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BioTechniques: The International Journal of Life Science Methods Announces the Publication of the October 2013 Digital Edition Now Available Online and in the App Store

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 29, 2013

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of BioTechniques: The International Journal of Life Science Methods, the journal’s publisher is pleased to announce the continued availability of monthly digital editions available for reading online and for downloading to an iPad or iPhone.

This latest issue includes the following articles:

“Optimizing methodologies for PCR-based DNA methylation analysis”

“Combining RNAi and in vivo confocal microscopy analysis of the photoconvertible fluorescent protein Dendra2 to study a DNA repair protein”

“A rapid and efficient method to purify proteins at replication forks under native conditions”

“The choice of reference gene affects statistical efficiency in quantitative PCR data analysis”

“Special News Features on: Targeting the tree of life and Sequencing Gems”

“A Tech News article on: Getting over qPCR's technical hurdles”

“A Troubleshooting Forum article on: High fidelity qPCR”

A BioTechniques Digital Spotlight Issue on PCR is also available featuring the following articles:

“Spotlight on PCR: Still the workhorse of the modern lab”

“Synthetic bio: expanding PCR’s repertoire”

“How reliable is real-time PCR?”

Troubleshooting Forum: “5´ RACE”

“Construction of effective inverted repeat silencing constructs using sodium bisulfite treatment coupled with strand-specific PCR”

“A qPCR-based assay to quantify oxidized guanine and other FPG-sensitive base lesions within telomeric DNA”

“The use of melting curves as a novel approach for validation of real-time PCR instruments”

“Simultaneous multiple target detection in real-time loop-mediated isothermal amplification”

“Computation-assisted SiteFinding- PCR for isolating flanking sequence tags in rice”

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About BioTechniques

BioTechniques, the international journal of life science methods, provides open access to first-quality, peer-reviewed papers on laboratory techniques and protocols. Now in its 55th volume, BioTechniques has over 80,000 print subscribers worldwide. The journal augments its peer-reviewed content with feature articles and topic-specific supplements. Visit for more details or to subscribe.


Noyo Debuts French Immersion App for Mac App Store

Boston, Ma (PRWEB) July 03, 2013

Noyo, a Boston based educational software company, is pleased to announce the release of Noyo French Immersion for the Mac app store, the French-only version of its powerful vocabulary-building iPad app. This engaging learning tool is designed to teach French vocabulary and supplement the curricula of French immersion programs in classrooms around the world.

Following the educational principles of language immersion programs, Noyo French Immersion features lively graphics, built-in assessment questions, and professional audio and content text exclusively in French.

This new version allows educators to use our app in an immersive language-learning setting, said co-creator Mike Sullivan, who serves as Chief Learning Officer of Noyo. We are thrilled to bring Noyos exciting, innovative vocabulary-building system to language immersion classrooms.

Noyo French app was developed specifically with educators from French immersion schools and online French immersion programs in mind, providing them with a tool to engage students and enrich lessons taught exclusively in French.

Noyo French Immersion links French vocabulary words to entertaining images and high-quality audio to provide a strong educational foundation for language learning. A talented team of graphic design artists brings vocabulary to life with comical characters and amusing scenarios, and each word or phrase is voiced by a native French speaker. The app offers ten targeted vocabulary units, each with its own set of assessment questions for maximally effective learning.

All text and audio in the vocabulary-building and assessment slides are presented in French for an immersion experience; English navigation buttons and menus are included to guide beginning language speakers. The built in assessment piece allows teachers to monitor and track data.

Noyo was created through the combined vision of veteran Spanish schoolteacher Mike Sullivan and innovative mobile software entrepreneur Ted Chan, who specializes in mobile user interface design. Noyo French Immersion follows from their vision of quality, affordable language learning software that fits the needs of students and educators.

"We created an immersion version of our beginner vocab app as a direct result of feedback we received from French teachers," said Micaya Clymer, Product Manager for Noyo. "We read and respond to every email we receive, and we're hoping this will lead to even more awesome feedback and suggestions from educators. Tell us what you need, and we'll try to make it!"


Over 1900 words and phrases, each reinforced by supporting audio, visual representation, and written translation

176 custom-illustrated scenes, packed with friendly characters and amusing scenarios

Audio by a professional voice artist who is a native French speaker

Built-in assessment questions at the end of each unit

Check your stats--including how words learned, the time spent learning, and assessment scores--and email them to yourself or your teacher!

10 targeted units, featuring vocabulary related to: food, ordering at a restaurant, transportation, cities, vacation activities, home and family, sports, animals, school, seasons

Noyo is a Boston-based educational software company dedicated to providing engaging and cost effective language learning tablet apps. Noyo now offers language learning apps for Spanish, French, Portuguese, Hebrew and Mandarin Chinese. All apps are created by a passionate team of educators, technologists, linguists, and designers. More information can be found at

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National E-Retailer Home Security Store Expands to a New Building in Southern California

Riverside, CA (PRWEB) July 30, 2013

Home Security Store, Inc. has seen strong and steady growth over the past several years. So much so, that the company has purchased an even bigger warehouse and office space building in Southern California.

We need more room to grow. We were running out of room in our old warehouse, said Home Security Store Vice-President Ralph Winn, who has more than 37 years of experience in the security industry.

Home Security Store is the premiere online e-commerce website specializing in affordable Do-It-Yourself wireless and hardwired home alarms, security camera systems, fire protection products, spy equipment, survival gear, home automation devices and more. In addition, the companys website offers useful video tutorials, tips, security news and educational articles teaching homeowners how to optimize home security in order to help prevent property loss and damage.

Through its website, Home Security Store informs visitors how a DIY security installation can save money. Home Security Store sells name brand equipment directly to the public with same-day shipping option and technical support.

Winn says this is the second time in the past several years that the company has had to move in order to accommodate the business growth.

Home Security Stores new home is a 33,000-square-foot building located on the Riverside and Corona city line. Acquiring such a central location will allow the company to also engage with local installers in Riverside, Corona, and the surrounding Orange County area.

Great customer service and free top-notch tech support has been at the core of Home Security Stores plan for success since it opened its doors and this will continue as the company grows, adds Winn.

Today, in the home security field, there are so many competitors to choose from, which is a major hurdle in trying to get the attention of potential customers. Nevertheless, Home Security Store has optimized its online business since the mid-1990s, and still does today, by bringing customers the best of service with seasoned technical professionals and a product line which features the latest technology to help make your property safe and life easy, Winn said.

With that in mind, Winn adds that the company has long had the trust of DIY home and business owners nationwide and is expanding to a new market of local installers, as well.

The new location has landed us in an ideal and centralized area in Southern California. The new building will allow us the means to truly serve the wholesale market. This means we will provide the contractor a comfortable place to not only purchase from, but a friendly environment to come and learn about the newest trends and get hands-on training, said Home Security Stores Wholesale Account Manager Andre Perkic.

About Home Security Store, Inc.

Home Security Store is the premiere online e-commerce website specializing in affordable DIY wireless and hardwired home alarms, security camera systems, fire protection devices, spy equipment, survival gear, home automation technology and more. The company brings together highly trained, professional technicians and a state-of-the-art product line to provide the most comprehensive security source found online. The company offers fast shipping, plus complimentary tech support. For more information about Home Security Store and its line of security products and services, go to


iViewer Lite Now Available on the Apple App Store

Melbourne, Australia (PRWEB) May 31, 2013

Available today, the iOS app iViewer Lite offers a cost effective way for DIY users and installers of smaller automation systems to create their own custom graphical user interfaces (GUIs) on an iOS device. These GUIs can be used to control any system that is controllable via Ethernet. Utilising CommandFusions free guiDesigner Windows program, users can create a GUI that looks and behaves the way they desire. Some possible uses for iViewer Lite include controlling a home entertainment system, a heating/cooling system or anything else the user can imagine.

The time is right for us to provide a cost effective solution that makes iViewer more accessible to not only DIY users, but also for installers of less complicated systems. We think it offers the best value for money in its segment, said Jarrod Bell, Co-Founder, CommandFusion.

Developed for the DIY and small installation market, iViewer Lite uses the same powerful automation engine as iViewer 4 - CommandFusions professional automation control product. It allows the user to create powerful user interfaces with dynamic content and advanced functionality such as gestures, lists, animations, JavaScript API and much more.

Main Features


RKNet Studios Announced Game Download from Play Store of Intelligence Game 21 Ninja – for Brain Fitness and Development of Cognitive and Social Skills

Middletown, NJ (PRWEB) June 25, 2013

Anant Goel, CEO at RKNet stated: "21 Ninja is an intelligence game for hours of fun, brain fitness, and development of cognitive skills and social skills. You can play against the computer as your playmate or challenge a friend in a game for two. Game is fun to play, and challenging the computer, or challenging your friends, is even more awesome when you win."

21 Ninja is a real life intelligence game that engages and develops 21 cognitive skills and can last 30 minutes of fun. Game shows the skills engaged and developed. It continuously keeps the score, monitors the progress, and at the end of the game it grades players' cognitive skills.

Everyone has cognitive abilities, but not everyone's cognitive abilities are the same.

There are some natural differences that separate the potential of an astronaut from a taxi driver. People can, at any age, improve their cognitive capacity, speed and accuracy. When they do, everything that relies on those cognitive skills gets easier, faster and more efficient.

21 Ninja is played with computer generated Ninja cards and a cognitions game board on screen.

Number of Players: One plays against the computer to engage, develop, and grade cognitive skills... Two play against each other to challenge and develop social skills.

Computer Deals: Random Ninja cards from the deck with 4 Ghost Ninja cards.

Game Start: First name player can start by picking and placing the Ninja card in the open stage for Ninja challenge. Ghost Ninja, when served, is used to disrupt challenger's Ninja force or skip the turn to gain strategic advantage.

Score: Running score is updated each time a player has three Ninja cards of the same suite in a winning formation horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

Ninja Warrior Plays: There are 3 Ninja suites in the deck: Red Ninja, Black Ninja, and the Ghost Ninja.

Ghost Ninja Play: introduce a low-probability, high-impact event in the game. This concept is introduced to increase players ability to adapt to real surprises in life. Such sudden incidents might constitute as turning points in the game and replicate life events that change or greatly impact the final outcomes.

The objective of the game is to Hunt for Ninja formations for scoring opportunities, Block the opponent from scoring, strategically Plan ahead, and Disrupt opponents scoring formations when winning.

21 Ninja game is designed in the labs but proven in real life to engage, exercise, nurture, and develop a range of 21 cognitive skills from working memory to fluid intelligence.

In a game between an adult and a youth, the adult can take the fun opportunity to teach and mentor on the basis of shared interests and nurture the youth's memory skills, logical thinking and reasoning skills, decision making skills, risk taking and risk aversion skills, and social skills such as turn taking, graceful winning [or losing] and being patient with others.

Integration of multiple cognitive skills in one competitive game makes 21 Ninja fun to play; and more beneficial than brain-training computer games. Repeating one or two cognitive skills in brain-training games, again and again, is like revving your car engine in Neutral while sitting in your driveway, going nowhere.

Anant Goel said:"Train the brain and develop cognitive skills with 21 Ninja. Challenge the computer or friends to develop social skills. There are no limitations in age and brain power. This is an interactive game for kids and adults, people of all ages."

Be social. Play, chat and share achievements with friends and family!

Be the best! Play at the party and have the family join-in the fun or make it a challenging pair game with friends!

Publish comments and suggestions on Google Play Store and rate the game. Send player's high scores to receive Certificate of Excellence and T-shirt bonus prize!

Cognitions Bridge games can be downloaded on tablets from Google PLAY Store or the Apple APP Store.

Launch Press:

Download from Play Store:

Download from App Store:

About RKNet Studios:

Founded in 2007, parent company of RKNet Studios develops digital media content and mobile apps for the global audiences. Created by NJBIN award winning team; Cognitions Bridge mobile apps and games are for education, entertainment, brain fitness, and development of cognitive and social skills. The developers bring over 40 years of experience in technology, Applied Cognitive Psychology, communications, and applied operator training systems for fast moving Nuclear Power Control Rooms.


Gates Circle Announces Release Today of New Digital Online Store!

(PRWEB) April 17, 2013

Gates Circle has launched a cutting edge Digital Online Store to take the long standing Buffalo tradition as one of Top Liquor Stores in Buffalo to the next level! Gates Circle was Established in 1939 by Jack Carscallen, and has been one of the Top Buffalo Liquor Stores for over 60 years.

The next generation of the family, Lesle Huebach has now taken over the keys to the organization and with that comes a new major investment in the Online Store. This new Online Store features and integrated Point of Sale feed that automatically updates the Online Store when a new product is added. Additionally, the Online Store features High Resolution graphics for the products that sets the standard for other Online Liquor Stores.

Gates Circle is a favorite destination for not only Buffalo area and local residents but is a destination for Canadian shoppers also. This new Online Store opens up a whole new expansion opportunity for our Store and we are very excited about the future, says owner Lesle Huebach.

The new store features over 1,800 products in the Wine and Spirits product lines. Any products can be purchased through the Store instantly and either delivered to the doorstep via Fedex or held in the store for pickup. Additionally, every item in the Online Store has details about that product such as Manufacturer, Alcohol Content, Full Product Description and more.

About Gates Circle Liquor

Established in 1939 Gates Circle Wines and Liquor have remained in the heart of Buffalo as a family business for over 60 years. The Family started the business back during prohibition and have been at the present location for 20 years. They take great pride in their staff who are highly trained and very knowledgeable on virtually all Wines and Spirits.

If you would like more information visit our comprehensive Online Store at

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The Lift Store USA Announces an Economical Alternative to Elevators – the Enclosed Platform Lift

(PRWEB) April 30, 2013

To make their buildings handicap accessible, thousands of business owners have chosen to install a vertical platform lift. Such lifts are convenient and cost effective, saving business owners thousands of dollars over the cost of installing an elevator.

However, safety codes require that most commercial applications involving a lift height of greater than 60 inches to be installed in a shaft-way. The Lift Store USA now offers a convenient, cost-effective solution the Highlander Enclosed Vertical Platform Lift from Harmar, a leading manufacturer of high-quality mobility lifts. These enclosed lifts eliminate the time and cost required to modify existing structures and are typically about one third to one half the cost of an elevator.

The Highlander platform lift is available in lift heights from four to 14 feet, can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications, and come standard with full-steel enclosure panels. Acrylic see-thru panels are available as an option. Other standard features include a full height, flush mounted bottom entrance door and 42 high top landing gate.

Numerous available options allow customers the ability to customize their vertical lift to fit nearly any application. Such options include various platform sizes and exits, i.e., same side enter/exit and 90


Childs Play an innovative games app for kids hits iTunes App Store this week

(PRWEB) November 27, 2012

All parents know that busy restaurants, waiting rooms and traffic jams arent the place to be with bored or impatient young children. Parents nowadays are turning to their phones to provide distraction in such situations, but find there is a problem: as most of the games on the App Store aren't aimed at the under sixes, younger children often get frustrated due to the unachievable demands they make in terms of dexterity and timing. Child's Play has been developed to solve this problem.

This app has been designed especially for younger children, so the games need no explanation to pick up and play. Just by tapping the screen, children can join in confidently with the simple and colorful games, whether they be popping bubbles, making frogs jump from lily pads, or launching beautiful fireworks above a storybook village at night. Child's Play boasts eye-catching graphics and animations, chosen specifically to appeal to this age range.

Childs Play was designed by two primary school teachers, who have nearly thirty years of experience between them. They wrote the app as a diversion for their own kids, and decided to produce a version for general release when it proved popular with family and friends.

Childs Play is now available in the iTunes App Store for iOS devices (including a full screen version for iPhone 5). The app is free to download and comes with three free games. An upgrade is available for $ 1.99 to unlock all fourteen games.

Find out more by visiting Child's Play on the App Store.


Home Security Store Adds Network Video Recorders to its Surveillance System Offerings

Riverside, CA (PRWEB) December 20, 2012

Within the Surveillance section of their ecommerce site, Home Security Store now showcases their network video recorders (NVRs) alongside their extensive line of digital video recorders (DVRs). Offering plug-n-play technology, the new line of NVRs feature up to eight security channels and include either four dome or bullet styled IP cameras, enabling the end user to view live video footage remotely via any web-enabled device. Home Security Stores network video recorder kits are offered at competitive prices and are designed to operate over a home or businesses existing wireless network.

As the home security retailer is known for providing do-it-yourself home security devices, Sales Manager, Ruben Cervantes touts that this new line of network video recorders are easy to install and use. When it comes down to installations, it will be like using an actual DVD player -- .just plug the unit up. It may take a bit of time to learn about the functions of the NVR, though, just like any electronic item you purchase. You know how things can get when you deal with a new toy. Beyond commenting about the small learning curve needed to master operation of an NVRs features, Cervantes further relayed that the surveillance and recording quality of network video recorders are virtually indistinguishable from that of digital video recorders.

When asked to note how customers should best make a purchasing decision between the two technologies, Cervantes stated, The main difference is if a customer is wanting to use an IP camera for recording. A normal DVR uses analog cameras, which are normal Coax cable cameras. IP cameras use a Cat5e cable. Some people call them Ethernet cable. Home Security Stores website elaborates further by sharing that another primary difference between network video recorders and digital video recorders is that a DVR uses a video capture card for video input while an NVR relies upon a homes existing network.

Currently, Home Security Store offers four separate network video recorder kit options in addition to a number of other individual cameras and accessories that can be added to any of the NVR systems offered on their site. Of their two 4-channel kits, one includes four IP indoor dome cameras and a second kit offers four IP bullet cameras, each with a varifocal lens. Homeowners also have an option of purchasing an 8-channel system as two separate kits are also featured in this category with the same camera offerings as the 4-channel kits. Cameras made by other manufacturers can also be added to each NVR system.

The companys website shares that these same quality network video recorders are used for surveillance in larger institutional settings, such as schools and maximum security prisons. Home Security Store maintains, however, that NVRs are not overly complicated and can even be remotely monitored via personal computers as well as through the use of an application for smartphone devices, which is automatically included with each new NVR kit. Marketing Manager Annie Blanco maintains that some home or business owners may erroneously believe that the level of surveillance offered with network video recorders comes with a hefty price tag or may involve a complicated installation process, but she goes on to say that, Nothing could be further from the truth. According to Blanco, the network video recorders sold at Home Security Store are both affordable, considering the high-end technology the end-user is getting, and the systems are fairly easy to install.

As with other surveillance and security products offered at Home Security Store, network video recorders come with a 12-month warranty and a full 30-day guarantee in addition to technical product and installation support. Customers are encouraged to offer feedback and reviews on each product purchased with this information being shared directly with future consumers as ratings are featured in every product description. Free shipping is also available for each of the new NVR kits currently featured at Home Security Store.

About Home Security Store, Inc.

Home Security Store is the premiere online ecommerce website specializing in affordable DIY wireless and hardwired home alarms, security camera systems, fire protection, spy equipment, survival gear, and more. The company brings together highly-trained, professional technicians and a state-of-the-art product line to provide the most comprehensive security source found online. Home Security Stores website offers a number of video tutorials, how-to articles and security-related blog posts. The company also offers free and fast shipping, plus free tech support. For more information go to

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Annie’s Wicker Furniture and Accessories Introduces Chasco Designs to Their Online Store Inventory

Browns Mills, NJ (PRWEB) November 29, 2012

Annie's Wicker Furniture and Accessories announced today that they will be expanding their online inventory with the addition of a new manufacturer, Chasco Designs. In the next few months, Annie's Wicker will be adding wicker products from Chasco Designs

Previously, Annie's Wicker specialized in mainly outdoor wicker all weather resin furniture by North Cape International as well as three collections of wicker bedroom furniture. The addition of Chasco Designs will bring more choices to wicker shoppers, including more wicker bedroom furniture, seating collections for indoor and outdoor as well as wicker furniture and accessories for the office, dining room, porch, patio and even bathroom.

Some of the wicker products soon to be added are, wicker shelves, wine racks, trunks, desks, coat stands, bars and bar stools. They even have a wicker computer desk for tech savvy shoppers who enjoy classic designs.

About Annie's Wicker, LLC:

Annies Wicker offers outdoor resin and wicker furniture designed and imported from leading manufacturers. The manufacturers use the highest quality materials in the construction of these goods.

For more information about Annie's Wicker, or to start shopping for the upcoming season, visit Annie's Wicker Furniture and Accessories

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