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Watch DVDs on smartphones and tablets this Christmas with major upgrade from Pavtube Studios

London, UK (PRWEB UK) 18 December 2013

This Christmas, people will be able to convert and watch DVDs and Blu-rays using the latest upgraded software from Pavtube Studios. Bytecopy, an innovative conversion software from Pavtube, allows users to convert movies and videos from DVDs and Blue-rays straight onto their mobile devices while maintaining the original quality.

With the large number of people using their mobile phones and tablets to consume media, there was the need for a software to be able to watch DVDs on these devices. With one in three people now a regular user of a tablet in the UK, according to eMarketer, and 67% of the US using smartphones according to Nielsen, a large proportion of people are using tablets and smartphones to consume media while commuting and at home.

“We found that the majority of our customers are converting digital media to their tablets and smartphones. So we decided to upgraded our software to not only allow people to watch movies on the go but now convert media for the very latest range of devices,” said Anda Wu, the software’s developer.

Bytecopy also has features that make it stand out from the crowd. Features such as multi-task conversion which allows users to convert Blu-rays and DVDs with multiple language audio tracks on all the latest devices. No other software on the market is able to do this and it allows users to use subtitles on their mobile devices.

Another innovative feature of the software is the fact that Bytecopy can now convert movies into 3D format. This allows users to watch standard movies in 3D on 3D televisions and 3D projectors using side by side and top down technology.

Wu continued, “Along with all these great features, Bytecopy can now convert media for devices such as the new iPad Air, the iPhone 5S/5C, Apple TV, WDTV, Android phones and tablets such as the Kindle Fire HDX and the Galaxy range of devices.”

With Christmas almost here, people will be able to review and convert classic movies and the latest blockbusters from Blu-rays and DVDs to their devices. They will be able to watch these movies on the go while travelling by plane or train to see loved ones and enjoy their holidays.

Ease of use is now a big feature of the upgrade with people being able to convert movies in just a few clicks. Bytecopy is able to automatically detect and convert the main movie on DVDs, help trim off unwanted material from the start and end of movies and also add subtitles. This is truly a one stop solution to all the converting needs of smartphone and tablet users.

“After the upgrade, this software is at last an all-in-one Blu-ray/DVD solution to meet all the needs of movie fans for multi-track backup and conversion,” concluded Anda Wu.

About Pavtube Studios

Founded in 2007, Pavtube creates expert multimedia software applications that help consumers access, transfer and share their digital content across different devices that range from PC, Mac, tablets, smartphones, to HD media players, game consoles, and home theatre systems.

On the basis of computer OS, Pavtube products are divided into two categories - Windows solutions and Mac solutions, spanning across BD/DVD backing up, video trans-coding, camera/camcorder footage and DVR recordings (e.g. TiVo) conversion.

With creativity, expert knowledge as well as cutting-edge technology, Pavtube helps consumers throughout the world enjoy more in a digitally connected audio-visual world. See for more information.


RKNet Studios Announced Game Download from Play Store of Intelligence Game 21 Ninja – for Brain Fitness and Development of Cognitive and Social Skills

Middletown, NJ (PRWEB) June 25, 2013

Anant Goel, CEO at RKNet stated: "21 Ninja is an intelligence game for hours of fun, brain fitness, and development of cognitive skills and social skills. You can play against the computer as your playmate or challenge a friend in a game for two. Game is fun to play, and challenging the computer, or challenging your friends, is even more awesome when you win."

21 Ninja is a real life intelligence game that engages and develops 21 cognitive skills and can last 30 minutes of fun. Game shows the skills engaged and developed. It continuously keeps the score, monitors the progress, and at the end of the game it grades players' cognitive skills.

Everyone has cognitive abilities, but not everyone's cognitive abilities are the same.

There are some natural differences that separate the potential of an astronaut from a taxi driver. People can, at any age, improve their cognitive capacity, speed and accuracy. When they do, everything that relies on those cognitive skills gets easier, faster and more efficient.

21 Ninja is played with computer generated Ninja cards and a cognitions game board on screen.

Number of Players: One plays against the computer to engage, develop, and grade cognitive skills... Two play against each other to challenge and develop social skills.

Computer Deals: Random Ninja cards from the deck with 4 Ghost Ninja cards.

Game Start: First name player can start by picking and placing the Ninja card in the open stage for Ninja challenge. Ghost Ninja, when served, is used to disrupt challenger's Ninja force or skip the turn to gain strategic advantage.

Score: Running score is updated each time a player has three Ninja cards of the same suite in a winning formation horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

Ninja Warrior Plays: There are 3 Ninja suites in the deck: Red Ninja, Black Ninja, and the Ghost Ninja.

Ghost Ninja Play: introduce a low-probability, high-impact event in the game. This concept is introduced to increase players ability to adapt to real surprises in life. Such sudden incidents might constitute as turning points in the game and replicate life events that change or greatly impact the final outcomes.

The objective of the game is to Hunt for Ninja formations for scoring opportunities, Block the opponent from scoring, strategically Plan ahead, and Disrupt opponents scoring formations when winning.

21 Ninja game is designed in the labs but proven in real life to engage, exercise, nurture, and develop a range of 21 cognitive skills from working memory to fluid intelligence.

In a game between an adult and a youth, the adult can take the fun opportunity to teach and mentor on the basis of shared interests and nurture the youth's memory skills, logical thinking and reasoning skills, decision making skills, risk taking and risk aversion skills, and social skills such as turn taking, graceful winning [or losing] and being patient with others.

Integration of multiple cognitive skills in one competitive game makes 21 Ninja fun to play; and more beneficial than brain-training computer games. Repeating one or two cognitive skills in brain-training games, again and again, is like revving your car engine in Neutral while sitting in your driveway, going nowhere.

Anant Goel said:"Train the brain and develop cognitive skills with 21 Ninja. Challenge the computer or friends to develop social skills. There are no limitations in age and brain power. This is an interactive game for kids and adults, people of all ages."

Be social. Play, chat and share achievements with friends and family!

Be the best! Play at the party and have the family join-in the fun or make it a challenging pair game with friends!

Publish comments and suggestions on Google Play Store and rate the game. Send player's high scores to receive Certificate of Excellence and T-shirt bonus prize!

Cognitions Bridge games can be downloaded on tablets from Google PLAY Store or the Apple APP Store.

Launch Press:

Download from Play Store:

Download from App Store:

About RKNet Studios:

Founded in 2007, parent company of RKNet Studios develops digital media content and mobile apps for the global audiences. Created by NJBIN award winning team; Cognitions Bridge mobile apps and games are for education, entertainment, brain fitness, and development of cognitive and social skills. The developers bring over 40 years of experience in technology, Applied Cognitive Psychology, communications, and applied operator training systems for fast moving Nuclear Power Control Rooms.


Showtime for Datapath x4 at NOS studios

(PRWEB UK) 8 November 2012

The Nederlandse Omroep Stichting (NOS) translates literally as the Netherlands Broadcasting Foundation. As the countrys largest organisation of its type, the NOS has a statutory obligation to deliver independent and reliable output for three Dutch public television channels. Typical programmes include daily news bulletins, parliamentary reporting and the coverage of sports events.

There is no understating the importance of the NOS as a vital, national media and communications service. In fact, in the event of emergencies or a major news story breaking, it even assumes control of the public networks and co-operates with other members of the system to provide rolling coverage.

Aiding the upgrade

Central to the ongoing reputation of such an organisation is the need for continuous evolution and updating. As a consequence, in early 2012, the NOS decided to implement a completely new house style and setting for all its news, sports and current affairs programmes. To best facilitate this decision, it organised a high profile design contest.

The brief for the contest outlined the new way of news broadcasting that the NOS wanted to introduce: modern, dynamic and closer to the viewer. It was clear that such a transformation would entail the upgrade of various studios, making them capable of giving each programme a brand new style and identity. According to the NOS, the design project submitted by Fisheye of Ghent, Belgium perfectly matched its perception of the news of the future.

System integrator, Fisheye, is an experienced studio designer and constructor. The company has the means to realise concepts and ideas in-house. The companys workshop features high specification machinery, recording space, editing rooms, voice-over studios and technical space; thus providing an environment where creativity and technology can readily cross-pollinate.

Think blink

Supporting Fisheye on the NOS project was system technology specialist and studio integration consultant, Blinkblink, a Datapath distributor in the Benelux region.

Blinkblink has an established reputation as a solid partner when it comes to a wide range of straightforward and complex communications tools, particularly for digital signage, multi-screen set-ups and broadcast solutions. The company recently added to its technology portfolio by becoming a distributor of the Datapath x4 stand-alone display wall controller perfect timing to make it a central component in the proposal supplied to the NOS.

Looking at the project brief, it was pretty tough to be honest, states Blinkblinks owner and managing director, Kris Goubert. Literally, the NOS wanted 12 x HD and said can you deliver a solution? Of course, we had the Datapath x4 up our sleeve and knew this could match up to expectations.

Wall-to-wall benefits

The design proposed by Fisheye allowed for a surprisingly large studio to be built in a relatively small space. A stratified video rear wall, in combination with horizontal LED stripes, provides an impression of space in fact the large video canvas appears to float in front of the illuminated wall.

It is composed of no less than 274 separate video cubes. In the largest studio (studio 8), the total playback resolution is the equivalent to 12 x HD next to each other. The configuration relies on playback power provided by a Picturall Octo media server, which provides a HD DVI on each output at a resolution of 1920 x 1080. However, to multiply this, a Datapath x4 is connected to each of the servers outputs, providing a custom HD resolution of 3840 x 1080 at 50 Hz.

The x4 takes out the first and second HD files and the server sees these outputs as independent screens, explains Mr Goubert. In fact, the dual link DVI input on the Datapath x4 is critical to this application as many competitor products only offer a standard single link.

Cream of the crop

Each output of the Datapath x4 can represent an arbitrary crop region of the original input image. The output resolution and frame rate does not need to be related to that of the input, as the Datapath x4 will optionally upscale and frame rate convert each cropped region independently: perfect for the effect desired at the NOS studios.

In studio 8, the media server has an input slot to accommodate four HDSDI feeds from the studio matrix. From here, six outputs are connected to six Datapath x4 display wall controllers. Each group of 6 x 5 cubes is served by one output of one Datapath x4. These regions can overlap to allow any output to replicate another, or they can be configured to support any creative splice of the source material. With each x4 providing 2 x HD, this gives a video wall capable of media file playback at 12 x HD. Custom software enables the crew to playback all the media as a cue list.

Although installed in July 2012, a full test set-up was first constructed at BlinkBlink where stress tests were performed testing with very high resolution media files and data rates to ensure that the overall system could keep up.

Cost effective solution

Television studios are typically complex applications, but the efficiency of our business operation in combination with a down to earth attitude and cost effective proposal clearly made for a winning formula in this case, says Mr Goubert. In fact, there was a competitor product being considered initially, but using the Datapath x4 meant we could come in significantly cheaper without any compromise in performance.

The NOS studios have now gone live and the changes are instantly visible. The biggest impact can be seen in the 8 o'clock NOS Journaal (the most viewed and therefore the most important news broadcast provided by the NOS), in which the news anchor walks through the entire studio instead of remaining seated during the broadcast. The intention is that the anchor comes closer to the public and makes the news more attractive and dynamic to watch. Little do the viewers realise that the real magic lies in the technology.


About Datapath Limited

Datapath Limited is a world leading innovator in computer graphics, video capture and digital display technology.

Founded in 1982 and now distributing across five continents, Datapath has end customers in more than 100 countries Worldwide; covering multiple industries such as visual media, military, education, security and health care.

Consistently meet standards of excellence with the delivery of quick and effective support, and providing unbeatable customer service for any specialised requirement.

With Datapaths expertise, quality focus and dedicated customer support make the products the first choice for customers requiring solid, high-reliability solutions.


Spark Logix Studios’ Seminars Helping Small Businesses Grow Online

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) November 30, 2012

Spark Logix Studios, a Minneapolis based inbound marketing company, already offers an array of free advice on its blog, but now the team plans to unveil even more steps to online success through in-person, open format seminars. The free seminars are designed for small businesses interested in using online marketing to find new customers and boost sales.

The Spark Logix Studios group insists no computer or marketing experience is necessary to attend, as they will instruct and field questions about everything from fundamentals, such as why having a website is necessary, to more in-depth topics, including how to make a big impact in the online marketplace.

"No matter their starting point, we want to help all small businesses improve their web presence and subsequently see in an increase in conversions," Advertising Account Manager Sam O'Byrne said. "The open format of the seminars makes it possible for attendees to bring up issues relevant to them."

Among the topics being discussed at the seminars are how online is different from "traditional" advertising and why it converts, why even local businesses should advertise online, and the value of social media.

According to Spark Logix Studios' interactive media consultant, Andie Lindsay, "Many small, local businesses are under the impression they don't need to worry about online marketing, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. We still see many business owners deliberately avoiding setting up a webpage or participating in social media, and we want to show them what they've been missing."

Spark Logix Studios has made a name for itself as a company that uses innovative technologies, such as responsive web design, to keep its clients always on the cutting edge. And although it has multiple offices across two states and continues to expand, it began as a small group of web designers and thus knows a thing or two about growing a small business.

"The strategies we share in our seminars are all things we've learned from experience and do ourselves," Account Manager Ryan Beckman said. "We are our own guinea pigs, and I think people can tell from our successful track record we know what it takes to compete in today's market."

Currently, there is a seminar on December 6th at New Ulm's Holiday Inn. Additionally, Spark Logix Studios is accepting requests for seminars in other areas.

For more details about the events or to register, visit the Spark Logix Studios Website.

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Mother Mind Studios Launches In Denver, CO Concepting & Producing Films, Comic Books, & Other Creative Endeavors

Denver, CO (PRWEB) May 28, 2012

Director/producer Dane Bernhardt, writer Cuyler Mortimore, visual artist Daniel Crosier, editor Jose Medina, director Stephen Santa Cruz, photographer/graphic artist Norman Dillon and Denver DigiFest director/producer Mike Hance - partner up to create Mother Mind Studios.

Mother Mind is a new digital media company that specializes in creating artistic and compelling marketing solutions for local businesses in Colorado, while also developing, producing, marketing, & distributing feature films. In addition Mother Mind Studios will develop and print materials such as the "Distortions Unlimited" comic book, and other projects featuring original content.

Mother Mind Studio's original feature films are in various stages of development and production. Mother Mind Studios productions are able to operate on micro budgets opting for the DIY (Do It Yourself) method.

Mother Mind Studios also offers its service for developing & producing commercial, new media, and online content for local businesses in addition to marketing.

The studio is currently marketing Stephen Santa Cruz & Joel Stangles by submitting it to film festivals around the world, and setting up free screenings to the local communities. Colfax & 15th is also being made available on DVD.

Original film projects are currently is various stages of productions. The mockumentary Isolation Man directed by Daniel Crosier & Dane Bernhardt, is currently in post-production, and will screen a rough-cut at Denver Comic Cons Filmapalooza, Saturday June 16th, at 8pm. Colfax & 15th will also be screened at Denver Comic Con at 6pm. Bernhardt is also wrapping up a documentary with Tom Murphy about the Denver music scene called Denver Undiscovered as well as a film with Cuyler Mortimore about the Denver comic book scene.

Show Devils, a comic book about the sideshow performance duo the Enigma (X-Files, Ripleys Believe Or Not) & Serana Rose will be the first publishing endeavor debuting in June. The Show Devils book features the talents of writer Daniel Crosier, and illustrator Karl Krumpholz.

"We've built up a talented team and we're excited to see where we can go and how far we can get. This is an age where the independent media experience can achieve ever-wider distribution thanks to the Internet. states Bernhardt, The studio structure we're developing is one built with the help of the Denver community. Our goal is to continue to provide and develop a sustainable home for collaborative filmmakers and artists.

Mother Mind Studios has several more projects that will be announced in the near future. Visit Mother Mind Studios or call 7202366339 for press inquiries.


contentAI Studios Release My Tooth Fairy Chat — A Children’s Mobile and Tablet App

Portland, OR (PRWEB) May 18, 2012

contentAI studios ( have released a new childrens mobile application, "My Tooth Fairy Chat" as a year-round companion app to their "My Santa Talk" mobile, tablet and desktop app.

My Tooth Fairy Chat is a magical interactive chat and story with a virtual Tooth Fairy.

The initial release is a native Android app found on GOOGLE PLAY: Pending releases are on Amazons App Store, Kindle Fire and INTELs AppUp Windows Desktop App platform.


MY TOOTH FAIRY CHAT, features an enhanced mobile and tablet User Interface (Version 1.2) inclusive of HTML5 audio coupled with interactive conversational writing, as a new form of interactive fiction.

contentAI studios produce conversational mobile applications for mobile marketing, entertainment and mLearning. The company designed the platform in anticipation of the need for so-called 2nd Screen Applications that extend television content, story and characters, to interactive mobile devices.

Cofounder, Eric Weymueller, describes the future of conversational writing for 2nd Screen applications as: The contentAI platform was conceived as a method of extending stories from motion picture and television screens down to smaller, mobile interactive screens. The ability to engage in a personalized, one-to-one conversation with a virtualized version of on screen characters is rich with character and story possibilities.

The MY TOOTH FAIRY CHAT app is graphically rich, coupled with a personalized interactive narrative. The application is child safe and friendly (no personal data is acquired in the engagement and child-safe filters are applied to all responses).

Weymueller continues, Two-way, real-time communication on mobile devices with virtual characters and virtual brand agents will span applications from intelligent packaging, to interactive fiction, to mobile learning. Our analytics show users engaging for up to 32 minutes in chats with virtual characters People are delighted by them. The concept of chatting with any number of television characters to discover hidden stories, clues or prizes engages the Audience on an emotional level.. The potential of our platform to create 2nd screen apps fascinates us.

The apps released to date by contentAI include the conversational mobile English as a Second Language conversational learning apps through, accessed by users in over 50 countries per month.

contentAI studios, are imprints of zyntroPICS Inc., a privately held Company based in Portland, Oregon. zyntroPICS Inc. are engaged in the development of mobile technologies with a focus on interactive, multi-screen story-driven content.


Algonquin Studios Launches New Web Site for Berman, Sobin, Gross, Feldman & Darby, LLP

Buffalo, NY (PRWEB) June 06, 2012

Berman Sobin, a mid-sized law firm providing specialized legal representation to Union members and their families, has chosen Algonquin Studios and their web content management system, QuantumCMS, for the design, development, and hosting of the firms new web site.

Algonquins web development team served primarily as consultants during the design of the new site, assisting Clifford Sobin, one of the firms founding partners, in the execution of his design ideas for the site. Originally connected to Algonquin through the companys sponsorship of the Association of Legal Administrators, Mr. Sobin has a general interest in computer programming and development and wanted to be involved in new sites design process. Working from code provided by Algonquin, Sobin created a look he and his fellow partners were happy with; Algonquins web developers then finalized the design, coded the site, and deployed the completed site on the QuantumCMS content management system.

According to Mike Spencer, Algonquins Web Development Manager, Working with Cliff Sobin was the perfect opportunity to put on our consultant hats here at Algonquin. Berman Sobins site development was a true collaboration and, because the client was so involved in the design process, we were sure the finished product was exactly what they wanted.

The new site offers streamlined navigation allowing current and prospective clients to access information on the firms attorneys and practice areas quickly and easily. Visitors can also access the firms auto accident, social security disability, wills and estates, and workers compensation blogs directly from the sites homepage.

About Berman, Sobin, Gross, Feldman, and Darby, LLP - Berman, Sobin, Gross, Feldman and Darby, LLP has eighteen attorneys and over thirty staff members dedicated to providing service to clients who are injured or have other specialized needs. The majority of the firms clients are Union members or their families. Berman Sobin concentrates its legal practice in the areas of Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Workers' Compensation, Social Security Disability, Railroad Accidents, Estate Planning and Administration, Guardianships, and Maritime Law. The firm has offices in Maryland and Washington, D.C.

About Algonquin Studios Algonquin Studios is a professional services firm providing software development, web content management, web design and business consulting since 1998. Our business and technology solutions solve problems for companies from many industries including legal, health care, financial services, and not-for-profit. Algonquin Studios has offices in Buffalo, NY and New York City.

About QuantumCMS - Algonquin Studios content management system has been designed for flexibility and ease of use. QuantumCMS makes it easy to manage all of your web content with browser-based tools that require no technical knowledge or familiarity with HTML. Changes are made in real time, keeping your web presence fresh and engaging for current and prospective clients and add-on modules built for specific industries cater to the needs of marketers in those fields.


Non-Profit UpWord Studios Kicks Off Support and Funding of New Media Projects for the Catholic Community

Olathe, KS (PRWEB) May 09, 2012

UpWord Studios ( launched today as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that supports and funds the creation of Catholic new media, bringing enhanced access to historical materials and enabling new digital content.

UpWord Studios works with Catholic publishers, church organizations, and ministers to utilize todays technology in sharing the Catholic faith. The organization helps fund and create Catholic digital media projects in the areas of catechesis, evangelization, prayer, and community, with the goal of helping to define, preserve, and promote Catholic identity.

We as the Catholic community need to take every advantage to evangelize and share the Good News. And there is no greater opportunity available to us right now than effectively utilize digital media, Internet and mobile technologies to share Gods message, said Diane Lampitt, a longtime leader in Catholic publishing and UpWord Studios Board member.

Among todays increasingly tech-savvy population are seekers who are desperately trying to find deeper meaning in their lives. UpWord Studios strives to reveal this spiritual dimension through digital new media, where people are spending a great deal of time. The message stays the same its the format and channel of communication that change, said Fred Fosnacht, founder of UpWord Studios.

UpWord Studios inaugural project, The Rosary multi-touch ebook, is now available on the iTunes store. Designed as a both a multimedia book and a teaching aid on the iPad, the multi-touch ebook brings together video, animation, images and audio to create a compelling learning experience.

The organizations project pipeline includes work with a variety of collaborators on Catholic new media initiatives, including:

iPhone and iPad apps
Interactive games
Webcasts and live video streaming
Podcasts and videocasts
Virtual event experiences
Online communities

UpWord Studios will serve as a catalyst for Catholic new media creation in the areas of sacramental life, faith formation, catechesis, evangelization, prayer, and community. The foundation will provide select grants for Catholic material that is:

Experiential drives toward an experience of a relationship with the Triune God
Participative engages the user interactively
Image-driven rich in images, video and music
Communal creates a connection between spiritual seekers and our Catholic community

Grant applications can be downloaded from

UpWord Studios is also seeking support from Catholic benefactors who can make donations securely online at These donations provide critical support for development work of projects in the pipeline.

About UpWord Studios

UpWord Studios, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, is a new media development house that supports and funds the creation of Catholic new media, bringing enhanced access to existing materials and enabling new digital content. The organization provides new media services and financial support to promote effective, innovative communication vehicles for the Gospel message. As a non-profit organization, UpWord Studios supports many important Catholic ministries, including youth, young adult, RCIA, RCIC, marriage and family, and many more. Visit us at

# # #

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Oscar Winning Moonbot Studios Animated Short Fueled by Ringling College Graduates

Sarasota, FL (PRWEB) February 29, 2012

Ringling College of Art and Design is pleased to announce that a short film created by Moonbot Studios, an animation and storytelling studio cofounded by a Ringling College graduate and Trustee, won an Oscar at the 84th Academy Awards


Bucks County Graphic Design Artist Christopher Wajda’s NorthPoint Studios Provides Illustration and Graphic Design for Industry – Details at

Bucks County Graphic Design Artist Christopher Wajda's NorthPoint Studios Provides Illustration and Graphic Design for Industry - Details at

(PRWEB) February 13, 2005

Christopher Wajda provides Bucks County's most innovative, creative and affordable Illustration, Communications and Graphic Design. Wajda works in mixed media, traditional and digital artwork for magazines, newspapers, books, the recording industry, private firms and corporations looking to give publications and communications the custom professional look of personalized artwork - from concept to implementation - your project is in our hands and we treat your job as it was our own. Illustration of custom cartoon for company newsletters, safety flyers and similar projects are one of our specialties.

We understand that the business world doesn't often wait for the world of the arts, so you can be assured that your deadline becomes our deadline, and timeliness and expediency are two of our hallmarks. Give us the chance to redefine how you look at commercial and fine art. Christopher Wajda produces some of the most innovative and visually exciting illustration and design at competitive costs features quick turnaround on all our artwork. Chris works in a wide range of mediums ranging from traditional acrylic, watercolors and oil paints to the latest digital multimedia and 2-D programs to offer the widest range of styles available in the freelance art market.

Christopher Wajda, born in 1972 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was raised in Bensalem, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Attended Holy Ghost Preparatory School in Bensalem, Pennsylvania before attending art school in Newtown, Pa and later studying art and design in college in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Wajda began working in illustration in 1994 for the Trenton Times, New Jersey's largest daily newspaper producing half and three quarter page full color illustrations. Wajda also produced humorous illustration for a wide array of business and organizations, from book illustration to safety and business cartoons. Gradually, developing websites and industrial design grew from the exposure of those first illustrations leading to the opening ofNorthPoint Studios in 2001. Northpoint Studios, Graphic Design and Illustration Studio was opened by Wajda as a vehicle to creating exposure and obtaining new clientele.

Wajda has won many awards and competitions for his graphic design, including designing the official seal for Bensalem Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania in a city wide juried exhibition. During that same time, Wajda's career path shifted from a primary focus on the industrial and graphic design arts to fine arts, where he started pursuing a path more geared to the exploration of color, form and the integration of design expressed in a variety of painting mediums. Wajda spent 4 years travelling extensively through Europe and the United States studying different artistic techniques and studying the works of the European and modern American masters.

Contact Christopher Wajda at 215-208-0888 for additional information.


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