Bio Friendly Herbicide Enhancer Helps Farmers Reduce Chemical Costs

Bio Friendly Herbicide Enhancer Helps Farmers Reduce Chemical Costs

McCook, NE (PRWEB) April 24, 2007

Tech Ag, Inc. announced today that sales of Sur-Tec, a chemical additive used to buffer and enhance herbicide tank mixes, has reached an all-time high. Exceptionally strong sales growth over the last 3 years has pushed the total number of acres that the product has now been used on to over 12 million.

Ease of use and the reduction of overall chemical costs have helped Sur-Tec gain both rapid popularity and a loyal customer base. Versatility has also been a key factor as it is able to be used with most of the herbicides on the market.

“Sur-Tec helps customers get the bottom line benefit they need in today’s farm economy” says company Vice-President Carl Schneider. “By helping to lower input costs while at the same time improving herbicide kill rates, Sur-Tec has proven itself time and again.”

Sur-Tec’s exclusive “all-in-one” liquid formula eliminates the need for dry ammonium sulfate or any other herbicide tank mix additives. One gallon of Sur-Tec contains all of the following: concentrated liquid ammonium sulfate, anti-foaming agent, pH buffer, non-ionic surfactant, water softener, plant sticker, plant penetrator and an enzyme crop protectant. By combining all of these key chemicals into one formula, Sur-Tec is able to treat tank mixes for only pennies per treated gallon.

Carl Schneider went on to say “To the best of our knowledge there is no other product exactly like this on the market and that is on of the reasons it has been so successful.”

The ability to treat up to 1,000 gallons of herbicide tank mix by pouring in 1 gallon of Sur-Tec simplifies operations and helps farmers, spray rig operators and aerial applicators to get to the field much quicker, a critical concern during farming season. Also, by using fewer individual ingredients to make a tank mix, Sur-Tec helps reduce the chance for mixing errors. Mistakes in blending a herbicide tank mix can be the difference between saving and losing a crop.

Sur-Tec is distributed nationwide from Tech Ag’s facilities in Georgia and Nebraska. Additional sales are handled by a network of dealers and farm supply outlets. To get more information, to purchase Sur-Tec or to inquire about becoming a dealer, call 770-927-3206.

Tech Ag, Inc. is a leader in sustainable agriculture with a complete line of “100% Nature Friendly” soil fertility products. Tech Ag has been helping America’s farmers succeed since 1968.

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