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Interview with a spammer

Interview with a spammer

Montreal, (PRWEB) April 7, 2004

Montreal-based Vircom, developer of Modus e-mail security solutions, released a brand new study today titled "Why Spammers Spam". It features interviews with three American spammers and reveals surprising insights about their methods, tools, tricks and organization.

A sign of involvement

"This study demonstrates our unparalleled expertise in all spheres of the spam world" says Sylvain Durocher, president and founder of Vircom. "Gaining the spammers' confidence and trust is a telltale sign of our constant desire to study and understand all sides of the spam situation."

Both sides of the story

"I participated in this study because I trust Vircom has offered me a chance to voice who spammers are", says one of the interviewed spammers who goes by the name "Virginia". "Even though Vircom is in the anti-spam industry, they have the integrity to give our side of the story".

The study also features comments from international spam expert Michael D. Osterman, President and founder of Washington-based Osterman Research, who also contributed to Vircom's international study on spam legislation, and from Michael Gaudette, one of Vircom's anti-spam experts. "We tried not to look at spammers with a judging eye," says Gaudette, "but with the idea of understanding who these people really are and what are their true motivations. I think this study brings very revealing insights from both sides of the fence."

About Modus3

Vircom's Modus3 technology is based on a holistic model designed to optimize the treatment capacity and to maximize the performance of the anti-spam engine. Spam identification, classification and rejection is performed at 14 different key stages in the filtration process, facilitating early clearance of basic spam messages and yielding maximum CPU throughput to process the more complex, often intentionally malformed messages. Modus-powered solutions were designed for the demanding ISPs and corporate users. They offer an out-of-the-box 98.2% catch rate and 99.99% false positive protection while offering the widest array of productivity and delegation features available in the industry.

About Vircom

Since 1994, Vircom has been specializing in advanced Internet infrastructure and secure messaging solutions for the ever-evolving needs of both its ISP and corporate clients. Vircom is an undeniable force in the anti-spam market with its mature and powerful Modus™ anti-spam technology. With offices in Canada and Europe, Vircom has become a leading player in the secure messaging industry.

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