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Application as Service – System Utility to Run Applications as Windows Services

(PRWEB) December 23, 2004

Application as Service is an advanced system utility which lets you run any application as Windows 2000/XP Service. You can easily configure Application as Service using our intuitive GUI interface or command line configurator directly from your software. Application as Service features very low CPU usage, custom environment variables, monitoring and detailed logging as well as many other features.

You can use Application as Service software to do the following and even more:

Launch any application as Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 service

Launch your application at system boot, before user logon

Runs executable: 16 bit (Dos, Windows, OS/2), 32 bit, batch files, scripts (VBScript, JScript) as a service

Run your application without the need of a user session

Achieve higher fault tolerance with your software reporting private errors to the event log and automatically restarting on errors

Specify application priority

Run a GUI application under a different security context (even under NT 4.0). User passwords are entered by the administrator and users are not prompted

Standard input/output automatic redirection to files

Automatically start applications before and after service

Allow multiple processes to run within the same service


Full features list:

    Easily run applications as services

    Run application before users login into their systems

    Run application before service startup and after service shutdown

    Auto restart application after application termination

    Redirect STDIN and STDOUT to file for console application

    Create service dependencies


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Axiomtek Expands Operating System Support with its Own Royalty Free Embedded Linux O/S

City of Industry, CA (PRWEB) January 10, 2005

Axiomtek, a world renowned provider of industrial and embedded systems and components, today announced it is introducing its own embedded Linux operating system for the company’s x86 PC architecture platforms. The operating system built on the 2.4.25 Linux kernel is able to be easily embedded onto Axiomtek’s 5.25-inch petit, 3.5-inch capa, PC/104 and half-size single board product families providing customers with reduced build costs, development times and total cost of ownership in building their systems.

“The 2.4.25 kernel was selected due to its stability and robust onboard functions in support of device drivers and interfaces for XFree86 and X-Windows/QT graphic functions,” said Kit Chui, Axiomtek Product Director. “Axiomtek customers in vertical industries, such as industrial automation, HMI, Point of Sale, transaction terminals and more, require flexible and cost-effective Graphical User Interface embedded solutions for their systems. The ability to acquire a complete system interface solution (PC board and Linux operating system) from one vendor offers our customers greater confidence in system compatibility as well as service and support in times of need.”

Axiomtek is not new to offering embedded operating system support for its systems and components. The company currently offers support for Microsoft’s Windows CE, Windows CE.NET, Windows XP embedded; as well as Lineo Solution’s embedded Linux products. As part of the company’s available support, Axiomtek also provides specialized integration services. Branded as eSMART™, in as little as 30 days Axiomtek will perform, test and validate custom integration work on its PC board product platforms, including device drivers and IRQ settings; embedded Linux functions; customer proprietary device drivers and applications; bootloader and utilities as required. The key advantages for the customer is that they receive a PC board prototype ready for mass production, while they are able to focus on their own core competencies in software development and systems integration.

For customers desiring to do their own Linux integration work on Axiomtek’s PC board platforms, the company offers an FTP site for easy access and downloading of the operating system. Furthermore, the company provides a Software Development Kit for customizing features such as multi-language support (i18n, internationalization), keyboard layout time zone and more. Axiomtek will continuously maintain and upgrade its Linux operating system with a team of dedicated software professionals. Customers seeking more information should visit the Axiomtek website at or call the corporate headquarters at (626) 581-3232.

The Axiomtek PC Board Product Platforms

• 5.25-inch Petit Boards – an ideal platform solution with scalability, flexible I/O connectors and low power consumption. Widely used in industrial applications, but can be used in a variety of other industries. Available in seven embedded or riser card standard configurations.

• 3.5-inch Capa Boards – full featured in a compact size, the product family offers low power consumption architecture with ruggedized fan-less reliability with Pentium level performance and flexible onboard features. Available in three embedded standard configurations.

• PC/104 Modules – modularly designed for ease of expansion through onboard multiple PCI sockets, the product line’s 215mm x 142mm form factor features pre-wired I/O connectors on two sides for less board re-layout efforts and easier adaptation to different applications. Available in 21 standard configurations for a multitude of applications.

• Half-size Single CPU and Backplane Boards – conforming to industrial standard form factors, the half-size SBCs provide standard ISA and PICMG compliant PCI edge interfaces with internal power input connectors for backplane-free availability, which are best suited for compact size applications. Available in 12 half-size CPU card and 4 backplane standard configurations.

About Axiomtek

Founded in Taiwan by a group of young and aggressive engineers in 1990, Axiomtek has been acknowledged as one of the major design and manufacturing companies for diverse and market niche solutions in a wide array of industrial and embedded applications. Since the company’s establishment, it has successfully gained worldwide recognition for its innovative designs, product quality and exceptional customer service. Today, Axiomtek offers a wide range of products including Industrial Computer Chasses and Workstations, Super Slim Panel PCs and HMI Solutions, Data Acquisition Systems, Single Board Computers from 386 to Pentium II/III, PC/104 Modules, Embedded Computers in every conceivable form factor, CompactPCI systems and more. Axiomtek employs an international distribution network with tracking and inventory control located in Taiwan, USA, China and Germany to ensure rapid delivery of customer orders. The company can be found on the Web at


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Intelligence & Security Operating System To Blast Its Way In IDEX 2005

(PRWEB) January 27, 2005

Emirates Malaysia German IT Co, WLL was setup to serve and commercialise Security Technologies for the Government Sectors and Agencies, IT and Communication industries. It anticipates being an ICT leader within 15 years of inception in the industry.

EMG Black Box is one of the many products and solutions made available by EMGIT. It is a secured set of hardware, software, and solutions tailored and designed for a particular security need. It is a comprehensive set of mechanics that may be executed utilizing different operating systems, coupled with applications and defined solutions which when initiated will detect intrusion from layers and eliminate downtime caused by conventional security systems.

Emirates Malaysia German IT Co, WLL was setup in 1999 with the objectives of being both an intellectually and sociably responsible company to both community and ecosystem; to develop businesses in a challenging and manageable environment whilst introducing the market with innovative solutions and conformity; and to harness research and development in the industry.

Located at Workshop 3, Abu Dhabi Industrial City , The Emirates Malaysia German IT Company houses technicians, programmers, developers, support staff and R & D. It is also a base for manufacturing and test-bedding of specialized secured solutions and systems.

When Intellectual Property and highly critical data are central to your organization’s principal force, your security requirements must be met within the confinements of a vigilant and specialized solution. Customization is imperative to ensure excellent results, whilst focused problems are detected, analyzed and eliminated within the network

EMG Black Box System & Features:

The Master system is designed with a combination of Firewall Server, Auto Monitoring, Security Control Management, and Recovery Server.

The system has been especially designed to control and manage activities in any given IT management process.

Shadow System is designed specifically to replicate the Master Server. It is set to auto-enabled by default when the Master system fails to initiate within ten minutes.

Application System Using single database and user interface, the Application system is a highly scalable, enterprise-level, web-based data analysis and gateway built on processing technologies, and fully supporting three tiers client/server architecture configurations.

Backup Recovery System was specifically designed as a backup for all data within the architectural setup. During product development cycle, the Lockstep system will identify portions of the backup that need protection from unauthorized access.

CCTV Monitoring System is packaged with a complete solution for secured camera activities, inclusive of remote monitoring.

Computer Access System is specifically designed to log all access activities, using biometrics gears. Users are being informed on the effective utilization of biometrics tools.

Door Access System is implemented using specifics in biometrics, retina-scans, ID/Password for added security. Activities are logged in real-time to the main CPU ensuring effective monitoring. Logs can easily be generated thereafter.

Networking System offers 10Gbit Ethernet switch densities for Enterprises, ISPs and demanding backbones, including LAN, WAN and MAN. Empowered by EMGIT Co, it features the highly secured and guaranteed EMITC Operating System, which includes extensive security, multicast, and multi-protocol feature sets.

All EMGIT solutions and servers are unmatched and unparalleled. From certification programs, to hardware, software, policies, and solutions are professionally tailored for the requirements of each company.



FreeBSD Unveils Latest FreeBSD Operating System Release

(PRWEB) May 14, 2005

This week, the FreeBSD Project released version 5.4 of the FreeBSD operating system. This new release offers new features, new tools, and numerous improvements in security, hardware and networking support for the UNIX-like operating system.

The FreeBSD release supports various hardware architectures including HP/Compaq Alpha systems, AMD's AMD64, Intel EM64T, Intel IA-64 (Itanium), NEC PC-98x1, UltraSPARC, and standard Intel x86 compatible hardware.

"This release builds on the success of the FreeBSD 5 series and includes several new features including significantly improved support for systems with more than 4GB of RAM for both 32-bit and 64-bit Intel and AMD systems," said Scott Long, member of the FreeBSD Release Engineering team.

"And many stability and performance improvements were made to the network stack, drivers, and services, the power management subsystem, and the Linux emulation subsystem," said Long.

New hardware supported by this release includes GPIB-PCIIA IEEE-488 cards, USB Communication Device Class (CDC) ethernet devices, Areca SATA II RAID controllers, and the HighPoint's RocketRAID 182x series ATA RAID controller.

The release also provides new support for natively running many Windows 64-bit NDIS (network) drivers on the AMD64 platform and improved performance and support for the LSI MegaRAID and Adaptec ServeRAID adapters.

A CPU frequency control framework has been added for adjusting Intel SpeedStep for ICH, Intel Enhanced SpeedStep, and ACPI CPU performance states.

FreeBSD 5.4 enhances its high availability and load balancing support by adding Common Address Redundancy Protocol (CARP) for allowing multiple hosts to share IP addresses.

And the IPv4 IPsec implementation now supports the TCP-MD5 extension for enhanced security.

New tools included with the base install of FreeBSD are netcat, for various manual TCP and UDP tasks, and tcpdrop, for dropping TCP sessions.

The FreeBSD release also includes various software updates including BIND, Heimdal Kerberos, OpenSSL, and Sendmail. And the third-party software packages collection has numerous updates including to KDE, GNOME, and the X Window System.

"FreeBSD continues to set the standards for reliability and general usability for a wide variety of corporate, academic, and personal computing needs," said Ken Smith, member of the FreeBSD Release Engineering team.

"Commonly known as an ideal web server platform, FreeBSD is also well-suited for high-performance computing applications, network appliances and embedded systems -- especially due to its developer-friendly Berkeley license," said Matt Olander, engineer.

The FreeBSD 5.4 release is available via online stores and can be downloaded for free via the FreeBSD website.

About The FreeBSD Project

The FreeBSD Project provides an up-to-date and scalable modern operating system that offers high-performance, security, and advanced networking for personal workstations, Internet servers, routers, and firewalls. The FreeBSD packages collection includes popular software like Apache Web Server, Gnome, KDE, X11 Window System, Python, Mozilla, and over 12,000 software suites. FreeBSD can be found on the Internet at

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MUM Accounting Students First in World to Learn New Reporting System Required by US Government Agencies

Fairfield, IA (PRWEB) January 03, 2014

Accounting students at Maharishi University are gaining certification in a new worldwide standard for exchanging financial and accounting information that’s required by the US government as well as a growing list of international organizations. Maharishi U is the first university in the world to offer this certification training as an academic course.

"The government is increasingly expecting financial institutions to adopt this new standard, but there are very few accountants trained in this area," said accounting professor Andrew Bargerstock, PhD, CPA. "Our students are moving quickly to fill this void."

Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL)

The new standard, XBRL, or eXtensible Business Reporting Language, is a formal markup language with some similarities to computer programming that systematically defines business facts, values, contexts, units, and more in order to exchange financial information.

Common functions in many countries that make use of XBRL include regulators of stock exchanges and securities, banking regulators, business registrars, revenue reporting and tax-filing agencies, and national statistical agencies.

A Highly Marketable Skill

According to Dr. Bargerstock, the XBRL standard is rapidly spreading worldwide. In the U.S., both the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) require that all data reported to them use XBRL.

The Netherlands has adopted XBRL as a government-wide standard of reporting accounting and financial information. And in a recent report, the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) stated that "XBRL reporting has become an integral aspect of most registrants’ financial reporting infrastructures, and interactive data is more readily available to financial statement users than ever before."

"We want our students to be on the cutting edge," Dr. Bargerstock said. "This new system is very challenging to learn, but once an accountant is certified, he or she will be highly sought after by the many large institutions who are now having to prepare their data in this new way. This will give our students another credential that will make them attractive in the US and international job market."

Students, Faculty Earn Certification

XBRL International, (, which developed this new standard, offers testing to certify that accountants have mastered it. Dr. Bargerstock and six of his students have so far earned XBRL certification. According to XBRL International, Maharishi University of Management is the first university to offer XBRL instruction and certification as part of the curriculum. XBRL is offered as a one-credit course in MUM’s MBA Accounting program.

The MUM Accounting MBA

Maharishi University of Management offers an MBA for Accounting Professionals program that enrolls students from a variety of countries. They spend seven months on campus taking MBA courses, and then are placed in paid practicum positions around the US while completing their degree via distance education.

Track Record of Success

Dr. Bargerstock, director of the University’s MBA programs, received the 2009 Excellence in Lean Accounting Professor award from the Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI) at the Lean Accounting Summit. Since then, Dr. Bargerstock has published research articles in Management Accounting Quarterly and guided two Ph.D. students who won the Lean Accounting Student of the Year Award (2011, 2013) by LEI at the annual Lean Accounting Summit.

Dr. Bargerstock’s students have also placed in top 10 positions of the revolving CAPSIM business simulations CAPSIM business simulations. Every year since beginning the simulation as part of the MBA curriculum, MUM has placed student teams in the Top 10th percentile worldwide including #1 finishes in the world in 2011 and 2013. This online simulation addresses the need for accountants to become better acquainted with strategic thinking and decision-making in circumstances of uncertainty and in a team environment.

The XBRL training and certification adds to the growing list of skills MUM students have been developing, including their recent course in Data-Mining using the latest SPSS Modeler software and its application in business marketing.

"This combination of these three things—success is Business Simulations, understanding of Data Mining, and XBRL certification," said Dr. Bargerstock, "puts MBAs coming out of Maharishi University of Management in a whole new light with great potential for building long-term careers in the United States and internationally."

About the University

Founded in 1971, Maharishi University of Management (MUM) offers Consciousness-Based℠ Education, a traditional academic curriculum enhanced with self-development programs like the Transcendental Meditation® technique. Students are encouraged to follow a more sustainable routine of study, socializing and rest without the typical college burnout. All aspects of campus life nourish the body and mind, including organic vegetarian meals served fresh daily. Located in Fairfield, Iowa, MUM is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and offers bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees in the arts, sciences, humanities, and business. Visitors Weekends are held throughout the year. For more information, call the Admissions Office at 800-369-6480 or visit

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Advanced System Optimizer – Improve and tweak your PC’s performance

(PRWEB) August 24, 2005

Considering the viewpoint of a business person who wants his copy of Windows is optimized for smooth functioning of daily use applications, a home user who wants to improve system performance and postpone purchase of new machine, a network administrator or a computer consultant who investigates and rectifies performance problems on users' computers and all other guys who are concerned about their data security and system performance, Advanced System Optimizer is for your help.

Advanced System Optimizer is a system tweaking suite that includes around 30 tools to improve and tweak your PC’s performance. It offers an attractive and easy to use interface that organizes all tasks into categories and provides graphical statistics whenever possible. The tools include junk file cleaner, memory optimizer, system information, system files backup, file encryption, safe uninstaller, duplicate file finder, taskbar manager and much more. Advanced System Optimizer also includes an Internet tracks eraser with cookie manager and secure deletion, and even a desktop sticky notes application. Overall, a great bundle that offers a wide range of system tools with extra benefits that are hardly ever found.


    Improves the system performance by cleaning Windows registry.

    Clears the junk files clutter giving more space on your system hard disk.

    Optimize CPU usage.

    Protects your privacy and no one can track what you did on your computer.

    Optimize the memory which means better performance.

    Repairs corrupt zip files.

    You can decide which important tasks you want to run at the Windows startup.

    Optimize internet connection which results in better speed and better connectivity.

    Access internet without graveling popups.

    Helps you remember your important meetings, dates and notes.

    Provides you complete information about hardware and software on your system, memory available, drivers installed, input/output devices installed on your system etc.

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USHIO America, Inc. Introduces State-of-the-Art Kooptech Washer and Dryer System for 3D Glasses

Cypress, CA (PRWEB) September 03, 2013

USHIO America Inc., is pleased to announce its alliance with Kooptech-Cinema for distribution in North and South America of their state-of-the-art 3D Glasses Washing and Drying System. The system’s flexibility accommodates all 3D Glasses Technologies available in the market today: IMAX, Dolby® 3D, Xpand, MasterImage, RealD, etc.

The small, all-in-one system washes, sanitizes and dries all 3D glasses in a 4 min. 30 sec. cycle. The glasses are perfectly clean without watermarks, streaks or spots and are ready to be distributed to movie goers right after the cleaning is complete. The machine’s low temperature method is safe for all glasses. It is user friendly, very effective and the repeatability process is amazing. The low cost of operation makes the investment pay for itself in a short period of time.

“It is an excellent system and a perfect example of how 3D Glasses should be washed and dried. Its low operating cost, ease of use and overwhelming performance superiority has no match on the market. There are many issues with cleaning glasses today and this system solves them all. We are very excited to offer this product to our customers”, comments Darek Gilczynski – Director of Sales, Digital Cinema for USHIO America.

“We are very proud to work together with USHIO America and offer our top of the line product for North and South American Markets” adds Piotr Rogujski – Managing Director of Kooptech-Cinema.


About USHIO America, Inc.

USHIO America, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of lighting products and associated services and control gear in North and South America. Established in 1967 as a subsidiary of USHIO Inc, in Tokyo, Japan, USHIO now carries over 3,500 General Lighting and Specialty products. These Lighting-Edge Technologies™ are provided to a variety of industries such as cinema, general illumination, audio-visual, photographic, stage, studio and television, semiconductor, printed circuit, video projection, UV curing, germicidal, horticulture, graphic arts, flashlight, scientific, medical, dental, ophthalmic, infra-red heating, and many others. For further information, visit

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CacheBoost Professional Edition – Accelerate Your System Performance in One Go

(PRWEB) September 17, 2005

CacheBoost Professional Edition is configured automatically as system service. This service is launched with Windows. It monitors your system in the background and frees resources when required. So you need not bother to acquire additional physical memory as you can maximize the performance of physical memory you already have!

CacheBoost Professional Edition uses only 0.05% of total CPU time. Thus, you can prevent frequent system shut-downs and optimize file cache-management for more effective use of memory resources. Many a times, due to a power failure there can be system crash; critical data can be lost and may cause re-installation of Windows, in worst case. To avoid this problem, you have Data Safe Technology that offers complete security and complete reliability.


Intelligent Cache Management for Windows.

Monitoring and control over the processes that take place in the memory.

Help to reclaim wasted memory on your computer.

Built in Data Safe Technology for safety, reliability and speed.

Guards the allocation of memory resources.

Defragments registry for faster access time.

Recovers memory leaks from poorly behaved applications.

Makes your computer fast and stable in minutes.

Built in Memory Zipper engine to enhance available system memory.

Customize the application to your needs.

You can export customized settings, to apply the same on another machine.

Your PC will feel more responsive and will crash less often.

Runs at your system tray providing better resource allocation.



SpeedUpMyPC – Speed Up Your System

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 30, 2005

SpeedUpMyPC is a new powerful system utility that helps you get the most out of your computer without being a Windows expert.

SpeedUpMyPC can free up memory and other resources. It can optimize your internet connection, reassign CPU resources to improve performance, prevent crashes and reduce startup times considerably.

System Overview

The System Overview page shows an overview of your current system status and resource usage. On this page, you can also find a number of recommended actions depending on your current hardware and software configuration.



CopTrax In-Car Video System integrating Google Glass

Plano, Texas (PRWEB) August 29, 2013

Stalker Radar announced that CopTrax, its new-generation body-worn and in-car video solution for law enforcement is integrating Google Glass.

Google Glass (styled "GLSS") is a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display that is being developed by Google in the Project Glass research and development project, with the mission of producing a mass-market ubiquitous computer. Google Glass displays information in a smartphone-like hands-free format that can interact with the Internet via natural language voice commands.

"Google Glass is a natural companion for the CopTrax platform," CopTrax Product Manager, Bill Switzer said. "With Google Glass, CopTrax can seamlessly transition from in-car to out-car settings.

"We believe that the combination of Googles new wearable computer (styled "GLSS") paired CopTrax technology will enhance officer safety. It is a privilege and honor to introduce such disruptive technology in order to protect our first responders. The men and women of law enforcement sacrifice themselves for our safety everyday, so it is great to be able to find new ways to protect those who protect us," Switzer said.

CopTrax is in-car video and much more. Instead of a bulky DVR, CopTrax uses the patrol vehicles laptop to record and stream video through cellular or wireless networks for storage in the Cloud or on a departments servers. Since CopTrax is primarily a software solution, agencies will no longer need to replace in-car video systems every time vehicles are upgraded. CopTrax provides the following functionality:

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