CAPS Announces Reseller Partnership with Exxact Corporation in the US

CAPS Announces Reseller Partnership with Exxact Corporation in the US

Santa Clara (PRWEB) March 3, 2011

CAPS today announced a new reseller partnership with Exxact Corporation, a leading distributor of ATI FirePro and NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics and a manufacturer of NVIDIA Tesla-based GPU Computing Solutions.

After the recent opening of its American subsidiary in Santa Clara, CAPS pursues its deployment in the US with a new strategic alliance with Exxact Corporation dedicated to the promotion of its flagship product HMPP™ (Heterogeneous Multicore Parallel Programming) in North America.

CAPS, well known for its manycore programming solutions, provides end users with a breakthrough technology enabling them to port legacy applications onto hybrid systems – computer systems mixing CPUs & GPUs – in record time. HMPP™, its directive-based compiler, offers an incremental programming model to rapidly build GPU accelerated applications. It enables application developers to reduce the development time required for accelerating legacy code by taking advantage of the massively parallel GPU architecture.

Exxact Corporation (Fremont, CA) is a growing player in the area of GPU computing and provides innovatively designed and expertly engineered high performance computing platforms that include workstations, servers, clusters, storage, and personal supercomputing solutions. The Company extends its offering with the distribution of HMPP and related services.

“This agreement gives us the opportunity to broaden our GPU computing offering,” declares Jason Chen, Exxact Corporation Vice president. “Not only can we provide robust GPU computing platforms, but with CAPS, we can also provide the means to take advantage of those technologies.”

“This combination of Exxact GPU Computing Solutions and HMPP will enable developers to take full advantage of hardware accelerators in their native code for a fine tuned performance optimization. This collaboration will ensure Exxact customers to enjoy the best GPU computing experience possible,” comments Denis Gerrer, CAPS VP Americas. “We are delighted to establish such a strategic alliance and are confident that it will stimulate US demand for GPU computing solutions.”

About CAPS

CAPS is a major supplier of solutions dedicated to application deployment on manycore processors with a focus on GPUs. CAPS develops HMPP™ (Heterogeneous Multicore Parallel Programming), a hybrid compiler that gives developers an easy access to manycore systems and offers services ranging from manycore parallel programming trainings to complete application porting and expertise.


About Exxact Corporation

As a leading distributor of ATI FirePro™ and Nvidia® Quadro® professional workstation graphics cards, Exxact provides value-added services such as personalized service, life cycle management, product allocation, and EOL product sourcing. Exxact’s emphasis on a complete customer experience has allowed Exxact to become a preeminent supplier of workstation graphics cards, including being the #1 distributor of ATI FirePro™ in North America.

Exxact also offers a complete lineup of Tesla enabled high performance computing workstations, servers, and clusters for compute-intensive applications such as medical imaging, financial modeling, molecular dynamics and computational electromagnetics. In addition, Exxact offers services such as CUDA training and consulting, as well as software and services to develop, port, maintain, and deploy applications for GPU computing.



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