Apposite and Unlimi-Tech Announce Partnership

Apposite and Unlimi-Tech Announce Partnership

Ottawa, Canada and Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 15, 2006

Apposite™ Technologies and Unlimi-Tech Software Inc. today announced a strategic partnership to make Apposite’s Linktropy 4500 WAN emulator available to distributors of Unlimi-Tech’s FileCatalyst® file transfer product family. Under the terms of the agreement, Unlimi-Tech will become an authorized worldwide reseller of the Linktropy 4500.

Unlimi-Tech’s FileCatalyst software accelerates file transfers across global networks, overcoming the performance limitations of FTP and other TCP-based transfer mechanisms over long latency or loss prone WAN links. FileCatalyst enables data transfers at line speed, improving bandwidth utilization and file transfer reliability. FileCatalyst uses Digital Fountain’s patented DFRaptor™ forward error correction technology for reliable communications, making it an ideal solution for satellite or wireless communications.

Apposite Technologies’ Linktropy 4500 is a high-precision, easy-to-use, wide area network (WAN) emulator that simulates WAN bandwidth, delay, loss, and other link conditions. The Linktropy 4500 can emulate terrestrial, wireless, satellite or any other type of wide-area network.

Unlimi-Tech uses the Linktropy 4500 to simulate WAN links for development and testing of FileCatalyst at its research lab in Ottawa, Canada, and to demonstrate the performance of FileCatalyst at trade shows and customers sites. By providing the Linktropy 4500 to its distribution partners, Unlimi-Tech ensures that distributors of FileCatalyst can quickly emulate the full range of customer network conditions and configure FileCatalyst for optimal file transfers rates.

“FileCatalyst is designed to improve the performance of file transfers over public WAN or VPN links with varying delay and loss characteristics, making it critical to be able to benchmark and demonstrate the software under those conditions,” said Chris Bailey, CEO of Unlimi-Tech Software. “We’ve been impressed with how easy the Linktropy 4500 makes testing a wide variety of link conditions and decided to make it available directly to our partners.”

“The partnership with Unlimi-Tech represents a significant new opportunity for us,” said DC Palter, Apposite President. “With perfectly complementary products, the relationship will help both parties demonstrate the value of each company’s respective solutions and reach new markets.”

About Unlimi-Tech Software

Unlimi-Tech Software’s mission is to make complex file transfers as easy as possible for non-technical end users. Founded in Ottawa, Unlimi-Tech has been providing solutions for the file transfer market since 2000. Its focus on product innovation and customer satisfaction has spurred its success. More than three hundred satisfied clients, including Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, SMEs and educational institutions, benefit from Unlimi-Tech’s product offerings. For more information, visit Unlimi-Tech website at

About Apposite Technologies

Apposite Technologies makes WAN emulation easy by offering high precision network test tools at reasonable prices. Apposite emphasizes ease-of-use so engineers spend time using the tools, not learning them. Apposite’s Linktropy 4500 WAN emulator simulates bandwidth, latency, loss, and other network characteristics to provide accurate network simulations for terrestrial, wireless, satellite, internet or any other type of wide-area network. Apposite Technologies – WAN Emulation Made Easy.

For more information, visit Apposite’s website at

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