Businesses Discover Unusual Place To Save Money?Trash

Businesses Discover Unusual Place To Save Money—Trash

Northbrook, IL (PRWEB) January 2, 2010

Waste management is kind of the Rodney Dangerfield of business operation departments, it gets no respect! That really is starting to change as more businesses explore how technology can cut waste removal costs almost immediately. The incentive is great; 20-40% savings are not uncommon.

While the average consumer probably wouldn’t notice the large waste compactors behind shopping malls, hotels, factories and other businesses, compactors provide a critical means of efficiently staging the trash generated, before it is picked up by a waste hauler. Compactors are much more economically viable for these businesses than open-top dumpsters. Because they can hold much more, compactors need to be picked up less often. But because compactor containers are closed on all sides, it can be tricky to know when one is full and ready for pickup.

Trash compactors operate by having a hydraulic ram push and compact the trash from an input area into the container. When the container starts to fill, it becomes harder for the ram to push the trash back. This rise in pressure can be seen on pressure gauges, installed on compactors. While some facility maintenance people rely on these gauges to indicate container fullness, they are easily fooled by bulky trash that later folds as more compression cycles are completed. This results in pickup calls when the container is still mostly empty.

Most compactor containers are picked up on a scheduled basis (for example, every other day) or when the customer “guesses” the container is full. Both of these approaches can be costly, because they promote unnecessary trips by the hauler.

In theory, scheduled pickups would work only if a company always generates a uniform amount of trash. The reality is that trash is not disposed of on a schedule and most of these containers are also largely empty when picked up. This results in many unnecessary pickups, which the customer must pay for.

Using the Internet and Wireless Technology to Lower Trash Removal Costs

The best solution is to use digital technology to accurately measure how full a compactor container really is. That’s the role of the patented monitoring system utilized by Compactor Plus. When the container is determined to be at a full level by the Monitor (ready for pick-up) the Monitor automatically notifies the hauler via wireless communications and copies the customer. Management reports can be accessed via the Internet and include allowing accounting to verify all hauler billing.

There are additional service benefits as well. “Company employee involvement in waste removal is eliminated, so a pickup order will never be forgotten or called in late,” said One Plus Vice President, Jay Simon. “Of equal importance, employees will not be tempted to call for an early pickup, which tends to happen frequently.” Unlike pressure gauges or so-called “full lights,” the system is not fooled by jams and other temporary blockages. Changes in compactor usage will not affect results. Users can even view a fullness level status report for one or even a thousand compactors at any time via the Internet. The reduction in truck traffic also provides noise and environmental benefits.

The Compactor Plus system has proven to be very effective at eliminating pick-ups of such partially filled containers, by notifying the hauler only when the container is at the full level. More that ten-thousand monitors are in use by the company’s customers, who range from Fortune 500 businesses to sole proprietors.

No Investment in Equipment Means Immediate Savings

Until recently, if you wanted the benefits of this trash monitoring technology, it was necessary to purchase and install a monitor. And while such purchases usually pay back in less than a year, in this cash-strapped economy, companies wanted another option. Enter Compactor Plus, a new service that offers the same sophisticated container fullness monitoring technology, but as a monthly service with no purchase requirement. The offer is almost too good to be true. One Plus Corp. guarantees that customers will see at least a 20% drop in monthly pickups. Simon elaborated on what that can amount to, “For large multi-facility users, that could equate to annual savings in the millions. Even single-location users can save thousands each year. And typical customers have seen an average of 40% saving.”

The Compactor Plus service does not require a change of haulers or compactors. The Monitor is installed on an existing compactor and keeps watch 24/7. The system is maintenance-free, and can even flag if the compactor itself may need maintenance.

The management of waste is an area that even the most detail-oriented CFO might easily miss. But with potential savings for a single location in the many thousands of dollars, it’s time that trash removal got its due respect. These ongoing savings can be achieved without capital investment, while actually enhancing the quality of service received from the hauler. As a bonus, this is green technology… fewer hauler trips are also good for the environment!

For complete details, and actual case histories of users, visit or contact: One Plus Corp., 3182 MacArthur Blvd., Northbrook, IL 60062. Phone: 800-917-0123 or 847-498-0955; Fax: 847-498-1570.



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