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New York Printing Company, The Marsid-M&M Group, Moves a Step Ahead by Taking a Step Back in Time

Carle Place, NY (PRWEB) September 23, 2012

The Marsid M&M Group (, a leading provider and online printer of booklets, catalogs, calendars, newsletters and brochures announced today the acquisition of a fully restored Heidelberg windmill press. The unique printing press is capable of custom die cutting, metallic foil stamping and multi-level die embossing. These old school printing and finishing methods are available for printed brochures, postcards, folders, business cards, stationery, custom packaging and special marketing materials. The printed results provide a high end look and feel to their customers orders that many printing companies today no longer offer, making it a highly specialized service.

Barry Caputo, co-owner at The Marsid M&M Group, stated, "We decided that in order to move forward, we had to take a step back in time, to our roots one might say."

This workhorse windmill press, which the staff refers to as Heidi," was built in the early 1960s and has been fully restored and given a new home at their Long Island, NY based printing company. Sid Halpern, Co- Owner at The Marsid M&M Group, personally spent weeks building a special history of printing room that is decorated with print nostalgia and photography illustrating the history of printing. He stated Ive been printing for over 40 years and its just an incredible feeling to use, restore and combine the printing equipment of yester-year that we learned on, with our advanced plate and die making technologies of today.

To visit The Marsid M&M Groups die cutting and foil stamping center online, please visit or call 877-mmprint for more information.

About The Marsid M&M Group:

The Marsid M&M Group is a privately held, brick and mortar printing company located in New York and provides online printing service to businesses across the US. With over 40 years of experience providing quality offset printing and digital printing, graphic design, mailing services and fulfillment services to corporate, small business and individuals, The Marsid M&M Group is without a doubt the first choice for marketers and advertisers who require commercial printing. Their mission is to supply clients with timely, reliable, innovative and affordable printed solutions utilizing state of the art equipment operated by a highly skilled production staff and customer service professionals who are dedicated to providing printed products and services that exceed all expectations.


Registration Opens for 2nd Annual Tech Policy Summit, Taking Place March 26-28, 2008 in Southern California

Registration Opens for 2nd Annual Tech Policy Summit, Taking Place March 26-28, 2008 in Southern California

Washington, DC (PRWEB) September 18, 2007

Registration is now open for the 2nd annual Tech Policy Summit, which will be held March 26-28, 2008 at the Renaissance Hollywood hotel in Southern California. Bringing together prominent leaders from the private and public sectors, including top government officials, industry executives, non-profit advocates, legal experts and journalists, the 2008 Summit will provide an independent, balanced forum for spirited and participatory debate on the policy issues most impacting industry and consumers in the coming months.

With Presidential campaigning for the 2008 elections in full swing and an inevitable shift in leadership at the White House because of the lack of an incumbent candidate, Tech Policy Summit offers participants a timely opportunity for learning and networking with a diverse set of experts involved in shaping the tech policy agenda in the United States and beyond. Focusing on America's competitiveness in the global economy and the growing impact of digital convergence, the Summit's 2008 theme is "Markets in Transition: Collaborating to Drive Technology Innovation and Adoption."

Through a series of keynotes, candid interviews and roundtable discussions, speakers will address critical, often controversial issues surrounding broadband deployment, network neutrality, privacy, intellectual property rights, wireless innovation, international trade, European Union regulation and investments in China. In addition, a select group of innovators will be invited to showcase emerging technologies in the high tech, digital entertainment and communications sectors. The summit will also feature a special pre-conference workshop on March 26 for participants who want to delve deeper into the topics that will be discussed during the Summit.

BusinessWeek technology columnist Steve Wildstrom will emcee the Summit, and other renowned journalists such as Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher of The Wall Street Journal, Karen Tumulty of TIME magazine and Kai Ryssdal of NPR's Marketplace radio show will also participate as session hosts.

Assisting with the program is Tech Policy Summit's distinguished advisory board, which includes: Robert Atkinson, President of Information Technology and Innovation Foundation; Carolyn Brandon, VP of Policy for CTIA; Piper Cole, former VP of Global Government and Community Affairs at Sun Microsystems; professor and cyberlaw expert Susan Crawford; James Fallows, Chair of New America Foundation and National Correspondent for The Atlantic Monthly; Laura Ipsen, VP of Global Policy and Government Affairs at Cisco Systems; Robert Kramer, VP of Policy for CompTIA; JD Lasica, President of Social Media Group and co-founder of; Mike Sigal, Co-founder and CEO of Guidewire Group; former FTC Commissioner Hon. Mozelle Thompson; and Simon Wilkie, Executive Director of USC's Center for Communication Law and Policy.

Information on how to register, sponsor or speak at Tech Policy Summit can be found at Also look for Tech Policy Summit updates at the Summit tech policy blog:

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20May/110 has More Americans Taking Chit than Any Other Culture on Earth has More Americans Taking Chit than Any Other Culture on Earth

Tyler, TX (Vocus) February 2, 2009

Advanced technology is growing at an expedited rate each year making it hard for the average person to keep up to date on all the new computer peripherals, monitors, CPU's, GPS, Security Systems, music devices and everything in-between much less being able to afford them. ExtraChit is offering each new member, we lovingly call “ChitHeadz”, a portal to find up to date equipment to be purchased at reduced prices by applying the Chit they have acquired with each product previously purchased.

Hi-Tech products are the wave of the future with the all new GPS Wrist Band Tracking System allowing children to be located at a moment’s notice, by parents, grandparents, and the confused baby sitters. With the tracking features like GPS module and Tri-Band GPRS module for worldwide use with the automatic positioning report, Real time tracking by unit ID, location, speed, time, emergency help and phone support for 2 way voice communication, ExtraChit will be setting the standard for acquiring these devices at prices that are truly affordable.

The contemporary Hi-Tech product consumers are going to love the Lit Urban Underglow modern LED lighting system which provides an intoxicating ambiance for your space. LIT is designed specifically to create an ultra lounge feeling by applying to sofas, sectionals, benches, futons, beds, chaise, chairs, sofa tables etc. LIT can also be applied to flat screen TVs, floor/tower speakers to render a beautiful back-light in your entertainment and home theater rooms.

One of Americans top five concerns is business and home security. ExtraChit offers a wide variety of security and surveillance systems to protect you and your possessions, like the Logitech Pro Six Security system which allows remote viewing via cell phone and through any web based computer on Earth. The Logitech Home Plug System is another professional security product which requires absolutely no wiring and operates through the existing wiring in your home or business.

ExtraChit anticipates a huge membership growth over the next few months as the savings every single ChitHead thus far has been able to take advantage of, surely will constitute a massive word of mouth campaign that will make more American citizens happy to take Chit to the next level by stating in one clear voice “We are Americans and We Take Chit.”

For information:

Phone: 903.705.0310

Stephen Soape



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New Article on Taking Fulling Advantage of Technology Investments for Nonprofits Released

New Article on Taking Fulling Advantage of Technology Investments for Nonprofits Released

Williamsburg, Virginia (PRWEB) November 21, 2006

Cerulean Associates LLC announces its new article: "Five Steps to Extend Your Computer's Life" published on TechSoup (

Drawn upon its author's fifteen years of experience in IT industry, from the trenches on up to CIO of a Fortune 50 subsidiary, this article provides a practical strategy with simple steps to improve the typical computer's lifespan from three to six years. Following the recommendations within this article, nonprofits should be able to quickly shift funds, time and resources to focus more on their mission than on fixing and upgrading their computers.

Amit Asaravala, the Manager of Editorial & Content Strategy for TechSoup, said, "Since August, we had discussed with Cerulean how to incorporate components of their workshop on cost-effective IT strategies for nonprofits into an article for our readership. Cerulean had previously published an article for small and midsized businesses on how to get more out of their computers, so we thought if Cerulean could take that article and revise it specifically for nonprofits, adding in ideas from their workshop, the end result would be a perfect fit for the TechSoup audience." About the author, John Avellanet, Mr. Asaravala noted, "In writing this article and allowing TechSoup to publish it to the nonprofit sector, John clearly shows that he understands the challenges that nonprofits face and that he cares about helping them overcome those challenges."

John Avellanet, the Managing Director of Cerulean, praised the efforts of TechSoup, "Amit and his team were simply superb. Obviously, when you're trying to capture essential knowledge and experience, and then re-state those in a way that's easily understood and adopted by others, the more eyes and ears, the better. There were several times when the TechSoup team caught a word or phrase that was typical in the business or the IT communities, but was not necessarily part of the lingo of some of their nonprofit readers. That makes the article and its value better, and that helps us provide even better service in our workshop and part-time CIO program."

In addition to the published version on TechSoup, Cerulean has made a downloadable PDF version of the article available on their website in their resource library.

TechSoup is one of the most comprehensive nonprofit technology resources in the world.

TechSoup ( is the nonprofit technology Web resource created by CompuMentor ( TechSoup's more than 350,000 unique monthly visitors from 190 countries look for nonprofit technology know-how to better achieve their missions. TechSoup offers for their perusal more than 400 how-to articles on 17 technology topics, 15 community discussion forums, a technology news section, and the TechFinder service provider directory.

Nonprofits also have access to TechSoup's technology product philanthropy service, TechSoup Stock ( TechSoup Stock provides access to donated and discounted technology products from over 25 leading providers such as Cisco, Intuit and Microsoft for a small administrative fee. Since its inception in January 2002, the service has fulfilled over 83,000 requests from nonprofits in North America, Europe and Africa for technology products. More than 2.5 million products have been distributed, freeing up over $ 600 million for other uses.

TechSoup's weekly e-newsletter, TechSoup…By the Cup (, is distributed to more than 56,000 subscribers.

Find out more about TechSoup, its resources and programs for nonprofits at

Cerulean ( specializes in helping growing organizations simplify the information technology and regulatory compliance challenges they face into practical choices and realistic strategies. Cerulean's clients achieve more innovation and better financial results through independent, proactive advice, business-focused IT and cost-effective compliance strategies. Their work with nonprofits is an outgrowth of their commitment to improve the community and help clients make better use of the technology they already have.

Find out more about Cerulean Associates, its resources and consulting services at


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New Revelations and Insights into Bible Are Taking Shape

Denver, CO and New York, NY (PRWEB) September 15, 2007

In the "earth-shattering" new work The Shape: The Prophecy of Daniel and John the Divine, author and composer Remo Capra Bloise explores how the actual geographic shapes of nations in both the ancient and modern worlds provide a clue for understanding the Biblical prophecies of Daniel and John the Divine.

Remo Capra Bloise has long been interested in the causal effect of shapes, i.e., how a violent shape can produce a violent effect, and how a peaceful shape brings peaceful events. By studying maps of the ancient world, and knowing a bit about the history of the nations they represent, Bloise has been able to make some rather profound connections to the prophecies of Daniel and John the Divine:

Beginning with the Assyrian and Babylonian empires, by tracing their ancient territorial boundaries, the shape of a lion comes into view. In respective succession, the Media-Persia empire looks like a bear; the Greek Empire like a leopard; and the Roman Empire like a mouth with iron teeth…Daniel the Prophet describes them in his prophecies in more detail, and it was through him that I was able to understand more of my own thoughts. In his vision, Daniel saw a Lion with eagle wings on one side, referring to the Assyrian and Babylonian empire; a Bear with three ribs in the mouth, Media and Persia; a Leopard with wings of a fowl, the Greek Empire; and fourth, the mouth with iron teeth, the Roman Empire. He also saw in his last vision "a ram and a goat," referring to two great powers arising "at the time of the end." Having understood that the references made by Daniel were in direct relation with

the geographical shapes of these nations, I began to search for the ram and the goat…

Through original compositions, astral photography, and maps of the nations, Bloise explores the meaning behind Daniel's vision, and what he discovers of the identity of the ram and the goat is both astounding and deeply moving. The Shape is an entrancing study that will have you looking at the universe and the world around you in a whole new way.

ISBN: 978-1-4327-0505-3    

Format: 8.5x11 color paperback    

SRP: $ 17.95

Genre: Subjects & Themes--Religious    

About the Author: Remo Capra Bloise is a member of the American Society of Composers and Authors (ASCAP). His previous works include the drama The Cube, Bridge Over Niger (The True Story of the J.F. Kennedy Bridge).

For more information or to contact the author, visit

Outskirts Press, Inc., 10940 S. Parker Rd - 515, Parker, Colorado 80134, 1-888-OP-BOOKS

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