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Cluster Resources, Inc. Brings Leading Cluster Workload Management Software to Mac OX C High Performance Computing Environments

Spanish Fork, UT (PRWEB) November 8, 2004 -

— Cluster Resources, Inc. today announced the release of Moab Cluster Suite 4.2 for Mac OS X. It is the first release of Cluster Resources' cluster management suite to support the Mac OS X platform and includes: Moab Workload Manager™, a policy-based workload management and scheduling engine; Moab Cluster Manager™, a graphical cluster administration interface, monitor, and reporting tool; and Moab Access Portal™, an end-user job submission and management portal. Moab Cluster Suite 4.2 also supports Linux and Unix-based server platforms and Mac OS X, Linux, Unix and Windows clients.

Mac OS X and Apple Computer's Xserve hardware continue to see growing success in the High performance computing market with the much publicized success of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University's (Virginia Tech) supercomputer and other leading deployments. High Performance Computing sites are now able to leverage Apple Computer's renowned ease of use and superior price performance with Cluster Resources' cluster management solutions to

achieve new levels of control and efficiency.

“Moab Workload Manager on Mac OS X allows for the management of traditional compute resources, as well as storage, network and licenses. This provides organizations with unparalleled control over how, when and by whom the resources of a cluster are accessed delivering up to 90 to 99 percent utilization.” said David Jackson, Chief Technology Officer of Cluster Resources, Inc. “The Web and desktop GUI interfaces empower administrators with significant management capabilities and enable end-users to submit their own jobs and self-manage their use of the system.”

"With dual G5 processing power and up to 8GB of ECC memory, Xserve G5 is affordable, easy to manage and easy to cluster making it the perfect platform for high performance computing,” said Ron Okamoto, Apple's vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. “Moab Cluster Suite 4.2 delivers a powerful management suite for complex computational clustering to our customers who benefit from the strong performance of Mac OS X and Xserve G5 servers."

One of the notable sites leading Mac OS X adoption in the cluster and grid space is Virginia Tech. Its System X cluster landed at number three on the Top500 list in November of 2003 and was recently upgraded to an Xserve G5 based cluster.

“We achieved the underlying power required to be near the head of the Top500, and now with the Moab Cluster Suite we have the management and reporting we need to truly harness and control our powerful system,” said Kevin Shinpaugh, Director of Research and Cluster Computing of Virginia Tech. “Accounting for and allocating the millions of CPU hours available per year on System X is much easier now that we have Moab Cluster Suite. The reporting tools of Moab Cluster Manager clearly show us what has been done and Moab Workload Manager lets us express and enforce our rules.”

The Moab suite provides Mac OS X sites with an easy cross-over into the supercomputing arena, as users can engage in high performance computing without wasting time learning to maneuver through a difficult interface.

“Advanced and highly configurable workload management capabilities are essential for our computational science and engineering HPC environment,” said Michael Campbell, HPC Software Administrator at the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign). “We have multiple clusters, several hundred users and many research groups that span various departments and universities. This diverse user base ranges from individuals doing thesis work, to class projects, to huge production simulations requiring thousands of processors. The Moab suite provides a means by which these complex needs and changing priorities can be managed relatively easily from a single point of control.”

The Moab Cluster Suite can be used to enforce service level delivery to users, groups, projects or organizational units. Moab's service level enforcement can ensure the right resources are delivered and that response times are optimized. Reports can be generated to accurately monitor usage and can be used for cost sharing or bill-back purposes, using either virtual credits or actual financial charges.

“We wanted to enhance our cluster management as it was quite challenging to coordinate all the different applications, research groups and desired policy settings,” said David Osguthorpe, Director of Computational Biology of the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.

“Moab Workload Manager lets us set up global, cluster and user based rules and policies and automate them across the entire cluster. Our system is certainly more efficient now and we can give our users a better experience. That means more research gets done, our grant providers will be more pleased and we are better prepared to grow our system and the work that can be accomplished.”

The Moab Cluster Suite 4.2 is available for immediate release. Organizations interested in a free evaluation copy of Moab Cluster Suite or access to Cluster Resources' On-line Demonstration Cluster can visit

About Cluster Resources

Cluster Resources, Inc.TM is a leading provider of workload and resource management software and services for cluster, grid and utility-based computing environments. Drawing upon over a decade of industry experience, Cluster Resources is recognized as a leader in innovation and return on investment, delivering the software products and services that enable an organization to understand, control and fully optimize their computer resources, while minimizing the hardware required to meet objectives. For more information call (801) 873-3400 or (888) 221-2008 or visit

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Adaptive Computing and NICE Software Deliver A Joint Solution For Visualization Workload Optimization

Guildford, UK (PRWEB UK) 5 June 2012

June 5, 2012 Adaptive Computing, managers of the worlds largest supercomputing systems and experts in HPC workload management and Cloud management solutions and NICE Software, a visualization software and services company, today announced their joint solution to deliver a Technical Visualization Private Cloud with Adaptives Moab HPC Suite and NICE Desktop Cloud Visualization (NICE DCV) and EnginFrame products. This solution makes it possible to view and manipulate complex 3D simulations remotely on PCs and mobile devices by centralizing physical or virtual visualization workstations to the data center and transferring pixels instead of data allowing a reduction in capital and management costs, an improvement in data processing, security, workforce collaboration and productivity and a reduction in network congestion. This complete solution will be demonstrated at ISC 12 in Hamburg, Germany, June 18-20, 2012 in booth # 147.

Moab HPC Suite works in concert with NICE DCV and EnginFrame to centralize access to visualization servers with OpenGL 3D applications, together transferring pixels instead of data and intelligently placing and managing graphics workloads as well as regular HPC cluster workloads. The intelligent placement and management capabilities of Moab help maximize resource utilization and ensure the success of 3D visualization applications, through intelligent policies. It also manages multiple user sessions on a single machine and enables dynamic re-provisioning of the OS and applications, improving availability and the ability to respond to workload demands.

Cloud computing is transforming business, allowing greater productivity nearly anywhere to an increasingly mobile workforce. But as technical computing workforce gets more diverse and distributed, traditional workstations quickly show bottlenecks and constraints, says Andrea Rodolico, CTO of NICE. 3D applications are in demand inside and outside of the office for employees and partners who need to process and visualize large datasets, often in geographically distributed collaborative settings. In a situation like that, computing can be a real concern. By tightly integrating DCV and EnginFrame with Moab HPC Suite, intelligent placement and management maximizes resource utilization and performance by placing and packing visualization workloads on the optimal resources using policies and ensures 3D application success.

A Technical Visualization Private Cloud moves the seat of power in 3D simulation from Linux and Windows workstations distributed throughout the enterprise to a highly efficient, secure, centralized location: a private cloud in the corporate data center. Its a natural outgrowth of Software as a Service (SaaS) and Cloud adoption. In fact, what SaaS did for 2D applications, sending business productivity applications down the wire to thin clients, is now accomplished with complex 3D technical visualization applications in the Cloud. By deploying visualization applications in the data center instead of on distributed workstations, and transferring pixels back to users systems instead of large data models, it is now possible to view and manipulate complex 3D simulations remotely on PCs and mobile devices with the NICE solution. Users can collaborate easilyanytime, anywhereon the same session, Michael Jackson, President and Co-Founder of Adaptive Computing. And compute resources, including GPUs, can be used more efficiently than ever before. Its all possible thanks to the collaborative efforts with NICE.

About NICE

NICE delivers comprehensive Grid & Technical Computing Cloud Products and Solutions. NICE product portfolio boosts productivity of Private and Public Clouds by increasing usability and user-friendliness of HPC and 3D applications, without sacrificing flexibility and control. NICE global customers include leading companies in Automotive, Aerospace, Industry Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Life Science, Universities and Scientific Research.

For more information, call +39 0141 90.15.16 or visit .

About Adaptive Computing

Adaptive Computing, manages the worlds largest supercomputing environments with its self-optimizing dynamic cloud management solutions and HPC workload management systems driven by Moab

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