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UMD-Led Research Finds Subtle Signs of Water on Faraway Planets

College Park, Md (PRWEB) December 03, 2013

Using the powerful eye of NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, two teams of scientists have found faint signatures of water in the atmospheres of five distant planets.

The presence of atmospheric water was reported previously on a few exoplanets – planets orbiting stars beyond our solar system. But this is the first study to conclusively measure and compare the profiles and intensities of these signatures on multiple worlds.

University of Maryland Astronomy Prof. L. Drake Deming led the census of exoplanet atmospheres that produced the new findings. Deming and colleagues characterized two of the five planets in a study published Sept. 10 in Astrophysical Journal. The findings for the three other exoplanets were reported in the same journal today.

"To actually detect the atmosphere of an exoplanet is extraordinarily difficult. But we were able to pull out a very clear signal, and it is water," said Deming, an expert at using data from space and ground-based telescopes to deduce the characteristics of exoplanets, from massive “hot Jupiters” to planets with more Earth-like traits.

"We're very confident that we see a water signature for multiple planets," said Avi Mandell, a planetary scientist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., and lead author of the journal article published today. "This work really opens the door for comparing how much water is present in atmospheres on different kinds of exoplanets, for example hotter versus cooler ones."

The observations are the latest in a wave of new insights about exoplanets, made possible by new information from Hubble and NASA’s Kepler space telescope, which searches a nearby region of the Milky Way for Earth-sized planets capable of supporting liquid water.

These exceptionally challenging studies can be done only if the planets are spotted while they are passing in front of their stars. Researchers can identify the gases in a planet's atmosphere by determining which wavelengths of the star's light are transmitted and which are partially absorbed. Deming's team employed a new technique with longer exposure times, which increased the sensitivity of their measurements.

In both studies, scientists used Hubble's Wide Field Camera 3 to explore the details of absorption of light through the planets' atmospheres. The observations were made in a range of infrared wavelengths where a pattern that signifies the presence of water would appear if water were present. The teams compared the shapes and intensities of the absorption profiles, and the consistency of the signatures gave them confidence they saw water.

The five planets -- WASP-17b, HD209458b, WASP-12b, WASP-19b and XO-1b -- orbit nearby stars. The strengths of their water signatures varied. WASP-17b, a planet with and HD209458b had the strongest signals. The signatures for the other three planets, WASP-12b, WASP-19b and XO-1b, also are consistent with water.

The Sept. 10 research paper described findings for HD209458b and XO-1b, while today’s publication describes WASP-12b, WASP-17b and WASP-19b.

The five planets are hot Jupiters, massive worlds that orbit close to their host stars. The researchers were initially surprised that all five appeared to be hazy. But Deming and Mandell noted that other researchers are finding evidence of haze around exoplanets.

"These studies, combined with other Hubble observations, are showing us that there are a surprisingly large number of systems for which the signal of water is either attenuated or completely absent," said Heather Knutson of the California Institute of Technology, a co-author on Deming's paper. "This suggests that cloudy or hazy atmospheres may in fact be rather common for hot Jupiters."


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University of Maryland College of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences

J.D. Harrington



NASA Headquarters

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W.J. Deutsch Signs 5 Year Distribution Agreements with Glazer’s

New York, NY (Vocus) October 22, 2010

W.J. Deutsch & Sons, Ltd. (Deutsch) - a leading importer and marketer of award-winning wines and spirits from around the world - announce the signing of five year distribution agreements with Glazer’s Distributors (Glazer’s), granting Glazer’s the exclusive rights to sell Deutsch’s award-winning portfolio of wine and spirits in Arkansas, Iowa, Louisiana, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Texas. These agreements bring Deutsch’s long standing relationship with Glazer’s to a new level of partnership, further energizing both companies commitment and investment behind Deutsch’s growing portfolio of category leading brands, including the number one wine brand in the U.S., [yellow tail].

The agreements focus on five-year depletion and distribution goals set for the Deutsch’s brands, and new investment, structure and resources that will be put in place to enable both companies to reach them. Key elements include:

    Increased resource investment into Deutsch’s brands to drive national consumer awareness
    Increased investment to drive awareness and sales in individual markets.
    A new on-line training program to increase the knowledge, focus and capabilities of Glazer’s sales force to represent the Deutsch Portfolio
    A streamlined structure and process created to ensure the development and implementation of highly effective local promotional activities
    Mutually designed metrics to measure and drive successful brand building and achievement of Deutsch’s five-year goals

“Glazer’s has been a valuable strategic partner for many years, working closely with us to build brands such as [yellow tail], Georges Duboeuf, and Andre Lurton (Chateau Bonnet) into category leaders,” stated Deutsch’s CEO Peter Deutsch. “They recognize our ability to build consumer-driven brands and appreciate the advantages of working with another independent, family-owned and run business, who shares their goal of long-term growth. They have shown great support for our recent decisions to expand our portfolio to include premium spirits and new wine brands from Spain, Argentina and Chile. We enthusiastically supported Bennett’s recent decision to appoint Sheldon 'Shelly' Stein to lead Glazer’s into their next growth phase.”

“Peter and I have forged an excellent relationship and we were able quickly to come to terms on this break-through agreement that will help both companies benefit from the accelerated growth of the Deutsch wine and spirits brands,” said Shelly Stein, Glazer’s Distributors President & CEO.

“As a third generation family business that just celebrated its 100th birthday, we highly value our partnership with Bill and Peter Deutsch, and welcome the opportunity to build upon our long-standing partnership. We are aligned with the Deutsch team to fuel the growth of Deutsch’s portfolio of award-winning wines and spirits, which will benefit the future generations of our families,” said Bennett Glazer, Chairman and CEO of The Glazer Companies.

About W.J. Deutsch & Sons, Ltd.

W.J. Deutsch & Sons, Ltd. was founded in 1981 by Chairman Bill Deutsch to market quality wines produced by prestigious families from major wine regions of the world. In 2009 Deutsch announced the expansion of the award-winning company to include a separate Spirits Division, W.J. Deutsch Spirits LLC. Deutsch’s wines and spirits are sold to the trade with well-planned marketing support and are offered to U.S. consumers at fair market prices. Today the company is renowned for its brand building prowess and its ability to meet the needs of the modern consumer. Bill’s son Peter Deutsch is CEO; thus two generations of the Deutsch family work side by side in their continuous quest to build strong brands and relationships throughout the wine and spirit industry.

The W.J. Deutsch & Sons portfolio includes award-winning wines from Australia: [yellow tail], [yellow tail] The Reserve, [yellow tail] Bubbles; California: Esser Vineyards, Kunde Estate; France: Andre Lurton, Georges Duboeuf, Hob Nob Vineyards, Patch Block, Pierre Sparr, Sauvion et Fils, Vidal Fleury; Italy: Barone Fini, Castello di Monastero, Coldisole, Poggio alle Sughere, Lionello Marchesi, Villa Pozzi; New Zealand: The Crossings; Portugal: Quinta Do Vale Meao; Spain: Mar De Frades (Rias Baixas), Cruz de Alba (Ribera del Duero), Ramón Bilbao Vinos Y Vinedos (Rioja), and Volteo (Castilla); Chile: Llai Llai; Argentina: Ruta 22, and award-winning spirits from Landy Cognac (France), Luksusowa Vodka (Poland) and Villa Massa (Italy).

CONTACT: Barbara Scalera, Director of Public Relations, W.J. Deutsch & Sons, Ltd.

Office: 914-251-3294, Fax: 914-251-0283, Email: barbara(dot)scalera(at)wjdeutsch(dot)com


About Glazer’s

Glazer’s, currently operating in 11 states, is one of the nation’s largest wholesale distributors of wine, spirits and malt beverage products. The third-generation family business was founded in Dallas in 1909. For more information, please visit our web site at

CONTACT: Louis Zweig, Senior Vice President Marketing and Strategy

Office: 972-392-8389, lzweig(at)glazers(dot)com



Semiconductor Cloud ERP Specialist Tensoft Signs Deal with Solantro Semiconductor — The Newest Renewable Power Management Company to Adopt Tensoft FSM

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) November 26, 2013

Tensoft, the leading semiconductor Cloud ERP provider, today announced the execution of a formal agreement with Solantro Semiconductor Corp. of Ottawa, Canada. Solantro, a provider of highly integrated semiconductor chipset-based solutions for distributed power conversion, energy storage and grid management applications will use Tensoft’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, featuring Tensoft Fabless Semiconductor Management (FSM), to manage end-to-end semiconductor ERP processes. Benefits include maintenance of disciplined inventory levels, dynamic lead times, bolstered production automation and heightened financial awareness and controls.

Tensoft FSM was built from the ground up to accommodate the semiconductor industry’s unique manufacturing flow using an "inverted bill-of-materials" (iBOM). The iBOM manages the nuances of starting with one wafer and ending with multiple die, chips or modules versus a traditional BOM available in mass market ERP and MRP systems designed to convert multiple raw materials into a single end product. FSM also supports many of the other functions that are critical for fabless semiconductor and integrated circuit manufacturers, such as the ability to consolidate and analyze work-in-progress (WIP), yield and attributes across vendors and over time, and the ability to track lot genealogy, both forwards and backwards.

“We look forward to implementing Tensoft FSM to manage our ERP and supply chain operations,” said Solantro’s COO Lucas Smith. “Tensoft’s track record in the semiconductor industry as well as their success with other renewable energy and power management companies made them an ideal partner for us. In fact, I have worked with Tensoft before and found that their products and services significantly enhanced the productivity of our team and the reliability of our delivery commitments. We look forward to a successful outcome at Solantro as well.”

“Solantro’s unique products, complex manufacturing processes and rapid growth make it a perfect fit for Tensoft FSM,” said Robert Scarborough, Tensoft President and CEO. “The ability to unite disparate departments, manufacturing facilities and systems through a single semiconductor ERP platform will enable them to scale for even greater growth in the future.”

Solantro joins other Tensoft semiconductor-based customers in the renewable energy and power management industries that create solar, storage, power conversion, high performance computing and LED products, including CHiL Semiconductor, Solar Junction, SemiSouth Laboratories and iWatt.

”Smart Silicon” manufacturers rely on Tensoft FSM for:

Industry-specific planning engine, production control, operations execution and distributor management capabilities, such as an “inverted BOM”, outsourced supplier and fulfillment portals and ship-and-debit capabilities, enable Tensoft customers to compete with larger competitors on a more even playing field.

Automated communication between subcontractor and supply chain vendors, providing real-time visibility and control into all production activity through standard reports and dashboards.

Streamlined capabilities at every step of the process from foundry to fulfillment to provide efficiency, visibility, and cost reductions, ensuring that Tensoft FSM customers can build the right materials and deliver them on time.

About Tensoft FSM

Tensoft Fabless Semiconductor Management (FSM) is a web-based application that supports semiconductor and related industry manufacturing processes. Delivered on premise or in the cloud, Tensoft FSM supports the unique production, supply chain and financial needs of semiconductor and high tech businesses, and is designed to smoothly scale with growth and changing business requirements.

About Solantro Semiconductor Corp.

Solantro enables the development of intelligent, distributed renewable power generation and smart grid management by introducing a fundamentally new approach to Grid-Tied Solar PV, Off-Grid/Micro-Grid, Grid-Tied Storage and Smart-Grid architectures. Providing highly-integrated semiconductor chipsets coupled with intelligent and customizable hardware and software reference platforms allows customers to bring to market highly-differentiated products with extremely attractive performance, reliability and economics. For more information about Solantro, go to

About Tensoft

Tensoft, the leading semiconductor industry Cloud ERP provider supporting emerging growth, mid-tier public companies and divisions of multinational conglomerates, provides business management applications to automate industry-specific lifecycle processes for the semiconductor, technology and software industries. Tensoft's business-ready solutions extend broad, horizontal ERP functionality to complete the most vertically demanding, high-tech needs through critically relevant content, domain expertise, embedded best practices and performance analytics. For over 17 years, technology companies worldwide have relied on Tensoft software and cloud-based services to power and improve operations. Tensoft is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia. For more information, go to or call (888) 450-4030 x406.


Acumatica Signs Exclusive Multi-Million Dollar Deal With Australian OEM MYOB

Kirkland, WA (PRWEB) August 19, 2013

Acumatica, the worlds fastest-growing provider of cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) and financial software, and MYOB, the largest business management software provider in Australasia, today announced a multi-million deal.

The deal enables MYOB to localize and distribute Acumaticas ERP solution platform, moving its offering to mid-sized clients into the online space.

"We are very pleased to sign this agreement with Acumatica," said MYOB CEO Tim Reed. "The companys renowned cloud solution will form a vital part of the MYOB product platform, strengthening our online proposition."

"This opportunity allows us to respond to our mid-sized clients needs. While many are comfortable with desktop applications, others are keen to embrace the productivity benefits of the cloud. We are now in a position to implement a cloud-based ERP solution for our clients who are eager to reap the unique advantages of that environment. This provides a great alternative for mid-sized businesses to our existing on-premise MYOB EXO product range. It will form part of our MYOB Live family of offerings, complementing AccountRight Live, one of our online business management solutions for small businesses."

Acumatica CEO Yury Larichev said: "MYOB has deservedly earned the respect of an enormous client base. At Acumatica, we are eager to leverage our extensive cloud business application platform to help ensure MYOBs mid-sized clients will quickly enjoy the superior adaptability and scope of a Web-based ERP solution."

An iconic Australia and New Zealand-based business leader, MYOB enjoys market shares as high as 70 to 80 percent within its operating markets.

Larichev noted that the partnership marks an important continuation of Acumaticas strategy to expand the companys product line via exclusive relationships with partners in various channels including ISVs, VARs, hosting providers, and as in the case of MYOB OEMs.

He added: "Large financial software providers such as MYOB understand that time to market is critical to succeed with a cloud-based ERP solution. And for many, the optimal solution is to leverage a proven product that has demonstrated increasing traction worldwide."

The Acumatica-MYOB partnership is the second of its kind for Acumatica. In 2011, the company reached an agreement with Oslo, Norway-based Visma, the Scandinavian regions largest software vendor, with about 340,000 customers in the Nordic countries as well as The Netherlands. As with Visma, MYOB receives exclusive rights to market the Acumatica platform under the companys own brand name in Australia and New Zealand.

"While VARs, ISVs and hosting providers still account for the bulk of Acumaticas valued partner network," Larichev said, "our company will continue to pursue large-scale OEM deals, such as the one announced today. This is especially so in areas of the world where it will permit our products to become established quickly among a large customer base, helping the Acumatica ERP solution become the Cloud ERP world standard."

About MYOB

Established in 1991, MYOB is Australasias largest business management solutions provider. It makes life easier for over 1.2 million businesses, and provides support via many service channels including a network of over 20,000 accounting firms, bookkeepers and other consultants. MYOBs solutions simplify accounting, payroll, HR, tax, practice management, CRM, websites, job costing, inventory and more, for businesses of all sizes. It is committed to ongoing innovation, particularly in cloud solutions, and now spends over AU$ 30 million annually on research and development. In 2013, MYOB expanded its offering with the acquisition of accounting solutions provider BankLink. Visit

About Acumatica

Founded in 2007, Acumatica is the fastest-growing provider of highly customizable, cloud-based ERP applications for small and midsized businesses, offering financial management, distribution, CRM, and project accounting suites. Acumatica Studio, the companys technology development platform, gives ISVs and OEMs a rapid, cost-effective means of developing and integrating cloud-based apps, using industry-standard tools. A Red Herring Top 100 Global Tech Company, Acumatica has quickly gained a solid reputation among developers and users for the flexibility of its platform and its innovative licensing practices; cloud, on-site, and hybrid deployment options; and device independence; as well as broad-based licensing, integration, and customization options. The privately-held companys products are delivered through a global channel-partner network of VARs, ISVs, and OEMs. Headquartered in Kirkland, WA, Acumatica maintains offices in Washington DC, Moscow, and Singapore. Acumatica has affiliate offices in Indonesia and Mexico. Acumatica is sold through resellers in the US, Canada, UK, Africa, the Middle East, India and various countries in Southeast Asia. In the Nordic countries and the Netherlands, Acumatica is sold as part of

For more information, contact

Dorothy Ho

Director of Communications


+1 425.658.4913 Office

+1 206.303.7750 Cell


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Verian Signs Major U.S. Producer of Oil and Natural Gas Liquids

Charlotte, NC (PRWEB) August 16, 2013

Verian, known for offering the broadest purchasing and invoice processing software suite available, has signed a major U.S. producer of oil and natural gas liquids headquartered in Alabama.

The new customer has approximately 750 million barrels of oil-equivalent proved, probable, and possible reserves. These all-domestic reserves are located mainly in the Permian and San Juan basins.

The company's wells generated excellent performances in 2012 and are expected to continue to drive double-digit oil and natural gas liquids growth in 2013.

The clients legacy business is natural gas distribution, and its natural gas affiliate is the largest gas utility in Alabama, providing clean-burning, energy-efficient natural gas to approximately 425,000 homes, businesses, and industries in central and north Alabama.

The new oil and gas customer is deploying Verians Materials Transfer Manager and Purchase Manager software modules. Verians new solutions will replace the clients legacy purchasing system.

The new client was impressed with the breadth of Verians solutions, primarily the capability to bring materials transfer and purchasing functionality together on a single software platform.

Materials transfers are one of the most critical challenges facing oil and gas companies worldwide. Verian has worked with oil and gas companies for a number of years to help automate their materials transfer processes.

During implementation of the clients new system, Verian will be completing innovative integrations with two partner organizations that are prevalent in the oil and gas industry, Full Circle Systems, and Cortex Network.

Verian has considerable experience providing oil and gas companies with solutions to their most pressing financial challenges," said Tehseen Ali Dahya, President and CEO of Verian. We are pleased this new client has selected Verian, and we look forward to helping them gain visibility and control of their spending.

About Verian

Founded in 1997, Verian provides the broadest purchasing and invoice processing software suite available. Over 200 clients in industries of all types use Verian's affordable, easy-to-use software solutions to rapidly achieve greater efficiency, visibility, control, and savings. Verian's broad and flexible product offering is highly configurable, yet easy to implement and integrate with other systems. Learn more at or by reading the Verian blog. Stay current on Verian happenings by following @VerianTech on Twitter, or by visiting Verian on LinkedIn or Facebook.


Stella Blu Clothing Signs Mannfolk Public Relations for Press Campaign

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) June 26, 2013

Mannfolk PR is pleased to announce signing Stella Blu Clothing, a trendy and environmentally friendly children's apparel brand designed and owned by fashion designer Erin Raymer. Based in Chicago, all products are printed using non-toxic ink on the softest quality fabrics which are made from a unique blend of recycled printing paper and sustainable bamboo/polyester fibers making Stella Blus clothing safe and comfortable for children.

Stella Blu offers children an eco-friendly and edgy fashion alternative. The unique T-shirts draws inspiration from the 70s, 80s, and rocker tattoo designs, giving a touch of attitude to every kid that wears Stella Blu.

Currently, Stella Blus T-shirts are available for purchase at boutiques in major cities across the nation, on a range of online stores, and at Fred Segal Melrose and Santa Monica. Sizes range from 3-6m to 12, and prices are at $ 25 retail and $ 12.50 wholesale. Erin is rolling out new additions to her line including rompers, track jackets, skirts and zip ups at ENK Childrens Club tradeshow in New York and the KID Show in Las Vegas this August.


Stella Blu Clothing Co. is a childrens apparel brand founded in 2007 by Chicago resident, Erin Raymer. Featuring graphic tees inspired by hippies, bikers and 80s designers, Stella Blu gives kids confidence and individuality through comfortable street-style clothing. All Stella Blu pieces are printed in the USA with non-toxic ink onto recycled and sustainable fabrics. Sizes range from 3-6m to 12 and retail from $ 25. Stella Blu can be found at boutiques in major cities across the nation, on a range of online stores, and at Fred Segal in Los Angeles, CA. The brand also has an online store at


A leading luxury lifestyle boutique pr agency, Mannfolk PR has been responsible for helping launch acclaimed international lifestyle, fashion, and cosmetic brands. Along with their strategic mix of product placements in all media platforms, Mannfolk PR also stages various special events including media lounges and fashion show production. As a full-service boutique PR agency specializing in personal hands-on dedication and dependable one-on-one service, each account receives individualized campaigns designed specifically to suit their individual PR and marketing needs.


Quick Hit Launches Draft Showdown and Signs Dick Vermeil as New Pro Coach for Quick Hit Football

Foxboro, MA (PRWEB) April 14, 2010

Quick Hit, Inc. (Quick Hit), a leading developer and publisher of free social sports games, today announced a major update for Quick Hit Football as well as the addition of a new Head Coach to its roster. The update includes the Draft Showdown, an exciting new challenge that will run from today through April 27th urging users to beat four All Star teams comprised of Legends for a chance to win prizes like an HP Netbook*. The company also announced it has signed Championship-winner, Dick Vermeil, to its lineup of famous Head Coaches.

The Draft Showdown is a newly created promotion (made timely by the upcoming professional Draft next week) that challenges Quick Hit users to defeat four rounds of teams stacked with some of the best draft picks in history. The teams are captained by stand-out quarterbacks Vinny Testaverde (1st Overall Pick, 1987), Randall Cunningham (2nd Round, 1985), Dan Fouts (3rd Round, 1973), and Warren Moon (Undrafted, 1978). Even more exciting, every win in the Draft Showdown gets players an entry into a sweepstakes to win prizes like an HP Netbook, autographed football memorabilia, and other cool items*. Players will also be awarded valuable Coaching Points for completing each round of the challenge.

Coaching continues to be the cornerstone of Quick Hit Football and today, the company has added another Championship-winning icon to the team. Coach Vermeil, the former head coach for Philadelphia Eagles, St. Louis Rams and Kansas City Chiefs, had an amazing 29 year career in the National Football League, eventually winning a Super Bowl with St. Louis in 2000. He was also the Associated Press and Pro Football Weekly Coach of the Year in 1999.

Coach Vermeil always brought such passion to the game, said Jeffrey Anderson, CEO and founder, Quick Hit. As the head coach behind the 1999 Greatest Show on Turf, he is a fantastic addition to our roster.

The update announced today demonstrates Quick Hits dedication to building the largest and best free-to-play online football game in the world. It includes the Coaches Challenge - a punch-out style ladder campaign complete with nine former Pro Coaches and 18 fantasy coaches. This fun challenge was specifically designed to help users enjoy the rich depth and diversity of Quick Hit Football. The other big feature, Playbook Manager, is an exciting new element that gives users the ability to browse, sort and evaluate their playbooks outside of the actual game. Its the first time that users can view never seen before statistics like number of times a play has been called, how many yards it has averaged, number of first downs, how many points it scored, and more.

To read more about the Draft Showdown and how to enter to win an HP Netbook and other prizes, visit the promotion page.* To read more about the Coaches Challenge, Playbook Manager, and other new features in Quick Hit Football, check out the latest Dev Diary.


Quick Hit Football is a free, authentic football coaching game that doesnt require a credit card or massive download. Its compelling graphics, hard-hitting action and feature-rich game play take online sports games to a new level. Play head-to-head against Pro Coaches like Brian Billick or Jimmy Johnson; take on Pro superstars like Ray Lewis or Brian Westbrook; or draft Legends onto your team like Barry Sanders, Steve Atwater, James Lofton, and Tony Dorsett. Unlike repetitive twitch-games, Quick Hit Football offers a persistent gaming experience that lets fans build and manage a football dynasty. Play fast, fun, free online football games, earn fantasy and coaching points with every game, and watch your team grow. Hit the gridiron and create your team today at


Headquartered in the shadow of the world-famous Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts, Quick Hit, Inc. is developing free, online social sports games and entertainment for a global audience. Quick Hits products fill a massive void in the sports industry by offering head-to-head competitions that combine a rich graphical experience, the accessibility of Adobe


McKenna Long & Aldridge signs Managed Services Agreement with Iris Data Services – Electronic Discovery Company Delivers Scalable Discovery for Law Firm

ATLANTA, GEORGIA (PRWEB) August 05, 2013

Iris Data Services, a leading provider of discovery solutions, announced today that it has signed a managed services agreement with McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP (MLA), an international law firm. Iris will provide managed electronic discovery and hosted document review services through the Iris Discovery Management program that includes discovery consulting, eDiscovery processing, data hosting using the industry leading kCura Relativity platform and Data Analytics. Iris Data Services is a leading supplier of discovery solutions including electronic discovery, managed litigation services, and document review technologies including kCura Relativity, Relativity Analytics, and Relativity Assisted Review.

As part of our comprehensive MLA Advantage legal project management program, the firm realized we needed to find a managed services provider with significant capacity, experience and industry expertise that can provide quality discovery services to MLAs network of U.S. offices, said Bruce Markowitz, MLAs Director of Practice Technology. Iris has developed a portfolio of reliable and scalable discovery services, integrating best of breed litigation support tools such as Nuix and Relativity. The strength of what Iris has done lies in the process-driven management systems they have established around this workflow and the proprietary enhancements they have made to these tools. Having access to their management tools, such as eBoard project tracking, personnel, and developers on an on-demand basis ensures that we will be able to scale to meet short term needs while capitalizing on future innovations in process and technology.

MLA faces the daily challenge of providing specialized discovery services across its offices with expedient, consistent and accurate results while simultaneously providing a predictable budget for those services, said Iris Vice President of Managed Services, Scott Berger. Iris Discovery Management will provide the firm with a scalable and accurate, on-demand discovery process that uniquely leverages enhanced industry-standard tools with expert personnel and custom, client-driven management systems at a flat, monthly rate. Iris Discovery Management will allow MLA to spend less time managing vendors and litigation technologies and more time doing what they do best, practicing law.

About Iris Discovery Management

Iris Discovery Management is a managed services platform for law firms and corporations who are dissatisfied with the internal capital and overhead expense or the continual investment and time spent outsourcing discovery needs. Iris Discovery Management blends best of breed solutions and technical expertise with the ability for litigation departments to evaluate current electronic discovery spend, ultimately increasing their client serving abilities. Unlike outsourcing every discovery service or paying higher capital investment to keep it internal, Iris has assembled a subscription-based package that includes Discovery Consulting, Forensics Collection & Culling, eDiscovery Processing, Data Hosting using the industry leading kCura Relativity platform, Data Analytics, and Attorney Document Review.

About Iris


TestLink Signs ATM Cassette Tester Deal With Brinks Singapore

(PRWEB) February 5, 2010

Independent ATM supplier TestLink has signed a distribution deal with Brinks Singapore for its ATM cassette tester.

Secure cash management group Brinks will distribute TestLinks innovative NCR cassette testing system in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

TestLinks quick and easy handheld Automatic Cassette Testing System (ACTS) helps cash handling organisations across the world to ensure their ATM cassettes are configured and functioning correctly.

It can operate from both mains and 12-volt power supplies, enabling it to be used by both cash handling centres and mobile cash in transit teams.

Users simply slide an NCR ATM cassette into the machine and within seconds it will check the cassettes configuration and also other features, such as the mechanical shutter and cash low sensor.

Brinks Singapore has been using TestLink ATM cassette testers to underpin and further enhance its world-class secure cash management operations.

Officials at Brinks Singapore were so impressed with the ATM cassette test equipment they purchased from TestLink that they approached the company for distribution rights.

TestLink Chairman Nick Beer said he was equally impressed with the commitment and resources that Brinks was dedicating to distributing the ATM cassette testers.

Brinks Singapore is a very high profile name in cash management and replenishment and Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia are very exciting markets for us, he said.

TestLink also sees large potential markets for the ATM cassette testers in countries such as China, India, the Middle East and Africa.

There are great opportunities here and we are looking for more distributors. China in particular has tremendous potential.

TestLinks Automatic Cassette Testing System helps banks, ATM operators and cash in transit companies to configure NCR ATM cassettes correctly so they avoid the serious financial and reputational damage caused by ATMs paying out the wrong amounts of cash.

Last April, TestLink announced that a major multi-national cash in transit organisation was the latest customer to boost ATM service reliability by adopting the testers.

The client which manages more than 30,000 ATMs across Europe and North America chose TestLinks hand-portable ATM cassette testers for their guaranteed accuracy, speed and ease of use.

ACTS open design allows testing of ATM cassettes with their lids off enabling users to hand-move cassette components during testing.

TestLink is best known for helping companies to cut their ATM purchase costs by up to 70 per cent with its ATM sales and ATM refurbishment.

As new TestLink ATMs are as or more reliable than new ATMs. The company has published an ATM buyers guide with hundreds of ATMs in stock for rapid deployment.

TestLink used its 20 years of expertise to develop the ACTS cassette testing system, providing added support with:


Tango Signs Multi-annual Revenue Assurance Deal with XINTEC

Dublin, Ireland (PRWEB) May 24, 2013

Luxembourgs number one alternative Communications Service Provider, Tango, today announced its decision to implement Irish company XINTECs latest Revenue Assurance software suite RAevolution 3.0.

Tango is the first operator in Luxembourg to launch a full 4G mobile broadband service. With the recent addition of digital television services to the residential market, the company is now positioned as the first true quadruple-play operator (mobile, fixed-line, broadband and television) service provider in the country, under the brand name tango generation.

The XINTEC Revenue Assurance solution is designed to protect Communication Service Providers from unwanted financial losses which can amount to 2% or 3% of gross annual revenues according to industry sources. By ensuring that all call event data records phone calls, text messages and mobile internet sessions are fully accounted for as they transit through the various network elements at the touch of a button, the software ensures that every call event is converted to billable revenue.

XINTEC has fulfilled its promise of delivering measurable value to our organization commented Tango CFO Vikrant Mehta. Identifying potential losses early in the product development cycle, or indeed between interconnection partners, allows us to optimize our revenue generation capabilities and ensure full customer satisfaction with our services through accurate billing.

With the growing number of complex data streams that result from an increasingly sophisticated communications environment including 4G mobile broadband, applications, IPTV and now machine-to-machine and mobile money transactions over a users mobile device, the need to control and assure revenues is greater than ever says Sean Killeen, CEO of XINTEC. Being the trusted partner of a market-leading communications service provider like Tango is a true endorsement of our capabilities, and we are very proud of this appointment.

After releasing an impressive set of 2012 results, with annual revenues up by 6.5 per cent to EUR114million in 2012, Tango now boasts a customer base of 273,000 in the Grand Duchy. It owes this success in particular to a diversification of its customer offerings, and an increase in its subscriber numbers in both the residential and corporate segments.

About Tango

Tango is Luxembourgs leading alternative operator offering both fixed and mobile telephony and also Internet services.

With a wide portfolio of products effectively tailored to meet the needs of all of the companys general public and business customers, Tango is now the first choice for more than 273,000 customers.

Since starting out in 1998, Tango has engaged in a policy of innovation which has helped to find the right responses to the companys customers needs in terms of quality of service at the best possible price.

Drawing on a high-quality distribution network with twelve Tango points of sale and eight partner points of sale, Tango has also undertaken to provide all of its customers with technical support by opening a technical department.

Tango has been a member of the Belgacom Group since 2008, thus giving the company even more of an international dimension.

The partnership concluded with Vodafone allows Tango to offer highly competitive tariffs for calls made from abroad along with a huge range of cutting edge high-tech offers and services.

Tango is now developing brand-new ranges of products and services at the heart of which, in addition to the best telecommunication technologies available, entertainment is now becoming increasingly important. Whether it is with sports, games or music (exclusive partnership with Deezer), Tango is now striding into the Entertainment era, with the recent launch of tango generation, offering a hundred TV channels and much more.

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Tango Contact

Violette Montagnese

Head of Communication

177, rue de Luxembourg L-8077 Bertrange

T: +352 27 77 71 01 M: +352 691 777 244



XINTEC provides Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance software solutions to Communications Service Providers around the world. These solutions help operators maximise their revenues by eliminating revenue leakage and fraud-related losses.

XINTECs minimally invasive light-touch technology is designed for rapid deployment, scalability and cost leadership. XINTEC target the small and emerging, and mid-size operator segment globally, and has customers in EMEA, APAC and the Americas. XINTEC is a preferred supplier to the Vodafone Group.

The company is an active member of the GSM Association, the TeleManagement Forum (TM Forum), and the Pacific Islands Telecommunications Association (PITA). The company is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.

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To contact our helpdesk: info(at)xintec(dot)com

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