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Pronexus and CYGCOM Introduce ReadiVoIP, a Starter Kit for Rapid Enterprise Application Development in VoIP

Ottawa, Canada (PRWEB) November 19, 2004

Pronexus Inc., a leading provider of computer telephony and speech software solutions, today announced the availability of ReadiVoIP, the ‘Rapid Enterprise Application Development in VoIP’ starter kit. This special package enables developers to create, test, and deploy hardware-free IP telephony applications for the unmatched price of US$ 495. ReadiVoIP is upgradeable to a full development platform for the promotional price of US$ 1,750, which includes one year of unlimited eSupport by CYGCOM.

The ReadiVoIP starter kit delivers cost savings and enhanced productivity to VoIP applications by bundling VBVoice from Pronexus, Host Media Processing software (HMP) from Intel and an IP phone. Intel® NetStructure™ Host Media Processing (HMP) software allows users to quickly and cost-effectively deploy software-only IP media servers. The media processing functions are handled on the host CPU, increasing performance while lowering overall system costs. Pronexus’ VBVoice further facilitates the development of VoIP applications by seamlessly supporting HMP software from Intel in a visual call flow environment integrated into Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.

“The combination of Intel® NetStructure™ Host Media Processing (HMP) and VBVoice accelerates the development of sophisticated VoIP applications, allowing users to quickly experience the benefits of software-only IP telephony with all of the features and performance expected of DSP-based solutions,” said Jim Machi, director of marketing, Modular Communications Building Block Division, Intel. “By using standards-based building blocks from Intel in their platform, solution providers will be able to deliver flexible, scalable solutions to the marketplace.”

ReadiVoIP includes:

• Pronexus VBVoice 5.2, 90-day enhanced evaluation version – VBVoice is a rapid application development environment for business-critical speech and telephony solutions. The tool combines an easy-to-use visual call flow environment, with fully programmable controls. Developers can leverage familiar programming skills in industry-standard languages such as VB.NET, C# and other languages supported by Visual Studio .NET. Four runtime licenses are included in the bundle.

• Four Intel® NetStructure™ Host Media Processing (HMP) Resources –This standard-based software from Intel enables customers to build full-featured, scalable, and cost-effective software-only IP media servers. It offers flexibility in configuring media processing features and cost of ownership savings, because it only requires a standard computer without involving any proprietary hardware. This allows customers to quickly and cost effectively bring additional features and technologies to their applications.

• Uniden IP Phone - Equipped with an integrated Ethernet switch and using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), Uniden’s UIP 200 VoIP phone will facilitate the testing phase of the application development process.

• CYGCOM eSupport - three months of Internet-based priority support services with a 24 hour response time to assist and provide availability to knowledge-based resources during the 90 day evaluation period.

“Enterprise organizations are increasingly turning to VoIP,” commented Jeff Valliant, President & CEO of CYGCOM. “ReadiVoIP contains all the necessary elements, including support, for enterprise developers to evaluate the potential for Voice over IP before committing to a full fledge deployment.”

“VBVoice 5.2 lets developers realize the promise of HMP,” commented Gary T. Hannah, President & CEO at Pronexus. “We are pleased to offer developers the opportunity to experience the power of HMP at a minimal investment through this bundle”.

Join the ReadiVoIP Webinar

To find out how you can get started with ReadiVoIP and to learn more about the benefits of software-only telephony, join Pronexus, Intel and CYGCOM for the ‘Getting Started with VoIP and Intel® NetStructure™ Host Media Processing Software’ webinar. The webcast will be held on December 1, 2004, 1:00 – 2:00 PM EST. Register today at

Pricing and Availability

The ReadiVoIP starter kit is available directly from CYGCOM, an Intel authorized distributor, at For additional information on pricing Pronexus’ range of tools, solutions and services, visit For additional Intel product information visit,

About Pronexus

Founded in 1993, Pronexus Inc. is a leader in Computer Telephony and Speech. It is the developer of the award-winning VBVoice™, and the new VBSALT™, Rapid Application Development tools for business-critical telephony and speech solutions. Pronexus also provides VeoSuite, a range of turnkey speech applications for Microsoft Speech Server and a complement of professional services that voice-enable a variety of industries and applications. Comprehensive support and acclaimed training complete the firm’s offerings.

About CYGCOM Integrated Technologies Inc.

CYGCOM is a leading Microsoft Speech Distribution Partner, Microsoft OEM and an authorized Value Added Distributor of Intel products. CYGCOM distributes speech and telephony integration products from the industry’s most reputable manufacturers. CYGCOM offers solutions that are complete, powerful, fully programmable, scalable, and capable of running mission-critical enterprise communications applications. Through it’s US and Canadian facilities, CYGCOM provides products, consulting services, on-site technical support, eSupport, helpdesk, systems integrations, education and marketing services for channel customers. For more information, please visit

More information:

Sonia Langenberg

Marketing Communications

Pronexus Inc.

Tel: (613) 271 8989 just say “Sonia”

Intel and Intel NetStructure are trademarks or registered trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries.



Sangoma Technologies Announces Premium T1/E1/J1 Voice Support For Asterisk And Other Pc-Based Voip Projects

Toronto (PRWEB) February 23, 2005

Sangoma Technologies Corporation (TSXV: STC) (, a leading provider of connectivity hardware and software products for WANs and Internet infrastructure, announces that its family of AFT (Advanced Flexible Telecommunication) T1/E1/J1 voice/data cards are now customized to work with Asterisk, the free Linux PBX software that is revolutionizing telecommunications on VoIP and conventional telephone networks.

Capable of handling both voice and data and supporting all popular open source projects including Asterisk, YATE, SIPxchange, OpenPBX and others, the A101, A102 and A104 offer a new market standard for performance, reliability, compatibility, support and ease of installation. With less demand on the host CPU, Sangoma's WANPIPE® drivers take advantage of the AFT technology to substantially reduce the processing required to handle TDM voice calls. This reduces the CPU's workload and results in fewer dropped calls, less jitter and better voice quality for callers.

"In all companies of any size, telephone connections are at least as vital as the electricity supply," says Sangoma Technologies President and CEO David Mandelstam. "For soft PBX technology to succeed, reliability and perfect voice quality have to be a given, even before a user can begin to enjoy the powerful and customizable features this technology offers. Our role in this enterprise is to provide the quality in TDM interfaces that allow the soft PBX and VoIP community to realize the potential of all their hard work and imagination."

"Sangoma's family of AFT voice/data cards enables it to offer a new price/performance standard that the competition cannot match," says Halo Kwadrat's Vice-President Michal Bielicki - Sangoma's distributor in Europe. "With Sangoma, we expect to both dominate and expand the integrated T1/E1/J1 connectivity marketplace based on their quality and unparalleled technology."

"The true promise of AFT technology lies in our ability to field upgrade not only the device driver code, but the card's FPGA firmware as we improve our TDM voice support," adds Mandelstam. "Projects already under way include hardware level PRI support and true time-slice channelization on-board. These improvements plus others related to echo and codec manipulation can be retrofitted to existing AFT hardware as they become available."

AFT card features:

·    Compatible and Flexible -- Sangoma's voice/data cards are self-sensing for 3.3v and 5v PCI slots and software configurable for T1, E1 or J1. They share interrupts properly between themselves and other PCI compatible devices, supporting unlimited numbers of cards per PC chassis. The AFT series cards all conform to the 2U form factor, both in height and length, allowing users to install many cards in a slimline 2U chassis so as to maximize server capacity.

·     Rock Solid Data Modes -- In mixed voice/data installations, the data streams are separated out in hardware and handled completely independently of the voice channels by Sangoma's standard WANPIPE® data handlers that have been carrying IP traffic for many years. Only the voice-related traffic gets diverted to the Asterisk system. The result is a system that is totally reliable, fast and well managed, while the CPU load is drastically reduced.

·    Certification -- Certification compliance is critical to every Sangoma customer. All Sangoma voice/data cards have undergone CE, FCC part 15 and FCC Part 68 certification, and every board is properly marked.

·    Sangoma Trust and Quality -- As part of its commitment to quality assurance, each Sangoma card is individually inspected and burned-in prior to shipment in protective anti-static wrap complete with cables, manuals and CDs. The result is a very low dead-on-arrival rate and high reliability in service.

Sangoma Technologies' current solution set includes:

·    WANPIPE® internal media gateways, transporting TDM voice, IP data and video over T3/E3, T1/E1, ADSL and serial links ·    High performance and reliable communications modules for OEM projects involving ATM, Frame Relay, X.25, SS7, HDLC, BiSync and other protocols . The WAN Edukit™ protocol teaching tool for educational institutions ·    POS (Point-of-Sale) interface cards for security and customer loyalty applications

About Sangoma Technologies Corporation Founded in 1984, Sangoma develops and manufactures wide area network (WAN) communication hardware and software products, with an emphasis on the PC platform. The communications solutions, voice, data and video gateways support all popular WAN networks, line protocols and all standard PC operating systems and platforms including Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, Sun Solaris, NetWare and DOS. Sangoma Technologies Corporation is publicly traded on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV: STC - News).


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Kozio Supports MIPS32 Processor Architecture and VoIP Products; Expands Processor Architecture Support to Add to Networking, Broadband and VoIP Capabilities

Longmont, Colo. (PRWEB) September 1, 2005

Kozio, Inc., a leading provider of embedded software for system-level hardware testing, today announced plans for support of the MIPS32 processor architecture with general availability October 1. Kozio provides a comprehensive system-level test package for custom hardware platforms with fast delivery times for supported processors. Support includes the ability for Kozio to provide outstanding system-level test coverage for any hardware product using a MIPS32 processor. All Kozio products will be updated to include MIPS32 processor support.

The move to add this support was spurred by the company's growing relationship with key customers and the resulting need to provide a complete test solution for Voice-over-IP (VoIP) products. Kozio develops turnkey software solutions that verify design and validate hardware for any embedded single-board computer systems for a variety of applications, including networking and communications technology.

"Integrating support for the MIPS32 processor architecture continues Kozio’s leadership position as the only embedded system-level test provider with the tools to accelerate board-level test," notes Kozio President Joseph Skazinski. "Our products help manufacturers and hardware designers reduce their effort while deploying more reliable technology faster than ever before."

The new release of Kozio's kDiagnostics software will support MIPS as well as offer complete digital signal processor (DSP) and VoIP test suites. Specifically, support will be added for:

    MIPS32 4K Core, a solution for multi-CPU system-on-a-chip designs, which are becoming increasingly popular in next-generation networking and broadband applications.

    Texas Instruments' TNETV1060 CPE Gateway Solution, a highly integrated software and silicon system-on-a-chip designed to address the requirements of residential and small office/home office (SOHO) gateways.

    Texas Instruments' programmable TMS320C55x™ DSP.

Kozio's new software versions will also deliver Foreign eXchange Office (FXO) and Foreign eXchange Subscriber (FXS) test suites for the two most common interfaces (ports or plugs) found in analog telephony environments

In addition to the general software release supporting the MIPS 32 architecture, Kozio also ports all of its comprehensive embedded system-level test products to custom platforms. This service is included with the price of a software license and can be completed, on average, in one week.

Kozio delivers a complete diagnostics and functional test solution for hardware board bring-up, manufacturing test and production-ready power-on self-test through its products: kDiagnostics for system-level diagnostics of embedded designs; kMfgTest for automated embedded manufacturing and functional test; and kPOST for off-the-shelf Power-On Self-Test (POST). These solutions from Kozio provide more complete testing throughout the development process, resulting in fewer spins in the prototype stages and fewer defects in the final product. Boards move from design through prototyping and manufacturing to release in less time, with less cost and fewer defects.

Kozio's latest software release includes new, enhanced, and extended support for a variety of technologies across all its products. In the past quarter Kozio has added drivers and test suites for NAND Flash devices, Host and Device USB test suites, PCI bridge support, LCD support, expanded Altera FPGA support and enhanced Compact Flash support. These new features expand on the already extensive Kozio Test Library, enhancing the company's leadership role in providing the most comprehensive hardware test software for board bring-up, manufacturing test and power-on self-test (POST).

About Kozio, Inc.

Kozio, Inc. develops software solutions that verify design and validate hardware for embedded single-board computer systems used in products such as ADSL gateways, wireless access points, network routers, voice solutions, security and test equipment, and aerospace systems. Kozio's products provide comprehensive test solutions, including diagnostics for board bring-up, automated manufacturing test, and built-in self-test software for manufactured products. Kozio's customers design, develop and manufacture boards used in computer-based electronic systems for the aerospace, networking, defense, test and wireless industries. Kozio products ease many embedded systems development challenges, from design through manufacturing and support, saving customers time and money. The company is privately held and based in Longmont, Colorado. For more information, visit

Kozio and kDiagnostics is a registered trademark of Kozio, Inc. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

Contact: Joseph Skazinski, Kozio, Inc., (303) 776-1356,, or Brad Shannon, Shannon Marketing Communications, (970) 461-4906,



The Top Four No-contract Business VoIP Telephone Providers Announced by

(PRWEB) October 22, 2013

Businesses that use Voice over Internet Protocol, also known as “VoIP” telephone service, enjoy a distinct advantage over their competitors. The next-generation technology can be as much as 80% cheaper than an alternative land-line system, and the phones come packed with “frea-tures” already included in the price of the monthly service plan like call-waiting, call-forwarding, and video-conferencing. In addition to being more technologically versatile, many business VoIP service providers have now reduced the risk of switching to over to the groundbreaking technology by eliminating mandatory, long-term service contracts. After reviewing hundreds of providers service plans nationwide the telecom experts at announce “The Top Four No-contract Business VoIP Telephone Providers.”

1. Jive

Jive Communications offers business VoIP service with month-to-month contracts for as low as $ 19.95/month. And although Jive doesn't require a contract, users can still access all of the business-boosting features that make Jive one of the best providers in the industry like unlimited local and long-distance calling anywhere in the US, advanced call-routing, and US-based tech support.

2. RingCentral

RingCentral business VoIP service is $ 19.99/month with no service contract, and they even provide the set-up and activation at no-cost as well. The plan includes unlimited calling in the US, virtual faxing, and SMS messaging. The 300.000 businesses that already use RingCentral can manage their office telephone system through an easy to use web-portal from anywhere there’s an Internet connection, adding and altering lines and extensions with the touch of a button.


Until October 31st, Vocalocity is offering one of two incentives for new customers to choose from: Either an HD VoIP Phone, or, a month of service at no cost. That offer comes on top of the ordinarily low-cost monthly plan starting at $ 19.95/month. Regardless of which no-contract necessary option the customer chooses, all of the sophisticated features of the business plan come with it. Customers can expect to Wow clients with features like Virtual Secretary call forwarding, Customer Relations Management (CRM) integration, custom hold-music, messages, and more.

4. Nextiva

Nextiva Hosted Business Phone Service is available for $ 19.95/month. New customers can port (keep) their old phone numbers, and get underway with their new system in minutes with Nextiva patented “plug-and-play” IP telephones. Nextiva also offers unlimited local, long-distance, and toll-free calling in the US and Canada, and their US-based customer service and support is complemented by their easy-to-use online management system. The Nextiva business phone plan is designed with mobility and scalability in mind, for any growing business.

As expected, the added incentive of no-contract” or month-by-month service with a 30-day money-back guarantee has created a mad dash to secure a business VoIP provider. The rush has also increased the number of different plans available on the market, and therefore each business or individual should consult more than one provider to ensure they are getting the most advantageous plan to suit their particular needs.


VoIP Supply Announces Availability of New Microsoft Lync Optimized Polycom CX5100 Panoramic Video Conferencing Station

Buffalo, NY (PRWEB) September 19, 2013

VoIP Supply is announcing that the Microsoft Lync Optimized Polycom CX5100 Unified Conference Station will soon be available at VoIP Supply.

The Polycom CX5100 was unveiled at the 2013 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference and is scheduled to be available by the end of September 2013.

Microsoft Lync users collaborating with remote teams will enjoy a unique 360 degree, panoramic video experience with the CX5100 that also displays a seamless dual window layout.

The CX5100 was originally called the "Roundtable" because the device is placed in the center of a meeting room table and uses a number of cameras that stitch together a panoramic view displayed in one window while another window zooms in on the person who is talking.

Polycom's Active Speaker Detection automatically focuses on, and switches to, the person that is actively speaking.

A single camera limits what can be seen and done during a video conferencing call. The multiple cameras of the CX5100 follow the speaker wherever they move within the meeting room to produce an intuitive and naturally flowing conversation experience.

The CX5100 is the successor to the Polycom CX5000, which has the same engaging 360 degree view, but also offers:

More than twice the HD video image quality
Double the frame rate for life-like motion handling
Polycom HD Voice audio quality
1080p with Microsoft Lync 2013
720p backwards compatibility with Microsoft Lync 2010

The all-new user interface and system design makes the CX5100 easy to launch or join a call directly from the Lync user environment by simply connecting the CX5100 via USB to a computer that is running Lync.

"Polycom is the benchmark for reliable video conferencing," said VoIP Supply CEO, Ben Sayers. "Microsoft Lync Unified Communications has been greatly enhanced with the USB plug and play Polycom CX5100 that offers an outstanding HD panoramic video conferencing experience with cameras that automatically follow you around the room."

For Polycom CX5100 ordering information please call toll free 800-398-8647 or visit

About VoIP Supply

We are a place of uncovering, cultivating and developing leaders. A world class place to work with big goals, a clear vision, defined purpose and a dedicated team of passionate business professionals. We love what we do and do it better than any of our competition.

Since 2002, VoIP Supply has been the leading supplier of VoIP equipment and complete VoIP solutions in North America. We are known in the industry as responsive and knowledgeable VoIP product experts.

With everything you need for VoIP, VoIP Supply has grown rapidly throughout the years. VoIP Supply is a three-time Inc. 500/5000 honoree, listed by Business First as one of WNYs Most Admired Companies, as well as one of Western New York's Best Places to Work for many consecutive years, including 2012. VoIP Supply is also the first Certified B Corporation in Western New York.


pulse Releases Host Media Processing Solution For VoIP

MARKHAM, ON (PRWEB) September 14, 2005

pulse, a leading provider of innovative telephony solutions, today announced the release of its latest solution – pulsehmp. Host Media Processing (hmp) is the next step in the evolution of voice automation technology.

The pulsehmp solution transfers voice and network processing from traditional telephony boards and into the host computer’s CPU. This leverages the increasing power of today’s computers and replaces specialized telephony hardware.

Many small and medium sized businesses have avoided telephony advancements because of the high startup costs for specialized hardware. pulsehmp provides an economical alternative for companies wanting services like audiotext, auto attendant, voicemail, soft PBX, or unified messaging. pulsehmp is a perfect solution where T1/E1 is expensive to provision. Total cost ownership is further lowered by simpler maintenance, support and deployment. With the use of VoIP and SIP, pulsehmp enables the enterprise to centralize operations.

As pulsehmp is a software-based, media solution, it only requires software licensing and installation. It offers many of the standard features like DTMF, play, record, one-to-one, fax, and conferencing. It also supports speech recognition and text-to-speech functionality. General purpose servers and components like CPU and network cards enable simpler and cost effective support, maintenance and deployment.

“pulsehmp addresses the next generation network where IP (SIP/H323) is expected to completely dominate,” says Suresh Patel, sales engineer at pulse. “The market trend in telecommunications and IT is toward open and standards-based software. pulsehmp is strategically positioned to take advantage of IP environments and generic and readily available hardware.”

The first phase of pulsehmp was successfully built on Aculab Prosidy S HMP and Dialogic NetStructure HMP.

About pulse

With installations in over 35 countries around the world, pulse maintains its global presence as a leading provider of innovative telephony solutions. Drawing on its operational and application expertise, pulse delivers flexible and affordable platforms while offering 24/7 technical support and professional consultation. pulse’s award-winning products include pulsevoice for IVR/ASR, pulsesoftswitch for flexible switching, pulsecms for call center management, pulsesmartdialer for automated outbound dialing, and pulseconference for audio conferencing services. Further information about pulse is available at

Product or service names mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

For more information about pulse, please contact:

pulse – the heartbeat of voice communications

public relations department

90 nolan court, suite 1a

markham, ontario, canada L3R 4L9

T 905 754 4100

9Jan/130 Picks the Best VoIP Providers for Holiday Savings

(PRWEB) November 29, 2012

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak got a lot of attention in the world of telecom a few weeks ago when he hailed Microsofts latest developments in voice recognition technology. As quoted by The Seattle Times, Wozniak praised an unreleased Microsoft invention that allows users to speak into the computer and hear their words outputted in a different language.

For Wozniak, the sophistication of Microsofts new voice recognition technology that allows a machine to recognize spoken language well enough to return a correct (or correct enough) translation is astounding and a little intimidating.

Microsoft has not been the customer favorite in recent years, but with praise from a public figure like Steve Wozniak, it seems like things can only get better from here for Microsoft. Referring to Microsofts advancements in voice recognition technology, Wozniak has said They mightve been doing that for three years while Apple was just used to cranking out the newest iPhone and falling a little behind, and that worries me greatly.

So while Apple has fallen a bit behind in this blossoming field of technological development, Microsoft has charged full speed ahead. But how does Microsoft stack up to other major VoIP providers from a consumer perspective? Indisputably, Microsoft carved out a great niche for themselves in the telecom market when they bought Skype. But just because Skype has a great public presence, it may not be a customer's best option for VoIP service.

Check out VoIP Reviews picks for the best VoIP service for this holiday season. VoIP providers have been selected based on their low costs and their features for long distance and international calling. With the right VoIP service, a customer might be able to save enough money to make up some of the cost of that iPad mini under the Christmas tree.

1.) VOIPo: VOIPo has one of the best offers in residential VoIP service, around $ 6.21/month for a 2 year contract. A plan with VOIPo includes unlimited calling within the United States and 60 minutes of free calling to international phone numbers, perfect for making holiday calls to those relatives who live overseas.

2.)Phone Power: Extremely cheap service, just $ 4.99/month for residential VoIP. This includes unlimited calling within the US and 60 free minutes of international calling.

3.) BroadVoice: Perfect phone service for anyone with lots of family overseas. Call anywhere within the US for $ 17.95/month, or upgrade to a plan with unlimited calling to a selection of 80 other countries for $ 24.95/month. Ideal for making all of those holiday calls to relatives all over the world.

4.) Axvoice: Choose plans for calling within the US, or international calling. Plans start at $ 8.25/month for unlimited calling within the US. Plans start at $ 16.95/month for unlimited international calling to more than 45 different countries.

Skype charges competitively low rates, starting around $ 2.99/month for calling within the US and Canada, and $ 13.99/month for international calling plans. But read the fine print carefully: an international plans that includes calling to China costs $ 21.99/month with Skype.

In the next few years, Apple may race to catch up with these recent trends in voice recognition technology development. But until then, that new iPad mini may be a bit behind the current as VoIP companies continue to make strides in marketing advanced voice recognition technology at low prices.

At, customers can find their best matches in VoIP service providers. VoIP Review features customer reviews and ratings for lots of different VoIP service providers along with editorial reviews and analytical comparisons of VoIP service for the home and business.


GL Conveys Echo, Delay and Voice Quality Analysis of Voice Calls in VoIP, TDM, 2-Wire, and Mobile Networks.

Gaithersburg, Maryland (PRWEB) October 04, 2012

GL Communications Inc. a leader in providing PC-based test, analysis and simulation products and consulting services to the worldwide telecommunications industry, conveyed today the availability of its software solution for Echo, Delay and Voice Quality Analysis of Voice Calls in VoIP, TDM, 2-Wire and Mobile Networks.

Speaking to media persons, Mr. Vijay Kulkarni CEO of the company said, GL's Echo Measurement Utility (EMU) software is an offline adjunct analysis application (under control of VQuad) that compares the source and received files to determine echoes and delay of echoes. EMU software assesses sidetone, line, and acoustic echo and the corresponding delays.

He added, GLs EMU Software measures Echo Path Delay (EPD) and Echo Return Loss (ERL) of voice calls. Echo can be as simple as sidetone, or more complex such as line, and acoustic echo. The EMU when combined with GL's VQuad, Dual UTA, T1/E1 Analyzers, RTP Toolbox, WEBViewer. or Voiceband Analyzer, additional voice quality metrics such as round trip delay (RTD), voice quality, and noise can also be measured.

Mr. Kulkarni further added, To provide a comprehensive assessment of voice quality irrespective of network type, GL has combined various tools together into one platform consisting of VQuad, Dual UTA, USB T1 E1, and WEBViewer. This platform provides the ability to make VoIP, TDM, and Mobile calls from any fixed or mobile location. All interface flexibility is provided (2Wire, 4Wire, VoIP, TDM, and Mobile) within the Dual UTA and USB T1 E1 Analyzers. In addition, VQuad provides algorithms for signaling, voice transmission, and voice quality assessment. WEBViewer provides the central point where voice metrics are stored and displayed through a WEB interface.

Important Features


VoIP Phone System Discounts Aimed At Car Dealerships, Next Big Hit From Tech Provider

Bay Shore, NY (PRWEB) October 10, 2012

Leading business VoIP solution provider has introduced a special discount scheme on phone systems and VoIP communications solutions for car sales companies that will allow them to access quality VoIP phone systems and solutions in bulk at reduced prices with added incentives including special support coverage. is a provider of business phone system equipment and services covering VoIP phones, VoIP service, hosted PBX service, PBX phone system equipment, telephone system accessories (such as phone headset units and more) and VoIP phone system support. Shop for leading phone systems and equipment from brands like Aastra, Allworx, Grandstream, NEC phone system products, TalkSwitch, Xblue and Yealink at affordable prices with great support options.

Car sales companies, like any SMB, need to be able to communicate effectively with clients and partners to succeed. Access to quality and modern communications equipment, as well as the ability to apply this equipment optimally to work processes, can help streamline day-to-day activities, improve organization and efficiency, and boost sales.

With the offer, car sales companies have the truly unique opportunity to get the vital telecommunications equipment and solutions they need while lowering costs across the board purchase (acquisition), configuration/installation and programming, administration/maintenance costs and risk to the minimum. provides solutions that are tailor-made for each client to ensure cost optimization, maximum effectiveness, and the best possibility of short-term works with a methodology that matches performance and cost requirements with a unique telecom solution for each individual client.

"Car sales companies are always busy trying to market their offerings and reliable and capable phone system equipment can be an asset in this area. Access to quality communications solutions will not only keep them connected to potential buyers and partners, but will help increase their efficiency and productivity, while also improving monthly and annual sales outcomes and we make all of this easier with our bulk-purchase discounts and expert technical assistance," says Yaron Ram, a principal.

To learn more about the special phone system offering for car sales companies, including details on availability, pricing, discounts, systems and more, please call support lines on 1-800-390-1200 or send an email to info(at)telcodepot(dot)com.

About Telco Depot

Telco Depot is a leading supplier of quality business telephone systems, business VoIP service, VoIP phones, phone headset equipment, video surveillance systems, voice & data cabling solutions, conference phone solutions and Microsoft Response Point Systems. The companys top priority is to help its clients make informed decisions based on their specific small business phone system needs by providing experience and expertise and guiding them in selecting the best phone systems for their businesses. Telco Depot ensures that their phone systems are fully scalable, affordable priced, and provide the highest value for their clients.

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SolveForce Delivers New York MPLS Networks, Ethernet Fiber Providers, VoIP SIP Phones, T1 Internet Service and T3 Line Services in NY

Albany, NY (PRWEB) September 26, 2012

New York can now experience the quality services and high tech telecom solutions that have made SolveForce the leader in the Industry since 2004. Their world class service and competitive rates draw new customers to their service and give them the edge on the competition. They offer a wide array of services ranging from dedicated lines to fast and reliable online services.

New York City has Dark Fiber, Metro Ethernet, and other types of Ethernet solutions which supply large cities and multiple locations throughout the city. They will provide access to Ethernet Internet services and online requirements. The service is fast and efficient. For larger businesses with a heavy load of data who require more speed and reliability there is an upgrade of this service called MPLS.

Hempstead companies can enjoy New York MPLS, Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet. They will supply the fastest online services. Technologies like Ethernet over Fiber and Ethernet over Copper are used for these services. They are priced competitively and there are over 40 providers to choose from. This gives our customers a wide selection of companies to choose from. They also just have the traditional POTS Lines for any analog line requirements.

Brookhaven businesses that need dedicated lines can have an Internet T1 or T3 Line. These can be Point to Point Lines, or multi location lines. Exclusive lines for a company will help them get data transferred at greater speeds and with fewer interruptions than shared lines. They will also be more secure.

VPN and VPLS will service businesses in Islip with private networks. These networks will allow connections to offices that are far away. They are exclusive to a business so will transfer data more securely than shared networks. Businesses who have sensitive data can take advantage of this service. Business VoIP can be combined with these services and allow the business to use the Internet for their phone use. This results in less maintenance and easier management, so that the company can save a lot of money.

Buffalo companies can have DSL, WiMAX, Fixed Wireless Broadband, and Satellite Internet, which work out as cheaper than other Internet services. Companies can save money on online services, which is good for small businesses or those who are just starting out.

Other services provided revolve around Cloud Computing such as Desktop as a Service (DaaS), Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and much, much more.

With all these services available SolveForce can supply Albany, New York and the surrounding cities with all the business Ethernet solutions that companies need. They can order any telecom service online and choose from the top tier 1 suppliers. Additionally they can get immediate carrier quotes for any service from multiple telecom providers when they visit any of SolveForces websites.

SolveForce is a cutting edge company that has been supplying quality service to its customers since 2004. The company was rated as the premiere ranking Telarus Partner for new sales. It was also nominated as the TA customer choice award for its excellent customer support and service to its customers. Real time quotes for services can be obtained from the calculator at the website. This allows customers to compare services and prices from several of the top telecom providers in their footprint..

A company spokesperson stated SolveForce is the leader in the telecommunications industry, giving their customers competitive prices and quality service. Word in the office is There is no telecommunications company that gives their customers as much as SolveForce does. A company officer said SolveForce is the company, in that it gives great service and a wide selection of choices. LLC can be reached at (888) 765-8301 via toll free or visit their website at New York Telecom Services. Especially if an entity is interested in their expertise, best of all there is no charge to the customer.

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