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Energy Harvesting: Market Shares, Strategy, and Forecasts, 2013 to 2019 a New Research Report Available at

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) December 20, 2013

Energy Harvesters markets at $ 131.4 million in 2012 are projected to increase to $ 4.2 billion in 2019. Growth is anticipated to be based on demand for micro power generation that can be used to charge thin film batteries. Systems provide clean energy that is good for the environment. Growth is based on global demand for sensors and wireless sensor networks that permit control of systems.

The 2013 study “Energy Harvesting: Market Shares, Strategy, and Forecasts, 2013 to 2019 -” has 597 pages, 288 tables and figures. Worldwide markets are poised to achieve significant growth as the Energy Harvesting is used inside telemedicine systems and m-health initiatives as a way to implement ruggedized handset communications for all clinicians.

Advanced storage devices are emerging simultaneously. Storage devices can leverage the power captured by energy harvesting devices. Energy storage technologies of super-capacitors and thin-film batteries have become cost-effective. Energy harvesting devices have attained workable levels of efficiency. There are significant cost reductions. Many applications are related to smarter computing that depends on sensors capturing change in conditions and making adjustments to the environment based on measured change.

Existing energy harvesting and storage applications include vibration-based wireless train measuring systems, wireless sensors distributed city wide to implement smart cities, oil field monitoring systems, windup laptops for use in remote regions, and wireless light switches for use in smart buildings. Wireless sensors are self-powering. They can be used to alert and monitor a range of environments and incidents, pollution and forest fires, robberies in a city, temperature in a building, and movement around a border fence.

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Energy harvesting technologies include electrodynamics, photovoltaics, piezoelectrics, and thermovoltaics. Photovoltaic systems for solar energy are evolving at a slower pace. The energy harvesting and energy storage market factors implement light harvesting for small devices.

Technological developments in the fields of low-power electronics and energy storage systems have allowed energy harvesting to become an increasingly viable technology. It is alternatively referred to as energy scavenging and power harvesting. Energy harvesting technology has become sophisticated and efficient.

According to the study, “Converting ambient energy to useable electrical energy harvesting (EH) systems ( is a useful and compelling technology. The technologies offer an inexpensive and compact way to power portable electrical devices initially and to create stores of power in the long term.”

Electronics tends to rely heavily on batteries. EH technology powers an increasing number of consumer and industrial products that are untethered or need to become disconnected from electrical outlets. As initial projects succeed and prove their worth, the technology is set to proliferate.

At some point energy harvester markets will shift from simple growth to rapid growth measured as a penetration analysis. This will happen as markets move beyond the early adopter stage. Eventually energy harvesters will be used as fuel to power batteries for electronic devices and smart phones. The energy is manufactured from vibration and thermal differentiation that is ambient in the environment. Energy harvesters have become more feasible as the technology evolves.

ENERGY HARVESTING Company Profiles: ABB, Adaptive Materials Technology - Adaptamat Ltd, Alphabet Energy, Arrow Electronics, American Elements, USA, Australian Defence Science & Technology Organisation (DSTO), Arveni, Avnet, BAE Systems, Boeing, BYD, CST, Cymbet, Digi International, Dust Networks, EnOcean GmbH, Finmeccanica, Flexible Electronics Concepts, Ferro Solutions, Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS, General Electric Company, GMZ, Honeywell, Infinite Power Solutions, Inventec, IO, ITN Lithium Technology, II-VI incorporated / Marlow Industries, JonDeTech, KCF Technologies Inc, Kelk, Levant Power, LORD Corporation, MacSema, MicroGen Systems, Micropelt, Millennial Net, Modern Water, Nature Technology, Nextreme, Northrop Grumman, OMRON, Planar Energy Devices , Perpetua, Perpetuum, Phononic Devices, Polatis Photonics, Primus Power, PS, Schneider Electric, Severn Water / Modern Water / Cymtox Limited, Silicon Labs, Syngenta Sensors UIC, Teledyne / Rockwell Scientific, Texas Instruments (TXN:NYSE), Trophos Energy, University of California, Berkeley and more.

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Global Energy Harvesting Devices Market 2011-2015 (

Analysts forecast the Global Energy Harvesting Devices market to grow at a CAGR of 18.2 percent over the period 2011-2015. One of the key factors contributing to this market growth is the increasing demand in consumer electronics. The Global Energy Harvesting Devices market has also been witnessing the miniaturization of energy harvesting devices.

Global Grid-scale Energy Storage Market 2012-2016 ( Analysts forecast the Global Grid-scale Energy Storage market to grow at a CAGR of 31.58 percent over the period 2012-2016. One of the key factors contributing to this market growth is the increasing need to reduce power blackouts. The Global Grid-scale Energy Storage market has also been witnessing the increased demand for decentralized power generation.

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Mobility and Big Data Analytics Provider NuWare Announces the Appointment of Rohit Shyam as Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) January 07, 2013

NuWare Technology Corp., a leading provider of Mobility, Big Data Analytics, and Cloud Infrastructure Management solutions to Life Sciences, Capital Markets, and Retail industries announced today the appointment of Rohit Shyam as Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer.

In his 20 years with companies such as IBM, CSC, Booz Allen & Hamilton, Accelrys, and SAIC, as well as innovative tech ventures, Mr. Shyam showed flair for transformative change and for shaking up the status quo.

Mr. Shyam has proven experience in growing technology businesses through effective marketing. Most recently, Mr. Shyam served as Partner at a Private Equity Firm focusing on Healthcare, Big Data & Cloud Computing space. Prior to that he was the Chief Marketing Officer at Accelrys Inc. where he led marketing, innovation, strategy, and M&A and ushered the company into verticals such as Life Sciences, Energy, and CPG. Prior to joining Accelrys, Rohit has served as Partner for Computer Sciences Corporation. Rohit was a Principal at IBM, where he helped launch its life sciences practice. He also led strategic consulting initiatives as a Principal at Booz Allen Hamilton and as Senior Vice President of SAIC and has had success as a start-up company entrepreneur.

Commenting on Mr. Shyam's appointment, Venk Krishnan NuWares Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer, said: "This is a strategic appointment for NuWare and signals the next phase in our evolution as a global business. NuWare is at the point where we need someone to focus full time on corporate development, M&A, strategy, branding, and marketing. Rohit's background and expertise in the Life Science and CPG/Retail markets and understanding of the applications of Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics, and Mobility make him an excellent choice for this role. Its a pleasure to have such an experienced professional in place and leading this critical part of our business and driving forward our strategy to capture the commercial benefits presented by changing technology and customer requirements and to achieve our growth ambition.

Mr. Shyam holds a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Lehigh University and an M.B.A. from The Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

About NuWare Technology Corp.

NuWare is a leader in Cloud based Solutions, Infrastructure Management, Mobility and Social & Big Data Analytics. Our Innovation accelerates the competitiveness of our clients. NuWare develops solutions and provides professional services for Capital Markets, CPG/Retail, and Life Sciences industry verticals. Our solutions are used by Sales & Marketing, Operations, IT, and Supply Chain professionals for gaining deep insights from their data silos, rapid mobilization of both legacy and SaaS applications, remote infrastructure management, and social analytics. Our technology and services are designed to meet the needs of today's leading organizations. Several organizations in Life Sciences, Capital Markets, and CPG/Retail use our solutions.

NuWare partners with leading and innovative companies such as QlikView, Talend, MongoDB, CouchDB, Veliq, Cadis, MarkIT, Salesforce, Workday, Hortonworks, Greenplum, Oracle, Amazon AWS, Riak, Cassandra, Actian, Fonemine, Membase, MapR, Tableau, HBase, Datastax, Redis, and Valgenesis.

NuWare has offices in San Francisco, Houston, Chicago, Iselin, Bangalore, and Macau. For more information about NuWare, visit its website at

CONTACT: NuWare Technology Corp.

Samantha Adlard, 650.539.4001


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Afilias Secures Millions of Internet Domains From BIND 9 Vulnerability with DNS Diversity Strategy

Dublin, Ireland (Vocus) July 31, 2009

Afilias, a global provider of Internet infrastructure services, today announced that its DNS network, which supports approximately 10 percent of the Internet's domain names, is secure from the recently announced BIND 9 vulnerability that could cause a denial of service (DoS) attack against DNS name servers. Afilias' network and customers are protected by its DNS diversity strategy, which avoids single points of failure like sole reliance on a single DNS resolution software such as BIND.

"Afilias has a fundamental security strategy in place across our DNS operations that integrates diversity at every layer of our infrastructure. Most critical to this strategy is ensuring diversity in DNS software," said Ram Mohan, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. "An organization can build bigger hardware or expand its geographic footprint, but by running a single type DNS software, whether open source or proprietary, they will always be completely vulnerable to zero day exploits like the one revealed this week with BIND."

Afilias' DNS network runs both BIND and NSD, two popular, proven and open source DNS resolution software brands. Running both software products synchronously ensures that Afilias can simply remove one from production while it is patched or upgraded, ensuring seamless DNS resolution and 100 percent uptime. The same cannot be said of systems using a single flavor of software, whether open source or proprietary.

The BIND security vulnerability announced by ISC on July 28th, enables an attacker to send a specially crafted Dynamic Update request that can crash a DNS name server. All organizations running BIND 9 are required to upgrade their version to 9.4.3-P3, 9.5.1-P3 or 9.6.1-P1. Afilias has already upgraded its version of BIND.

"Afilias supports large scale domains like .INFO and .ORG as well as our Managed DNS business, and serves billions of queries daily. Our DNS diversity strategy ensures that our network was never in jeopardy, and that the 15 million domain names we are responsible for were always accessible online," add Mohan.

Afilias has also published a new white paper entitled "5 Dimensions of Diversity: A Winning Strategy for Securing your DNS" which details its guidelines for how organizations can deploy diversity in their DNS networks to improve their security and reliability. The white paper can be downloaded at:

About BIND

Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) is the industry standard software for domain name resolution services. In active service for over 20 years, BIND has survived the rapid expansion of the Internet and become more widely deployed than any other DNS software. As open-source software, unlike proprietary solutions, its code has been scrutinized, tested and battle-hardened by hundreds or thousands of programmers over the years.

About Afilias

Afilias is a global provider of Internet infrastructure services that connect people to their data. Afilias' reliable, secure, scalable, and globally available technology supports a wide range of applications including Internet domain registry services, Managed DNS, and services in the RFID and supply chain market with its Afilias Discovery Services. For more information on Afilias please visit


Heather Read


Cell: +1-732-277-8125


Twitter: @Afilias

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Fusion PPT Announces New Federal Cloud Computing Book Focused on Strategy and Execution within Government

Vienna, VA (PRWEB) December 13, 2012

Fusion PPT, a recognized cloud computing strategy and technology firm announced today that author Michael Biddick, CEO of Fusion PPT and contributing editor at InformationWeek magazine has been working in government Cloud Computing since 2009. In this book published by Cavalier Trail Books, Federal Cloud Computing: A Practical Approach to Strategy and Execution within Government Michael taps that experience in the first book focused exclusively on government Cloud Computing.

The movement to adopt cloud computing within government is resolute. With federal IT spending nearing $ 80 billion per year and increasing reliance on technology, agencies need to seek ways to deliver IT services more efficiently. Despite the avocation of cloud computing, there are clear issues that need to be resolved around security, privacy, culture, and acquisition reform. Federal Cloud Computing is a concise, practical guide that can help government IT leaders develop and fully execute a strategy around cloud computing for their agencies.

Michael Biddick is the CEO of Fusion PPT; a Washington D.C. consulting firm that specializes in Cloud Computing. He has also been a contributing editor with InformationWeek magazine since 2007 and has published over 60 articles on Cloud Computing and improving IT efficiency. Over nearly 20 years, Michael has worked with hundreds of government and international commercial organizations providing expertise around IT service management.

The book is available on online at, Barnes & Nobel as well as independent brick and mortar book stores nationwide. For more information about the book click here.


TSANet, the Worlds Largest Multi Vendor Support Network, Launches New Website and Social Media Strategy

Overland Park, KS (PRWEB) October 09, 2012

The Technical Support Alliance Network (TSANet) is a not-for-profit company made up of international software and hardware companies, including Microsoft, EMC, Oracle, Citrix and Red Hat. TSANet facilitates multi vendor support between members, allowing one technology company a direct path to technical support professionals at another member company to collaborate on issues affecting customers they share.

Over 500 member companies rely on TSANet to provide the legal framework, online portals and policies that make it easy for businesses to provide multi vendor support with other companies. The new website and social media strategy was developed to help new and existing members get the most from TSANet.

Dennis Smeltzer, President of TSANet, explained that, Most of our members are very familiar with accessing the TSANet database to contact other members technical support teams. But over the years, many of our members have innovated creative ways to use our database and collaborative support framework. We want all our members to get the most out of TSANet by taking advantage of these innovations and by having a forum for sharing new ideas.

The innovations Dennis mentions include creating custom groups, which allow members to use the TSANet framework to create alliances with one or a few other companies. These small groups provide more flexibility by allowing group members to contact a higher level of support or creating a higher expectation for service. For instance, a group of companies could create a custom group where all members are required to coordinate on a customer issue within a set amount of time.

According to Dennis, The primary benefit of custom groups is that they give members much more control over a multi vendor relationship, and the ability to scale that relationship to as few or as many companies as they chose.

TSANet also wants members to know about benefits, like encrypted URLs, that allow technical support specialists one-click access to the TSANet database without having to enter a user name or password.

Because many new benefits are pioneered by members, or by TSANet staff on behalf of members, TSANet needed a blog and social media platform that allowed them to share these innovations by providing a platform for members to share their thoughts and best practices.

Paul Esch, Director of Strategy and Business Development at TSANet, explains that, The new TSANet website was developed under the guidance of our marketing committee, which is made up of employees from our member organizations. This allowed us to really understand what our members needed and to meet those needs with our new website, blog and social media program.

The website and social media program will also support TSANets growth strategy by boosting awareness of the organization among technology companies in industries such as telecommunications and cloud computing.

The TSANet social media program includes a LinkedIn Group for members and a Twitter account to communicate best practices and industry news. The blog is separated into three topics consisting of TSANet news, industry topics and member topics with content focused on multi vendor support best practices. Follow TSANet on Twitter @TSANetTweet. Members can join the LinkedIn group at

About TSANet

Founded in 1993, TSANet (Technical Support Alliance Network) is a worldwide not-for-profit alliance. TSANet provides the technology industry a relationship and engagement structure, allowing members to collaborate where mutual customer, multi vendor issues arise. Membership consists of more than 500 technology companies. Members benefit from a proven methodology, giving them a flexible process for creating and implementing partner relationships.



Ford’s strategy will see a big increase in ‘world cars’ sold to UK businesses

(PRWEB UK) 14 September 2012

The Ford boss was speaking at the company's Go Further event in Amsterdam, which was attended by thousands of dealers and journalists and streamed online to an international audience.

Mulally explained how the implementation of the One Ford programme would be accelerated, with more global as opposed to Europe-specific Fords being sold to business users in Ford dealerships in future.

The proportion is expected to increase from 43 per cent to 71 per cent of sales over five years as the company floods its showrooms with dozens of new models. As Ford's European boss Stephen Odell put it, Ford was moving from being a European brand to a global brand in Europe.

New technology for everyone One of Ford's big themes is the democratisation of technology and this featured prominently at Amsterdam too.

Mulally's top team highlighted innovations such as:


Society of Manufacturing Engineers Releases Manufacturing Education Strategy to Solve Job Skills Gap

Chicago (PRWEB) September 10, 2012

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) today put forth a national action plan:Workforce Imperative: A Manufacturing Education Strategy, at the 2012 International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) at Chicagos McCormick Place. It calls for manufacturers, educators, professional organizations and government to coordinate and standardize efforts aimed at reversing the skills gap crisis and preparing a skilled workforce for the high-tech manufacturing jobs of today and tomorrow.

The white paper addresses a manufacturing education void where 600,000 jobs are currently unfilled due to a shortage of properly trained workers. By 2015, that number is projected to reach 3 million openings. The report calls on all stakeholders, including educators and industry, to work together to close this gap through:



AGNI INTERACTIVE Tapped by Leading Global Strategy Game Developer and Publisher PARADOX INTERACTIVE to Help Create SALEM, its New Free-to-Play Colonial Crafting MMO Game

San Francisco, California (PRWEB) July 18, 2012

Agni Interactive delivers pre-production and production services to create colonial period MMORPG, SALEM , with a distinctly defined art style.

After a successful beta launch in April, persistent mutable world and permadeath MMO game maker Paradox Interactive is poised with Seatribe to fully unveil its crafting MMO marketplace entry SALEM in Q3-2012. This F2P (Free-To-Play) charming, but Herman Melville-ish/Tim Burton-esque goth game is set in fantastical 17th Century New England homesteads (first stop Boston) and the adjacent, ominous wild lands. MMORPG players assume the roles of New World colonists who are building up their communities, tradeable goods, and earned skills.

Agni Interactive collaborated with the Creative team at Seatribe and Paradox in setting the visual direction of the game, bring the unique crafting, farming and building systems inspired by 17th century alchemy and delivering the 3D assets and animation to bring the game to life. The art style features light-hearted, charming, gothic settings juxtaposed with nearby, foreboding forests and uncivilized dark lands.

Game Designer Bj


Long-Term Vendor Partnerships Prove to be a Savvy Business Strategy

(PRWEB) August 22, 2012

Business is about relationships, and loyalty counts. Cultivating a long-term partnership with a trusted vendor can be a smart strategy in the competitive hospitality industry. Top multi-property management companies find that building on success with a reliable hotel software vendor is a solid foundation for future profitability.

Highpointe is respected for its use of the most advanced business intelligence (BI) solutions, says Mark Pate, assistant controller and director of IT for Highpointe Hotel Corporation, headquartered in Gulf Breeze, FL. The company develops and manages Hilton and Marriot properties. Technology gives our company and clients an edge based on accurate, timely data analysis. It pays to be at the leading edge of system innovation when it increases profitability.

In 2001 Highpointe selected the Execuvue


Data Strategy Achieves EMC Signature Velocity Partner Status Making Them the Partner of Choice in Michigan for Best-of-Breed EMC Solutions

(PRWEB) July 27, 2012

Grand Rapids based Data Strategy LLC, a leader in Business Continuity, End User Computing and Cloud Computing, announced today it has achieved Signature status, the highest level of EMCs Velocity Partner Program. This makes them the first and only partner headquartered in Michigan able to demonstrate the technical expertise and knowledge required to achieve Signature status.

Achieving Signature status demonstrates the commitment Data Strategy has made to provide the highest level of technical expertise and skill set to our customers, said Gregg DeWitt, President of Data Strategy. Gregg also stated, "We take great pride in being the experts in our core competencies of Business Continuity, Desktop and Application Virtualization and Cloud Computing, providing end-to-end solutions from planning and design to implementation and on site support.

About Data Strategy - Data Strategy was formed with a single focus; to provide clients with the ability to effectively manage their data, while controlling the costs resulting from server and data growth. As cloud experts, Data Strategys competencies are concentrated around Business Continuity, End User Computing, and Cloud Computing. Through successful projects across many different industries including healthcare, education, financial services, manufacturing, government, and retail; Data Strategy demonstrates the experience that qualifies them to deliver tailored solutions to support your organization's unique private and hybrid cloud requirements. From solution design to comprehensive implementation and support, partnership with Data Strategy helps to satisfy critical business objectives and achieve your desired technology outcomes. Data Strategy is headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan with offices in Grand Rapids, Troy and Indianapolis and can be found at

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