A Marvelous Graphic Design Fix for Busy Artists and Moms- and the Perfect Craft for Kids

A Marvelous Graphic Design Fix for Busy Artists and Moms- and the Perfect Craft for Kids

Las Cruces, NM (PRWEB) May 22, 2005

Pam Sharp, an artist, blogger and computer surfer, has written a graphic design Ebook for digital art enthusiasts, especially those new to computer art and digital art manipulation. The Ebook is called “How to Create Gorgeous Graphic Design with Paint Shop Pro and Your Mouse…Instantly!” The only thing you need to have is Paint Shop Pro, (a major graphic arts software), a computer, of course, and a mouse. You don’t have to have talent or imagination but let’s assume that if you’ve bought Paint Shop Pro, which costs about $ 89.00, you are serious about art and wish to create. And even if you are a successful artist, this is such an easy way to make graphic designs, a crutch, really, that you can fall back on if you have a creative block or simply have no time to start from scratch. And if you’re a bit lazy-well, kaleidoscopes are the perfect solution. And kids will love making kaleidoscopes of their own. They get an instant result, and kids like instant gratification.

Many examples of digital art in the form of elegant kaleidoscopes are given on Pam Sharp’s web pages, where the Ebook is being offered The third page of the website is devoted to turning pictures of children into kaleidoscopes, and kids will relish doing ‘scopes of their friends, calling them “Vibz.” It’s like discovering a person’s aura, a nice sort of CAT scan.

Paint Shop Pro is the only major graphic arts software that features a kaleidoscope function that can morph a picture into an incredible design in a series of mouse clicks. Making a kaleidoscope is an instant fix. You’ve got art falling into your lap like manna from heaven. You simply start with a picture, a template, which PSP Kaleidoscope is going to transform. There are tricks and tips, of course, and Pam Sharp has spent hundreds of hours honing the kaleidoscope craft. She spells it all out for you in “How to Create Gorgeous Digital Graphics” Do you remember the kaleidoscopes you were intrigued with as a kid, watching all the little pieces of colored glass fall into endless patterns as you turned the tube? Digital kaleidoscopes are just as intriguing and you can capture the best patterns and keep them safe on your hard drive. Each computer design is a total original. There is always an element of surprise because you can never be sure quite how your design will turn out.

Making a computer art kaleidoscope is a lot like cooking: you add a pinch of this a scoop of that, stir and taste. If the concoction doesn’t work you can zap any step that isn’t successful. However, whatever you cook up, you will not be able to repeat it. So each computer design is a total original.

“How to Create Instant Gorgeous Digital Graphics” is available for $ 12.97 as an E-book with the format PDF (Portable Document Format). You have to have Adobe Reader to open the book, but this is explained in the text along with the link. You will be amazed at some of the templates the author uses to fashion the best kaleidoscopes. Would you believe a giant moth produced some of the best kaleidoscopes? Make those two different giant moths. You’ll see both of them in the Ebook.

The Ebook will be an instantly- accessed download, but because it is full of huge graphic design images, it’ll take a while to download completely to your computer. There is no other Ebook out there that is even remotely like this one. Computer design and digital art pictures via kaleidoscopes look very professional, the ideal way to achieve really cool and beautiful results with minimal effort. Pam’s Ebook will put you on the fast track to becoming a graphic artist. Kaleidoscopes are fun- so don’t forget the kids!


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