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Special Offer on Brand New USB 2.0 to DVI Adapters at High End Device Supplier Hiconn Electronics

(PRWEB) January 04, 2014

Based in China, Hiconn Electronics, a professional high end device supplier, makes every effort to create top quality products like VGA+R/L Audio to HDMI Converters, VGA+R/L Audio to HDMI Adapters, Mini DisplayPort 1.2 to HDMI 1.4 Adapters at affordable prices for worldwide clients. Recently, the company has released its new versions of USB 2.0 to DVI Adapters and launched a special offer.

As a leading electronics manufacturer, Hiconn Electronics pays much attention to product quality and functions. With years of hard work, it is now reputed as one of the leading brands in the industry. It has spent several years digging out high end user-friendly products.

Some detailed information about the company’s new USB 2.0 to DVI Adapters is as follows:

Video output with DVI connector
Support function: 1. Primary 2. Extended 3. Mirror
Easily connect additional monitors by using a USB 2.0 cable
Simple to install & use
Quickly add up to six displays to a desktop or PC with minimal configuration & without an additional graphics card
Mirror or extend a computer display workspace
Support resolution up to 1280x1024, 1400x1050 at 32 bit color
Support up to six simultaneous displays
Allow for effortless multitasking bus power, no external power supply needed
Support Windows 2000 SP4 / XP SP3 / Vista SP1 (32/64 bit) / Windows 7 (32/64 bit) and Mac OS 10.4 or above

The marketing specialist of the company says, “We have also simplified the buying process at our online shop. Now, it is very convenient for people to order their ideal items. I am proud of our customer-oriented designs that have helped us to be an industry leader. We’ll keep working hard in 2014.”

About Hiconn Electronics

Hiconn Electronics (Shenzhen Hiconn Electronics Co. Ltd.) is devoted to designing and manufacturing a wide range of connection cables and customized cable assemblies, offering many HDMI cables, VGA cables, SATA cables, USB cables, 1394 cables, DVI cables, SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) and more. For more information, please visit

Contact Person: James Yin (Sales Director)

Company Name: Shenzhen Hiconn Electronics Co., Ltd.

Address: Shenghua Building., Xixiang Road., Baoan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China

Zip Code: 518102

Tel: +86-755-8109 8345

Fax:+86-755-2779 3497


New, Hard-hitting Questions Exhibitors Should Ask Any Prospective Exhibition Stand Supplier

Poole, Dorset (PRWEB UK) 30 September 2013

Quadrant2Design, the Poole based exhibition design agency, has launched a new, innovative way to expose their competitors shortcomings.

It has launched a 'questions for our competitors' section on its website, posing the very questions many exhibition contractors don't want their customers to ask.

Quadrant2Design believe it's understandable that new customers like to shop around when choosing an exhibition company for a new project, or when they're looking for new ideas.

To help with this process, Quadrant2Design's new 'questions for our competitors' list suggests the 'blind side' questions that, although important, clients might not think to ask.

Alan Jenkins, Managing Director of Quadrant2Design said: "We are very confident in our Prestige Events System, our offer and service. If potential buyers ask our competitors the same probing questions we have asked of ourselves, we will win the business. This might upset a few sales people out there, but I'm not worried!"

Alan continues, "Competitors with 'cheap' exhibition stand solutions and inferior service levels, should be worried about well informed customers, who ask 'difficult' questions".

Quadrant2Design would like to challenge any competitor to match the Prestige Events System's capabilities and their service model. Does their system have seamless-effect graphics, curved graphic walling, integrated showcases and digital screens? Can their solutions be easily self-installed by a client, without tools or special knowledge?

Do other exhibition stand solutions have the Prestige Events System's flexible and modular characteristics, the ability to reconfigure for any exhibiting space?

And can they offer Quadrant2Design's Free-Hire Service, or their promise to pre-build every exhibition stand before it leaves the premises - the ultimate 'quality control check'?

"Our 'Questions for our Competitors' also highlights a disturbing omission on many exhibition contractors websites, the total lack of any photographs of 'real' exhibition stands that they have produced for clients, as well as any genuine sounding reviews," comments Alan Jenkins.

To see the list of questions go to: Questions for our Competitors.

For further information, please contact a Quadrant2Design Design Consultant: phone +44 (0)1202 650 333 or email designteam(at)quadrant2design(dot)com.

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Ultimate DWG Recovery Tool Released by Recovery Toolbox, a Leading Supplier of Recovery Solutions.

Sacramento, CA (PRWEB) November 09, 2013

Recovery Toolbox -, an expert in the field of data recovery and a supplier of an extensive line of tools for quick and hassle-free restoration of data from corrupted files of popular applications, announces the release of Recovery Toolbox for DWG, the most advanced and powerful DWG recovery tool on the market.

Based on an all-new file analysis engine utilizing several heuristic algorithms at the same time, the program is now capable of recovering data from files that appeared unreadable for its predecessors and competitors.Recovery Toolbox for DWG comes with a built-in preview module that supports zooming and enables users to preview recoverable items in damaged AutoCAD files.

The program works with AutoCAD files of version 2000 and above and saves recovered data directly to AutoCAD, which must be installed on the users system at the time of recovery. The interface of Recovery Toolbox for DWG has been simplified to the maximum to allow users with basic computer experience to efficiently recover data without anyones help.

This DWG recovery product has great potential, especially with the all-new engine that its been now fitted with, says Victor Bobrov, Lead Software Engineer at Recovery Toolbox. Our program is by far the most efficient, fast and reliable tool of its kind on the market and we hope to see a lot of users happy with the results of its work.

The demo version of Recovery Toolbox for DWG can be freely downloaded from the official site of Recovery Toolbox. All Recovery Toolbox products are thoroughly tested with leading anti-virus tools prior to being published on the site, which makes them 100% safe to download.

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Avoid Confusion: A Knowledge of Supplier Agendas Mean Substantial Savings in IT and Telcom

(PRWEB) September 2, 2005

Convergence is a life changing event provided we can overcome our initial confusion as our traditional suppliers stake their claim in non traditional (to them) IT services.

The suppliers clearly have their own agenda’s but once you understand those agendas and can leverage off the various benefits each supplier gives to you. You should see significant productivity improvements as old ideas remerge and new ideas and alliances form. All indications are that IT services are a strongly growing market and a market fuelled by these new ideas.

IT convergence means that as a customer today you are now finding your traditional Telecommunication carriage providers selling you IT equipment and applications; and your IT equipment and application providers selling you telecommunication services. Traditional boundaries that existed between voice and data are being swept away and everyone is talking about IT convergence.

This is not a new story and those that have spoken with Cisco, NEC, Avaya, IBM or Nortel (to name only a few) would be aware of the claimed benefits of IT convergence to maximise your usage of your current infrastructure or applications. Each will claim to have a unique solution, however there stories are surprisingly similar and each is clearly after expanding their share of your “wallet”.

This is simply because IT convergence means to them accessing a share of the total IT & Telecommunications wallet that they were not able to access in the past. However often to the buyer IT convergence is confused the benefits are often esoteric or poorly explained and it is easy to be caught up in the various agendas of the suppliers.

A current example is IP Telephony, where you have the traditional voice infrastructure providers protecting their customer base. They advocate the “safe and sure” approach of migrating your voice environment to IP. While the IT and network vendors approach voice as an application advocating voice “call servers” and a big bang approach of integrating voice services with IT.

Both approaches will meet particular user requirements; however it is easy to get caught up in the agenda of the various providers in the market.

However what are the agendas? How do you make yourself aware of them?

The best description of the various agendas I have seen comes from IDC who categorises suppliers into three types. Those types are Network Centric, IT Centric and Equipment Centric, defined as follows:

Network Centric: this category comprises the network operators that have offerings beyond the typical access and transport component; network provisioning, configuration and monitoring. They are often building capabilities to migrate and install next generation services.

IT Centric: the category encompasses the IT vendors with data centres capabilities including server hardware and operating system, Web applications and databases. They often bundle solutions with application implementation services and application management and monitoring.

Equipment Centric: this segment includes the equipment side of the convergence supply chain, with provision of LAN/WAN routers and switches, IP PBX, IP Phones and also sometimes maintenance, network readiness assessment.

In the past a customer who had an application requirement would go to their traditional IT vendor or if they wanted equipment they would go to their equipment provider. Those clear cut deliverables from suppliers are disappearing with each supplier vying for a greater share of their customer’s “wallet” and driving for a greater share of the IT services market.

It is interesting to note that each supplier is coming from their position of strength today and leveraging the strength and relationships in their customer base to break into non traditional (for them) areas of IT services.

From a marketing perspective access to adjunct IT services is the low hanging fruit. This means as a carrier managing customer networks and moving the telecommunications “cloud” to the desk top port makes logical sense. However in Australia with Telstra’s acquisition of KAZ, Optus and NCS (Singapore National Computing Systems) and Telecom New Zealand’s acquisition of Gen-I, there is a clear move from the Telecommunication companies to own the end to end IT services market including the applications.

From general research this appears to be a global trend especially in the UK, Europe and North America and Asia is not too far behind. Gartner recently (3/5/2005) published Asia/Pacific’s IT services market revenue growth at 12.4%, which outperformed the global market growth rate for 2 straight years. In the light of this type of growth it is obvious that this market represents an attractive area of growth for companies especially the Telecommunication companies who have been stuck at single digit growth for a number of years

All this means that following the initial confusion and the struggling with the various supplier agendas you should see IT service prices drop across the board. Each supplier will be using there business model to full advantage. Telecommunication companies cross subsidising and bundling their service elements. Application pricing erode with shared services and new technologies such as IBM “On Demand” services reducing CPU cost and storage. Equipment suppliers marginalising the cost of equipment to gain a greater share of the surrounding service elements and push for annuity revenues.

For those that have been in the IT and T industry of 20 years or more we have seen all this before with bureau services of the 80s and CPU time sharing of the 70s.

However with the global economy and the drive to maximise productivity, the re-emergence of old ideas and the creation of new ideas and alliances will, I believe, accelerate. So provided we can overcome the initial buyer confusion IT Convergence has the potential to drive significant synergies and efficiencies into business processes and deliver even greater quality of life.

About the Author:

Craig Price is the Managing Director of BITTS Pty Limited, He has over 22 years expereince in both IT and Telecommunications and today through his company provides consultancy, provisional services for customers and vendors in ICT.

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Leading Online Printer Supplier Announces Latest Addition of Brother tn-450 Compatible Black Toner Cartridge to Product Line

Montreal, Quebec (PRWEB) January 21, 2013

Online printer supplier, just announced that it is expanding its product line in an attempt to meet customers growing printer needs. Among the latest additions is the Brother tn-450 New Compatible Black Toner Cartridge.

This particular printer accessory is a high yield cartridge that will allow many more prints for the money. This can be a sound economic decision for the business which does a lot of copying or printing on a daily basis as the new cartridge allows for up to 3 times the previous amounts of prints to be made. The Brother tn-450 ink cartridge is covered by a one year guarantee to ensure that their customers are satisfied with this high quality product.

This latest announcement from comes as no surprise as the business continues to expand their product lines to meet customer demands. They carry many other printer products including many that are compatible with the brand name of Brother. These high quality cartridges are available for consumers to order from the online store. The cartridge has a shelf life of up to 2 full years and is not refurbished; it is a brand new item.

The printer company has a full line of printer and computer related products which can be viewed at their site online at: Consumers will find that the online supply company has a wide variety of printer and computer accessories which can easily be ordered online and shipped to their business or home address. The company provides 24 hour customer service representatives which are available to assist them in finding a product and completing their orders. They can also answer questions should they arise.


123inkcartridges is located in Canada and is one of the fastest growing online suppliers of printer and computer related products. They currently have more than 10,000 products in their catalogue which is constantly expanding to include new products. They also have more than one huge warehouse where they house their high quality products so that they can expedite shipping to their customers. Their full line of products can be viewed online at Another benefit is that shipping is free for orders totaling more than $ 49.


Online Fiber Optical Cables Supplier, PI Manufacturing Corp., Shines Spotlight on Featured Products

Online Fiber Optical Cables Supplier, PI Manufacturing Corp., Shines Spotlight on Featured Products

Featured and on sale this month: 3 Port USB 2.0 Hub with File Transfer via PC to PC, now only $ 20.00.

Walnut, CA (PRWEB) May 19, 2011

This month, PI Manufacturing, Corp. or PIMFG shines the spotlight on select products off its catalogue. As an added treat to customers, the company, which is a premiere online supplier of fiber optical cables, video baluns and other computer and security accessories, throws in a discount on some of the items. Starting off this month’s featured products is the 3 Port USB 2.0 Hub with File Transfer via PC to PC which is available for now only $ 20.00. This item is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7. Also on this month’s featured products list is the 2 Port Remote Internet Controllable Power Strip, now on sale for only $ 79.99. This is designed to automatically reset a router when Internet connectivity is lost. It also features two outlets to allow customers to remotely turn on/off up to two devices either through a web browser or via MSN messenger.

Another featured and discounted item is the 16 feet USB 2.0 Active Extension Cable which can run up to 80 feet. It is now available for the discounted price tag of only $ 8.65. On the spotlight this month as well is the company’s Fiber Optic Cable, FC to FC, Multimode Duplex (62.5/125) which is five meters long and the Fiber Optic Cable, SC to SC, Multimode Duplex (62.5/125) which is three meters long. Visit the website now to view the complete list of the company’s extensive array of products. Also check out the latest additions to the company’s catalogue. Fast same day shipping applies to all in stock items.

Since 1986, PIMFG has been in the business of providing premiere and affordable solutions for a wide variety of computer, security and home theater needs. Aside from retailing computer cables, video baluns and fiber optical cables, PIMFG also caters to resellers and installers. The company is also now accepting online orders from Canada. For more information about the company and its products, subscribe to the mailing list. Customers may also check the website for helpful resources such as product video tutorials and online catalogues.

About PI Manufacturing Corp.

Since 1986, PI Manufacturing Corp. has been serving its customers for over 24 years. Specializing as a manufacturer, importer, and distributor, PI provides a full line of quality computer cables, networking cables, audio/video cables, adapters, home theater products (HDMI, LCD Plasma Wall Mounts, Ceiling/In-Wall Speakers), security products, accessories and thousands of other items to our customers at wholesale prices. Since its inception, the company's reputation is well received as one of the fastest growing companies in the US. Press release produced by – an Internet marketing services agency that specializes in Los Angeles based SEO services and search engine optimized press release marketing (SEO Marketing).



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Alpine Graphic Apparel, Inc., Named Apparel Supplier for Sunbelt Senior Tour

Alpine Graphic Apparel, Inc., Named Apparel Supplier for Sunbelt Senior Tour

High Point, NC (PRWEB) March 28, 2007

Alpine Graphic Apparel, Inc., has been chosen to be the sole supplier of logo apparel and accessories for the Sunbelt Senior Professional Golf Tour. As the supplier, Alpine provides players, management and staff with golf clothing including golf shirts, caps and other headwear, outerwear and accessories through an online company store. The well-established Sunbelt Senior Tour is the longest running and most successful senior development golf tour in the country with an average of 75 golfers a tournament playing from Florida to Pennsylvania. Alpine Graphic Apparel is situated in High Point, and works with clients both regionally and nationally.

"We believe in building relationships with our partners, largely through high-quality customer service and high-quality products," said Don Allen, president. "We're very excited to add the Sunbelt Tour to our list of clients and look forward to a long-lasting relationship."

Alpine isn't new to the business of operating online company stores. In 2005, it became the national supplier to a large business franchise with more than 400 locations across the country. Other accounts include the United States Department of Justice, Bureau of Prisons, for which it provides prison employee clubs with embroidered custom apparel including jackets, caps and polo shirts, all with the with the Bureau of Prisons shield. The company's brisk regional business is made up schools and universities, property management companies, restaurants and more.

Standing behind its work, Alpine gives a lifetime guarantee on the embroidered stitching of everything it sells, and that's nothing to sneeze at in today's world where high price and poor quality often go hand-in-hand. The company's smooth operational procedures allow orders to be fulfilled quickly and efficiently. The order fulfillment flow begins when Alpine receives a logo from a customer and gives it to its graphic artist. The artist converts it to a computer file the embroidery machinery can read. A sample is stitched and given to the customer for approval. From start to finish, the average turn-around time is about five business days.

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release, contact Leslie Brooks at 336 889-BUZZ (2899) or

About Alpine Graphic Apparel, Inc.

Situated in High Point, NC, Alpine Graphic Apparel, Inc., is a full-service embroidery and screen-printing company supplying corporate apparel, promotional items, uniforms and team wear to businesses both regionally and nationally. Owners, Don and Hilda Allen, have a combined total of nearly 60 years experience with textile, fabric, garment, design and color. The business offers high-quality professional embroidered corporate apparel for business and organizations and guarantees the embroidered stitching for life. Visit the website at


Leslie Brooks

President, Leslie Brooks PR & Marketing

336 889-BUZZ (2899)


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Touchsystems Selects Buffalo Technology as a Preferred Supplier

Touchsystems Selects Buffalo Technology as a Preferred Supplier

HUTTO, TX (PRWEB) September 4, 2004

TouchSystems Corporation, an innovator of touch-enabled products, today announced the selection of Buffalo Technology as a preferred supplier of memory technology solutions.

Buffalo Technologies memory is a reliable industry standard solution ideal for TouchSystems’ products ranging from cost effective Point of Sale (POS) systems and light industrial systems using SDRAM memory (Synchronous Dynamic RAM) to flexible, reliable and powerful transactional and information Kiosks and All-in-One systems using DDR memory (Double Data Rate).

Products like the MM6000 have the flexibility to use 128, 256, or 512MB of SDRAM. In addition, the IndustraTouch Series provides the performance and expandability to run content rich applications with up 1GB of high performance DDR memory.

“In an industry that is crowed with many vendors making or reselling memory, Buffalo Technology is a supplier you can count on by offering award winning products with outstanding quality” said Vice President of Marketing Timothy Boyd.

About TouchSystems

TouchSystems was established in 1996 by one of the original founders of touchscreen technology. TouchSystems designs, manufactures, and distributes touch monitors, all-in-one touch computers, touch point-of-sale terminals (POS), informational kiosks, industrial controls, and peripherals. TouchSystems is dedicated to delivering the most advanced touch-enabled technologies, including wireless capabilities. TouchSystems, based in Hutto, Texas, is a privately held company.

Visit the company website at http:/

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Belcan?s Dallas Office Receives Coveted 2005 Supplier Excellence Award from Texas Instruments

Belcan’s Dallas Office Receives Coveted 2005 Supplier Excellence Award from Texas Instruments

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) May 25, 2006

Cincinnati-based Belcan TechServices announced today that its Dallas office was selected by Texas Instruments (TI) as a recipient of the TI “2005 Supplier Excellence Award.” Belcan TechServices is a division of Belcan Corp., and provides temporary and full-time staffing for companies such as Texas Instruments, which is the world’s third largest semiconductor chipmaker.

TI’s prestigious Supplier Excellence Award (SEA) honors firms whose dedication and commitment in supplying products and services meet or exceed TI's high standards for excellence. Recipients are an elite group of suppliers chosen for their exemplary performance in the areas of cost, environmental responsibility, technology, responsiveness, assurance of supply, and quality. This year, only 18 of TI’s 18,000 suppliers worldwide received the award.

Members of TI's Worldwide Procurement and Logistics group presented the award to the Belcan TechServices Dallas team on May 1, 2006.

According to TI Worldwide Procurement & Logistics Vice President Rob Simpson, “TI requires excellence from our global supply chain, and the Supplier Excellence Awards recognize our best suppliers for their outstanding performance. These companies contribute greatly to the success of TI and our customers. The TI Supplier Excellence Award is designed to reward and celebrate their efforts.”

Belcan passed TI’s rigorous worldwide selection process, and was the only supplemental labor supplier to receive the award.

“We recognize the magnitude of TI’s recognition, and are very proud of Regional Team Leader Michele Wallace and her Dallas team for winning this prestigious award and being included in this elite class of global companies,” said Belcan TechServices President Cleve Campbell. “This award is evidence that Michele and her team are great examples of Belcan’s “Platinum Rule.” Belcan’s “Platinum Rule” is one of its corporate core values, focusing on providing excellent customer service.

When presenting the award to Belcan employees at the Belcan office in North Dallas, Rob Simpson noted, “With your ‘Platinum Rule’ approach to customer service, it’s no wonder that you’ve received this award. You’ve done a great job for TI and we sincerely appreciate your efforts.”

Belcan TechServices provides temporary supplemental labor for TI, finding candidates for a variety of positions, including IT, marketing, finance, admin, and help desk positions. The primary IT positions that Belcan staffs for TI include Unix administrators, Lotus Notes developers, and Java developers. “Having the right people in the right positions is very critical to TI’s success,” said Steve Meyer, TI manager of IT Services Purchasing. “Some of the key reasons we selected Belcan for the Supplier Excellence Award include their immediate follow-up, in-depth understanding of TI’s requirements, and excellent candidate quality and performance.”

TI established its Supplier Excellence Awards in 1983 and concentrates on recognizing only those suppliers who exemplify the highest levels of excellence and emphasize continuous efforts to set higher goals and achieve greater customer results.

About Belcan Corp.

Privately owned Belcan Corporation ( is a professional staffing industry leader with headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, and 60 office locations across the U.S., Europe, and China. Founded in 1958, Belcan provides technical and temporary staffing, full-service engineering, design and build, application technology, information technology, software training, and multimedia services to companies around the world. The Belcan TechServices division specializes in providing supplemental labor (contract/temporary) in the technical, engineering, and IT job categories. For positions in Texas, contact Belcan’s Dallas office at 972-239-0405

Photo Cutline: TI executives visited Belcan’s Dallas office to present Belcan TechServices’ executives and employees with the prestigious 2005 Supplier Excellence Award. Pictured from left to right are: TI Human Resources & Services Manager Steve Haas; Belcan TechServices’ Cincinnati-based Officer John Kuprionis; TI’s Vice President, Worldwide Procurement & Logistics, Rob Simpson; TI’s Director of IT & Services Procurement Bob Nees; TI’s Manager of IT Services Purchasing Steve Meyer, Belcan TechServices’ Texas Regional Team Leader Michele Wallace; and Belcan TechServices’ Cincinnati-based President Cleve Campbell.


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World’s Largest Supplier of Stadium Flooring Systems and Tent Flooring Acquired by Dubin Clark

World's Largest Supplier of Stadium Flooring Systems and Tent Flooring Acquired by Dubin Clark

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 9, 2007

Signature Fencing and Flooring, the world's largest manufacturer, designer and renter of turf protection systems and specialty plastic flooring announces its sale to Dubin Clark Company, a private equity firm in Greenwich, Connecticut. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Signature provides interlocking, modular plastic flooring, tarps, portable flooring, equipment roadways, sideline covers, ice covers, stanchions and steel barricades to the stadium, arena, athletics, and events markets. Its products are sold under the EventDeck, UltraDeck, HexaDeck and DuraDeck brand names.

Signature has installed flooring to protect the turf at important facilities and events, including the Cincinnati Bengal's Stadium, The Baltimore Raven's Stadium, The St. Louis Ram's Stadium, The Tennessee Titan's Stadium, Penn State, and numerous other baseball and football stadiums at colleges and high schools nationwide. Signature Flooring has also installed its flooring for use at the opening ceremonies of the Asia Games and at graduations and concerts worldwide.

Signature flooring has several unique temporary flooring options available, ranging in weight from lightweight field covers to heavy duty access roadways for cranes and other heavy vehicles. Stadiums use the company's DuraDeck heavy duty flooring backstage to allow for ground protection during the move in of staging and other heavy materials, forklifts, and other concert production equipment. Signature's lighter EventDeck product is used for grass protection under chairs and in areas where pedestrians and attendee's are expected.

Signature also has additional flooring divisions that offer tent flooring, event flooring, dance floors (, garage flooring (, and traction mats.

"Signature Flooring is already the world's premier source for natural and synthetic turf protection at concerts and other on-field events" said Arnon Rosan, President of Signature Fencing and Flooring. "Our sale to Dubin Clark is part of our continued strategy of consistent growth in products and services. With Dubin's considerable financial backing, management will be able to provide even better service and a greater product range to our many customers and markets" he added.

"Dubin Clark believes in Signature as a platform for future acquisitions and growth in the specialty flooring business. From stadium flooring to tent flooring and from industrial modular flooring to sports flooring, Signature is a market leader and as such was our natural choice as a partner in this industry" said Brent Paris, a partner at Dubin Clark. "We believe in management's ability to continue its dominance of the stadium and athletic turf protection markets and will assist them in finding the right opportunities for continued growth" he added.

Signature rents and sells its fencing and flooring products directly and through a network of worldwide dealers, agents and distributors. It also provide all types of temporary fencing and barricades through its Signature Fencing division (


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