ACC CompAmerica announces new Slim Pentium III Laptops starting at $1499

ACC CompAmerica announces new Slim Pentium III Laptops starting at $ 1499

(PRWEB) October 28, 2000

ACC CompAmerican announced new low cost Pentium III Laptops: models designated U-2 Stealth and ORCA-III.


Reference Page: [Background: products represent the latest offerings from ACC CompAmerica, the computer manufacturing group spun off by 30 year old American Computer Company last November.

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ACC CompAmerica announced two new laptop computer lines today. A spokesperson for the company stated:

“These are our best Notebook computers. They are lightweight, ultra thin, under 1 inch thick. They weigh only 4 ‘plus’ pounds. They are real Thinkpad Killers (Thinkad is a trademark of IBM Corporation).”

“The U-2 and Orca-III have large lightweight active color screens ranging 12.1”, 13.3” and 14.1” diagonal. These are very high quality color displays. They have full sized keyboards, built-in Touchpad mice, and external PS/2 Mouse connector. They are equipped with a polyphony of features including Universal Serial Bus Support, optional DVD players and CPU speed now shipping up to 850 Megahertz!”

“We are so proud of these new ultra-thins, that we are selling them for the first time in CONFIGURE-IT mode. You can order them entirely devoid of CPU, HARD DRIVE and RAM, and then put CPU, HARD DRIVE and RAM in them. This facilitates resellers who want to have their own Laptop product line. It also facilitates CORPORATE buyers, who can do the same thing and save 15%-30% over competing products. And, END USERS can buy them with full compliment of equipment at a very low price starting as low as $ 1499 for a 550MHz unit!! These machines are extremely competitive.”

“We now offer them with up to 3 Years Optional On-Site Service, almost unheard of in the Laptop/Notebook Industry. And these rugged, fast, reliable products include things you can’t get elsewhere. The U-2 Stealth includes an Ultra-Base in which you can stow the DVD or CDROM player, rather than having it connect as an internal component only. The base is designed to tip the laptop upwards, and it converts it into a Desktop computer. The Orca-III continues in the long tradition of ORCA products, it provides full Desktop Multimedia in a slim laptop that weighs very little and offers a very large viewable area screen.”

“These Laptops are available with Windows 98, Windows Millennium, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Linux by Red Hat and support Tarantella and Novell product offerings. We are shipping Microsoft Office 2000 with them, along with Corel Office 2000 and an entire catalog of available third party applications. We also are providing Mobile System X, a technology that allows you to connect to mobile Internet in Airports, Hotels and on the Road using Wireless Connectivity at speeds up to G3 throughput. Fast Internet is a thing of the present here.”

The Company indicated that the ORCA-III product line starts at $ 1499 retail, and the U-2 Stealth at $ 1759 and up. The products will continue to be rolled out for the ensuing year, until upgrade in 2001.

ACC CompAmerica fabricates its laptop’s parts in the Far East, adding final assembly of components in New Jersey and California, addressing the needs of North America through a combination of talent and cost reduction. Unlike most manufacturers of Laptops, ACC CompAmerica registers all of its laptops with the ISO and with FCC, TUV, CSA and other international standards organizations for quality of product. That makes them suitable for use in Hospitals and Doctors offices as well as by consumers. The product line is designed to provide the maximum flexibility and features at the lowest price with the longest life. Standard features such as PC-CARD slots, InfraRed, and Removable Hard Drives are standard on all ACC CompAmerica laptops.

For more information, please consult the company’s website: or contact the company at 800-850-7710.

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