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Mac Users Get New Tool For Clipping Text From Popular Applications to Mobile Phones Using SMS

(PRWEB) June 7, 2005

smsZap enables Mac users, for the first time, to clip text from popular applications and send to any mobile phone, anywhere in the world, with just a couple of mouse clicks.

Bayham Systems today announced the immediate availability of smsZap 1.0.0, a powerful tool for Mac OS 10.3 (Panther) and 10.4 (Tiger) systems. After installing smsZap, users can select text from within their favourite applications (e.g. Apple Mail, Safari and Microsoft Entourage), press the key combination Shift, Command, ‘W’, and be prompted to choose to send the text to their own phone, select a number from their Apple Address Book, or type in a new number.

smsZap does not have to already be running on the Mac in order to take advantage of the services it offers. However by double-clicking the application icon, smsZap’s interactive mode allows a text message to be typed in directly. It also provides a real-time message tracking screen where sent messages can be checked for delivery status (this screen can be used to tell whether a message has actually been delivered to the handset or if it is still in the network).

A key feature of smsZap is that a mobile phone does not have to be connected to or synced with the Mac to make this work. Instead messages are sent via the Internet to the smsZap Service Centre, where they are then passed to the mobile networks. Messages can be delivered to 471 mobile networks across 165 countries.

Consider these scenarios: have you ever had to run out the office for a meeting but forgot to print in advance those “how to find us” instructions? No need to wait for the printer to warm up, simply select the text, press the smsZap key combination, and choose “Send to My Phone”. Or have you spotted an alert on your favourite news site that you just have to tell a friend about? Then select the text and choose the “Send to Another Number” option, and pick your friend’s number from the Address Book.

“smsZap is a great tool to have on your Mac,” said Bill Turley, Director of Channel Marketing for Bayham Systems. “Whether you are a business user looking to communicate with colleagues and customers, or a home user simply keeping in touch with friends and family, the ‘clip’ feature is a massive productivity enhancer and the low cost messaging will save a small fortune on your phone bill.”

Additionally smsZap provides:

Significant savings on national and international SMS messaging.

Ability to choose your own “Sender Identifier”. Use your own mobile phone number so that any replies will be sent to your handset, or enter a name, perhaps useful for branding an official company announcement.

Only a 276 KB download that uses minimal hard disk space, and will go unnoticed from a CPU / memory usage point of view.

Bayham Systems also revealed that it is in discussion with some service providers and mobile operators to license smsZap as a white label product in order to support their drive to increase SMS messaging and bring their brand to the desktop.

smsZap is a freeware application. Messages can be sent in exchange for credits which can be purchased on the smsZap website.

To download or find out more about smsZap, please visit

Apple, Mac, Mail and Safari are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the United States and other countries. Microsoft and Entourage are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

About Bayham Systems Ltd:

Bayham Systems is a leading developer of mobile messaging and content systems. Its customers include mobile operators, service providers, international consumer brands, media and entertainment companies, broadcasters, large enterprises and web portals.

The company was created in 2003 through a management buyout. It was previously a division of Ericsson (Ericsson Mobile Applications), and is headquartered in Guildford, UK.



Comodos GeekBuddy Delivers PC Users Their Own Personal Geek to Resolve PC Problems Remotely

Jersey City, NJ (Vocus) October 7, 2010

Comodo, a leading Internet security organization, today announced the launch of GeekBuddy ™ - an online support service designed to give live, instant technical assistance to home PC users whenever they have problems with their computer.

The service allows anyone with a Windows based computer and a high-speed Internet connection to receive immediate help from a live Comodo ® security professional anytime of the day, seven days a week.

For an annual subscription, GeekBuddy software will proactively monitor your PC and alert you when there is a problem allowing you to then connect to a Comodo technician for quick resolution. From this point, the technician will securely work with the customer to help correct any performance or system problems to not only correct the immediate issue but to ensure the machine running in peak condition. Typical services include comprehensive malware diagnosis and removal, performance tune-ups, correction of system and driver errors, printer set up, e-mail set up, assistance with software installation and more.

“No other product on the market comes close to GeekBuddy,” said Melih Abbdulhayoglu, Comodo CEO and chief security architect. “This type of proactive, remote support has been available for years at large corporations with dedicated IT departments - but never before at the consumer level. Up until now, consumers would have to spend hours to find a solution, rely upon a trusted family member who is computer savvy or send their computer out for repair, or even worse yet, resort to buying a whole new computer... GeekBuddy changes this by empowering PC users to efficiently and effectively maintain their PC with a single click of a desktop icon.”

GeekBuddy customers can connect to Comodo technicians for help as many times as they want throughout the year – without incurring any additional charges. GeekBuddy also comes with bonus security and productivity software including Antivirus, Firewall, Registry Cleaner, Backup Utility and Uninstaller.

“Our expert support technicians are available round the clock 365 days a year helping users to ensure trouble free computing. In addition to being a great support tool GeekBuddy helps users avoid the loss of valuable files and photos and provides the security and maintenance tools necessary to do so,” said Robert Schaffer, Comodo managing director.

GeekBuddy Features and Functionality

    VIRUS DIAGNOSIS/REMOVAL: PC scan to check for viruses and spyware, then removes any viruses detected.
    PC TUNEUP: Full assessment to evaluate issues affecting computer’s performance, then fine tunes key areas and improves speed and stability.
    EMAIL SETUP: Set up of Internet-based email accounts—any provider, any account.
    SECURITY REVIEW: Activation of basic computer security settings to fix vulnerabilities and prevent loss of sensitive data and possible identity theft.
    PRINTER SETUP: Installation or update software and printer drivers and configure printers to work on a wireless or wired network.
    SOFTWARE INSTALLATION: Installation of software products and customized configuration for maximum security protection and efficiency.
    COMPUTER TROUBLESHOOTING: Checks basic hardware conflicts in Windows.
    POWER OPTIMIZATION: Green PC services for optimizing power management settings based on how the user users their computer. Go green and save money on electric bills.

Pricing and Availability

GeekBuddy and other Comodo products are available at the following retailers: OfficeMax®, Sam’s Club®, J&R™, Fry’s Electronics, and online at,® and®, and PcMall® for $ 49.95 for a one-year subscription. GeekBuddy is also available for a free 60-day trial from

System Requirements

Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows® XP, 32-bit version or 64-bit version
High-Speed Internet Access, Internet Explorer Version 5.1 or higher
210 MB hard disk space
128 MB available RAM
CD ROM or DVD drive (if not installing via electronic download)

For more information about GeekBuddy go to:

About Comodo

Comodo is a leading brand in Internet security. With US Headquarters in New Jersey and global resources in UK, China, India, Ukraine, and Romania, Comodo provides businesses and consumers worldwide with security and trust services, including digital certificates, PCI scanning, desktop security, and remote PC support. Securing online transactions for over 200,000 businesses, and with more than 25 million desktop security software installations, including an award-winning firewall and antivirus software, Comodo is Creating Trust Online®.

Comodo products and services referenced are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Comodo and/or its affiliates. Other names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

For more information, reporters and analysts may contact:

Comodo -- Creating Trust Online®

Robin Carley

Corporate Communications and Public Relations

Email: robin.carley(at)comodo(dot)com

+1 (201) 963 0004 x4073




Alpharetta, GA (PRWEB) October 17, 2013

SECUDE, an SAP partner and a leading data security provider, will present its newest technological invention in booth 149 in Las Vegas on October 21-25. SECUDE will introduce Halocore for SAP NetWeaver, a technology to persistently protect critical information that is downloaded from solutions running on the SAP NetWeaver


QuikIO 3.0 Aims at Media Center Users with Full-Feature Music and Movie Streaming Capabilities for iPhone and iPad

Mountain View, CA (PRWEB) July 12, 2013

QuikIO, a new mobile media content delivery application and service, today announced QuikIO 3.0 with the addition of several key media streaming functionalities for the media-centric users, making it the most complete personal media solution for iPhone and iPad.

Since launch, QuikIO has become a fast growing application with continuingly increasing number of downloads around the world. The popularity among its early adopters helped it to top #1 chart in several countries on Apple AppStore. QuikIO is changing how consumers access their personal contents by empowering them the ability to instant stream, transfer, or share their media collections on their computers through network connections.

"In response to the high demand by the QuikIO user community, we have focused QuikIO 3.0 efforts to bring the best media streaming experience to our users," said Michael Chen, QuikIO CEO and co-founder. "With the mobile music technology introduced in QuikIO 3.0, users can now stream to play their music collections even at the toughest mobile network conditions. Users can lose up to 20 minutes of network connectivity and still experience no interruption to music playback to their iPhone. This makes it perfect for daily commuters who listen to their music while driving or riding bus/train/subway."

QuikIO 3.0 allows users to save up to 80% of mobile data consumption for music streaming. This is achieved through extending QuikIOs patent-pending technology of live media conversion to music streaming. Music files are live converted using mobile-friendly music codec and streamed with no additional delay experienced by the users.

Other QuikIO 3.0 media features for iPhone and iPad include:


PureVPN now Accepts BitCoin | More anonymity for the users

Hong Kong (PRWEB UK) 24 July 2013

Recently, Bitcoin has become the source to be reckoned with in the tech industry. It is becoming increasingly common to see online venders, who are keen to tap in on the buzz associated with the Bitcoin community, accept Bitcoin payments. With regard to VPN this is particularly important as Bitcoin allows for anonymous transactions, and anonymity is a VPNs soul and heart. PureVPN, as an innovator in providing anonymous VPN services, when saw that Bitcoins became an alternative to traditional methods of payment, PureVPN right away embrace the technology and includes Bitcoin in its payment method.

What Bitcoin is meant for?

It is an obvious fact that a VPN service user cannot remain completely anonymous while the VPN provider has all the payment information of its customers. Therefore, the ability to pay for VPN services via an anonymous digital currency such as BitCoin, has become the basic need. The acceptance of Bitcoin is regarded as a very good indicator of a VPNs commitment to its users online privacy and security.

BitCoin is an anonymous online payment method that offers the use of digital currency for transactions and sets you free from hassles of verifications from the bank. BitCoin currency neither exists in the physical world, nor does it have a central bank. Created initially as an open source project by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, it works on peer-to-peer technology and is operated in a decentralized mode, without the control of any central authority.

Since the software to mine and use Bitcoins is free, so there is no cost to join the system and no built-in transaction fees. BitCoin saves users time and also saves user from the hassles of verification from banks like you need to do in case of credit card and other methods.

PureVPN is worthy of its name, as it displays a dedication to privacy that lies at the heart of what a VPN is for. If you are anonymity seeker then as a customer paying by Bitcoin for PureVPN subscription, you can all but guarantee that your internet tracks will be all untraceable, something which may be of life saving importance. PureVPN provides a good core service that is dedicated to maintaining their clients privacy and security to its outmost level. Moreover, now users have more options by which they can pay for PureVPN services. Since there are restrictions imposed in many countries on PayPal like Middle East, BitCoin is a new way for users to pay for the excellent VPN services of PureVPN.

About PureVPN:

PureVPN is founded and operated by Hong Kong based GZ system Ltd. Formed in 2007, PureVPN has been taking care of a vast clientele from 150+ countries since then. Its mission revolves around online security, freedom, privacy and anonymity. PureVPN has stamped its name in the VPN industry because of its dynamic self-managed gigabit network. Unique features and service innovation is an ongoing process at PureVPN.


South Florida-based AppsBar Reaches New Milestone With Over 400,000 Users Creating Professional Quality Mobile Applications

Deerfield Beach, FL (PRWEB) May 03, 2013

AppsBar has recently reached yet another milestone having surpassed 400,000 users to make the company the #1 app builder in the world.

The free app making wizard designed by AppsBar has changed the way apps are developed, making it easy for virtually anyone to create a mobile application. They have taken ordinary people from all over the world, some with technical knowledge and some without, and showed them how to build their own app.

Scott Hirsch, Founder and President of AppsBar, says the mobile app revolution should not be confined to large corporations.

Billions of downloads are happening right now, said Hirsch. Why should only large companies be able to participate in this tech media phenomenon? Millions of people every day go to iTunes, Google Play, and other sites to search for apps. Why should small businesses or individuals be excluded from this customer base?

On April 27, 2011 Hirsch launched AppsBar, a platform that allows people to build their own app for free without programming or technical experience. The intuitive step-by-step wizard makes it as easy to create an app as it is to create a Facebook page. AppsBar users also have the benefit of a full-time App Coach to help with the process.

AppsBar is unique in that it helps you create an app for any device or platform, including the iPhone, Android, and tablets. Users dont have to choose one device and be limited to only that device. More importantly, the apps being created are actually being launched and used. Since April 2011, there have been 20 million app launches using AppsBar.

AppsBar has established its own free app market called, which includes all apps built within AppsBar, as well as others. AppCatch allows users to download any app from any device or tablet for free, with no restrictions. AppsBar also allows any app developer to upload their app for free, and to be part of a booming apps market.

The range of users for AppsBar goes across the demographic spectrum from political parties, civil rights organizations, celebrities such as Don King, teachers, professors, and law firms, to churches and synagogues, non-profits and charities, restaurants, little leagues, travel agencies, accountants, bands and musicians, and more.

We need to democratize the app world and level the playing field, said Hirsch. We need to allow people with an entrepreneurial spirit to build an app for their business, without program or technical experience. The demand for apps is growing and they have only scratched the surface. Over one million new smartphones are being sold every day. The market is limitless.

Launched in 2011, Appsbar opens up the mobile marketing category for small and medium-size businesses, artists and musicians, and individuals who want to create in that space. Appsbar has done this by removing the two largest barriers; cost and programming expertise. Appsbar is doing for mobile apps what companies like Intuit and Blogger have done for novices looking to publish websites and blogs.

To create an app of your own with the free and easy-to-use app maker, go to To view download other interesting new apps for free, visit

For more information or to schedule an interview, media should contact Robert Weneck at (954) 683-1518.


Users Show Their Appreciation for Mobile Game LetterSchool

Amsterdam, The Netherlands (PRWEB) October 31, 2012

A recent analysis of ratings across App Stores in several countries shows that over 90 percent of LetterSchool users award the app four or five stars. The vast majority of users also speak highly of LetterSchool in their reviews. This trend is most clearly visible in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Sweden and the Netherlands.

The handwriting app has already been introduced into many homes, schools and therapy practices all over the world. User feedback confirms that LetterSchool lets kids have fun while they practice the complex skills of handwriting. The methods educational value is strongly appreciated by parents, teachers and therapists. Many of them write that LetterSchools wide variety of games captures the attention and keeps players practicing their letters and numbers, over and over again. The continuous highly positive response from parents and teachers underscores LetterSchools important role as an innovator in handwriting instruction. By spending $ 2.99 on LetterSchool, schools not only save money on expensive handwriting methods and software, but also on precious teaching time. A list of the apps awards and experts reviews is available at

LetterSchool competes with advanced mobile games, boasting high-quality graphics, effects and animations at a level rarely seen in apps for young children. In order to make LetterSchool a rock-solid piece of software, the makers didnt just rely on their own experience in education, software development and computer graphicslittle experts tested the app thoroughly. LetterSchool is a universal application for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Install the free lite version of LetterSchool which will allow you to reach the gold level and test-drive the free-form writing game more quickly. Reporters can also request a promotional code for the full version. Feel free to ask for our media kit containing high-resolution artwork on the contact page of our website.


LetterSchool website:

LetterSchool video:

iTunes, LetterSchool:

iTunes, LetterSchool Lite:

Overview of awards and reviews:

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Synology Introduces the DS409Slim, the Most Compact, Energy Saving 4-Bay NAS on the Market for Home and Small Business Users

Redmond, Wash. (Vocus) July 6, 2009



PC Check Writer: EzCheckPrinting Software Enables Users To Print Customized Checks In House

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 20, 2012

Designed with users needs in mind, popular check writing software ezCheckPrinting from lets small businesses customize check layouts, set-up and print checks on blank stock quickly, and eliminates need for expensive pre-printed checks. In response to users requests, the latest new version allows users to customize the check stubs too.

With this new feature, users can move and edit any field on stubs and on check easily. They can even add the new field to display more information. This new feature makes it easier for small businesses to print the compatible checks with logo for QuickBooks, Quicken, Microsoft Money and other software.

"Many best ideas of our software are from our customers," said founder Dr. Ge. That's why we always believe our customers, the real users, are the best members of our developing team."

EzCheckPrinting check writer has been in market for nearly one decade and is being trusted by thousands of users. A key attraction is that its so user friendly that business owners and managers without accounting background can run the software and save time. The new edition increase ezCheckPrintings already user-friendly nature, making it even easier to use.

ezCheckPrinting cheque software is compatible with Windows 7 system, Windows XP, Me, 2000, 2003 and Vista system without internet connection. New users can download and try this software free at

The main features include:

Add a company logo and other customizable design features for a professional, corporate look to company checks
Easy to use and learn, even for people who dont have an accounting or IT background
No limit to the number of accounts that can be used
Write an unlimited number of checks
Prints MICR characters accepted by most banks (for use with laser printers) no need to order expensive checks pre-printed with bank information
Use blank check stock or pre-printed checks in check-on-top, check-in-middle, or check-on-bottom formats
Include signature image on checks to save time signing checks
Customizable report features that are easy to use
Save time by printing multiple checks with one click
Export and import of check data for use with ezTimeSheet, Excel file, QuickBooks, Microsoft Money, and other accounting software.

Check printing software developer believes small business software should be easy-to-use and straight-forward. Users can install and run this software easily without wasting time on manual.

Known for affordability (from $ 39 per installation, free through TrialPay offer) and ease-of-use, ezCheckPrinting check writing software can save time and money for any business. To learn more about ezCheckPrinting check writing software and the current free offers, customers can visit


Founded in 2003, has established itself as a leader in meeting the software needs of small businesses around the world with its payroll software, employee attendance tracking software, check printing software, W2 software, 1099 software and barcode generating software. It continues to grow with its philosophy that small business owners need affordable, user friendly, super simple, and totally risk-free software.

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EzCheckPersonal Check Printing Software Saves Users Time And Money

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) September 24, 2012

Anyone fed up with writing checks by hand or complicated check-writing software that takes forever can find new satisfaction in the new edition of ezCheckPersonal check writing software developed by Designed with simplicity in mind, the new ezCheckPrinting is more easy-to-use and flexible than ever. It helps users cut cost on checks and track financial status easily during this tough time.

In response to customers requests, several new features were added the latest version:

Add a new check quickly and easily by duplicating an old check
Check data backup and restore features to prevent loss to viruses, spyware and computer crashes.
Support unlimited accounts with no extra charge

All software from, including ezCheckPersonal, is designed to be incredibly easy to use. Customers can begin printing checks within minutes of downloading and installing the software. The intuitive graphical interface leads users step by step through the check writing and printing process.

"Simple, easy, fast. That's what computer software should be," said founder Dr. Ge. "You shouldn't need a programming degree or accounting background to use personal finance or check writing software. That's why we made ezCheckPersonal so simple and easy to use."

The best of all, customers can try ezCheckPersonal for free, even get the full version for FREE.

Customers can go online to and try ezCheckPersonal free for 30 days. This is a risk-free way for customers to see whether they like the software and make sure it meets their needs. The software customers download is fully functional for 30 days. After 30 days, customers must purchase a license key to unlock ezCheckPersonal for unlimited use. License keys can be purchased online for just $ 29 per installation.

Additionally, a special offer through TrialPay allows customers to get the full, unlimited version of ezCheckPersonal for free simply by trying products and services from partnering companies. Details are online.

ezCheckPersonal Software Feature List

1. Support Unlimited Bank Accounts

2. Print your own checks on blank computer check

3. Print image signature on checks

4. Edit check layout and create customized personal checks;

5. Easy to use reports

6. Easy export data

7. Print Blank Personal Check

8. Support multiple personal blank check formats (3 or 4 checks per page)

For more information about ezCheckPersonal and, please visit ezCheckPersonal software page online at

About is a leading provider of small business software, including payroll software, employee attendance tracking software, check printing software, W2 software, 1099 software, and barcode generating software. Today Software from is trusted by thousands of users and help small business owners simplify their payroll processing and business management.

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