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Intelligence & Security Operating System To Blast Its Way In IDEX 2005

(PRWEB) January 27, 2005

Emirates Malaysia German IT Co, WLL was setup to serve and commercialise Security Technologies for the Government Sectors and Agencies, IT and Communication industries. It anticipates being an ICT leader within 15 years of inception in the industry.

EMG Black Box is one of the many products and solutions made available by EMGIT. It is a secured set of hardware, software, and solutions tailored and designed for a particular security need. It is a comprehensive set of mechanics that may be executed utilizing different operating systems, coupled with applications and defined solutions which when initiated will detect intrusion from layers and eliminate downtime caused by conventional security systems.

Emirates Malaysia German IT Co, WLL was setup in 1999 with the objectives of being both an intellectually and sociably responsible company to both community and ecosystem; to develop businesses in a challenging and manageable environment whilst introducing the market with innovative solutions and conformity; and to harness research and development in the industry.

Located at Workshop 3, Abu Dhabi Industrial City , The Emirates Malaysia German IT Company houses technicians, programmers, developers, support staff and R & D. It is also a base for manufacturing and test-bedding of specialized secured solutions and systems.

When Intellectual Property and highly critical data are central to your organization’s principal force, your security requirements must be met within the confinements of a vigilant and specialized solution. Customization is imperative to ensure excellent results, whilst focused problems are detected, analyzed and eliminated within the network

EMG Black Box System & Features:

The Master system is designed with a combination of Firewall Server, Auto Monitoring, Security Control Management, and Recovery Server.

The system has been especially designed to control and manage activities in any given IT management process.

Shadow System is designed specifically to replicate the Master Server. It is set to auto-enabled by default when the Master system fails to initiate within ten minutes.

Application System Using single database and user interface, the Application system is a highly scalable, enterprise-level, web-based data analysis and gateway built on processing technologies, and fully supporting three tiers client/server architecture configurations.

Backup Recovery System was specifically designed as a backup for all data within the architectural setup. During product development cycle, the Lockstep system will identify portions of the backup that need protection from unauthorized access.

CCTV Monitoring System is packaged with a complete solution for secured camera activities, inclusive of remote monitoring.

Computer Access System is specifically designed to log all access activities, using biometrics gears. Users are being informed on the effective utilization of biometrics tools.

Door Access System is implemented using specifics in biometrics, retina-scans, ID/Password for added security. Activities are logged in real-time to the main CPU ensuring effective monitoring. Logs can easily be generated thereafter.

Networking System offers 10Gbit Ethernet switch densities for Enterprises, ISPs and demanding backbones, including LAN, WAN and MAN. Empowered by EMGIT Co, it features the highly secured and guaranteed EMITC Operating System, which includes extensive security, multicast, and multi-protocol feature sets.

All EMGIT solutions and servers are unmatched and unparalleled. From certification programs, to hardware, software, policies, and solutions are professionally tailored for the requirements of each company.



StorageSafe™ Ushers in Era of High Performance Security for Flash and Hard Disk Type Storage on USB and IEEE 1394 Buses

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) April 8, 2005

Modern Solutions, Inc. announced today the release of StorageSafe the world’s first and only Windows® 2000 and XP compatible product to incorporate transparent device encryption, guards against 180,000+ common passwords, and secure file and device erase.

“Our clients came to us with a new problem, they had all this value being stored on unprotected, or weakly protected storage devices that can be easily lost or stolen,” said Bryan Born, CTO. “We quickly discovered common and uncompromising demands: 1) genuine security; 2) solid reliability, and; 3) little or no reduction in productivity,” continued Born.

After the device password is entered, the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard, the 512-bit Secure Hash Algorithm, and others from our time tested media security library go to work, silently. There is no noticeable impact on bandwidth, even with older generation CPUs. An extensible system instantly checks for and limits the use of more than 180,000 common (easy to guess) passwords. Secure file and device erase that exceeds DoD Standards can remove sensitive files from unwanted locations.

As another industry first, the deprotect routines are fully interrupt tolerant. This is especially important given that the product is targeted at devices that can be detached at any time.

StorageSafe is licensed by CPU, not by device. Therefore, it cost effectively provides a unified security interface to your entire inventory of USB/IEEE 1394 storage devices.

The single unit price is $ 24.99; multi-unit pricing and site licensing are available. The fully functional product can be downloaded now for sale or risk-free thirty-day evaluation at:

“With our end-user driven design, comprehensive testing, and continuous quality improvement, we expect customer satisfaction to be very high,” concluded Born.

About Modern Solutions, Inc.

Modern Solutions is a specialty supplier of commercial and custom security and productivity software. To learn more, please visit us on the web at:

Contact Information:

Bryan Born

Modern Solutions, Inc.


Modern Solutions, the Modern Solutions logo, and StorageSafe are trademarks of Modern Solutions, Inc. Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other jurisdictions.


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Scott Security Systems and SecurTek Join Forces to Better Serve Vancouver and Lower Mainland Customers

Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) January 07, 2014

It turns out their timing was perfect, according to Scott Security Systems President, Scott Granger.

“We had been exploring ways to take our company to the next level in an extremely competitive and rapidly expanding industry. We had come to the conclusion a partner with the right capacity, access to emerging technologies and a strong national presence was required. That partner would have to be willing not only to invest in our vision, but also had to have the resources to fully support it,” Granger noted.

“As a result of our search,” Granger explains, “SecurTek made arrangements to fly out and introduce themselves. We each liked what we saw and ultimately a deal was struck. Saskatchewan-based SecurTek became that critical partner that would carry us into the future by making it possible for us to keep focusing on what we do best: service, sales and installations.”

Granger soon realized the extent of SecurTek’s commitment to growing its market presence locally, and the vast range of monitoring technologies at its disposal: “They offer exclusive new video, lone worker and access control monitoring. They have integrated technologies that make alarm verification easier and ensure more effective responses in emergency situations.” Granger adds: “while the details of our agreement were being finalized, SecurTek was already training us on their latest Videofied wireless cameras, popular on construction sites and at locations with copper theft problems.”

SecurTek President and CEO Darrell Jones pointed out that SecurTek takes great pride in the relationship it enjoys with its network of independently-owned authorized dealers, noting that Scott Security Systems is an ideal fit and addition to this network:

“Unlike many of the large international monitoring companies, SecurTek does not operate its own installation division. We rely on the knowledge of the local expert dealers who are well aware of the prevailing safety and security concerns in their communities. That is why making our monitoring resources available to Scott Security Systems seemed mutually desirable from all angles. We believe that ultimately, it is the customer who will enjoy the benefits that stem from this strategic alliance.”

Jones also adds that as Vancouver’s Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley neighbourhoods evolve, so do the methods and required approaches needed to keep the people and their valuables safe. Going forward, SecurTek and Scott Security Systems working together makes this goal more easily achievable.

About Scott Security Systems:

Scott Security Systems is a well-respected and trustworthy company which has provided electronic security systems, video surveillance systems and access control to the Vancouver and Lower Mainland marketplace since 1978. Their major focus has been delivering an extremely high level of service to its extensive customer base. They are also certified to install and service ULC approved alarm systems.

About SecurTek:

SecurTek is a leading provider of monitoring solutions and event related information services with an extensive dealer network and strategic partnerships, servicing customers across Canada. A subsidiary of SaskTel Telecommunications, SecurTek was awarded the Five Diamond Certification for providing superior monitoring service in the North American security industry by the US-based Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA). SecurTek monitoring stations are Underwriters' Laboratories of Canada (ULC) certified. This means SecurTek meets or exceeds the highest industry standards regarding call overflow, staffing requirements, response procedures, computer systems and backup power systems. SecurTek offers burglary, commercial, fire, environmental, medical, video, home automation, access control and residential monitoring services.

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Wavecrest Computing Today Announced That CyBlock Web Security Solution Is Now Available in the Cloud

Melbourne, FL (PRWEB) December 09, 2013

Wavecrest Computing, the makers of CyBlock, have just announced the availability of a Cloud version of CyBlock. Now companies have access to the most popular and solid Web Security solution in the Cloud.

CyBlock Cloud Web Security is an easy-to-implement solution that benefits organizations of all sizes and quickly safeguards your network. Whether you have branch offices, remote users, or just one location, CyBlock Cloud protects your company and its employees allowing you to take advantage of time and money savings. Enforce your company’s AUP by defining one or more Web-use policies to successfully address Internet abuse, legal liability, workforce productivity, and Web security threats.

“We are very excited to be extending our product line into the Cloud market. Now, new and existing customers who are considering a cloud solution have one less worry. Starting today they can access an industry tested and proven solution with a successful 13 year track record. CyBlock Cloud is a perfect addition to Wavecrest’s line of industry leading Web Security Solutions.” – CEO Dennis McCabe

Wavecrest Computing has been the recognized leader in Web-access security and Web-usage forensics solutions for the last 16 years. Our scalable filtering and forensic reporting analysis products are designed to enable organizations to successfully address Internet abuse, legal liability, workforce productivity, and Web security threats. Wavecrest Computing’s client list includes well-known corporations such as Edward Jones, General Electric, Lockheed Martin, Blue Cross Blue Shield, MillerCoors, Rolex, Siemens, and others.


Afilias Increases DNS Security in Latin America and the Caribbean with the Deployment of DNSSEC

Dublin, Ireland (Vocus) October 13, 2010

Afilias, a global provider of Internet infrastructure services, today announced that it has enabled Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) for five country code Top-Level-Domains (ccTLDs) in Latin America and the Caribbean region. The ccTLDs whose zones have been secured by DNSSEC include: .AG (Antigua and Barbuda), .BZ (Belize), .HN (Honduras) .LC (St. Lucia), and .VC (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines). These TLDs were officially signed by Afilias on October 5, 2010.

“Afilias is pleased to be able to improve the security for the Latin American and Caribbean regions on behalf of our customers by enabling DNSSEC in these important top-level domains,” said Ram Mohan, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Afilias. “DNSSEC’s potential for securing Internet users against malicious attacks is directly dependent on its collective adoption. With the inclusion of these additional five TLDs, DNSSEC adoption continues to increase and presents a stronger argument for other members of the chain of trust to move ahead with their deployments.”

“Among the fastest growing regions of the world in terms of Internet usage, the number of Latin American and the Caribbean Internet users has increased by more than 100 fold over the last ten years,” said Dr. Patrick Lay of NIC AG, representing Antigua and Barbuda. “By deploying DNSSEC we are able to demonstrate our leadership in the Caribbean marketplace as a forward-thinking registry operator that is ready to help the Internet’s security foundation evolve for the next decade of research and development.”

DNSSEC protects the DNS from cache poisoning exploits which can allow malicious entities to intercept an Internet users’ request to access a website, and redirect or eavesdrop on the user without their knowledge, and with no ability to reassert control. DNSSEC introduces digital signatures to the DNS infrastructure and ensures that DNS responses came from their authoritative source.

“.BZ is a popular alternative where businesses are moving to call their online home,” said Juan Carlos Namis of University Management Ltd. “It is important that we provide a secure and stable environment for them and deploying DNSSEC, along with our registry provider Afilias, will allow our domain to be among the select group of early adopters that are embracing the security protocols required for the future.”

“Honduras is home to nearly one million Internet users and the security of our Internet domain, and the domains that these Internet users access, is our key priority. We are pleased to be working with Afilias on this important initiative and believe DNSSEC will benefit both our domain name owners and general consumers around the globe,” added Alicia Paz of Red de Desarrollo Sostenible Honduras.

Mr. Albert H. Daniels, TLD Administrator for NIC LC LLC of St. Lucia added, “Our country is among the list of Caribbean nations that has the highest Internet penetration within our population. Because the Web is a key part of our society and economy, it is critical that we embrace new technologies that can protect Internet consumers. We thank Afilias for their efforts in rolling out this technology for our domain.”

Afilias’ signing of these ccTLDs is part of its “Project Safeguard” initiative, bringing the number of secured TLDs on its registry platform to seven. Afilias’ Project Safeguard includes plans to rollout DNSSEC across its registry and DNS platforms and also incorporates an education and training program for Registrars to facilitate their adoption and implementation. Afilias will soon be enabling DNSSEC for the other TLDs that it supports, in total adding DNSSEC to 13 TLDs before the end of 2010.

About Afilias

Afilias is a global provider of Internet infrastructure services that connect people to their data. Afilias’ reliable, secure, scalable, and globally available technology supports a wide range of applications including Internet domain registry services, Managed DNS, and services in the RFID and supply chain market with its Afilias Discovery Services. For more information on Afilias please visit


Maranda Woody


Tel: +1-215-706-5777

Twitter: @Afilias




Alpharetta, GA (PRWEB) October 17, 2013

SECUDE, an SAP partner and a leading data security provider, will present its newest technological invention in booth 149 in Las Vegas on October 21-25. SECUDE will introduce Halocore for SAP NetWeaver, a technology to persistently protect critical information that is downloaded from solutions running on the SAP NetWeaver


National E-Retailer Home Security Store Expands to a New Building in Southern California

Riverside, CA (PRWEB) July 30, 2013

Home Security Store, Inc. has seen strong and steady growth over the past several years. So much so, that the company has purchased an even bigger warehouse and office space building in Southern California.

We need more room to grow. We were running out of room in our old warehouse, said Home Security Store Vice-President Ralph Winn, who has more than 37 years of experience in the security industry.

Home Security Store is the premiere online e-commerce website specializing in affordable Do-It-Yourself wireless and hardwired home alarms, security camera systems, fire protection products, spy equipment, survival gear, home automation devices and more. In addition, the companys website offers useful video tutorials, tips, security news and educational articles teaching homeowners how to optimize home security in order to help prevent property loss and damage.

Through its website, Home Security Store informs visitors how a DIY security installation can save money. Home Security Store sells name brand equipment directly to the public with same-day shipping option and technical support.

Winn says this is the second time in the past several years that the company has had to move in order to accommodate the business growth.

Home Security Stores new home is a 33,000-square-foot building located on the Riverside and Corona city line. Acquiring such a central location will allow the company to also engage with local installers in Riverside, Corona, and the surrounding Orange County area.

Great customer service and free top-notch tech support has been at the core of Home Security Stores plan for success since it opened its doors and this will continue as the company grows, adds Winn.

Today, in the home security field, there are so many competitors to choose from, which is a major hurdle in trying to get the attention of potential customers. Nevertheless, Home Security Store has optimized its online business since the mid-1990s, and still does today, by bringing customers the best of service with seasoned technical professionals and a product line which features the latest technology to help make your property safe and life easy, Winn said.

With that in mind, Winn adds that the company has long had the trust of DIY home and business owners nationwide and is expanding to a new market of local installers, as well.

The new location has landed us in an ideal and centralized area in Southern California. The new building will allow us the means to truly serve the wholesale market. This means we will provide the contractor a comfortable place to not only purchase from, but a friendly environment to come and learn about the newest trends and get hands-on training, said Home Security Stores Wholesale Account Manager Andre Perkic.

About Home Security Store, Inc.

Home Security Store is the premiere online e-commerce website specializing in affordable DIY wireless and hardwired home alarms, security camera systems, fire protection devices, spy equipment, survival gear, home automation technology and more. The company brings together highly trained, professional technicians and a state-of-the-art product line to provide the most comprehensive security source found online. The company offers fast shipping, plus complimentary tech support. For more information about Home Security Store and its line of security products and services, go to


LifeShield Gets On List of Best DIY Security Systems for 2013 in Third Place Position

Philadephia, PA (PRWEB) July 26, 2013

Top home security systems review site,, has recently released its complete list of the Best Do It Yourself Home Security Systems in the country for this year. The list, which aims to provide consumers support when choosing a security system for their homes, included LifeShield Security as one of the best in the market. Ranking at third, the site notes the security companys great affordability, great service and quality security systems.

Without the need for professional installers and bulky equipment, DIY security systems have been considered as the most affordable home security system over the years. And because of its low service prices it has often been deemed as one of the best home security systems today. With its growing popularity among consumers, more and more companies have entered the market providing DIY security systems with the promise to offer easy to set-up systems. However, even with the saturated market, only a few have proven to be reliableamong these companies is LifeShield Security.

According to the security system comparison made by, LifeShield offers one of the easiest system set ups in the entire home security industry. Servicing over 1 million homes across the country, the company has been the popular choice among the rental community. People renting houses often find themselves moving from one home to another; with this, the security system provider made its systems easy to install as well as to detach and movemaking moving out a breeze.

Also, catering to the renting public and those who may not afford expensive security system fees, the company also offers one of the lowest monthly monitoring prices in the market. According to the LifeShield Security review, the company makes use of its own proprietary equipment which enables it to offer the lowest monthly fees and even free equipment. All of its sensors are 100% wireless and allows broadband or cellular monitoring.

LifeShields security systems are easy to install, easy to remove and easy to move. However, for those who would want to have a professional do the work, the company also has a team of tech experts who would be willing to help clients install their systems for them for a minimal fee. Also, customer support is always ready to answer questions and offer help to any of the consumers issues. With all of its awesome services, there is no wonder LifeShield has been ranked as one of the top DIY security system providers.

For more details on LifeShield Securitys services or on other security services on the list, visit


Headed by a team of experts and professionals, offers comprehensive reports on the latest in the home security system industry. It is dedicated to providing up-to-date news and in-depth reviews on the systems and services being offered by the leading companies in the market today. The site hopes that through its content consumers will be educated on which security systems will be the best to employ for their homes and businesses.

# # #


Dallas Security Experts XL Protection Now Providing Security Camera Installation in All Cities in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Area

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) August 15, 2013

Many home and business owners throughout Texas who are becoming concerned about growing crime rates in the state and are looking for security camera installations and other means of protection are turning to XL Protection, LLC, the premier provider of Texas surveillance systems. XL Protections brand new line of surveillance systems and their famous security services are now available in all neighborhoods of the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

XL Protection custom designs security camera and surveillance equipment installations to meet the specific needs of every customer with its comprehensive range of installations, from basic rooftop or high vantage point closed circuit television cameras to more complicated and sophisticated security systems with discreet surveillance equipment that is custom designed to deliver total observation capabilities for areas where security is a concern.

XL Protection provides the best security in Dallas, Texas, and the surrounding areas. Its specialty is installing video security and closed circuit television camera systems for private residences, businesses, warehouses, and other areas where there is a need for boosted security protection in Texas. No matter what the security need may be, XL Protection provides professional, cost effective surveillance systems that provide peace of mind as well as safety and protection of property.

XL Protection is the leader of all security companies in Dallas and installs quality security camera systems with no gimmicks and no high-pressure salesmen attempting to up-sell security products and services. XL Protections security experts primary focus is recommending and designing the most appropriate security camera system for the needs of the home or business owner. After the system is installed, XL Protections personnel will provide complete explanations and training on the proper use of the equipment.

XL Protections custom surveillance systems can provide protection to fit any budget or situation with its huge selection of equipment such as dome cameras, bullet cameras, PTZ cameras, full system DVR packages, and installation, repair and service on all equipment. One of the fastest growing services is the installation of front door cameras, both residential and commercial, in response to recent FBI statistics that show 34 percent of all break-ins are committed through front doors. XL Protections systems provide live security footage that can be viewed remotely through any television, computer, IPad, or smart phone, delivering the most simple and cost effective home security option.

XL Protection also provides armed and unarmed Dallas security guards for all occasions, whether it is for one-time event security, part-time security, or continual Dallas and Plano, Texas security guards and patrols. XL Protection will supply highly trained and fully professional security guards who are specifically trained for each individual clients needs. XL Protection can also provide security with professional bodyguards services.

Complete descriptions of XL Protections security services, including video surveillance systems, security camera installation, security patrols, security guards or bodyguards, may be obtained by connecting on line to, or by calling (214) 500-8270.

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EventTracker Presents at Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit

(PRWEB) June 05, 2013

Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit, National Harbor, MD. EventTracker, a leading provider of comprehensive SIEM solutions today announced that it will be presenting the latest version of EventTracker Enterprise at the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit, June 10-13 at the Gaylord National in National Harbor, MD. EventTracker is a Silver sponsor of the event.

EventTracker Enterprise v7.4 SIEM solution was unveiled last month and will be demonstrated at EventTrackers booth #84. This latest release incorporates new collaboration features such as an Electronic Logbook that records incidents, reports, and changes with valuable context, as well as the ability to flag interesting incidents, reports, configuration assessment or change audits that enable IT teams to escalate efficiently. Other features include support for OpenVAS, a new graphical search/refine interface and the ability to define Flex Reports to persist in a normalized MS SQL Datamart for rapid reporting.

What distinguishes EventTracker in the SIEM marketplace is our relentless focus on the needs of the medium enterprise. EventTracker Enterprise v7.4 is specifically designed with powerful yet easy-to-use collaboration and analysis features. Security is a team effort and requires collaboration between members of the IT team who may be at multiple locations, said A. N. Ananth, CEO of EventTracker. Here at the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit, we are pleased to have a forum to evangelize our products and expertise.

Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit is the premier gathering for senior IT and business executives across IT security and risk management, including privacy, compliance, BCM, IT disaster recovery and business resiliency. The summit offers five role-based programs that delve into the entire spectrum of role evolution in IT security and risk, including: network and infrastructure security, IAM, compliance, privacy, fraud, BCM and resilience.

For more information about EventTrackers newest version of EventTracker Enterprise, visit:

About EventTracker

EventTracker delivers business critical solutions that transform high-volume cryptic log data into actionable, prioritized intelligence that will fundamentally change your perception of the utility, value and organizational potential inherent in log files. EventTrackers leading solutions offer Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), real-time Log Management, and powerful Change and Configuration Management to optimize IT operations, detect and deter costly security breaches, and comply with multiple regulatory mandates.

Visit for more information. Follow us on Twitter @logtalk.

About Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit

The Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit features four programs focusing on Security, Risk Management and Compliance, Business Continuity Management, and chief information security officer (CISO) roles to deliver detailed, role-specific content and networking. Each program offers a full agenda of analyst sessions, keynotes, round-table discussions, case studies, workshops and more. Additional information is available at

Press Inquiries:

Joanne Hogue

Smart Connections PR



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