate cost effective products, technology, solutions, & services.

Connect 2004, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), India’s Premier Business Association’s Annual Enterprise ICT Event will be held between September 22-25, 2004 at Chennai, India.

For more details on Connect 2004, Contact Mr P S Krishnan, Director, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) at 0091-44-52108669 or e-mail to p.s.krishnan@ciionline.org


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