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Washington Diamonds Sets New Industry Standard With 1-Carat, White, High Clarity Lab-Grown Diamond

Washington, DC (PRWEB) June 07, 2013

Washington Diamonds Corporation (WDC) has reached a crucial milestone in its creation of gem-quality lab-grown diamonds producing a virtually flawless, white, carat-sized stone that its now delivering in volume to its authorized distributors.

This is a proper carat diamond definitely white, definitely good clarity, definitely good size and definitely beautifully cut, said Clive Hill, a diamond industry veteran who founded WDC in 2008. This is the gold standard, and its something nobody else in the industry has achieved.

The new stones attributes, as evaluated by the American Gem Society (AGS) Laboratories the highest standard for diamond grading were: round brilliant diamond, 1.026 ct weight, H color, VVS2 clarity, light performance AGS Ideal 0.

Hill, formerly CEO of the United Kingdom jewelry chain Fraser Hart, launched WDC to serve the jewelry and gemstone markets. While those are still the companys primary focus, WDC is exploring high-tech and industrial applications for its diamond.

Diamond has extraordinary mechanical, optical and electronic properties, which means that diamond is the new high-technology super-material, Hill says. Washington Diamonds will be a leader in the development and application of lab-grown diamond as super-material.

Full AGS analyses of the new stone and other Washington Diamond stones are available here.

About Washington Diamond Corporation

Washington Diamonds Corporation grows its diamonds using Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) technology just outside Washington, DC. WDCs lab produces high-quality diamonds in a few weeks that would take millions of years to form in nature yet they are physically, optically and chemically indistinguishable from natural diamonds. Because WDC insists on the highest cutting standards, its diamonds are especially beautiful, but still cost about 25 percent less than mined diamonds of the same size, cut and quality. WDC is proud that its diamonds are conflict-free and made in America and inscribes each of its stones Lab-Grown in the USA.

For more information, visit



Keynote Speaker Micah Solomon, Customer Service Author, Expert, and Consultant, Introduces New “Keynote Plus” Option That Goes Beyond Standard Keynote Speaker Format

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) May 20, 2013

Heading into a busy conference and event season, Micah Solomon, one of today's leading business keynote speakers, authors, experts, and consultants on customer service and the customer experience, announces the addition to his keynote speech offerings of a new option: a "keynote plus" extended master class option for groups and events wanting more material and interaction than are included in the traditional keynote speaker format Solomon traditionally uses to kick off or bookend an event.

Micah Solomon offers keynote speaking and the new "keynote plus" extended master class in the U.S. and throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia to the following industries, among others:

The Automotive Industry Banking & Financial Services Insurance Law Firms The Building Trades B2B & Manufacturing Healthcare Not-for-Profits Death Care Technology & IT Event Staging Hospitality: Hotels, Foodservice, Spas, and Resorts Retail Communications The Travel Industry Real Estate People with Disabilities

Solomons four powerful keynote speeches for businesses looking to grow and prosper with today's new breed of customers are now available in both the standard 60-minute keynote format, and in the extended (2-hour) Keynote Plus master class format.

In his High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service" presentation, based on his latest bestseller by that name, Micah Solomon explains how to build customers for life in this age of social media, self-service, global competition, and endless distractions. This keynote Includes hands-on experience, best practices, and culture-building insight from Apple, Google, The Ritz-Carlton, Zappos, Four Seasons, and more.

In his "Marketing on a Digital Island" presentation, Solomon explains how to harvest the value of customer loyalty in a world where everyone knows everyone--online and off. Solomon explains why old-style marketing has lost much of its power, and instructs conference and company participants how to take advantage of the connectivity revolution and spark a great conversation about your brand in the digitally connected world.

In his classic presentation, "Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit," Micah reveals the secrets of building a truly Five-Star Customer Service organization. This keynote includes the classic tenets delivered in a very practical manner of hospitality, service, and building a culture to support them based on the #1 bestselling book Micah wrote in collaboration with the creators of the modern-day Ritz-Carlton.

Finally, Solomon is now offering his unique "The Heart of Hospitality" conference presentation, covering the past, present and future of delivering extraordinary guest service in the hospitality industry, including hotels, resorts, restaurants and others in foodservice, and spas, as well as the travel industry.

Solomon also offers customized content designed to match the specific needs of an event or organization. And all presentation topics are also available in extended form, as a half-day, interactive workshop. Micah Solomon travels worldwide as well as throughout the United States to give business keynote speeches and workshops.

About Micah Solomon

Micah Solomon was recently named a new guru of customer service excellence by the Financial Post. His latest business bestseller, "High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service," as well as his perennial bestseller, "Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit" (a collaboration with the creators of the modern-day Ritz-Carlton), have won multiple awards. His expertise has been featured in Inc. Magazine, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, CNBC, Forbes, and the Harvard Business Review. He also helms the online College of the Customer.

As the lead customer service consultant and customer loyalty consultant at Four Aces, Inc., Micah Solomon specializes in helping companies, governmental agencies, and other other organizations build customer service initiatives and customer loyalty transformations that provide both immediate results in today's challenging business environment and significant sustainability over time.

As a keynote speaker, Micah Solomon's uniquely inspiring and humorous keynote speeches on customer service and customer loyalty convey his passion for everything that makes a business great, delivered in his famously relaxed and friendly 21st-century speaking style. Micah is legendary for engaging his audiences through his sincerity, his genuine passion for his clients success, and his unique visual presentation style - no stock photos here, just real life examples.

An entrepreneur and business leader himself, Micah used the techniques he speaks about to build his company from a one-man home operation into a market leader in the manufacturing and independent entertainment fielda story well known to readers of FastCompany and Seth Godins marketing bestseller Purple Cow. Micah was also an early investor in the Apple-related speech recognition technology behind Apples Siri.

For more information, please contact Four Aces Inc: info(at)micahsolomon(dot)com, 484-343-5881


The New Standard for Mission Critical Network Time Synchronization – Official Meinberg LANTIME M-Series Product Launch

Junction City, GA (PRWEB) September 7, 2006

Meinberg Radio Clocks, a manufacturer of time and frequency synchronization equipment and network time server solutions, announced today the official market launch of a new NTP time server product line: The LANTIME M-Series.

The two new models LANTIME M300 and M600 are running a new feature-rich, ultra-flexible and highly secure new firmware generation on a completely redesigned hardware. The predecessor, the classic LANTIME 1U version with its well-known ruggedized industrial chassis, has been installed by customers around the globe and several thousand units have been sold since the market introduction more than 5 years ago.

The LANTIME M300/GPS is an entry-level solution for applications that require a reliable, stable and accurate source of network time. It offers 2 Ethernet Ports (10/100baseT) and comes with an integrated Meinberg GPS receiver with internal oscillator. Using the LCD (40x2 characters with backlight) and the 8 button front panel controls, it offers a convenient way of setting up the basic network parameters like IP address, gateway and netmask. Unlike most competitors, the LCD menu allows configuring a large number of extra parameters and provides detailed status information screens like GPS status (satellites in view/receivable) or NTP related information (current stratum, offset and source of synchronization). The new 3 bi-color LEDs provide the current health status of the unit at a glance by separately showing the status of the network interfaces, the time reference (e.g. the integrated GPS receiver) and the network time service (NTP). An Alarm LED visually signals whenever the unit needs further attention and extends the already unmatched LANTIME notification system, which provides means to send out notifications via email (SMTP), SNMP traps, Windows Popup Messages and syslog. Using a Meinberg VP100 large wall mount display, all notifications can be presented highly visible to a greater audience, like the operators team in a control room. Even audible alarms are possible. For industrial applications or laboratory units, the M300 provides highly accurate 10 MHz, 1PPS and 1PPM outputs via BNC connectors.

The LANTIME M600/GPS is the high-end version of the M300, equipped with a high-quality front display (VFD, 32x4 characters), 4 LAN ports and additional outputs like IRIG (modulated and DCLS) and a synthesizer generated frequency. Due to its flexible architecture, the M600 will be the basis for individually customized 1U LANTIME versions. The growing list of options already includes several oscillator options, additional outputs and a PTP module, which turns the M600 into a full featured GPS-synchronized IEEE 1588/PTP Grandmaster Clock and NTP Stratum 1 Time Server.

Because both models run the same LANTIME V5 firmware, which is based on the already widely deployed fourth generation (V4), they share the same features in regards to NTP and they provide the same interfaces for configuration and management: a Web based interface that can be accessed with any HTTP and/or HTTPS capable web browser (no Java support required), a text mode user interface that can run in a SSH or Telnet session (or via a terminal connection using the new front panel RS232 console port) and a SNMP interface that can be used to get/set configuration parameters using SNMP v1, v2c or v3 compliant management systems or command line tools. A user rights management allows to set up user accounts with different access rights (shell access, read-write, read-only).

The newly designed CPU board now provides more than 5 times the performance of a standard LANTIME by employing a high performance i386 compatible CPU running at 500 MHz and 256 MB RAM. The firmware as well as all configuration data is stored on a compact flash disk and there are no cooling fans necessary. This no-moving-parts design greatly improves reliability and ensures a maintenance-free 24/7 operation for years.

Meinberg LANTIME NTP Time Servers run the reference implementation of NTP V4 from, which is maintained by a highly skilled team of software engineers and which runs on millions of servers and workstations around the world. Meinberg offers free client software for the most popular operating systems including Linux, Windows, Sun Solaris and others.

Detailed Information as well as datasheets can be found on the Meinberg Website ( Please see the products section or directly check out the corresponding product pages:





Standard Tech Training for Creative Professionals Doesnt Work

Boston, MA (PRWEB) October 15, 2012

Locally owned Axiom Adobe Training announced today that they have merged with Pariah Burke Training and Consulting to become Workflow Creative LLC ( The company brings together Digital Publishing, eLearning, and software training for design professionals under one roof. The focus of the company is not on teaching a standard curriculum but centers exclusively on task performance and productivity.

The Problem With Training

The most popular and widely used software for creative professionals comes from Adobe Systems. With Adobes Creative Cloud, users may find their software getting new features every few months. Taking time away from work to keep up with evolving software was difficult when the release cycle was 18 months. Now, many designers, art directors, and other creative professionals are under added pressure to keep up with changes.

eLearning, mLearning, Blended Learning the list goes on. The ever-changing landscape of education delivery is leaving many teachers, students, companies, and learning institutions behind. Merging the eLearning development workflow with delivery of supplemental mobile, or mLearning support materials increases flexibility for the learner and improves retention and acquisition of new skills. Keeping up with the latest trends, and figuring out how to implement them often requires outside support.

Current ePublishing software is incredibly powerful and adaptable. It can work within variety of presentation formats including paper publishing, PC web, mobile web, ePublishing, and mobile applications. Digital Publishing has become a moving target with massive disruption over the last few years. Even experienced users of industry standard software have struggled to keep up with continuous changes in workflow, audience, presentation format, and technology.

All of those issues can be solved if the typical learning model for technical training is removed and situation-specific training and support is put in its place. Sending employees to training that covers hours of material they will never use is a waste of time, money, and can reduce retention. Training and support works best when delivered in a way that engages the learner, is seen to provide real-world benefits, and is tied to functional tasks.

About Workflow Creative

Workflow Creative, originally formed by Pariah Burke in 2004, focused on workflow consulting. In 2012 it evolved to have a larger scope and expanded mission, incorporating the changes from Creative Cloud and eLearning. Workflow Creatives staff works directly with clients to help them improve their workflowsthe series of steps and tasks involved in their jobs. The creative part is their audience, Creative Professionals; Graphic Designers, Developers, Marketing staff, etc.

Kirsten Rourke, one of the three co-founders, said of the new venture: With all the new and constantly changing technologies around Digital Publishing, eLearning and the Cloud, companies need guidance. We decided to put all these under one entity to address these new and very challenging needs. Our job is to get in, change the speed and ease with which jobs are performed, and then give ongoing support to keep the workflows running smoothly.

Author Pariah Burke Joins Workflow Creative as Co-founder.

Originally from Massachusetts, Burke is pleased to make his return east after years on the West coast, working for Adobe and on his own as a consultant. In that time hes also published numerous books, including Mastering InDesign for Print Design and Production and his latest, ePublishing with InDesign, a series due out in December of this year.

David Franco, co-founder and Axioms owner, said this about bringing Pariah Burke to New England. Were lucky to be working with one of the most talented people in his Digital Publishing. What amazes me the most is how much new technology is out there and how that technology is constantly changing, yet Pariah is always out in front of those changes and new developmentsits really an advantage for us in helping our clients and keeping them ahead of the curve.


Kirsten Rourke



David Franco



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Arrows by Local Aliens LLC Sets a New Standard in App Store Puzzle Game Genre

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia (PRWEB) August 15, 2012

Local Aliens LLC, a leader in unique and innovative casual gaming apps, is excited to announce the release of its new and highly addictive Arrows puzzle game to the iTunes App Store. Arrows is the second mobile release from Local Aliens, following its successful iPad board game, Fluke HD. Compatible with both iPhone and iPad, Arrows is a visually-striking puzzle game that is based on a simple concept, but presents a cutting-edge style of challenging and engaging gameplay that has yet to be seen in the puzzle game genre. Arrows is easy to play, but difficult to master.

The goal in Arrows is to fill orbs in each level with sideways moving arrows, avoiding obstacles along the way. With over 80 carefully designed futuristic levels that get increasingly challenging, Arrows keeps its users' minds fully engaged. High quality graphics make up the unique game elements that are presented in each level in dynamic and vivid color.

Because racking up high scores unlocks challenging bonus levels, exciting new levels are always available. Users are able to compete with friends for high scores in the Game Center leaderboards as well as unlock achievements throughout the game. Arrows features 4 sets of mind-stimulating levels. The first pack is provided with the initial download of the app at no cost, and it is $ 0.99 to unlock the remaining 3 packs. Arrows can be found here on the iTunes App Store.

This will be the most impressive puzzle game to hit the app market in a long time, said Bandar A. Almashari, co-founder of Local Aliens LLC. The mix of its simple, but challenging gameplay and breakthrough visual-appeal will make Arrows an app that people will be immediately drawn to and captivated by.

Features include:

**Highly captivating graphics

**Specially integrated music to compliment gameplay

**80+ carefully designed futuristic levels

**Bonus levels unlocked by high scores

**Game Center leaderboards

**Unlockable achievements

For more information on Arrows puzzle game, please visit or contact info(at)local-aliens(dot)com

About Local Aliens LLC:

Located in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, Local Aliens LLC is leading the way into the next generation of casual gaming by providing unique, fundamentally innovative concepts. Co-founded by Sultan S. Alsharif and Bandar A. Almashari, Local Aliens LLC creates the very best game development studio in the market today.

With an initial focus concentrating on mobile games, they are geared to deliver high quality, original gaming products that feature some of the finest gaming experiences available. With diligence, determination and integrity, Local Aliens LLC promises to deliver the best, brightest and most cutting


Express Logic

Embedded Systems Conference, Boston, MA (PRWEB) September 28, 2006

Express Logic, Inc., the worldwide leader in royalty-free real-time operating systems (RTOS), today announced that its popular ThreadX RTOS now supports all of Tensilicas Diamond Standard and Xtensa configurable processor cores. The combination of ThreadX and Tensilicas Xtensa is already production-proven in a high-volume SOC design used in personal laser printers. Leveraging this successful integration, Express Logic and Tensilica have cooperated to bring ThreadX to the Diamond Standard processor cores for SoCs used in consumer, networking, and office automation applications.

ThreadX is a small-footprint RTOS with real-time determinism that enables Tensilica customers to support applications that demand high-performance, low overhead, and fast time-to-market. As a full port to all of the Tensilica products, ThreadX supports Tensilicas onchip coprocessors including its floating point unit, Vectra DSP engine and special Tensilica Instruction Extension (TIE) cases. The simplicity and low cost of ThreadX, including its royalty-free licensing, make it attractive for high-volume applications in consumer devices, office automation, medical equipment and networking. ThreadX has been widely embraced and is currently deployed in over 300 million electronic products.

Many of our Xtensa and Diamond Standard customers have asked us if ThreadX support is available, said Steve Roddy, Tensilicas vice president of marketing. Were delighted that ThreadX will now be a formal part of the supporting ecosystem for all of our processor cores. The ThreadX RTOS is extremely efficient, proven in multiple applications, and easy to design in ― perfect for many Diamond Standard and Xtensa-based designs.

Tensilicas Diamond Standard Series processor family consists of six off-the-shelf, synthesizable cores that range from area-efficient, low-power controllers to the industrys highest performance licensable DSP and most popular audio processor. The Diamond Standard family covers the broadest range of performance of any embedded computing architecture. The Diamond Standard processor family is based on Tensilicas highly efficient Xtensa configurable and extensible processor architecture, proven in hundreds of SOC designs. Therefore, its easy for designers to bridge to Tensilicas Xtensa processor product line if additional customization is required.

One of our largest customers, a major personal and business printer manufacturer, uses the ThreadX RTOS throughout their product lines. Some of these high-volume personal laser printer products are based on Tensilicas Xtensa processors, stated John Carbone, Express Logics vice president of marketing. After the success of this integration for a mutual customer, and the popularity of Tensilicas recently introduced Diamond Standard processors, we are excited to cooperate with Tensilica to broadly market our ThreadX RTOS for Tensilicas entire Diamond Standard processor family as well as the Xtensa configurable processors.

Pricing and Availability

ThreadX is available in full source code form, royalty free, at license prices starting at $ 12,500. It is available from Express Logic now for Tensilicas Diamond Standard processor cores and will be available in 4Q2006 for Tensilicas Xtensa processor cores.

About Tensilica

Tensilica offers the broadest line of controller, CPU and specialty DSP processors on the market today, in both an off-the-shelf format via the Diamond Standard Series cores and with full designer configurability with the Xtensa processor family. Tensilicas low-power, benchmark proven processors have been designed into high-volume products at industry leaders in the digital consumer, networking and telecommunications markets. All Tensilica processor cores are complete with a matching software development tool environment, portfolio of system simulation models, and hardware implementation tool support. For more information on Tensilica's patented approach to the creation of application-specific building blocks for SOC design, visit

About Express Logic

Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Express Logic offers the most advanced run-time solution for deeply embedded applications, including the popular ThreadX


CFO Rapid Fire Cloud Based Business Intelligence Announces Integration with Intacct Cloud Accounting to Set New Standard for Financial Reporting

Novi, MI & San Jose, CA (PRWEB) April 10, 2012

CFO Rapid Fire business intelligence allows users to analyze and trend all of their companys data from anywhere and at any-time, said Meg Potts, founding partner of CFO Rapid Fire. Partnering with Intacct is a natural extension of our goal to provide users with a 360 degree interactive experience with their business information. The ability of a company to trend its non-financial enterprise data with its accounting/ERP data is unparalleled in any other application.

At the core of the CFO Rapid Fire / Intacct-Ready module is Instalytics, a brand new way of seeing, reading and interpreting financial statements. Instalytics provides the first breakthrough in financial reporting in years no longer constrained by the traditional current year, prior year flat view of financial reporting; financial statements take on a new life, allowing users to view any time period, in any format, for any account at a click of a button.

The drill down capability of Intacct is replicated in Instalytics and allows a company to further refine and extend the reach of Intacct to other areas of their business. Companies are using this new method of reporting to track and trend side by side periods, quarters, and years, while at the same time using the broad functionality of CFO Rapid Fire to marry trends with their other data sources. This new technology doesnt stop with financial statements; it applies to EVERY source of information within Intacct including project management, project accounting, and sales force automation. Instalytics is addictive. Were able to provide our customers with what they need to see, when they want to see it, wherever they are, added Gregory Thomas, founding partner of CFO Rapid Fire.

CFO Rapid Fire can be a useful tool for our joint customers that want to analyze and trend their financial data with other operational data, said Dan Miller, vice president of Product Management for Intacct. CFO Rapid Fire makes it easy for companies to pull data from multiple sources such as Intacct, payroll, point of sale, purchasing into one system for analysis and reporting.

About the Intacct-Ready Partner Program

Under the Intacct-Ready Partner Program, Intacct partners with leading companies to develop and certify integration between their cloud computing-based applications and technologies and Intacct's cloud financial management applications. More information on how to achieve Intacct-Ready status is available at

About CFO Rapid Fire, LLC.

Established in 2010, CFO Rapid Fire, LLC is the creator of CFO Rapid Fire the interactive, cloud based, business intelligence system that captures business data from any available source and translates it into exciting visualizations providing bold and interactive graphical displays of information that result in bottom line change. The company was founded by enterprising finance professionals Gregory Thomas and Meg Potts, whose vision of providing real-time access to critical and relevant business analytics continues to define the company.


B2B Softs Wireless Standard a Hit at 2012 Verizon Wireless Indirect Symposium in Philadelphia, PA

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 04, 2012

B2B Soft, a business-to-business software company specializing in retail management for the wireless/cellular retail industry, is pleased to announce its participation at the 2012 Verizon Wireless Indirect Symposium in Philadelphia, PA on May 3rd. Over 350 Verizon sales, marketing and management personnel along with some 50 plus regional Verizon wireless dealers and a spate of industry vendors converged on the Loews Philadelphia Hotel for the event. The Symposium brought Verizons national retail and local agent teams together to review the current state of the wireless industry, learn about new sales and marketing tools, and see the latest apps, solutions and equipment available at the Vendor Expo.

As a Verizon valued vendor, B2B Soft was invited to participate in the Vendor Expo and to give a presentation showcasing the latest features found in its innovative retail management platform, Wireless Standard. B2B Softs Wireless Standard, the industrys premier Retail Management Platform, is now used by over 4,500 retailers nationwide. The modular and customizable system is helping Verizon dealers offer a superior customer service experience by making everything from handset selection to device protection a breeze, while streamlining and automating the inventory and reconciliation processes. Its the platform of choice for Celluphone, Verizon's largest master dealer with over 2,000 retail locations.

Expressly designed to help retailers easily handle rapid changes in inventory and offer a wide variety of products and services all from a central point-of-sale, Wireless Standard provides an integrated solution that brings consistency of process to every facet of wireless retail: from payment processing and partner integrations to streamlined POS as well as powerful reporting and inventory management.

Wireless Standards range of business functions simplifies the intricacies of wireless retail, freeing dealers to spend more time better serving their customers. It features integration with Verizons Eroes activation portal, for seamless and instant carrier activations and completely accurate commission reconciliations, eliminating any risk of human error during the process.

Wireless Standards intuitive phone finder lets sales staff find any product by manufacturer, price, shape, style, features, even by image, in the blink of an eye. Integrations with Global Warranty Group, ProtectCell and eSecuritel help dealers ensure their customers loyalty with speedy access to device insurance and protection plans.

We really enjoyed attending the Symposium, says Alex Kogan, B2B Softs Director of Sales. Wireless Standards commission reconciliation and marketing modules were a hit with dealers. Its very clear the difference that a well integrated platform, with instant access to store data and automated inventory and reconciliation can have on their performance and bottom line.

"As the nations largest and fastest network, Verizons rapid growth poses challenges for dealers who need to keep pace with the surge in subscribers and an ever expanding device roster, says Don Rossi, B2B Softs VP of Sales and Marketing. Verizon dealers know they can rely on Wireless Standard to get things done simply, fast and reliably.

B2B Soft will be presenting an array of innovative end to end wireless retail solutions at the International CTIA Wireless 2012 Expo in New Orleans, LA, May 8-10. Booth #1045.

About B2B Soft



Smith & Associates: Strategic Diversification a New Standard for Manufacturers

Houston, TX (PRWEB) April 09, 2012

Last year, traditional inventory management faced unprecedented challenges. Electronics and semiconductor manufacturers contended with natural disasters and economic conditions that caused severe disruptions to supply chains. Many corporations realized that their sole- and limited-source supplier strategies simply could not keep production lines moving. Among the most pressing conditions were:


Popular Email Marketing Software Now Compatible with Standard HTML Editors like Dreamweaver, FrontPage and GoLive

Popular Email Marketing Software Now Compatible with Standard HTML Editors like Dreamweaver, FrontPage and GoLive

Tucson, AZ (PRWEB) September 9, 2005

A popular email marketing software is now compatible with most standard HTML editing programs.

A new update to Email Marketing Director from Arial Software ( makes the popular software compatible with most standard HTML editing programs used by professional graphic designers and the graphics industry to create professional HTML emails, web pages and other documents. Businesses using Email Marketing Director to send email marketing campaigns to customers and subscribers can now use HTML emails designed using Macromedia Dreamweaver, Microsoft FrontPage, Adobe GoLive or other standard HTML programs.

The software can now easily use emails designed by in-house graphics department, or emails designed by an outside graphics firm. This new compatibility allows businesses to send email messages which best improve ongoing relationships between themselves and their customers, subscribers, members and more.

The new Email Marketing Director update also includes improvements to the software's built-in HTML editor, including a new document editing toolbar and right-mouse click editing functionality, for full-page HTML editing. Both of these new email editing features let business owners, marketers and administrators with limited technical background design professional-quality HTML emails in less time, and with more accuracy.

Email campaigns created using Email Marketing Director 3.1 can now easily include company logos, product shots, industry illustrations, address directions, staff photos and other graphics.

About Arial Software

Founded in 1993, Arial Software, LLC is widely considered the industry leader in email marketing software designed exclusively for relationship building through personalized email messaging. Its best-selling product, Email Marketing Director, is professional desktop email campaign software used by marketing companies, newsletter publishers, volunteer coordinators, tourism bureaus, veterans groups, neighborhood associations, event planners, churches, service clubs, schools and more. More information on Email Marketing Director can be found at


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