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Diet Doc Hormone Diets & Weight Loss Plans Joins Telehealth, the Newest Healthcare Revolution, Enabling Patients to Connect with Physicians Anywhere in the Country

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) November 18, 2013

The professionals at Diet Doc are serious about helping everyone lose weight to improve health, longevity and quality of life. The company is consistently searching for new ways to make achieving weight loss goals simpler, more convenient and less costly for everyone in need. Utilizing Telehealth, the latest medical technology, now enables the company to reach patients in even the most remote regions of the country, delivering fast, safe and consistent weight loss directly to patients’ doors. One of the first prescription diet companies to join this new revolution in healthcare, Telehealth allows patients and physicians to connect via the telephone, thus avoiding time consuming and costly visits to local weight loss clinics.

Patients who are ready to change their lives by losing unhealthy excess weight can begin simply by calling the company or logging on to the computer to complete a comprehensive, yet quite simple, medical evaluation, after which the patient will schedule an appointment, at their convenience, to speak directly with a board certified physician. This level of personal service allows the doctors to review and assess each patient’s entire system and to identify any improperly performing organs or other barriers that may hinder fast weight loss, without the patient ever leaving their home. Each patient will receive a plan of action along with a complete and detailed physician report.

Qualified patients will work closely with nutritionists, who are certified and specially trained in the science of safe and fast weight loss. Diet plans will be designed that are unique to each patient’s personal nutritional lifestyle and medical needs, designed to be rich in essential nutrients, helping the body to function at maximum capacity while melting pounds and inches. Because the diet plans incorporate a wide range of delicious food choices, patients find that they maintain their interest while the rapid loss of weight keeps them motivated. Each diet plan is uniquely developed with emphasis on achieving optimal weight loss with focus on safety and improved long term health and weight maintenance.

Diet Doc’s prescription hormone complements the uniquely designed diet plans by sending a powerful signal to the hypothalamus to target stores of trapped fat to be released into the bloodstream and burned as the body’s primary energy source. This dynamic combination turns the body into a fat burning machine with patients reporting fat melting from the body in areas that are typically the most stubborn and difficult areas to lose, such as the belly, hips, thighs and underarms.

Diet Doc offers incomparable services to dieters across the country, delivering a consistent effective medically supervised diet plan directly to patients' doors. To further add to the convenience of this revolutionized new diet plan concept, videoconferencing eliminates the need for costly, embarrassing and time consuming follow-up visits to weight loss clinics, while offering improved and easy accessibility.

The addition of Telehealth is making losing unhealthy excess weight easier than ever before. By shifting their focus to the numerous possibilities that Telehealth offers, Diet Doc has made their prescription hormone diet plans available nationwide. Diet Doc’s physicians and nutritionists can reach out to a patient in any location using advanced technology, eliminating all geographical and communication barriers.

Diet Doc Contact Information:

San Diego, CA

(800) 272-0482


Twitter: DietDoc10

Facebook: DietDocNaturalHealth


We need to make telehealth the norm

(PRWEB UK) 13 December 2012

For people to embrace telehealth, it must be so normal that nobody bats an eyelid at sending a health update (like vital signs) to the doctors from their lounge.

Dont get us wrong health secretary Jeremy Hunts plan to get 100,000 people using telehealth services in 2013 is a fantastic goal. And three million by 2017 is a great start.

Were fully behind it. But its just a start. Thats just three million out of 62 million people in the UK.

Telehealth works. Unfortunately, most people are reluctant to make that leap with their health, so we need plans like 3 Million Lives (3ML) to be the catalyst for this behavioural shift.

3MLs vision is to provide better care, centred on the patient, so we can catch problems early. To do that, telehealth must become normal. It needs to be as everyday as phoning your surgery for an appointment. As natural as having your blood pressure checked. As simple as using your tablet to Skype your doctor. It needs to be business as usual.

Theres nothing to fear

Weve helped the NHS and found that sending health information like vital signs, blood pressure and weight over the internet lets medical professionals focus on what matters (and saves them time visiting people for a routine check-up). And a Department of Health spokeswoman told us it saves them money in the long run too. There are operational costs of running the services, but when people can manage their own condition there are less hospital visits, the patient feels safer and the NHS saves money on the opposite side.

Well help with your technophobia

When it comes to connecting people to machines, or making every computer in the chain work exactly as it should we know what were talking about. Weve done it for hundreds of businesses.

Were writing a white paper to let you know how wed change the underlying processes, so telehealth can become normal. Well keep you updated with our progress.

For more information visit

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ArioTech and UMass Memorial Medical Center to Deliver Telehealth Technology Reducing Heart Failure-Related Hospital Re-Admissions

ArioTech and UMass Memorial Medical Center to Deliver Telehealth Technology Reducing Heart Failure-Related Hospital Re-Admissions

ArioTech Mobile Patient Monitoring

Fort Lee, NJ (PRWEB) March 11, 2011

ArioTech’s remote patient monitoring system, the mobile Medical Digital Assistant (mMDA™) is a sophisticated telehealth technology platform providing a simple-to-use interface for patients and care providers. Healthcare professionals can now remotely monitor and analyze both objective and subjective patient physiological data. This data is captured from multiple point of care devices and easily customizable questionnaires, respectively, all through a singular conduit.

The company’s mMDA™ system, which includes a handheld mobile device and an interoperable web-based portal, uses broadband connectivity to conveniently and cost-effectively augment disease management efforts. With unprecedented flexibility and scalability, the mMDA™ offers the entire continuum of healthcare stakeholders the opportunity to improve patient quality of care with increased efficiency.

UMass Memorial Health Care’s Heart and Vascular Center of Excellence provides world-class cardiovascular care, managing one of the largest populations of HF patients in the US through its Medical Center in Worcester. Exemplary leadership and technology are at the forefront of the Center’s progressive efforts to improve patient care standards and have helped UMass Memorial Medical Center garner the No. 3 spot nationally and the No. 1 spot in New England for heart attack survival (source: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services). In 2010 there were no mortalities in patients undergoing isolated coronary artery bypass surgery.

Robert A. Phillips, MD, PhD, Senior Vice President of UMass Memorial Medical Center and Director of the Heart and Vascular Center of Excellence states, “With Ariotech’s advanced technology our goal is to capture and correlate the full spectrum of disease-specific parameters such as pulse oximetry, activity level, heart rate, and body weight with functional status and quality of life. Automatic alerts, based on our pre-specified criteria, may provide us the opportunity to intervene at the earliest sign of clinical decompensation and potentially avoid hospitalization for our Heart Failure patients.”

“UMass Memorial Medical Center’s worldwide recognized clinical expertise complements ArioTech’s innovative technology solution to open new frontiers bringing quality healthcare to all patient populations including Heart Failure” said Andy Saffarian, Founder and President of ArioTech. “Our mMDA™ remote patient monitoring platform enables a shift toward a more accountable care model putting patients’ health at the center.”

“ArioTech’s innovative software application helps the healthcare industry deliver a flexible patient care solution, taking advantage of the Intel® Atom™ processor performance,” said J. Scott Harrison, director, Developer and ISV Scale Programs, Intel Software and Services Group. “Together, Intel and ArioTech are teaming up to help deliver highly-innovative and scalable solutions improving clinical outcomes for heart-related health issues.”

About ArioTech

ArioTech is a leading-edge Healthcare Service Provider. The company provides interactive mobile patient monitoring and management solutions built on mMDA™ technology to improve clinical outcomes and reduce healthcare costs. For more information, visit the company's Web site at

About UMass Memorial Medical Center

UMass Memorial Medical Center is the advanced tertiary care referral center for Central and Western Massachusetts. The Medical Center offers a full complement of sophisticated technology and support services necessary to provide the region with specialists renowned for their work in areas such as cardiovascular medicine and surgery, diabetes, cancer and orthopedics. Visit for additional information.

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