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ConnectYourCare Announces Nationwide Expansion of Sales Team to Meet Growing Demand

Hunt Valley, MD (PRWEB) January 14, 2014

ConnectYourCare, a national leader in consumer-directed healthcare (CDH) account solutions, announced today the expansion of its sales force with the addition of Joe Bosotina, John Dean and Carol Conroy to meet the organization’s growing demand.

“Our 137% percent year over year growth rate since 2012 demonstrates our dominance in the market,” said Allen Pease, Senior Vice President of Sales for ConnectYourCare. “By adding these experienced professionals to our team of experts, we are well-positioned to handle the fast-paced growth we expect in 2014 and beyond.”

Bosotina has nearly 25 years of experience selling benefits administration technology, SAAS/Cloud Computing and group and individual insurance. He comes to ConnectYourCare after positions at Paychex, Benefitfocus and ADP. Bosotina is also an active National Guard reservist who has excelled in leadership and technical advisory positions for over 20 years. He is responsible for new business development with clients in the Northeastern United States. His experience in simplifying complex benefit programs will be an asset to benefits professionals, employers and employees.

Dean brings over 19 years of sales and management experience selling consumer-directed healthcare, insurance and human resources solutions. He joins ConnectYourCare after positions at Aon Hewitt, E*TRADE and Paychex. As Sales Executive for Aon Hewitt, Dean was a leading seller of reimbursement accounts and other health plan related services to companies with over 5,000 employees. His Series 7 and 63 licensing provides him with in-depth knowledge of the investment side of HSA’s and HRA’s. He will promote our services and brand throughout the Southeastern United States while building strong relationships in the human resources and benefits industry.

Conroy has 30 years of experience providing strategic account development and management. She comes to ConnectYourCare from Borislow Insurance Agency, United Benefit Services and Crosby Benefit Systems. She also spent nearly 15 years at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts in senior sales and management positions. She is an expert in complex health insurance design and funding arrangements including HSA, HRA and FSA products. Conroy will develop and manage strategic accounts in the New England region.

“We are pleased to welcome these dynamic, healthcare account experts to meet the needs of our rapidly expanding organization,” said Pease. “Their proven successes with companies ranging from 100 to 100,000+ employer groups and in-depth industry knowledge will help us spread our unique consumer-directed products and superior service model to more employers seeking cost effective solutions to meet the rising cost of healthcare.”

Bosotina, Dean and Conroy will join Nancy Dudman-Cavalier, Meghan O’Shea, and Rob Westra to round out the ConnectYourCare sales force.

About ConnectYourCare

ConnectYourCare's consumer-directed healthcare platform provides a fast path to account-based health plans, enabling firms to lower health benefit costs while empowering consumers with the tools they need to better manage health savings. The solution of choice for large employers, health plans and banks, ConnectYourCare offers a fresh approach to health savings by combining a simplified experience, seamless access and a unique coaching model to accelerate savings and consumer engagement. By removing complexity and motivating individuals to take control of health savings, ConnectYourCare maximizes return on investment for all participants in the healthcare benefits value chain and enables everyone to simplify, save and grow.

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C2FO Adds Muscle to Global Sales

Kansas City, Mo (PRWEB) December 18, 2013

C2FO, the world’s market for working capital, announced today that it has hired Dru Shiner, CPA, to lead global sales for the company, which has enjoyed explosive growth since its founding in 2008.

Shiner comes to C2FO with a successful track record of leading international teams, identifying and building new business, as well as driving incremental business from existing customers. Prior to C2FO he served as Vice President of Global Strategic Accounts for, the enterprise cloud computing leader. During his time at, he led a specialized executive global sales team. His team focused on bringing enterprise caliber sales processes and execution that drove incremental revenue to both new and existing Global Accounts at the company, based in San Francisco, CA.

Prior to Salesforce, Shiner led business strategies for Oracle Corporation, in Redwood Shores, California. Before that, he was director of CRM Center of Excellence for SAP America, based in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania. A product of Southwest Missouri State University and a resident of the Kansas City metropolitan area for more than twenty years, Shiner has led sales and strategy for global businesses around the world. This is the first time he will assume such a role for one based in his hometown.

“We are delighted to have Dru join our executive leadership team. We know he will be very effective in growing our sales team and driving revenue for our member companies and C2FO,” said Alexander “Sandy” Kemper, C2FO founder and CEO.

“This is an outstanding opportunity to help grow this extraordinary enterprise into the global business powerhouse it can be,” said Shiner. “As a life-long Kansas Citian, I am very pleased to be given the ability to build something significant and world-changing right here in my hometown,” he added.

C2FO is Collaborative Cash Flow Optimization. C2FO helps companies across the globe collaborate with their supply chain in a live, web-based market to achieve accelerated cash flow and increased efficiencies in working capital management and profit.

About C2FO

C2FO is the world’s market for working capital and risk-free profit. C2FO is the only working capital exchange that allows companies to optimize their working capital positions in a live, bid/ask environment. Companies across the globe use C2FO to increase their gross and net profit while simultaneously producing vital Early Cash Flow Delivery to their supply chain. C2FO is Collaborative Cash Flow Optimization. Learn more about C2FO at or contact Christine(at)C2FO(dot)com or phone 816-268-2570.


Playstation 4 Black Friday PS4 Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2013 at

(PRWEB) November 29, 2013

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming soon, and people should have in mind that they should buy the products they want at times like these. Due to the high demand of the new Playstation 4, it would be best to order it at the holidays, since that way people could get low price offers and deals. is a website in which you can find affordable offers and special deals for Playstation 4.

For information about Great Deals and Special Prices of the New Playstation 4, visit:

The eighth generation console which Sony will release is rumored to be an astonishing piece of machinery, although not all of the details around Playstation 4’s specifications have yet been revealed.

In order to ease and make it cheaper for developers to create games for the new Playstation 4, Sony will use hardware similar to that in personal computers.

The CPU of the new Playstation 4 containing two quad-core modules, the 18 computing unit GPU and the 8 GB of RAM are only a few of the many hardware parts which will make the console extremely fast and sufficient in performance.

Connectivity of the new Playstation 4 with outer devices and the web won’t be a problem. Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity, as well as Bluetooth features and USB 3.0 ports will enlarge the array of capabilities the console will have.

An innovative feature which will be later on implemented in the new Playstation 4 is the so called Suspend Mode. That will allow users to put the console to sleep thus lowering the power usage to minimum, and after it exits that state any game that has been undergoing before will be immediately resumed.

The Dualshock 4 controllers will feature a small touch pad on their front which will enlarge the actions a Playstation 4 user has, also a micro-USB port and a standard 3.5’’ jack allowing a headset for speaking and listening will be installed. Motion detection will be supported via the gyroscope and the accelerometer within.

The Playstation 4 Eye is a feature consisting on a device with two cameras, providing the ability to control games and other applications through movement caught with the motion detection system.

For Great Deals of the New Playstation 4, visit:


Pipelinersales Releases Comprehensive Sales E-Book at Pioneers Festival

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 31, 2013

Pipelinersales Inc. announced today the release of an extensive sales e-book entitled, Start it up Right: Startups, Sales, and CRM Solutions. The CEO of Pipelinersales and publisher of the book, Nikolaus Kimla prefaces by highlighting that the book formulates a new and comprehensive attitude toward IT and its use by companies and people. He details how if companies use IT solutions strategically, they can look forward to substantial potential growth and competitive advantages. In order however, to gain these opportunities new and forward-looking views are required which are published in the e-book.

"This book, if you will, acts as the hand of our beloved Dorothy of Oz to pull back the curtain on traditional CRM systems. With their shortcomings revealed, a new paradigm for CRM systems can clearly be seen - one which is rapidly being adopted by forward-looking companies today,” Kimla states. “Instead of being the ‘top-down’ enforcement onto sales that it always has been, CRM becomes an empowerment to sales, allowing them to fully control their sales pipelines and thereby meet and exceed their quotas. Interestingly - as you will see when you read this book - when a CRM solution actually empowers sales, so does it empower the remainder of the company. Here's to the dawn of a new day in the Land of Oz – and for CRM benefit to your company."

The e-book begins more high level focused on assisting the startup with more broad topics and then develops more specifically into topics relating to the sales process and pipeline management. It is artistically formatted with graphical representations. Central among the principles contained in this book, is that the sales department is the key to corporate success more than ever before. It faces new challenges in a time when the Internet has changed a seller's market into a buyer's market. In practical application and thinking, Pipelinersales Inc., is here to empower individual salespeople and return to them their entrepreneurial spirit.

This book is being released as Nikolaus Kimla speaks at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna, Austria. The event celebrates entrepreneurship and innovative future technology. The Pioneers Festival gathers an impressive lineup from the tech scene of startups, founders, bloggers, VCs and innovators – from all over to inspire and be inspired. Set in the heart of Vienna on October 30th and 31st, at Hofburg Imperial Palace, Pioneers Festival educates, entertains and inspires a new generation of pioneers.

Nikolaus Kimla will speaking on Halloween to 2,500 attendees with his seminar entitled “If Money Making is a Sin, Welcome to Hell! – The New Digital Sales Philosophy for Startups and Salespreneurs.” He will detail how companies today operate in a knowledge economy, facing unprecedented multi-complex pressures from many sides, and how this new reality places even greater pressure on sales. Today, all have to be involved in sales process, not only sales alone; the shift has to be on emphasizing and creating an added value for the customers. He will further detail the need of a behavioral change and an organizational shift that can only be achieved through an entrepreneurial approach to sales. Those in sales have to see why it is worth taking extra risks and experiencing a real bonus for the extra miles they go.

The e-book will be available for a nominal fee on Amazon or at the Pipelinersales' website for free with registration.

For more information on Pipeliner sales CRM software please visit:

or read our blog at: . Follow our discussions on Facebook, LinkedIn, and twitter.    

For more information on the Pioneers Festival:

About Nikolaus Kimla

Nikolaus Kimla is the founder and managing partner of Pipelinersales, Inc. and the creator of Pipeliner. Kimla is also the initiator of the independent economic platform GO AHEAD! which is based on the principles of free market economy. He is the author of Salespeople Embracing It All, The IT Revolution and Empty Coffers--New Burdens. For more information on Nikolaus Kimla:

About Pipelinersales Inc.

More than 19 years ago, Nikolaus Kimla set the foundation for Pipeliner’s future with his company uptime IT-Technologies Inc.    The creation of Pipeliner CRM initiated in 2007 and has been steadily developed through intense research. Pipeliner is next generation sales CRM software designed to empower sales teams and grow profitable customer relationships. Pipeliner CRM gives new ways to look at, and to interact with an active sales pipeline. It brings the power of sales data back to salespeople with unique methods that empower salespeople and make managing complex sales easy and fun.

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Sanata-Tech from St. Petersburg, Russia Joins Smart Tweezers Sales Force in Eastern Europe

Toronto, Ontario (PRWEB) October 29, 2013

Canadian Siborg Systems Inc. and Sanata-Tech From St. Petersburg, Russia have agreed to join their efforts in marketing devices of Smart Tweezers LCR-meter family including the latest budget model LCR-Reader in quickly expanding Customs Union countries including Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Currently the Customs Union is expanding beyond the former Soviet Union countries, participation of India, Turkey and Siria are being considered. At a summit on October 29, 2013 held in Minsk, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan confirmed their intention to form the Eurasian Economic Union in 2015, on the basis of the Customs Union. Subsequently, Turkey, India, and even Syria could join this new alliance, according to the leaders.

Sanata-Tech is a supplier in Eastern Europe specializing in supplying soldering equipment (Hakko), electrical test equipment and workplace furniture and hand tools (Viking).

"Major portion of our clients are electronic companies dealing with Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)," says Natalia Petrova, CEO at Sanata-Tech, "Any person using soldering equipment finds Smart Tweezers LCR-meter very efficient in testing and characterization of Surface-Mount Devices and it is an indispensable tool for PCB debugging and repair."

LCR-Reader, a successor of Smart Tweezers LCR-meter ST-5, are designed for measuring SMD components as small as 0201 form-factor or about 0.3 mm size. This type of devices allow to measure in addition to the capacitance, equivalent series resistance (ESR) or dissipation factor D, in addition to inductance, resistance or Q. ST-5 LCR-meter can also be used for a continuity and diode test.

Now you have a choice of buying the original Smart Tweezers or LCR-Reader, a new budget model of a tweezer type LCR-meter. A summary of LCR-Reader and Smart Tweezers comparison of feature is avalaible in this Table. In a nut shell, the main difference is price, size and accuracy. Smart Tweezers ST-5 is a certified LCR-meter for professionals with a basic accuracy of 0.2%, supplied with a NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate. On the other hand, LCR-Reader outperforming previous models of Smart Tweezers ST-1 to ST-3. With a basic accuracy of 1%, price under $ 200 and weight of 1 Oz it is positioned as a consumer's choice LCR-Meter. It only uses 0.5 Vrms test signal thus limiting its application for ceramic capacitors. It is well known that test signal lower then 1 Vrms results in a underestimated capacitance values for ceramic capacitors, (e.g. see ST-2 User's Manual on p. 16).

The new model, LCR-Reader, is about two times lighter than previous Smart Tweezers models, and is powered by rechargeable Li-Ion battery. Its basic accuracy is about 1% which exceeds specs for models ST-1, ST-2 and ST-3. It has a simplified control by just one button that turns the device on and changes the operation mode.

The following features are abandoned compared to ST-5: component sorting, automatic offset correction,diode and continuity test. The most important drawback of LCR-Reader is the level of test signal which is 0.5 V rms that does not allow to use it for ceramic capacitors, similarly to ST-1, ST-2 and ST-3 it gives a lower capacitance value.

You may also watch a brief demonstration of LCR-Reader on Youtube.

A detailed comparison of features of the LCR-Reader and previous models is presented in this Smart Tweezers Comparison Table.

Feature Summary:

Manual and automatic measurement of L-C-R and ESR
Accuracy of about 1%
Automatic best range
Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery
Low weight of 1 oz (28 gramms)

For more information, please refer to Smart Tweezers Manual. Latest news are available in our Smart Tweezers Blog. For previous developments, please refer to Smart Tweezers Retrospective.

About Siborg Systems Inc:

Established in 1994, Siborg Systems Inc. is a source of engineering software and hardware tools for semiconductor and electronics industry. Located in the city of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, it enjoys being part of the local world-renowned high-tech community.

About Sanata-Tech:

Established in 2009, Sanata-Tech supplies soldering and rework equipment (Hakko), electrical test equipment and office furniture and hand tools (Viking).

For more info, please contact:

Natalia Petrova, CEO

Sanata-Tech, Ltd.

22 Zvenigorodskaya Street, Unit 051

Tel.:+7 (812) 983-94-50, 917-85-84

Fax:+7 (812) 712-34-00



Multi-Tech Selects Michael Erben to Lead North American M2M Sales Team

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (PRWEB) November 20, 2013

Multi-Tech Systems, a leading provider of M2M (machine-to-machine) communications products and services, promoted Michael Erben to M2M Sales Manager for North America. He draws upon 17 years of engineering and sales experience in high tech industries and two years in account management at Multi-Tech, to lead the team.

“Michael has been a valued member of the Multi-Tech sales organization for the past two years,” said Dave Barczak, vice president of sales. “Michael’s leadership and professionalism and customer-centric approach will make an immediate impact.”

During his two years at Multi-Tech Systems, Michael has been responsible for Eastern Canada and New England territories, where he has managed large accounts and won a number of new designs. Prior to joining Multi-Tech Systems, Michael has held roles of increasing responsibility in sales and sales leadership with a number of technology firms including Computer Associates.

About Multi-Tech Systems

Multi-Tech Systems has been delivering industry-leading M2M (machine-to-machine) communications solutions since 1970. With more than 22 million devices deployed worldwide, Multi-Tech focuses on helping customers achieve the shortest path to M2M connectivity – from concept to implementation and total lifecycle management. Whether a project is simple or very complex, Multi-Tech has the resources and expertise to work with any development team to customize a hardware or software solution that maximizes speed to market and return on investment. With carrier-approved external and embedded modems and gateways, Multi-Tech makes it easy and fast to connect your devices to networks anywhere in the world. We work with clients in almost any market to enable cellular, analog, Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® and GPS capabilities into a solution to achieve superior business results. If we don’t have it, we will develop it. Multi-Tech established its reputation for Innovative Designs and Innovative Solutions by obtaining 80+ patents and certifications from more than 30 carriers and over 80 countries. Multi-Tech has made M2M Simplified for thousands of customers around the globe. Twitter:

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Wide Format Scanner Manufacturer Colortrac Announces Strong Financial Results and 40% Unit Sales Growth

(PRWEB) September 09, 2013

Expanding on the implications of these continued extraordinary results, Colortrac Group Sales & Marketing Manager Peter Brown noted that “Clearly our long term investments, both in competitive manufacturing at our factory at Suzhou, China and in our developments in unique technology innovations such as SingleSensor (patents pending), are now providing us with greater capacity to react to our customers’ requirements in product quality, performance, functionality and value for money. These financial results and our continued rapid growth in market share are a strong validation of our strategic product and business direction. It is providing a profitable base from which to continue our market expansion.”

Furthermore, Peter added, "I am also delighted that our customers have seen the long term benefits of the quality, technical innovation and creative thinking we put into the SmartLF wide format scanners that we produce. Customers understand how these technical initiatives produce features that can increase their business productivity and performance. As a result, Colortrac has a strong order book which, combined with planned new product introductions, should provide us with continuing profitable growth in our business, even in this difficult economic climate.”

For further information contact:

Rob van Brakel,

Marketing Manager,

Colortrac Limited.

Tel: +44 (0)1480 464618

Email: press(at)colortrac(dot)com


About Colortrac

Founded in 1989 and based in St Ives, Cambridgeshire UK, a region of British excellence in science and technology, Colortrac Ltd is the leading innovator in professional wide format scanners and image acquisition software solutions with many new technically innovative patents created by their Research and Development departments, including the new SingleSensor scanning technology.

Colortrac was the first wide format scanner manufacturer to recognize the individual merits of both Charge Coupled Device (CCD), Contact Image Sensor (CIS) and will incorporate the newly introduced SingleSensor technology into some of their new SmartLF scanners. Coupled with a full range of supporting SmartWorks software, they are creating unique customer solutions to simplify scanning problems across the full spectrum of applications. These range from the demanding Graphics Arts market to practical, productive CAD, GIS, EDM and FM technical document scanning.

Colortrac Ltd Headquarters is located near Cambridge, UK and has offices in Beijing and Suzhou - P.R. China, Chantilly and Virginia – USA, Yokohama - Japan, Mexico City and Hong Kong.

Further information about Colortrac products can be found at:


SwimovateUSA Launches New Website for U.S. Sales

(PRWEB) September 01, 2013

SwimovateUSA, the American division for the original makers of the automatic lap counting swim watch, has launched their website for U.S. sales and dealers. Brad Sorock, spokesman for SwimovateUSA, says: "We are very eager to get our website out to the American public. The Swimovate's revolutionary PoolMate watch has taken over the U.K. swimming and triathlon scene, and we're sure it'll have the same kind of traction here in the U.S."

Swimovate is the company that created the revolutionary PoolMate watch, which allows swimmers to accurately count the number of laps, distance, calories, strokes, and other important measures of their swim, so they can focus on their swimming while they collect data for training purposes. The PoolMate line includes several watches, including the PoolMate Pro which features PC-link ability to upload and graphically analyze swimming data over long periods of time, and the PoolMate HR, which has all of the features of other PoolMates, plus an included chest-strap that makes it the first swimming watch that accurately counts heart rate underwater.

The new website will allow individual purchasers and dealers alike to explore the different models of the PoolMate, and learn more about how these watches can take their swimming to the next level, as well as offer direct-to-consumer rates on all of SwimovateUSA's products.

Swimovate was originally founded in the U.K. by serious swimmers due to the lack of a product on the market that could accurately count laps without needing button presses or pauses mid-swim. Swimovate watches use a revolutionary accelerometer technology that not only counts laps, but also calories burned and even stroke efficiency, which is a measure of how far a swimmer gets based on one stroke. The new website can be seen at


Four Times the Sales Through GraphicMails Email Marketing Packages

Geneva, Switzerland (PRWEB) July 11, 2013

A recent study by marketing research company Custora shows that, while social media boosts online sales, email is still the number one contributor to client acquisitions worldwide. The report shows that over the past four years, online retailers have quadrupled client acquisitions through email alone; in comparison, social media barely blipped on the radar.

GraphicMails powerful mobile and email marketing packages offer its clients access to personalized services that ideally suit the environment in which their businesses operate. Although email is the main focus of Custoras research findings, what must be mentioned is the impact of mobile on email opens. With close to 40% of emails opened on mobile devices, this portion of digital marketing is gaining increased momentum directly appealing to the hyper-connected users of today.

GraphicMail, with over a decades worth of experience in the mobile and email marketing field, is perfectly placed to offer businesses an integrated, sound approach to mobile and email marketing. With free, graphic-rich mobile sites and hundreds of templates, businesses are able to expand their communications onto the mobile arena, adding to their email marketing portfolio.

While mobile and email dominate the direct marketing field, social media is growing in competitiveness, which is why GraphicMail offers full social media integration as standard practice. Clients are able to share their marketing campaigns on social media platforms, further expanding their reach and collecting valuable information making for truly segmented future campaigns.

As email marketing continues to help businesses expand their client portfolios and touch base with a wider demographic; ESPs like GraphicMail continue to grow their service offerings and in doing so build responsive, real-time relationships with their clients.

Says Andre Strauss, GraphicMail Sales Manager: GraphicMail offers you the easiest and most effective way to get your message delivered to the right people. Our global team draws experience from within all aspects of the digital environment, and this is evident in our proven track record.


Regional Leader in Managed I.T. Services NetGain Technologies Hires New President of Sales for Louisville Office

Louisville, KY (PRWEB) July 26, 2013

NetGain Technologies is excited to announce Tucker Oldham has been hired as president of sales for its Louisville branch.

Last with SoftwareOne as a channel manager specializing in software licensing, this move will mark Oldham's second tenure with NetGain Technologies. Previously, he served as NetGain Technologies senior account executive for nine years.

"Its great to have Tucker back on the NetGain team," said Mark Jacobson, NetGain Technologies' president and CEO. "Tucker brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. He has a deep understanding of multiple technologies and their role in business. Hes spent his entire career in the Louisville market. We look forward to his leadership and contributions."

Oldham indicated major growth plans for NetGain Technologies in the region.

"I'm excited to be back at NetGain Technologies, said Oldham. "My experience in the channel gave me a valuable experience and perspective. I expect to leverage this to give NetGain and our clients a competitive advantage."

NetGain Technologies has experienced significant growth acquiring a branch in St. Louis last May marking its fourth acquisition in 4 years.

About NetGain Technologies:

Founded in 1984, NetGain Technologies is a leading provider of the design, procurement, implementation and support of high-performance IT solutions. With services ranked among the best in the world by MSPmentor and technical expert certification rated top 50 nationally by CRN Tech Elite, NetGain Technologies has 6 branch offices across 5 states. Over 1,000 unique clients have leveraged NetGains best-in-class service and support programs.

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