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Power Generation Equipment Upgrades by Turbine Technology Services Contribute to Improved Performance

Orlando, Florida (PRWEB) September 17, 2013

Turbine Technology Services Corporation (TTS), a full-service gas turbine engineering services firm based in Orlando, Florida is playing a critical role in the upgrade of power generation equipment worldwide by modernizing control systems’ hardware and software to improve the operational performance of gas turbines.

It has been almost 30 years since microprocessor-based control systems were introduced in the power generation industry and—as is typical with electronics—the time to effective obsolescence of these systems has been relatively short. Advances in reliability, capability, flexibility and in the ease of use have been significant over this period.

Case in point, much of the turbine control system HMI and operator interface equipment that was installed in the 90’s and early 2000’s have become obsolete by current industry standards, prompting gas turbine operators to seek upgrade/migration advice from trusted global power engineering providers such as TTS.

In response to these industry challenges, TTS now offers GE gas turbine operators complete HMI upgrade solutions to bring these operator interface systems up to current standards.

The TTS solution is based on Industrial Turbine Service’s Turbine Monitoring System (TMOS) software, an established industry product which has been successfully applied around the world in the replacement of the original GE (I) and (HMI) product line.

These HMI upgrades from TTS provide an improved graphical interface that retains the features of the original operator interface product while adding powerful new capabilities and features including improved unit data acquisition, storage and analysis. These upgrades also provide innovative solutions to the system architecture and communication limitations imposed by the original systems.

“Aging, obsolete equipment increases the risk of failure, potentially leaving turbine operators unable to run or monitor their units,” said Pat Begley, VP of Sales for Europe, the Middle East and Asia at TTS. “HMI upgrades are a very cost effective solution for this particular problem.”

Over the years, TTS has performed numerous HMI upgrades for power generation customers, giving the company a unique insight and experience to address the needs of the industry—from system design and network architecture to hardware installation.

HMI upgrades from TTS are featured in September’s edition of Power Magazine and can be downloaded following this link:

About Turbine Technology Services Corporation

Turbine Technology Services Corporation provides gas turbine technology expertise and turbine engineering and construction services worldwide. The company’s experience and ability to provide technical solutions has led to the successful management of numerous gas turbine installations and modernization projects, and the provision of innovative and unique engineering solutions to gas turbine customers.

For more information about Turbine Technology Services, its products and services, please visit

For More Information:

Lisa Delliacono

Marketing Manager

Turbine Technology Services Corporation

Email: media(at)turbinetech(dot)com

Phone: 407.826.1796

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Globanet Upgrades Its Email Migration Software GEM

Los Angeles, CA; New York, NY (PRWEB) March 25, 2010

Globanet (, a global leader in specialized software for data migration, announces its recent upgrades to GEM. The products updated version expands on its existing functionality by supporting new platforms for data migration into Symantecs Enterprise Vault. New platforms and enhancements include Tumbleweed Communications (now Axway), advanced chain-of-custody reporting, and server agent architecture for secured transmission of data.

Using the Globanet Email Migrator (GEM), clients are able to consolidate stored email data into Enterprise Vault and retire their previous archiving systems. Once consolidated, clients only have to maintain the database containing their email correspondence which is regulated by SEC compliance rules. Concerns regarding potential loss of data integrity during a migration keep organizations from abandoning their existing systems. GEM eliminates those risks by enabling administrators to migrate data while maintaining chain of custody. In addition, GEM enhances Enterprise Vault's existing functionality for organizations already using Enterprise Vault.

Recently, GEM was used at a multi-national financial firm to decommission Tumbleweed and yet retain supervisory data that was in the Tumbleweed system. Tumbleweed is a program that was used to capture a firms inbound and outbound email correspondence. The email messages were subject to compliance review and contained supervisory annotations from compliance officers who had commented on the events that had transpired and documented in emails of monitored individuals. In order for the firm to comply with SEC Rule 17a-4, it was required to retain the messages stored by Tumbleweed as well as the supervisory data when decommissioning the system. The firm decided to consolidate the stored email data by leveraging Globanets product GEM which proved to be a complete solution.

GEM is unique in its capability to decommission legacy archiving systems such as Tumbleweed and give stakeholders peace of mind that all information including supervisory commentary about archived messages are safely retained during migration and thus compliance with SEC regulations maintained, said Sevag Ajemian, President of Globanet. One of our recent projects with a multi-national financial firm exemplifies this ability of GEM and really pushes Globanet to the forefront of the IT industry when it comes to dealing with data archives effectively. GEM has been largely successful and will continue to be improved upon as new technologies are developed.

GEM is an application developed by Globanet to provide seamless migration of data from a variety of information sources into Symantec Enterprise Vault. It transfers email data from several platforms such as Iron Mountain Email Management, Zantaz Digital Safe, GFI MailArchiver, AXS-One (for DXL file migration), and now Tumbleweed Communications and EMC (Legato) EmailXtender. GEM has the ability to migrate email archives into Enterprise Vault (EV), migrate EV data across hardware, migrate between different EV sites, reprocess existing data archived in earlier versions of EV allowing for cost savings on storage, and repatriate email data from hosting providers.

For more information about GEM please contact Globanet at 310-202-0757 ext.102. Visit Globanets GEM product page:

About Globanet

Globanet ( has provided proprietary software and services worldwide since 1996. The company is a pioneer in email archiving and it has developed specialized software for data migration. Globanet offers many data migration and compliance tools including Merge1, Globanet Email Migrator (GEM), Reverse Archive Module (RAM) and Designated Third Party Compliance Services (D3P).

For more information, visit | 888-427-5505

New York: 230 Park Avenue, Suite 1000, New York, NY 10169

Los Angeles: 15053 Ventura Blvd., Suite 207, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403



“The Ansel Adams Gallery Upgrades to Konect Elite + Windows Server 2008 R2 with Ease

Calgary, AB (PRWEB) June 10, 2013

Konect software was an integral part of the solution to simplify and cut administrative costs. Migrating from our legacy system cut our annual administrative overheads by more than 75%. Konect also enabled us to use our systems remotely, which allows us to hire the optimally skilled (high, mid, low as needed) administrative employees where they are, rather than drawing from a limited pool (in terms of size and range of skills) in a remote, rural area. Matthew Adams, President


The Ansel Adams Gallery has been in business under the same family ownership since 1902. What started as a painters studio is now a destination for photographers and aficionados of Ansel Adams worldwide.

Operating out of Yosemite National Park, CA, the client has an interesting combination of requirements: they have a complex POS system that needs to be onsite, while NPS (National Park Service) requires that administrative functions be housed outside the national park. The client also has many multi-site workers the website is administered remotely, general administration is done remotely, accounting and bookkeeping are administered remotely, and high end art sales operates remotely.

The client had a VPN connection in place, which had created several complexities: regular communications interruptions, a much slower connection to workers at remote locations due to large amounts of data being pulled across the network, and the POS and accounting software were recommended to be on same server for optimal performance, which wasnt possible with that delivery model. It soon became clear that they needed a more robust solution that was able to handle all of these requirements, and yet still be simple to use and manage.


Back in April 2008, The Ansel Adams Gallery purchased Konect Elite when migrating from UNIX


Zero Wait-State Significantly Upgrades Management and Fulfillment Resources

Austin, TX (PRWEB) April 04, 2012

Zero Wait-State,a provider of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Services and Software announces new changes to our board of directors and key new hires that have significantly transformed the companys capability to engage with organizations looking to improve their product development capabilities.

Paul Peck, formerly CEO of Global Supply Chain Solutions, will replace Rich Haner as Chairman of the Board for Zero Wait State. Paul has experience at several high-tech manufacturing companies including Texas Instruments, Xerox, and General Dynamics. Paul joined Alcatel, Cisco Systems and ADVA Optical Networking via their acquisition of companies where Paul had been an operations executive. Paul brings extensive hands-on experience having driven numerous PLM implementations, focused on improving design collaboration, enabling design-to-cost, accelerating time-to-market, reducing risk, and supporting global supply chain and contract manufacturing expansions.

Scott Eastman has been hired from Cisco Systems, where he worked for the past 15 years starting as a Mechanical Engineer, working his way up through Technical Leader in Engineering and on to Business Architect in Services overseeing major enterprise level projects. His new role as Vice President of PLM Services Architecture and Execution allows him to apply his vast experience with process and system architecture to ensure that ZWS is delivering optimized solutions to their clients. Scotts technical background will also bolster Zero Wait-States position as the leading provider of Engineering Collaboration solutions in the Oracle PLM market.

Cletus Udoye joined Zero Wait-State as a PLM Program Manager after serving four years as a Senior Consultant in PLM at Fujitsu Consulting where he acted as a value-added technical and functional solutions consultant to a number of Fortune 500 companies. Cletus is able to boast deep roots in PLM and Enterprise Business Applications as a former Project Lead at Applied Materials and Celerity Inc., where he became an expert in the project management of Agile PLM implementations from the early stages of the software. His deep knowledge of PLM, Oracle Manufacturing Applications, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Application Integration Architecture (AIA) will help Zero Wait-State provide even more value to the our clients.

Michael Halladay, joins Zero Wait-State as PLM Program Manager after serving as an Agile PLM Senior Solutions Consultant at Oracle for the past three years. With deep experience in both presales activities and value consulting for Agile PLM and technical experience as a solutions engineer for Autodesks data management suite, Michael brings a uniquely valuable skillset for Zero Wait-States customer base. With years of experience in training and other customer-facing activities, Michael has a proven track record of effectively communicating targeted solutions for even the most sophisticated of PLM environments. His CAD and Engineering background also add even more Engineering Collaboration credentials to an already deep team.

We are thrilled to have these talented individuals on board at Zero Wait-State, states Steve Porter, CEO of Zero Wait-State. He continues, we are building on the momentum of a strong year and the addition of these talented and focused resources can only bring an even more fruitful 2012. We expect this expansion of our capabilities will have a major impact on our customers.

About Zero Wait-State

Zero Wait-State delivers focused value in the Product Lifecycle Management solution space. We are the leading provider of Engineering Collaboration Solutions for Oracle's Agile PLM. We have successfully deployed PLM and integration solutions at clients like, Sun/Oracle, Harris Corporation, John Deere, and Cisco. Zero Wait-State also has a long history of data migration success helping organizations move from legacy systems to new solutions with minimal disruptions. We leverage our DesignState platform to help companies connect different applications across the enterprise and move data from system to system. Zero Wait-State offers a complete solution for companies looking to optimize their product development process. To learn more go to

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Jupiter Upgrades its Fusion 940 Display Wall Processor; Enhanced Processor Offers More Memory, Video Processing, a New Removable Drive and More Video Inputs

Anaheim, CA (PRWEB) June 21, 2007

Jupiter Systems, (INFOCOMM07, Booth #2426), the industry leader in Command and Control Visualization, today announced enhancements to its Jupiter Fusion 940 Display Wall Processor, offering more memory, video inputs and processing power and a removable hard disk.

The upgrade includes up to an optional 3GB memory (over a standard 1GB maximum), processing power of 3GHz (up from 2.4GHZ) and a removable SATA 150 80GB hard disk (instead of a fixed 20GB ATA hard drive). The enhanced processor also offers Jupiter's popular video processing add-in card, the Octal Video Board. For the Fusion 940, video inputs can increase from 12 to 44 with the addition of 4 Octal boards.

The Octal Video Card is designed to support applications where large numbers of video signals need to be shown on a display wall. With multiple cards installed in a Jupiter Fusion 940 display wall processor, over 32 video signals can be shown on the display wall simultaneously. This new capability provides the flexibility to attach all required video sources directly to the processor and eliminate the need for an external matrix switch, thus reducing cost and simplifying installation while improving user control.

The new Fusion 940, configured with multiple Octal Video Cards, is the perfect price performance solution for Intelligent Traffic, 911/Dispatch, Security and Surveillance, Public Utilities and Telecom installations that require monitoring numerous video sources simultaneously.

The Enhanced Jupiter Fusion 940 Display Wall Processor

The Jupiter Fusion 940 Display Wall Controller is capable of driving up to ten analog or digital projectors to a resolution of 1600x1200 pixels per projector. The robust processor offers flexible digital and analog input and output options housed in a compact 2U rack mount enclosure.

The Jupiter Fusion 940 comes standard with 12 composite video BNC and six S-Video mini-DIN inputs to the system. The integrated video matrix switch and analog video bus allows any video input channel to be directed to any output window, simplifying configuration. To accommodate larger configurations, optional Octal Video boards can be added to the system to provide up to 44 video inputs and the ability to display up to 34 video windows on a Fusion 940 system. Windows containing video inputs can be moved, scaled and minimized like any other application window, making the Fusion 940 highly flexible and easy to use. Multiple video windows can be placed on a single screen, providing display space for other applications.

Up to eight HD15 inputs can be added to display live RGB graphics images on the display wall from other computer sources such as laptops, desktop computers, workstations and legacy systems. RGB windows can be easily moved, resized and minimized like any other application window. RGB image quality is guaranteed with automatic software recognition of incoming RGB signals that correlate to existing VESA standard display formats.


John Stark


Online Shopping Retailer Elizabeth Avenue West Upgrades the Mobile Edition of its Website

San Antonio, Texas (PRWEB) March 06, 2012

Elizabeth Avenue West has launched a new and simpler version of its popular website for mobile users, which enhances the capability of the user coming from a mobile browser. This new mobile site automatically detects browsing which comes from a mobile browser and displays a mobile friendly page to the user.

The new mobile edition, Elizabeth Avenue West Mobile ( is among the many initiatives the company has launched to deliver better service to both its online and mobile customers.

Elizabeth Avenue West's President and CEO, Leon Wilson said, "We have grown up a little since we first launched our mobile site in March 2009. This new look and feel will continue to improve our reach and customer base. We still want our customers to be able to access our website anywhere and at anytime."

Elizabeth Avenue West was launched in October 2007. Since that time the company has continued to upgrade is products and services to provide better value to its customers and enhance their unique shopping experience.

About Elizabeth Avenue West

We are an online provider of a huge selection of electronics, giftware, home decor, housewares, toys, computer equipment, jewelry and much more for our fast growing number of customers. We have built a solid reputation as a reliable, efficient and dependable business, offering our customers an enormous variety of products at rock bottom prices. And were strongly committed to maintaining our truly unique offering and best online shopping experience.

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release (or for a sample or copy), contact Elizabeth Avenue West, Customer Service at sales(at)elizabethavenuewest(dot)com.


Leon Wilson, President and CEO

Elizabeth Avenue West Company


Online Shopping Made Easy


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Getac Upgrades V100 Notebook/Tablet PC with New Performance Enhancing Features and ATEX Certification

Getac Upgrades V100 Notebook/Tablet PC with New Performance Enhancing Features and ATEX Certification

Getac V100

Telford, England (PRWeb UK) June 2, 2009

Getac, the world's third largest specialist rugged mobile computing solutions brand, is upgrading its popular V100 fully rugged convertible with new performance features. The latest enhancements to Getac's V100 fully rugged convertible include; processor and memory upgrades, greater storage capacities and enhanced bandwidth and wireless capabilities. The new enhanced V100 will also boast ATEX (CATEGORY 3 / ZONE 2) certification.

"With better performance, memory, storage and wireless capabilities, the V100 offers the most advanced rugged mobile computing technology for mobile field workers and users of rugged PCs throughout the military, government, transportation, utility, public safety, field service, manufacturing and health care industries," says Peter Molyneux, Business Development Director, Getac UK. "By complying with the complex ATEX directive, we are also able to provide bespoke solutions to industries where suitable equipment is scarce. ATEX certified, the V100 now meets the needs of users working in environments where explosive gases are present such as oil refineries, pipelines, petro-chemical and mining."

New performance enhancing features include a processor upgrade from 1.2 GHz Intel Merom to 1.4 GHz Intel Penryn. The front side bus has been increased from 533 MHz to 800 MHz; and the 2MB L2 cache has been increased to 3MB. Optional memory on the V100's RAM has increased to 4GB. Storage capacities have been increased from a minimum HDD of 120GB to a minimum of 160GB and a maximum capacity increase from 250GB to 320GB. In addition, the V100's wireless networking capabilities have been upgraded to include draft 802.11n and the V100 now offers a Smart Card Reader in the standard configuration.

The transformable Getac V100 features a swiveling LED screen for the ultimate in portability, allowing users to switch between notebook and tablet mode. It also features a Magnesium Alloy casing, shock mounted hard disk drive and sealed I/O caps and doors to prevent damage from solid particles. Although it weighs a mere 2.2kgs, the V100 is rough-and-tumble ready to withstand even the harshest working environments. It is fully compliant with MIL-STD 810F and IP54 standards for ruggedness including the ability to withstand heavy rain, airborne dust and debris. For further protection, the convertible notebook/tablet PC has a removable hard drive that is shielded by a special mechanism to prevent damage during operation; anti vibration compounds, which serve as a shock absorber during transport; and an anti-shock housing to further protect it if bumped or dropped.

The V100 also offers Getac's Sunlight Readable Technology and can be upgraded to an industry-leading super-bright 1,200cd/msq display, which provides unmatched outdoor viewability and screen brightness while decreasing reflectivity, thus preserving battery life. Combined with an active anti-reflective process based on circular polarization to absorb reflective light, the V100's Sunlight Readable Technology enables viewability that is more than six times better* than competing solutions and creates a mercury-free solution. Other features include 10/100/1000 Ethernet, integrated GPS and Bluetooth. It also features a waterproof keyboard and an SD card slot.

The ATEX certified V100 will be available in July 2009. Please visit for further information on the V100 and to view Getac's extensive rugged portfolio, which includes Hand Held devices, Notebooks, Tablet PCs and more.

*Based on Getac's comparisons of the effective contrast rate measured under 10,000 lux ambient lighting conditions.

Getac V100 Main Features:

180° rotatable screen transformable from a notebook to a tablet pc

10.4" 1024 x 768 display

500cd/msq Sunlight Readable or optional 1200cd/msq

Intel Core2 Duo ULV 1.4GHz

1GB Ram (Up to 4GB RAM)

MIL-STD 810F and IP54 compliance

Magnesium alloy casing with hand strap

Shock-mounted removable 160GB hard drive (Optional 320GB/ SSD 64GB and


Sunlight readable display solution

Integrated Bluetooth TPM 1.2 and 802.11a/b/g/ draft n capability

3G technology (optional)

Optional 1.3 Mega Pixel waterproof camera

3yr Warranty

More information for members of the press:

For further information, interviews with key Getac personnel or to request product images or review units please contact:

Sarah Chard

The PR Room

Tel: 0845 094 2902

About Getac UK:

Getac UK, a subsidiary of the world's third largest rugged mobile computing manufacturer, MiTAC Technology Corp., is a pioneer and innovator in the rugged mobile computing industry. Providing premier fully rugged and rugged notebook, tablet PC and handheld solutions, GETAC specialises in supplying to the military, law enforcement, public safety, utility, telecommunication, manufacturing, field service and mobile workforce industries. All Getac rugged models are strictly controlled and monitored from the design, manufacture and quality assurance through to service flows, making Getac an industry-preferred rugged computer provider. For more information, visit .



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Reseller Hosting Provider Upgrades Servers, Policies

Reseller Hosting Provider Upgrades Servers, Policies

Walnut, CA (PRWEB) June 23, 2006 (, a reseller hosting provider hosting over 30,000 domain names, announced today it has upgraded all server hardware, and has improved its customer service policies to better meet the needs of its developing customer base.

The new server hardware, which boosts the minimum server specifications to Dual Xeon 3.0 processors, 2GB RAM and 160GB hard drive space, will improve server performance and reliability network-wide.

“As our company has continued to grow over the years, it has become apparent to us that we need to raise the bar on our level of service to meet the increasing demands of existing and prospective clients,” said William Lu, President. “Today’s announcement underscores our commitment of doing just that.”

The company has also improved its customer service policies to address concerns several clients have raised. To better thwart network abuse, has added new abuse-detection software to all servers, and has trained staff to better respond to abuse. In addition, has increased the number of support representatives to 10.

“The changes we have made are designed to improve our level of service immediately, but we will continue to plan for the future,” said Lu. “Web hosting, as always, is a rapidly evolving industry, and we will continue to adapt new technologies and practices to best serve our customers.”

For more information on, please visit

About ( is a subsidiary of end-user hosting provider Psychz Networks (, founded in 2001. The company serves over 2,000 reseller clients, who collectively host over 30,000 domain names.

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JaguarPC Web Host Completes Server Hardware Upgrades and Replaces Backup Management Systems

JaguarPC Web Host Completes Server Hardware Upgrades and Replaces Backup Management Systems

Houston, TX (PRWEB) March 1, 2007

JaguarPC, a leading provider of end-to-end web hosting solutions, has completed the second phase to replace all its server hardware. The process which began last year replaced all servers that had single or dual processors with one core to the new AMD dual core CPU servers. In addition, the web host has completed testing and begun implementing a new enterprise backup management system that will increase backup speed and performance for its clients.

The new dual core servers also have significant upgrades to the amount of RAM as well as newer RAID disk arrays across all the systems which have greatly improved redundancy and access speeds. All accounts with JaguarPC will be on the same hardware platform, making plan upgrade migrations even easier. Initial results of the completed server upgrades show an improvement in services loading time on the network and near 100% uptime. Patch management is also easier, leading to quicker and more frequent updates.

JaguarPC is also adding a new enterprise backup management system after initial testing showed greatly improved reliability and performance. The backup system uses a new methodology that reduces the loads of the servers being backed up which removes the dreaded nightly slowdown of servers during the backup process, and also helps eliminate incomplete backups. Backups will also be faster, more accurate, less burdensome to the servers and more reliable. The third phase of the upgrade process of both hardware and backup systems will completed in the next 60 days.

"In a market where every provider is moving towards the cheapest alternatives possible, this is part of our plan to rather focus on delivering quality web services," says Greg Landis, chief executive officer of JaguarPC. "With other competitive hosting companies, companies may outgrow the available services and need to migrate to a completely different web host. Conversely, a company can start small with our basic plan and seamlessly upgrade with us through the years of growth."

"We posted a record year in 2006 and are on track to beat that by a wide margin for 2007," continued Landis. "JaguarPC will continue to focus on delivering quality and value in this price-competitive market."

About JaguarPC

JaguarPC, based in Houston Texas and owned by Jaguar Technologies LLC Hosting, provides high-quality Internet hosting solutions to small and medium-sized businesses, government agencies, prominent individuals and non-profit organizations worldwide. JaguarPC's core portfolio comprises information technology and business hosting services, as well as programming services. JaguarPC's complementary subsidiary businesses are, a vps and dedicated provider specializing in the Windows platform, and Devpond software, a web software company.

Learn more at

Media Contact: Edward Yang, Firecracker PR,

(949) 500-6422


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Great Lakes Computer Offers Free VMware Essentials Plus and Free Upgrades to vSphere Standard with Dell PowerEdge R710 Servers

Great Lakes Computer Offers Free VMware Essentials Plus and Free Upgrades to vSphere Standard with Dell PowerEdge R710 Servers

VMware Enterprise Partner

Grand Rapids, MI (PRWEB) March 14, 2011

Great Lakes Computer, a 25-year-old billion dollar VMware and Dell reseller, announces it is offering free VMware Essentials Plus and free upgrades to vSphere Standard, with the purchase of select Dell R710 servers.

Free VMware Essentials Plus Promotion Details:

VMware Essentials Plus (supporting up to 3 hosts) retails for $ 3,495, but Dell PowerEdge customers can get it free of charge when they purchase three R710 PowerEdge server bundlesfrom Great Lakes Computer. Each Dell R710 host is fully redundant and optimized for virtualized environments with two 6-core Intel processors, 96GB of memory, two hard drives and a three year on-site Dell warranty.

Essentials Plus provides an all-in-one solution to build a virtualization cluster on three physical hosts. This reduces hardware costs, while ensuring superior high application availability and data protection.

VMware vSphere Essentials Plus includes:

    VMware ESXi or VMware ESX hypervisor architecture
    VMFS (Virtual Machine File System)
    4-way Virtual SMP
    VMware vCenter Server Agent
    VMware vStorage APIs / VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB)
    VMware Update Manager
    VMware High Availability (HA)
    VMware Data Recovery
    VMware vCenter Server for Essentials
    VMware vMotion

Free Upgrade to vSphere Standard Promotion Details:

Providing the exact same features as VMware essentials, vSphere Standard Acceleration supports unlimited hosts. The upgrade to vSphere Standard retails for $ 4,350, includes two processor licenses and is available free of charge with the purchase of a Dell R710 server. The server is configured with two 6-core processors, 192GB of memory, two 146GB hard drives and a three year on-site Dell warranty.

Expiring June 15th, 2011, these free VMware promotions are available exclusively through Great Lakes Computer and represent packaged discounts usually reserved for only the largest volume VMware and Dell customers. While configured to VMware best practices, the hardware configurations can be customized to meet specific technical requirements.

When asked what was behind the exclusive VMware promotion, the Dell Business Manager for Great Lakes Computer was quoted as saying; "The R710 is a rock solid VMware server and is one of Dell’s most popular PowerEdge models. We wanted to promote the benefits of virtualization and let customers leverage our staff of certified VMware engineers. What better way is there than by offering what is, in our opinion, the best VMware and Dell server promotion in the market?”

Those interested in learning more about this exclusive VMware promotion are encouraged to contact Great Lakes Computer on the web or by calling 800-488-2587.

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