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Nonprofits Get Combo Version of 2013 And 2014 Year Applications With EzPaycheck Payroll Software

Pittsburgh, PA (PRWEB) November 11, 2013

Nonprofit organizations are continuously searching for new ways to save money, and with ezPaycheck combo version from the $ 99.00 price for both 2013 and 2014, is a no-brainer! Many non profit organizations are still calculating payroll taxes and writing check manually because many payroll applications on market are too complex and too expensive for them. Payroll tax software developers at want to offer small businesses and nonprofits a better alternative. With this unique opportunity, new customers will save a total of $ 48.00!

At this special price, new customers can complete the years payroll by utilizing the year to date feature as well as roll in the new year confidently that the software they have chosen is easy to use and less expensive than others on the market.

Nonprofit organizations get a bonus deal with a unique combo offer in Ezpaycheck 2013 and 2014 tax season applications. said Dr. Ge, the founder of

EzPaycheck software is designed to automate paycheck processes to reduce the time spent on running payroll. The softwares graphical interface leads users step-by-step through setting up employee information, importing data, calculating payroll - including calculation of federal, state and local taxes; deductions for Medicare, insurance and 401(k) plans; and printing paychecks. New user can download and try this software for free with no obligation and no cost at

EzPaycheck payroll software includes the latest tax tables and tax forms. This paycheck software also supports flexible tax options to satisfy the special businesses, nonprofits and churches.

Small businesses and nonprofits will appreciate the unique features in the latest release of ezPaycheck payroll software:

Supports daily, weekly, biweekly, semimonthly and monthly payroll periods. Features report functions, print functions, and pay stub functions
Easily calculates differential pay
Prints miscellaneous checks as well as payroll calculation checks
Prints payroll checks on blank computer checks or preprinted checks
Automatically calculates Federal Withholding Tax, Social Security, Medicare Tax and Employer Unemployment Taxes
Includes built-in tax tables for all 50 states and the District of Columbia
Creates and maintains payrolls for multiple companies, and does it simultaneously
Prints Tax Forms 940, 941, W-2 and W-3
Supports multiple accounts at no additional charge
Supports network access

Priced at $ 89, ezPaycheck payroll software is affordable for any size business. To speed up year-end tax reporting for more businesses, launched the special promition of ezPaycheck software. New customers can get payroll software 2013 at discount price of $ 59 or 2013 & 2014 bundle version at just $ 99.

Customers seeking a way to simplify payroll processing with more accuracy to start the no obligation 30-day test drive today at:


Founded in 2003, has established itself as a leader in meeting and exceeding the software requirements of small businesses around the world. Offering payroll software, employee attendance tracking software, check writing/printing software, W2 software, 1099 software and ezACH deposit software. It continues to grow in the philosophy that small business owners deserve affordable, user friendly, and totally risk-free software.

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DiSTIs GL Studio Version 4.5 Expands Capabilities for User Interface Creation

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) September 11, 2013

The DiSTI Corporation announced today the release of GL Studio version 4.5, software that helps user interface (UI) designers and application developers easily prototype, create, and deploy advanced 3D user interfaces for embedded devices and desktop applications. GL Studio version 4.5 contains graphic rendering features to improve battery life and performance for iOS, Android, and other embedded devices. This release also provides options to use either the OpenGL or DirectX API, multi-language support for UI internationalization, expanded compiler support, and improved Photoshop document support.

To complement faster and easier development time, GL Studio version 4.5 provides:

The choice of deploying raster glyphs, or True Type fonts thus making all fonts available at runtime
New object types to improve performance and battery life on mobile and embedded devices
Added support for the Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 and Linux GCC version 4.6 integrated development environment (IDE) , to provide a more seamless development
Increased editor and runtime support for DirectDraw Surface (DDS) file formats to allow developers to freely create content as they see fit
Improved Photoshop Document (.PSD) importer now includes gauge needle behaviors, making it easier to bring these interface types to life

The release of version 4.5 provides GL Studio developers with the means to create user interface content that gives consumers the end user experience they have come to expect in todays products and devices. We are excited to supply our customers with these expanded features and capabilities and we will continue to provide the latest solutions to our customers as technologies advance, said Darren Humphrey, Chief Technology Officer of DiSTI.

Adopted by luxury automotive manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover and visionary specialty aerospace developer Scaled Composites, GL Studio delivers on the panacea of end-to-end user interface development in a single tool chain. These companies, along with hundreds of others across the aerospace, medical, automotive, and simulation market segments, choose GL Studio for the following reasons:

100% correlation between the Industrial Designers vision and the end product
Ability to reuse the design all the way through the development process: Prototyping, Verification and Validation, Integration, and Deployment
Shorter production cycles
Natively supports 3D OpenGL content
Broad support for desktop and embedded hardware systems

For more information on GL Studio 4.5, or to request a trial download, please visit

About DiSTI

DiSTI is a global leader in the development of User Interface software for businesses, governments and the military. The companys flagship product, GL Studio, enables programmers and user interface developers to build high-fidelity 3D interactive graphics and controls for use in any product with a 3D graphics chip.

Hundreds of customers worldwide, including BAE, Boeing, Dassault, FedEx, Lockheed Martin, Honeywell, Raytheon and Thales, use DiSTI interface solutions to deliver devices and applications that improve the user experience for embedded systems, computer based training, maintenance training, and safety-critical devices. As a full service provider, DiSTI offers a complement of customer programming and development services, and is the recognized leader in training solutions for the global simulation and training community. For more information, visit


New PDFZilla Version 3 Time-limited Giveaway

(PRWEB) June 26, 2013 today starts their Time-limited Giveaway for the latest version of PDFZilla at The giveaway will be closed on July 7th, 2013. All users and visitors can get the giveaway licenses from PDFZilla with no charge.

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a file type designed by Adobe System for document exchange and mostly used to represent bi-dimensional docs independent of software, hardware or operating system. Recently PDF has become one of the most popular file formats for publishing documents on the Web and is thus a common medium for the dissemination of knowledge.

PDFZilla is a useful software toolkit for converting and handling PDF documents. With PDFZilla, users will be able to convert a PDF document into MS Word or Excel with only 3 mouse clicks. The program preserves the original quality of the PDF files and converts both text and images. Users can convert the entire PDF or selected pages only and event convert multiple files in the batch mode, which may come in very handy when working with large book or document archives. In addition to the Word format, PDFZilla can convert PDF files to DOC, XLS, RTF, TXT, BMP, JPG, GIF, TIF, HTML and SWF files. Finally, the program has a very simple and nice-looking interface that will take a moment or two to get used to.

The New PDFZilla V3 includes:

1 - PDF to Word Converter

2 - PDF to Image Converter

3 - PDF to TXT Converter

4 - PDF to HTML Converter

5 - PDF to Flash Converter

6 - PDF to Excel Converter

7 - Image to PDF Converter

8 - PDF Merger

9 - PDF Cutter

10 - PDF Rotator


NOTE TO EDITORS: To utterly facilitate editors' review and writing, PDFZilla prepared the serial key, hi-def graphic materials and resources. Please contact: support(at)pdfzilla(dot)com.


SLP Launches the Home Version of BiteStrip – a New Innovative Sleep Bruxism Screener

(PRWEB) November 3, 2005

Tel-Aviv, Israel SLP, a leading developer of physiological sensors for diagnosing sleep disorders, launched the home version of BiteStrip, a new innovative Sleep Bruxism Screener, which can identify the existence and frequency of bruxism.

This accurate, single-use home screening device can be used to confidently and precisely prepare for and evaluate bruxing therapy, treatment of a malocclusion, occlusal restoration, snoring and sleep apnea treatment, and temporomandibular joint pain therapies.

Bruxism is the medical term for grinding, gnashing or clenching the teeth. This condition affects both children and adults. Some people with bruxism unconsciously clench their teeth during the day, often when they feel anxious or tense. When children, who have bruxism, and some adults with the condition, grind or clench their teeth during sleep, this is called sleep bruxism.

Studies that have been published recently at the Journal of Oral Rehabilitation and the International Journal of Prosthodontics indicated a need to standardize methods for clinical assessment of bruxism and that tooth wear status is not predictive of ongoing bruxism level. Realizing the increasing need in simple, cost effective diagnostics of real-time sleep bruxism, SLP just launched the homecare medical device of BiteStrip.

An alternative to formal sleep and EMG studies, the BiteStrip is a low-cost, easy-to-use device given to a patient suspected of bruxing. The self-adhesive BiteStrip contains a sophisticated micro CPU that operates real-time acquisition and analysis software designed to detect and count EMG signals from the masticatory muscles during sleep.

A score representing a range of events is recorded on the permanent display. The score, interpreted by the doctor, indicates the existence and frequency of bruxing. More complementary information about bruxism and the innovative BiteStrip device, both for doctors and patients can be found at BiteStrip website,

About BiteStrip

The BiteStrip is a low cost, disposable self-use home test for Sleep Bruxism. Its indications correlate well with comparable indications from formal sleep lab studies. It is available through health providers worldwide at a low price to the public and as a self-administered or prescription test.

The BiteStrip unit can be included as a part of the patients permanent medical record and used as a follow-up tool to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment as well. For more details, please visit BiteStrip website at,

About SLP

Established in 1993, SLP Ltd. has become a leading developer of physiological sensors for diagnosing sleep disorders. The companys products are distributed all over the world and in use by physicians from different disciplines.

SLPs sensors are primarily used in sleep labs, but also have applications in EEG and cardiology. SLP sensors measure respiration effort, airflow, snoring, body position, and movement. SLPs experienced team has a deep understanding of sleep disorders. The Company products offer the highest performance while addressing evolving technological requirements. For further information, please contact SLP at: +1 (630) 513-7479 or

# # #

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CAMO Releases New Version of The Unscrambler

Oslo, Norway (PRWEB) May 02, 2013

As global demand for the commercial and practical insights provided by intelligent processing and analysis of large data sets continues to gather pace CAMO Software today announced the launch of a new version of its all-in-one Multivariate Data Analysis (MVA) and Design of Experiments (DoE) software, The Unscrambler


Pearl Software Releases Beta Version of Pearl Echo

Exton, PA (PRWEB) June 26, 2013

Pearl Software continues to enhance its highly acclaimed Employee Internet monitoring and filtering products with new features and support for Microsofts latest technologies. In addition to full support for Windows 8, this latest offering from Pearl includes Echo Noise Reduction for more targeted usage reporting, added data security, stricter blocking capabilities and enhancements in administrative usability.

The majority of new features are the direct result of customer feedback, said Pearl Software CTO, Joe Field. Many of our customers are multi-year clients, some extending back over ten years. Through direct interaction we continue to learn what our customers want and expect to see in our products. They are excited and our relationship with them is strengthened when customers see their suggestions come to life. Pearl Softwares products continue to satisfy enterprise endpoint security needs even as Microsoft announces the end of life of ISA and many of its Forefront security offerings.

In peer-to-peer, server-centric and client-server computing environments, Pearl Echo filters and monitors a variety of Internet activities including e-mail, IM, chat, news, the transferring of files and Web browsing. The software's patented mobility technology is an ideal tool for organizations that want their policies for Internet use to cover not only their internal network but also to extend beyond it.

About Pearl Software

Pearl Software of Exton, Pa., was founded in 1996 and is a leader in the development of Internet monitoring and web filtering software that is used by companies, government agencies, schools, hospitals and other public and private entities around the world. Its products are designed to provide network administrators with tools to monitor employee Internet usage and protect their networks from internal and external threats. For additional news on Pearl Software, please visit


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Syntheway presenta la versi

Buenos Aires, Argentina. (PRWEB) January 16, 2006

DAL FLUTE es un emulador de flauta h


Prime Recognition Announces PrimeOCR Version 4.2

Woodinville, WA (PRWEB) January 22, 2006

Prime Recognition releases PrimeOCR version 4.2 improving recognition speed, faster reading of PDF files and support for barcode recognition.

New features in PrimeOCR version 4.2 include:

+ Faster Reading of PDF Image Files - PDF image files can be read 20 times faster then the previous version. Faster processing of PDF input files contributes to industry leading OCR speed of PDF image files.

+ Retaining PDF File Information - While processing PDF files, PrimeOCR can retain bookmarks, initial view mode and document description from the PDF input file and copy the information into the output PDF file.

+ Skip PDF Files with Text - Many repositories include PDF files that already include searchable text. PrimeOCR has an option to skip these files during processing. Skipping PDF files with text decreases overall processing time of the repository while retaining original text for improved search and retrieval.

+ Faster Recognition Speed - Enhancements have been made to PrimeOCR to improve support for multi-CPU PCs including multi-core CPUs.

+ Convert Single Page Input to Multi-Page Output - The PrimeOCR Job Server can now combine the results from several input files into one multi-page output file.

+ Barcode Recognition - Version 4.2 includes the ability of PrimeOCR to recognize linear barcodes during OCR.

+ Unicode Output ASCII Output - Support for Unicode output for CJK (Asian languages) recognition in ASCII format (adds to existing support of PDF and PRO output formats).

+ Support for LZW Compressed Images - Images compressed with LZW compression can now be read and processed by PrimeOCR.

Improved OCR Accuracy through Voting Technology

Developed for the production OCR marketplace, PrimeOCR is an omnifont Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 Server based software OCR engine and Application Programming Interface (API) toolkit that uses a combination of proprietary Voting algorithms and technology licensed from the best retail OCR vendors.

PrimeOCR is able to reduce OCR errors by an average of 65-82% over the best conventional OCR products while providing much cleaner data by implementing "Voting" technology. Since manual error correction can account for over 50% of an imaging system cost, by lowering error rates, PrimeOCR can reduce annual operating costs by 35%.

Designed around a fault tolerant architecture, PrimeOCR provides the production OCR marketplace with a reliable OCR processing solution that generates cleaner results than conventional OCR systems.

PrimeOCR has won a number of awards, including two "Product of the Year" awards from Imaging Magazine, and a "Top 10 of AIIM."

Prime Recognition Corporation

Prime Recognition designs and develops advanced character recognition software for the production OCR marketplace. Prime Recognitions goal is to facilitate the acceptance of OCR by reducing errors through the use of sophisticated Voting technology.

Prime Recognition worldwide customers include Service Bureaus, System Integrators, University/Library systems, companies in the Banking, Insurance, Legal, Manufacturing, Medical, and Transportation industries. However, the largest customer segment is Government, Primes largest customer is the U.S. Patent & Trademark, with a number of installations in Defense Department applications, and other government agencies.

Prime Recognition was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Woodinville, Washington (on Seattles Eastside, four miles from Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, WA) and can be reached at (425) 895-0550 or To reach Prime Recognition on-line, visit our Web Site at:

PrimeOCR, PrimeView and PrimeVerify are trademarks of Prime Recognition. Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corp. All other products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

For additional information contact:

Prime Recognition

Woodinville, WA 98072


425-895-9580 Fax


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Fybr Announces the Release of a New Version of Their Parking Management Platform

Saint Louis, Missouri (PRWEB) May 23, 2013

Fybr, the worlds leader in parking sensor management solutions, today announced the release of the latest edition of their parking management platform. A true breakthrough, the new platform finally realizes the vision of a fully integrated, end-to-end parking management information system. The new offering will allow customers to dramatically improve the performance of their parking management applications and address customer queries with greater speed significantly reducing parker frustration and increasing operational efficiency.

Thom Valley, Fybrs COO, describes it as an operating system for parking: it supports and coordinates the individual system components and activities. For each space monitored by a sensor, vehicle arrival and departure data is paired with payment information. That raw data then runs through our analytics processing to deliver actionable insights. Components from multiple vendors vehicle sensors, smart meters and handheld enforcement devices can all be seamlessly integrated into one complete parking operation with this system. Parking managers can then access a web-based portal from any internet-connected computer to see live enforcement operations as well as historical records for each and every parking space. Weve optimized every part of the environment to maximize efficiency and deliver information in near real-time, particularly in situations where there are large volumes of data.

The new solution will help parking organizations tackle issues such as large or complex queries regarding space utilization, turnover and compliance rates for individual spaces, districts or regions. It will also deliver valuable insights to the customer all faster than ever before.

Additional benefits include rapid deployment, reduced administration and management, ease of integration, flexibility, support for complex queries and scalability all at a low cost.

Fybrs new parking management platform is scheduled for availability in the second quarter of 2013.

Fybr is the worlds leader in parking sensor management solutions, delivering real-time data to actively connect and improve communities of all sizes.

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GoGrid Announces Version 2.0 of its Popular Cloud Computing Hosting Infrastructure

San Francisco, CA (Vocus) August 11, 2009

Today GoGrid, the Cloud Computing service from ServePath, released version 2.0 of its award-winning Cloud Computing Infrastructure solution. With this release, GoGrid users now have the ability to create personal server images, known as MyGSIs. MyGSI stands for "personal GoGrid Server Image," a "Golden Master" server image that can be customized, saved and stored for future deployments. Users are now able to create new servers from stored MyGSIs via the GoGrid web portal or API quickly and easily.

"We are extremely excited about this innovative new GoGrid release," said John Keagy, CEO and Co-Founder of GoGrid and ServePath. "This is an important development in the Cloud Computing marketplace, and further demonstrates our visionary approach to providing Cloud Computing functionality and features that our customers desire."

The creation of a MyGSI is an extremely simple 3-step process. First add an Image Sandbox, second, configure and prepare the Image Sandbox and third, save the Image Sandbox as a MyGSI. When a user needs to create a new Windows or Linux server based on the pre-configured MyGSI, they simply choose the saved image, fill in a few details, and instantiate the server in minutes within the GoGrid cloud.

There are several benefits and advantages of using a MyGSI to deploy servers within the GoGrid cloud:

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