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Tech Soft 3D Announces HOOPS Visualize v20

Bend, OR (PRWEB) October 08, 2013

Today, Tech Soft 3D continues to set the standard for large model interaction with the announcement of HOOPS Visualize v20. Featuring speed gains for cutting-planes, improved collision detection in models and smart highlighting, Visualize v20 optimizes the engineering industry’s most-trusted solution for adding high-end graphics to professional applications. Simply put, the fastest engineering graphics toolkit just got faster.

“HOOPS Visualize v20 continues to deliver what our customers value above everything else – high performance visualization, even as the size of models continue to grow,” said Tech Soft 3D’s Director of Product Management, Rob Mazeffa. “With HOOPS Visualize, software developers can immediately leverage the most robust visualization capabilities on the market.”

Software developers need to know that their programs will work optimally at any workstation. Updates in Visualize v20 ensure this by extending hardware support through a new intelligent recognition system that can automatically select the optimal driver for the software, no matter what machine the end user is on.

With speed improvements up to 3X faster for cutting, interaction becomes even smoother for end users. Other updates include:

Collision Detection Speed: Up to 10X speed gains for collision detection, dramatically improving the user experience when collisions are being calculated and visualized in CMM, CAM or Building walk-throughs.

Large Model Rendering: Extended and improved algorithms now more intelligently “cull” the scene, for faster rendering with minimal scene degradation.

DirectX11 Support: Extended DirectX support expands the wide variety of graphics drivers already supported in HOOPS Visualize, allowing developers to take full advantage of the latest graphics hardware.

Intelligent Driver Selection: Developers using HOOPS Visualize can now rely on its intelligent detection system, which identifies the user’s hardware and automatically chooses the driver that will deliver the best performance.

For the last 17 years, engineering software developers have relied on Tech Soft 3D’s insight and expertise to drive their graphics in a wide range of software programs. Through the advanced graphics tools continually offered in HOOPS Visualize, it has helped to develop a wide variety of solutions ranging from venerable CAD solutions such as PTC’s CADDS5, to more recent applications from companies like Autodesk, SolidWorks, and Trimble.

“Trimble has relied on HOOPS Visualize and Tech Soft 3D for nearly a decade,” said General Manager of Trimble Navigation Limited’s GC/CM Division, Mark Sawyer. “With v20, Tech Soft 3D has once again responded to our need to handle larger models on a range of hardware, allowing us to continue delivering high-performance visualization in a range of construction and scanning applications.”

Pricing and Availability:

HOOPS Visualize v20 will be available for a free 60-day evaluation from It is supported on Windows, Linux and OSX platforms.

About HOOPS Visualize:

HOOPS Visualize is the industry’s most powerful, portable and complete graphics development toolkit for creating or enhancing 3D applications. HOOPS Visualize will help you accelerate the development of high-performance applications for desktop, cloud or mobile applications using the high-level graphics APIs that power almost 300 applications.

About Tech Soft 3D:

Tech Soft 3D is the leading global B2D provider of engineering solutions that help software teams deliver successful applications. Established in 1996 and headquartered in Bend, Oregon, Tech Soft 3D has offices in California, France, England and Japan. The company’s product portfolio powers nearly 500 applications globally and includes the HOOPS suite of software tools, 3D PDF solutions and Autodesk OEM products. For more information, visit or contact (541) 383-4126.


Tech Startup Launches Free eBook, Interceptor Rules

American Fork, UT (PRWEB) September 30, 2013, a workflow automation software company, officially announced the release of their newest eBook, Interceptor Rules. The eBook, available online at, shares how properly integrating business rules can improve business process and open doors to new methods of automation and business information system management. The book includes examples of these beneficial interceptor rules, such as medical billing applications that can stop or retrieve specific medical data before the data is passed to the next system. Interceptor Rules focuses on the types of rules that can improve the data-management functions in software and allow users to have better control of their Web 3.0 platforms, and ultimately their business.

Authors Carl Hewitt, Chief Architect of Decisions, and Kevin Lindquist, Director of Sales and Marketing at Decisions, released their eBook to acquaint businesses with some of the challenges that businesses face in implementing business rules and the unique way that rules can be implemented with Decisions. Find out more about how your business can improve by gaining better control of company data and automating costly business process. To download Interceptor Rules, visit the Decisions website.

About Decisions

Decisions is a graphically configurable workflow automation platform that gives users the ability to both create new, and enhance existing applications. The Decisions team has been working together for over a decade delivering an experience that gives more control and configuration ability to administrators. Specifically, the platform allows for the creation of applications that can be configured by non-programmers in a way that is safe, visible, and flexible. This mission has driven the Decisions team to create numerous technologies in use today at some of the world's largest and most innovative companies. For more information, visit

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Software Development Ranks As the Most In-Demand Skill for Tech Jobs

New York, NY (PRWEB) December 05, 2013

During the past 90 days, there were more than 232,000 technology jobs that required software development skills in the United States, according to WANTED Analytics™ (, the leading source of real-time business intelligence for the talent marketplace. Software development was the most in-demand skill for technology jobs in the US, out-pacing other common skills like Java, SQL, and JavaScript. The number of jobs that require this experience increased 3% in the past 90 days compared to the same 90-day period in 2012 and more than 120% from four years ago.

Software Developers aren’t the only occupation to require this skill set. All tech fields commonly require software development skills, including Web Developers, Computer Systems Analysts, IT Project Managers, and Software Quality Assurance Engineers.

Metropolitan areas with the most jobs that required software development in the past 90 days were Seattle, Washington (DC), New York, San Francisco, and San Jose. The Seattle metro area not only experienced the highest demand in the US, but also the largest growth of these five cities. In the past 90 days, there were more than 21,000 jobs for tech professionals with software development skills, a 15% year-over-year increase.

With the growing demand for software development jobs, employers are likely to experience difficulty when recruiting for open positions. The Hiring Scale, which scores jobs from 1 to 99 based on their projected difficulty-to-recruit, scores these jobs at a 76 on average across the US. This means that most Recruiters are likely to experience heavy competition to attract candidates in their local talent pools. Some metropolitan areas that score higher than average on the Hiring Scale are Saginaw (MI), San Francisco (CA), and Baltimore (MD). In these areas, the local talent pools cannot support the demands from employers, making overall recruiting the most difficult.

In comparison, the Hiring Scale also shows the best places to find software development talent. Currently, Santa Rosa-Petaluma (CA), Columbus (GA), and College Station (TX) are the lowest scoring metro areas. In these locations, hiring demand is low, yet the pool of potential candidates is large. This will contribute to less competitive conditions for employers.

The Hiring Scale measures conditions in local job markets by comparing hiring demand and labor supply. The Hiring Scale is part of the WANTED Analytics platform that offers business intelligence for the talent marketplace.

To see additional charts and detail, please visit

A free trial of WANTED Analytics is available at

About WANTED Analytics™

WANTED Analytics™ helps recruiting organizations make better decisions faster with real-time business intelligence on jobs, employers, and talent. Analytics brings together, for the first time, years of hiring demand and talent supply data to create a true talent intelligence platform for hard-to-fill positions.

Clients in the staffing, HR, RPO, media, and government sectors use WANTED Analytics™ to find sales leads, analyze employment trends, gather competitive intelligence, forecast economic conditions, and source hard-to-fill positions.

About WANTED Technologies Corporation

WANTED Technologies (TSX-V:WAN) provides real-time business intelligence for the talent marketplace. Founded in 1999, the company’s headquarters are in Quebec City, Canada, and it maintains a US-based subsidiary with primary offices in New York City. WANTED began collecting detailed Hiring Demand data in June 2005, and currently maintains a database of more than 900 million unique job listings. For more information or to sample WANTED’s services, visit

WANTED is also the exclusive data provider for The Conference Board Help Wanted OnLine Data Series®, the monthly economic indicator of Hiring Demand in the United States.

The TSX Venture Exchange does not accept responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release. Any statement that appears prospective shall not be interpreted as such.

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aioTV Expands with New Office in Denver Tech Center

Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) October 22, 2013

aioTV, a global provider of OTT middleware, has announced opening of a new office in the Denver Tech Center. aioTV’s new office will serve as the US corporate headquarters and will allow the company to expand development and customer implementation resources. aioTV will continue strong with existing operations in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The new presence comes in response to MVPD and content owner’s demand to deliver and control OTT content and IP services to the TV and across devices. aioTV enables the ability to deliver “Any Content, One Spot, Any Device”.

"The opening of aioTV’s Denver office is a natural outgrowth of the traction we are getting with customers and partners as they want to quickly and seamlessly aggregate multiple sources of content into a unified viewing experience across devices that is operator branded and controlled. We significantly minimize the traditional development challenges and capex costs associated with implementing this strategy,” said Mike Earle, CEO, aioTV. “Denver’s thriving video and technology market is the perfect location for customer collaboration.”

aioTV’s new office is located at 6000 Greenwood Plaza Blvd, Greenwood Village, CO 80111. Contact the office at 303-513-0107 or info(at)aio-tv(dot)com.

For more information about aioTV, visit

About aioTV

aioTV is a white label video platform for licensed and unlicensed content targeted at service providers worldwide to allow them to integrate multiple sources of live, on-demand and freely available video content into a unified TV experience across connected devices. The company’s flagship products and cloud based management platform leverages existing infrastructure, billing platforms and DRM for a quick, seamless implementation.


iDreamCase Announces New 3-Piece Design Case for High Tech Tablet

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) August 17, 2013

iDreamCase will launch a new three-piece design on August 28, 2013. The fresh design will be a unique addition to the existing iDreamCase line. 3-piece design is an old design in bookbinding that needs a bookbinder experience to create. The new product builds on iDreamCases reputation for award-winning, handmade tablet cases.

The new 3-piece design case is inspired by our clients, says master bookbinder Gabi Hanoun, iDreamCases founder and CEO. As their needs grow, so must our products. My team is excited for this launch, and I cant wait to see our customers experience it in a few weeks.

The new design will include the most popular iDreamCase features: a vibrant color palette, secure elastic band, and the exceptional material quality. The new design is special, and will include even greater functionality, Hanoun says.

iDreamCase has been recognized for their ability to keep up with the ongoing release of new personal communication device cases. More information, and direct orders, can be found on the iDreamCase website.

About iDreamCase

iDreamCase handcrafts superior quality, truly handmade products using only the finest materials. Guided by our strong commitment to handmade artisanship, iDreamCase designs and creates luxuriously protective handmade iPad


NCWIT AspireIT Program Brings Girls into Tech during Critical Middle School Years

Boulder, CO (PRWEB) August 07, 2013

The National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) has launched a new pilot program, NCWIT AspireIT, that addresses the lack of women in technology by actively engaging middle school girls with computing. NCWIT AspireIT pairs female high school and college computing students with local colleges and K-12 education non-profits to create and run technology outreach programs for middle school girls. NCWIT AspireIT is supported by Intel, Northrop Grumman, and Google.

In its 2013-2014 pilot year, NCWIT AspireIT will grant more than $ 100,000 to 24 programs -- including summer camps, after-school programs, clubs, and weekend workshops -- providing more than 25,000 instruction hours to more than 800 girls in 15 states. At full scale, NCWIT AspireIT is on-track to serve more than 8,000 middle school girls per year, providing high-quality, inspiring, computing education and outreach with long-term impact.

"The participation of women in tech is so dismal and the situation so dire that we need a big, bold approach that can scale to the tens of thousands, quickly, said Ruthe Farmer, NCWIT Director of Strategic Initiatives. NCWIT AspireIT has the potential to effectively double the number of girls taking high school technology courses in just a few years.

NCWIT AspireIT capitalizes on a "near-peer" approach, giving middle school girls a hands-on, inspiring introduction to technology from young women just a few years ahead of them in the pipeline. AspireIT participants also join the NCWIT Aspirations in Computing Talent Development Initiative, which supports young women through each of the critical transitions along the pathway to a career in technology: from middle to high school, high school to college, college to internships or graduate school, and into the technology workforce.


The National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) is a non-profit community of more than 450 universities, companies, non-profits, and government organizations nationwide working to increase womens participation in computing and technology. NCWIT helps organizations more effectively recruit, retain, and advance girls and women in K-12 through college education, and from academic to corporate and startup careers. Find out more at


Silicon Real – the new video podcast about the People behind the amazing tech scene with a focus in London

(PRWEB UK) 23 July 2013

Take a walk though Shoreidtich in East London around Old Street Roundabout, now coined Silicon Roundabout, and it's easy to witness the great accomplishments of both the City and the community at large. The ecosystem that has evolved over the last year couldn't have happened, as much as people may not want to admit, without some government help. But at the end of the day it all comes down to the amazing people and teams that have and are creating some amazing businesses.

What exactly is Silicon Real?

Silicon Real has been spun from the hugely successful video podcast called London Real TV. Its vision and mission is simple, tell the stories about the people behind the tech scene in London. Whether it's a hugely successful, a complete failure or just a company treading water, the team behind Silicon Real feels that these personal stories can not only be entertaining but extremely educational and insightful for entrepreneurs from all over the world. The stories are told in a tight 30min format that can be viewed on YouTube or downloaded via Itunes.


AgePower Tech Search Opens Door to Technology Innovation for Global Age Wave

Minneapolis, Minn. (PRWEB) July 22, 2013

The new normal of a rapidly aging world needs new solutions, and the AgePower Tech Search seeks to find and help launch them. AgePower was introduced today by Ecumen, a Minnesota-based non-profit senior housing and services company, which serves more than 10,000 people, and MOJO Minnesota, an innovation cooperative and advocacy force working to fuel entrepreneurship and a culture of innovation. AgePowers national advisory board can be viewed at

AgePowers intent is to locate, reward and help launch new high- and low-tech technology and innovation that have a positive, near-term impact on the aging experience. AgePower ( is open to start-ups, innovators and long-established companies globally. AgePower differs from incubators or accelerators in that its focus is on transforming the future of aging and providing real-life test environments, along with access to business and invention experts in key areas necessary to fueling a successful new venture.

Aging represents a global innovation opportunity. Today 900 million people in the world are over age 60. By 2050 that number will have grown to 2.4 billion. As World Health Organization Director-General Margaret Chan says, Being in the older age group is becoming the new normal for the worlds population. Its not just the sheer size of those numbers, but these demographic realities impact every aspect of living. The new normal of a rapidly aging world needs new solutions.

Society has long looked at aging as a challenge, but it is one of the worlds great innovation opportunities, said Kathryn Roberts, President and CEO of Ecumen. From better coordinating health care services, to enhancing social connections, to making life easier and more fun, we believe the nexus of people and technology can open the door to new possibilities that improve lives and use resources better.

Ernest Grumbles, a MOJO Agitator and one its co-founders, noted that the aging demographic tidal wave is going to drive technology change at high speed.

The AgePower Submission Process

AgePower will take submissions until Oct. 31 at A joint Ecumen and MOJO committee will select up to four technologies/companies to receive a six-month field trial among Ecumen clients, residents and employees. In addition, finalists will gain access to the expertise of leading business advisors, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, angel investors, engineers and others who comprise MOJO Minnesota.

This combination is designed to help expedite a move to market either through a companys own investment, outside investment, acquisition by an investor or other means. In return, Ecumen and MOJO will receive a small equity stake to align interests with the tech innovators for market success and dispersion of new, life-enhancing technologies.

Test environments will include in-home settings, assisted living communities, Ecumen sites providing Alzheimers and dementia care, and clinical settings with short-term physical rehabilitation services and/or more intensive long-term care.

About Founding Partners

Ecumen (, headquartered in Shoreview, Minn., is a non-profit senior housing and services company, empowering individuals to live better, easier and more fun lives. It has served people for 150 years, and operates a wide array of senior housing and services for its 10,000+ customers and develops and operates housing for third parties nationally. Contact: Eric Schubert, T. 651-766-4333, ericschubert(at)ecumen(dot)org.

MOJO Minnesota ( is an innovation cooperative and advocacy force working to fuel entrepreneurship and reignite Minnesotas culture of innovation. MOJO includes leading Minnesota entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, angel investors, business advisors and engineers passionate about creating jobs and economic growth through the power of Minnesota-based innovation-driven startups. Contact: Ernest Grumbles, MOJO Minnesota, 651-491-3643, egrumbles(at)gmail(dot)com.

Padilla Speer Beardsley ( is a strategic communications firm with expertise in a broad range of sectors, including consumer products, agribusiness, manufacturing, technology, health care, medical device and financial services. Services include consumer and b-to-b marketing, investor relations, crisis management, creative, digital and social media, and research. Contact: Kirsten Lesak-Greenberg, Padilla Speer Beardsley, 612-455-1749, klg(at)padillaspeer(dot)com.


Yamaha DGX-650 Portable Digital Grand: Classic, Acoustic Touch and Tone with Tech Forward Learning and Playing Features

Buena Park, CA (PRWEB) July 16, 2013

Yamaha introduced its new DGX-650, a Portable Grand digital piano that is ideal for piano students and hobbyists of all ages. This entertaining alternative to an acoustic upright piano offers several features that make learning and playing piano more fun than ever, including upgraded piano sound and CD-quality audio recording and playback, as well as the ability to play chords with a single keystroke and interactive software that helps players quickly learn songs of their favorite artists from many genres. It includes a stand and a sustain footswitch, and is available in two attractive finishes: black with rosewood side panels or spotlight white.

The DGX-650 has category-leading touch and tone with PureCF sampling, which integrates the authentic sounds from the critically acclaimed nine-foot Yamaha CFIIIS Grand Piano into this powerful portable keyboard. Yamahas Graded Hammer Standard action provides the natural touch response of a full-size grand piano -- the lower keys are heavier and the higher keys become gradually lighter through the different registers. Extra-large, front-facing speakers provide a full and rich room-filling presence.

The DGX-650 is an ensemble digital piano that is ready to be enjoyed by a wide range of aspiring pianists, from those looking to learn and grow their musical abilities to those who may want the experience of playing with a band, said Dane Madsen, Yamaha Digital Piano Marketing Manager. Players of all abilities will appreciate the comprehensive learning features, great sound and connectivity that make it possible to easily share performances with friends and relatives.

The DGX-650s XG song file compatibility and optional You Are the Artist series songbooks allow players to learn and play along with recordings of their favorite songs made popular by artists like Taylor Swift, Coldplay, Adele, Johnny Cash and more. With this special collection of piano songbooks and play-along recordings, piano music can be experienced in several ways. The piano part of a song can be played on the DGX-650s keyboard while XG song files play all of the backing band parts. Songs can be slowed down to allow players to practice at a comfortable tempo before speeding up when theyre ready. Players can even practice one hand while the DGX-650 plays the other. You Are the Artist series songbooks and XG song files can be purchased at or any authorized Hal Leonard music retailer.

Sharing music is now easier than ever with new USB audio recording capabilities. CD-quality audio recordings of performances can be loaded onto computer and emailed to a friend, posted as a video on YouTube or simply transferred to an iPod.

The DGX-650 has many key features that intuitively assist beginners and novices in expressing themselves musically. Smart Chord mode enables major and minor chords to be played with just one key and is suitable for a variety of genres. For example, when playing a jazz song, players can automatically create complex 7th and 9th chords. When playing pop music, simpler three-note chords can be created. With Smart Chord, these instant four and five-note harmonies are now possible with a single finger.

A stereo 3.5mm AUX line input enables external audio devices to take advantage of the DGX-650 speaker system and offers another way aspiring artists can play along with their favorite songs stored on iPods, CD players or computers.


Its Risky Business for Tech Startups;’s New Platform Will Prevent Early Mistakes

(PRWEB UK) 16 July 2013

(Marketing Empire PR) - To many, the biggest lure of the tech sector lies in possibility of becoming the next big thing, and, of course, the potential for lucrative returns never hurts. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts and, oftentimes, a great idea, a significant number of tech startups are destined for failure.

According to Inside Startups, 20 percent of businesses are doomed to fail within the first year of being established, and about 50 percent fail within three years. There are a number of reasons why an enterprise may fail to prosper, but The Financial Times Guide to Business Start Ups has said that 20 percent of failed companies would still be in operation if they had gotten advice at the beginning of their venture.

For those who are building a new website or creating a new app, can provide honest, thoughtful advice from fellow web and app designers. Users of the site reciprocate by providing reviews for others. After making changes, a website or app can be resubmitted, and members can continue the process until they are satisfied with their feedback and ready to roll out their new site or app.

Ilya Berelson utilised the innovative review site to get feedback on a number of projects and also for help in designing He commented, Nothing is more valuable to a product or service than a first impression. As a web engineer, I get to experiment with new features and designs and then get a few (first impressions) with Criticue. Criticue can be a websites best business partner. The reviews are sometimes harsh, but that's OK. Every new review on Criticue simply encourages your service to be as clear and perfect as can be.

Its not surprising that Criticue has been called one of the most promising tech startups of 2013. Martin Bilski, CEO of, has said, Criticue will create micro-communities of expert tech developers, providing each other with qualified reviews and suggestions on way to improve their software or avoid pitfalls an incredibly comprehensive resource provided for free to all users.

Theres no doubt that the companys growing popularity will enable it to beat the odds that face many newly established businesses, and with the likes of Google and Yahoo acquiring tech start-ups for their creativity, software, branding and members - odds are on for Criticue to be next in line to receive bids for the platform.

A recent report compiled by five top academic institutions examined the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses programme and determined that innovative ideas and models were necessary to the continued growth of small businesses. With companies like driving the innovation and support of new Internet enterprises, many startups in the tech sector will easily move past being considered risky business to being hailed as good business.

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