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Array Systems Advises on Choosing Between the 32-bit and 64-bit Versions of Microsoft Vista

Los Angeles, Calif (PRWEB) March 24, 2007

Array Systems Inc. (, the number one computer network support and IT outsourcing company in Los Angeles, is currently assisting its small - medium sized business clients with the integration of the new Microsoft Vista 2007 software. We have completed a detailed analysis on Microsoft's 32-bit and 64-bit Vista operating software.

64-bit History

Intel, IBM, Sun Microsystems and AMD are all major computer chip developers and 64-bit technology is nothing new to them. Apart from the fact that the 64-bit chip has "more bits" than the 32-bit chip, the 64-bit chip also has a greater amount of memory, file, disk, and database address space. With 32-bit hardware, you have up to 4GB (gigabytes) of address space compared to 144GB, 262GB, or 256TB (terabytes) of potential address space in 64-bit hardware. Obviously 256TB is beyond current hardware technology: however, it does set the stage for 64-bit processing being the future's long-term platform.

Intel's 64-bit processors were jointly developed with Hewlett-Packard in a project known as the "Itanium Architecture" or IA-64. The goal was to develop a new breed of CPUs and depart from the limitations of 32-bit architectures of the early "286, 386, 486, and early-Pentium" processors. To align with the early Intel IA-64 Itanium, Microsoft released a special version of Windows XP identified as the "XP-64 Edition" along with a "Server 2000 Edition" which supported the IA-64 hardware. Neither was widely adopted mostly due to problems with software drivers and the high cost of memory at that time.

Microsoft's first attempt to mitigate the gap between 32 and 64-bit hardware was to create a "software emulator" which would allow the 32-bit code to operate on an IA-64 CPU. The results were not so good and caused things to run very slow which further reduced the interest in the IA-64 Itanium processor for desktop computers and servers. Microsoft would later rewrite the code so that the Windows operating system would run in either 32-bit or 64-bit code simultaneously, and natively, without any software emulation. The result was increased performance, regardless of which code base was hosted, and later cleared the way for Microsoft to launch Windows Vista in 32/64 bit editions.

64-bit Driver Support

Perhaps the most painful part of adopting 64-bit technology lies in the software supporting the peripheral devices of the computer, commonly referred to as "drivers". Makers of computer motherboards of late have integrated many sub-components into their products, which have complicated Vista / 64 driver availability and support, often resulting in long delays between "beta" releases. Even discrete components (control chipsets, printers, video boards, sound cards, scanners, cameras, and nearly all wireless and PDA devices) have also suffered as a result of scarce 64-bit drivers in the consumer market, as these products are many in model, and change rapidly each week.

Unlike applications, 32-bit and 64-bit drivers are not interchangeable, nor can they run on the same computing environment simultaneously. So to adopt Windows Vista 64, you'd have to make sure you have all the required drivers lined up prior to the installation. For most consumer and small business situations, it's simply too early to realistically have a rich set of 64-bit Windows Vista drivers to apply. This is also why upgrading to 64-bit Vista is particularly difficult and demands a great deal of research and patience to achieve 100% functionality.

64-bit Applications

By some accounts this is a chicken-and-egg situation. For the most part, x86 applications (32-bit) are the mainstream. For the mainstream to adopt 64-bit applications there must be a compelling reason to do so. Conversely, unless price-friendly 64-bit equipment is widely purchased by the mainstream, why would developers create 64-bit applications?

Truthfully, 32-bit hardware, with an upper limit of 4GB of memory was seldom reached by anything other than network servers and virtually never seen by PC users. So, prior to today, most 64-bit applications belong to high-end software or that of network servers. In fact, Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 will require x64 hardware essentially mandating a 64-bit processing environment.

What is changing however is the user-base and pricing wars of PCs. As newer PCs contain the 64-bit single and dual-core processors, end-users can adopt a 64-bit equipment option. Price competition will soon press the 32-bit only systems out of the marketplace so it seems as if everyone will be forced to convert right? Well maybe. Among the first applications to take advantage of the 64-bit technology for the mainstream will be the gaming and multimedia sectors of the computing world.

Bottom of the Line

Mainstream users are best served with the 32-bit applications of Windows Vista and will experience the greatest compatibility with peripherals, applications, and improved features. The use of 64-bit implementations of Vista should be based on need. If you have a special application or operational requirement today that mandates this extended version of Vista, proceed ahead; just be sure to research and resolve potential conflicts and remedies first. Windows Vista 64 will gather increased momentum and acceptance; however the practical return on investment may be years away. As with any new product offering, the key will be testing the Vista environment with current application prior to making an upgrade decision.

About Array Systems

Array Systems has been in business since 1991, we know where the pitfalls are. If you would like more information about this topic please call us toll free (877) 412-7729 or visit our website: We specialize in assisting small businesses in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas with Microsoft Office 2007 Support, Windows Vista upgrades, IT outsourcing solutions, computer network support, application integration and support, web design, and much more.


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Agnitum Protects Vista and XP Users

San Jose, California, US, and St. Petersburg, Russia (PRWEB) October 23, 2007

The security experts at Agnitum, the leading firewall provider, today announced the launch of the Outpost Pro 2008 product line, which opens with two Vista-compatible products: Outpost Firewall Pro (OFP) and Outpost Security Suite Pro 2008 (OSS). This new generation of Internet security solutions caters to individual users as well as small and medium businesses deploying the latest or older Microsoft operating systems.

Both the security suite and the personal firewall products are based on a new platform, utilizing a revamped, Vista-style graphical interface and lots of new and improved features. While providing even more security, Agnitum also managed to optimize performance, making both products very lightweight for users' systems.

Moreover, the new products are not just a set of features, but a set of everyday security services. All registered users receive the following benefits with round-the-clock security care:

Daily anti-virus updates;
Spyware definition updates;
Firewall rule distribution;
Application fingerprinting;
Host Protection updates;
Web site blacklist updates; and
Ad network updates.

Mikhail Penkovsky, global vice-president for Sales and Marketing, explained:

"Our key message with this new product line is not about the software itself, but also about everyday services delivered to all registered users. Nowadays it is not enough to update just virus or spyware signatures, you should take care of other key security areas as well. Agnitum does just that: besides virus and spyware definitions updates we deliver five additional services that make your protection more flexible and versatile. Our qualified engineers took care of seven areas to make all modules (firewall, antivirus, anti-spyware, host protection, and web control) of our Both the security suite work more efficiently. And this is for less than 14 cents a day for new users and about 8 cents a day for renewal licenses, not to mention the software itself."

Neither of the products requires lengthy or complete adjustment, however, they are designed to be customized according to user preference and security awareness. Novice users will benefit from a simple interface and comfortable default settings whereas advanced specialists can still create sophisticated configurations and make technical tweaks.

Outpost Firewall Pro 2008, which comprises a firewall and an anti-spyware plug-in, now offers the following innovations:


Slim, Stylish and Well-Connected: Introducing the Dell Inspiron Mini 12 — New Addition to the Dell Inspiron Mini Line Expands Personalization Options Available First in Japan Through Bic Camera, Kojima and Sofmap Stores Includes Windows Vista Home Basic, Webcam and Bluetooth

ROUND ROCK, Texas (PRWEB) October 26, 2008

The Inspiron Mini 12 is available initially only in Japan through Bic Camera, Kojima and Sofmap stores and other retail outlets. It will launch online globally by late November with configurations starting under $ 600 (U.S.). Ubuntu and Windows XP


Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 Compatible Remote Control 4.0 Beta Released by IntelliAdmin, LLC

Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 Compatible Remote Control 4.0 Beta Released by IntelliAdmin, LLC

Remote Control 4 Beta

Rochester, MI (PRWEB) June 8, 2009

Remote Control 4.0 allows administrators to administer and remotely control Windows machines, without having to dig through address books, or lists of computers.

Co-founder Steve Wiseman says, "Many remote control solutions have an address book, or a list of computers you can connect to, but Remote Control 4.0 goes beyond that and remembers computer names, user names and other information about a remote computer. That way, the next time a user calls the help desk you can find their system in seconds"

The computer search within Remote Control 4.0 has been tested with over 10,000 computer listings and can find a single computer in seconds.

"Another issue administrators worry about is their staff connecting to computers without permission. Remote control 4.0 can be configured with group policy to require administrators to ask before connecting. "

The Remote Control 4.0 beta can be found at

While the beta is in progress, a pre-order license can be obtained by purchasing version 3.2 for $ 188 US.

It is compatible with Windows NT, 2000, XP and 2003, Vista, Windows 7 and all 64 bit versions of Windows

IntelliAdmin, LLC provides utilities for Windows, and Steve Wiseman blogs regularly about Windows administration issues at


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The Psyborg Extreme Gamer PC, Now Shipping with Windows Vista Ultimate Editon

The Psyborg Extreme Gamer PC, Now Shipping with Windows Vista Ultimate Editon

Quincy, MA (PRWEB) February 3, 2007

The Psyborg Extreme Gamer PC is now shipping with the Windows Vista Ultimate Edition Operating System. The Psyborg Extreme Gamer PC is built for hard core gaming, so naturally, Psychsoftpc is shipping it with Windows Vista Ultimate installed. Gamers are a demanding lot. They want the ultimate experience from their pc. The folks at Psychsoftpc understand. They're gamers, too. That's why they are including only Windows Vista Ultimate in their Psyborg Extreme Gamer PCs. That's right, none of the lesser versions here. When it comes to gamer pcs, only the very best will do, and for the folks at Psychsoftpc, that means only Windows Vista Ultimate will cut it. All the rest are great for average PCS, but Psychsoftpc doesn't do average PCs.

Unlike average PCs, the Psyborg Extreme Gamer PC looks cool, stays cool and is built for performance. For serious gamers, input is critical, which is why the Psyborg Extreme Gamer PC comes with the Logitech G15 Keyboard and Logitech G5 Laser Mouse. With built in gigabit Ethernet, hooking into the nearest LAN party is a breeze. And the case not only looks cool, it is designed to keep the inside cool as well with technology by Thermaltake. And with the ATI X1950 Crossfire Edition video card, Intel Core 2 Duo Processor and plenty of RAM, the Psyborg Extreme Gamer PC can handle all that Windows Vista Ultimate can throw at it. That includes Aero Glass, the awesome ultimate desktop for Windows. Of course, the Psyborg Extreme Gamer PC can handle the most demanding games, like Elder Scrolls Oblivion, Tomb Raider Legend and F.E.A.R, with ease too. Gamers wouldn't expect anything less and neither do the folks at Psychsoftpc. Because at Psychsoftpc, when it comes to the Psyborg Extreme Gamer PC, performance matters.

The Psyborg Extreme can be found at


P.O. Box 232

North Quincy, MA 02171


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Strategic Test Releases Windows Vista Driver for Oscilloscope, AWG and Fast Digital I/O Cards

Strategic Test Releases Windows Vista Driver for Oscilloscope, AWG and Fast Digital I/O Cards

Woburn, MA (PRWEB) April 20, 2007

Strategic Test Corporation has announced Windows Vista 64-bit and 32-bit drivers for their range of Digitizer, AWG, fast Digital I/O and Digital Pattern Generator cards. The drivers are compatible with all of the 150 PCI, PXI and CompactPCI cards in the UltraFast™ series.

The Windows Vista drivers are supplied at no cost and can be downloaded by existing customers from the company website. The same simple programming concept found in the other Windows and Linux drivers has been employed, allowing customers to upgrade their OS without modifying their application code.

There are two distinct advantages to 64-bit Windows over 32-bit. 64-bit Windows delivers higher computation performance, significantly benefiting users who perform real-time analysis of measurement data or signal processing. 64-bit Windows also supports up to 128 GBytes of PC RAM as compared to 4 GBytes of 32-bit Windows XP. This allows the use of low-cost PC-memory instead of expensive on-board memory for applications requiring streaming of data to or from the PC. This method also enables longer record or replay times, as the maximum amount of signal memory that can be added to the current range of Digitizer or AWG cards from most vendors is 4 GBytes.

For example, an application requiring a 200 MByte/second acquisition rate using 32-bit Windows, the maximum measurement time would be 17.5 seconds. On a PC configured with 128 GBytes RAM running 64-bit Windows the measurement time would increase to over 6.5 minutes.

About Strategic Test

With a product range of more than 150 high-speed Digitizer, Arbitrary Waveform Generator and high-speed Digital I/O PCI, 3U PXI and 6U CompactPCI cards, Strategic Test Corporation is one of the leading suppliers of high-speed PC-based instruments. The UltraFast cards are designed at the R&D facility in northern Germany and distributed through our offices in Woburn (MA) and Stockholm (Sweden).

The first high-speed measurement card for PC's was designed in 1989. The UF2 series based on the PCI-X 66 MHz/32-bit PCI bus is the forth generation and sets new standards in onboard memory size, data transfer rates and user flexibility. Strategic Test's clients include global electronics, semiconductor, defense, telecommunications and medical instrument companies, government funded research labs and universities in five continents.

A picture can be downloaded from the website at

Caption: Windows Vista drivers released for Oscilloscope, AWG and fast Digital I/O cards.

For further information please contact:

Bob Giblett


Strategic Test Corporation

12 Alfred Street, Suite 300

Woburn, MA 01801-1915

United States

Tel: (617)621-0080

Fax: (617)621-1414

Press contact:

Nigel Robson

Vortex Public Relations

United Kingdom

Tel: +44 1481 233080

Fax: +44 1481 233082

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Beta 9.0 Aurora XAML Designer Released for Windows Vista and Windows XP Development

Boston, MA (PRWEB) June 11, 2006

Mobiform Software Inc. today announced the release of Aurora Beta 9.0. The latest Beta of Aurora, Mobiform’s XAML Graphic Designer for WinFX, is compatible with Microsoft Corporation’s WinFX Beta 2 and is available for download from Mobiform’s Web site (

The Aurora XAML Designer for WinFX is an adaptable WinFX-based graphics authoring tool that generates instant XAML documents for software applications or web development. Its easy-to-use visual design environment is updated in Beta 9.0 with a fresh user interface. Other significant enhancements include control templates, dockable panels, convenient ‘object search’ and ‘locate object’ capability within a XAML document and limited 3D animation.

“Aurora has been in development for almost two years and will emerge later this year as the premier XAML authoring and design product for software and web developers and designers,” says Ron DeSerranno, President and CEO of Mobiform Software Inc. Aurora is exclusively for use in Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows XP applications that employ WinFX.

In addition to operating as a stand-alone design product, Aurora also serves as a graphics authoring platform for software applications that have visual design requirements. Aurora is completely embeddable in third-party applications and has already been embraced by a number of applications in graphics-intensive vertical markets such as industrial engineering and mapping. Aurora has a full object model and plug-in architecture, which allows it to be customized and extended.

Mobiform Software Inc. will be attending Microsoft TechEd in Boston, MA from June 11-16, 2006.

About Mobiform Software Inc.

Mobiform Software Inc. is a pioneer of emerging XML-based graphics technology for software developers and designers. The company’s XAML authoring tool, Aurora, crafts 2D and 3D graphics, animation and distinctive user interfaces. Aurora seamlessly embeds into .NET applications for unique, organization-specific graphics authoring requirements. For more information, please visit

For additional information, please contact:

Mobiform Software Inc.

Amanda Hardy

Marketing Manager

Tel: +1.604.408.0003

Mr. Frank V. Lorenzo

Director, Investor Relations

Tel: +1.201.568.3700

Fax: +1.204.569.9331

Names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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InstallAware Only Installation Toolkit to Support Vista Glass

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) April 23, 2007

InstallAware Software Corporation has released InstallAware 6.5, a setup authoring tool targeting Microsoft's Windows Installer platform. With version 6.5, InstallAware becomes the only installer to provide native support for the new Aero user interface in Windows Vista. Developers can now create custom Glass surfaces on their install wizard screens, taking full advantage of Windows Vista's Aero features and delivering the best user experience on Windows Vista.

"While Windows Vista is Microsoft's best-selling operating system to date, there are just about 100 Vista Certified applications available," says Lemuel Haham, President of InstallAware Software Corporation. "InstallAware 6.5 should help with that. You can build an installer any way you like in InstallAware -- and the end result will always be a bullet-proof, Vista certifiable MSI setup package. This should save ISVs and software developers across the world countless hours -- both in trying to learn about the logo requirements and complying with them. With InstallAware, it's automatic."

InstallAware 6.5 includes improvements and optimizations across the board. Another time saving benefit is the new Multi-Core Compression. "With hardware evolving so fast, why let your software hold you down?" says Andy Neillans, Program Manager at InstallAware. "Most applications today use only a single CPU core, whereas most machines ship with 2, sometimes 4 CPU cores. Any time you build a setup package in InstallAware, we use all your available CPU cores. This linearly doubles performance as more cores are added. A machine with 4 cores will build in a quarter of the time it takes to build on a single core machine. And because InstallAware is the only multi-core installation authoring environment today, it is safe to say that InstallAware builds setups two to four times faster than other authoring tools."

"We're focused on one thing -- making the lives of developers easier," adds Lemuel Haham. "InstallAware is a software installer built by developers for developers -- and it shows. Once again, we're first to market with ground breaking features, this time offering automatic Vista Certification, Aero Glass support and multi-core compression."

InstallAware 6 is available in various editions, with prices starting at US$ 199. A time limited trial and more information is available at

About InstallAware Software Corporation

InstallAware Software Corporation, founded in 2003, is a software development company focused solely on state of the art software installation tools which offer the highest compression ratios and bullet-proof installations. The company produces software installation and compression technologies for the Windows Installer (MSI) platform on the Microsoft Windows Operating System. InstallAware is supported by thousands of users worldwide, and is a Borland Technology Partner. For more information, visit


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RealWorld Graphics released RealWorld Icon Editor 2006.2 for Windows Vista

Cerncice, Czech Republic (PRWEB) February 14, 2007

RealWorld Graphics released version 2006.2 of RealWorld Icon Editor for Microsoft Windows Vista, an integrated package of tools for application and web graphics authors.

RealWorld Icon Editor is extensible system capable of working with raster images, Windows Vista icons, and simple 3D models. The software allows users to design a 3D model, render it to image, and generate an icon from the rendered image without leaving the application. The utilization of 3D models increases productivity; one 3D model can be used in multiple icons and the application provides realistic lighting, perspective transformations, and occlusions virtually for free. Standard graphic file formats are supported, allowing the application to cooperate with 3rd party software.

Version 2006.2 is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista, actively supporting UAC (User Access Control) and high-DPI modes. Graphic elements of the user interface are available in several resolutions to deliver the best user experience on every display. Creating Windows Vista icons is supported from both technical and stylistic points of view. RealWorld Icon Editor allows usage of PNG-compressed icons and can render reflections and apply projected shadows - special effects that are often encountered in Windows Vista. Version 2006.2 also includes support for Mac OS icon format, customizable batch operations, and parameterized 3D models. The editor is able to use plug-ins created with a freely accessible SDK.

The application has been available to beta-testers since December 2006 to ensure stability and usability. One of the beta-testers said: "The new version introduces several new functions, but there are also countless small improvements and tweaks. The developers have listened to our feedback and the result is an application that not only delivers the functionality, but also delivers it in a much more pleasant way."

"Windows Vista optimization and parameterized 3D models are the most important features of this version. Parameterized 3D models are another step in our ongoing effort to speed up the graphics designing process. Changing values of parameters is much faster than modifying 3D models and graphics designers employing this technique can react literally instantly to their customers' feedback or even invite their customers to cooperate in fine-tuning of their work to customers' needs," said Vlastimil Miler, one of the developers.

More information about RealWorld Icon Editor is available on its home page at and Windows Vista-related features are summarized at

RealWorld Graphics (founded in 2004) develops software based on the RealWorld Designer framework and provides specialized graphic design services.


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Updating to Microsoft Vista? Sell Used Computers or Buy Compatible New or Used Computers through Vernon Computer Source

Stamford, CT (PRWEB) January 23, 2007

With the latest addition to the Microsoft Windows family, Vista, companies across the nation are eradicating their used computers to make room for newer models while others slash technology costs and need the best used computer equipment on the market. Vernon Computer Source, a leading computer technology sourcing company, buys and sells corporate used computers at mutually agreed fair market prices, meeting the needs of both buyers and sellers.

"Many companies hang on to their computers far longer than they really want to, simply from a perceived lack of disposal alternatives," says Al Turnbull, Vernon Vice President of Finance and Director of IT. "If the CFOs knew how easily they could turn their out dated computers into cash, they would happily re-invest sooner in newer technology."

Used computer buyers can turn to Vernon Computer Source for both new and used computers, laptops, notebooks, servers, printers and more from all major brands including Sun, Apple, IBM, HP, Cisco, Toshiba and Dell. Vernon sells used computers that are already configured to accept Windows Vista. They also offer several rental options, including computer rent-to-own, for those who want a trial run before owning the equipment. All Vernon computers and peripherals are Grade A, cleaned, pre-tested and virus swept.

For corporations ridding their offices of excess overhead, Vernon can buy back old used computers, notebooks and laptops. If the computers are still functional, Vernon will audit and refurbish them, making them accessible to businesses, individuals or schools that can still enjoy them for several more years. Vernon also offers a unique Employee Purchase Program which enables the employees of the companies getting rid of excess equipment to buy it for themselves online through Vernon's Web site. If Vernon acquires obsolete equipment, they take the proper measures to dispose of it safely in government regulated, environmentally responsible facilities.

For more information on buying Vista-compatible computers or selling used computers call Vernon Computer Source at 800-827-0352 or visit

About Vernon Computer Source

As a recognized leader in computer technology sourcing, Vernon Computer Source is committed to offering the broadest range of brand name computer and peripheral equipment under the most flexible terms in the industry. Vernon Computer Source constantly strives to serve each client with comprehensive, personalized service, providing a full range of integration and technical support services, including installation, full configuration of computers, and round-the-clock technical support. Whether serving a corporate client with long-term, project-oriented needs or providing event-oriented sourcing solutions for a trade show or corporate event, Vernon Computer Source has the products, the experience, and the unsurpassed expertise required to ensure success.

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