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Take a Test Drive in the Ultimate SAFE Car, An Advanced Automotive Security Solution Introduced by SAFE


Fast cars and luxury automobiles. They capture our hearts and command respect, but lets face it. They come at a priceand sometimes risk. With the groundbreaking introduction of the SAFE Car, consumers can now protect their wheels, and, more importantly, whats inside, in ways never thought possible.

The new SAFE Car, developed by SAFE (Strategically Armored and Fortified Environments,, the leader in next generation custom security solutions, provides owners with an unprecedented level of control, convenience, safety and security that is in keeping with the newest lifestyle and technological capabilities.

SAFE, based in L.A. and founded by security industry icon Al Corbi, began developing a prototype for the SAFE Car, an advanced automotive security solution, as a natural extension for its clients security needs. The car is designed to allow owners to maintain complete control of their residential or other properties while on the go. The SAFE Car offers secure features that can be controlled by the owner from any locationin the air and on the groundand is the first of its kind to offer real-time contact and communications with the vehicle. The cars Situational Awareness and Control (SAC) system from SAFE, links audio, video and mechanical systems seamlessly to protect itself and its owners/occupants with manual or pre-programmed features.

To showcase the SAFE Car features, SAFE produced a short dramatization video titled "Good Decisions," revealing an up close and personal view of the cars cutting edge safety and security features.

An integrated security solution, the SAFE Car is a fusion of biometric and analytic technologies, including facial recognition, behavior analysis, voice recognition, LPR, RFID and more, typically used in residential and commercial projects. SAFE Cars are essentially roaming Wi-Fi hotspots that afford their owners unprecedented access to the vehicle and its functions. Most importantly, SAFE Cars provide owners the peace of mind that comes from knowing their car can not be stolen and knowing they can maintain complete control of their car, their home or other properties worldwide in real-time. The SAFE Car keeps its owner in total control. It lets the owner know who is in the car, where it is, how fast it is traveling, and much more. Authorized users can stop the car remotely, enable or deactivate door and trunk locks, even send blasts of smoke into the interior to subdue an unwelcome intruder.

Although the technology and equipment in the car is seamless to the eye, the SAFE Car delivers the ultimate in automotive security and controls with features that include:

Interface with residential security systems, providing a fully integrated system with the security features and functions in any home, office, airplane or yacht.

Facial and voice recognition of both driver and passenger allowing the owner to view, in real-time, the interior of the car and its occupants from anywhere in the world. Camera views outside of the car recognize and record other vehicle license plates and help identify location and intruders.

Remote notification including images and time/date stamps of anyone other than those authorized to have unrestricted access.

Remote 1- or 2-way visual communication, remote 2-way voice communication, and remote door latch and unlatch, using an integrated, Internet-based secure tablet and barcoded license plate/back-up camera.

Remote trunk unlatch allowing quick escape or access.

Remote engine starting and stopping activation and deactivation through facial recognition.

Onboard Diagnostics, Global Positioning System (GPS) & Radar Detection featuring two graphic user interfaces (GUI), onboard and remote. The onboard GUI utilizes a secure tablet deployed from the dash when activated by the biometric palm reader in the center console.

The SAFE car is sold exclusively by SAFE. The SAFE Car design is not manufacture-specific and can be custom-designed by SAFE to be compatible with virtually all vehicle makes and models. SAFE will exclusively customize, manufacture and install the SAFE Car features.

When it comes time to purchase a new car or retrofit that old classic, "Good Decisions shows just how cool security can be.

So, take control. Make it a next-generation SAFE car.

About SAFE: SAFE (Strategically Armored and Fortified Environments, is a unique provider of custom security solutions that are architecturally based, aesthetically discreet and completely scalable for homes, automobiles, offices and super yachts. SAFE's systems do not rely on any of the traditional security measures such as alarms or guards. Instead, SAFE systems keep their clients in control at all times, while providing a predictable and reliable level of protection that is fail-safe for both natural and man-made threats. SAFE is a world leader in the field of security through the master integration of both high and low tech features including hardening, surveillance, detection, deterrence as well as nuclear, biological, chemical and electromagnetic pulse (NBCE) protection. All SAFE products are meticulously and seamlessly imbedded into even the most sophisticated interiors. SAFE helps its clients achieve the peace of mind that can only come from careful planning and preparation. SAFEs uncompromising solutions include full integration through SAFEs Situational Awareness and Control (SAC) system. This proprietary system includes custom software for each client, adding secure access, control and convenience. Beyond hardening and other security features, the SAC system allows the client to interact with and control their security from the property or from the other side of the globe. For more information, visit


Protect Your Bubble Releases Safe Travel Tips for Women This Summer

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) July 11, 2013

Whether gearing up for a long-awaited trip this summer or planning a quick girls getaway, there are a number of things that women should keep in mind. Travel insurance brand, Protect Your Bubble, presents a list of tips for women traveling in the near future.



KIDO’Z and Toon Goggles have Joined Forces to Provide Children with a Safe Environment for Viewing Kid-Friendly Videos

TEL AVIV (PRWEB) November 14, 2012

Online kids channel Toon Goggles, the innovative free portal that provides valuable viewing data to content producers, has teamed up with KIDO'Z , the experts in turning computers & mobile devices into safe environments for children to play with and learn through.

They are proud to announce that this collaboration will allow kids to watch an unlimited library of child and parent friendly animations, features, clips and programs, whilst they stay in the protected environment that the KIDO'Z platform provides.

"KIDO'Z content strategy was always to bring our users the best kids' content out there", said Gai Havkin, CEO of KIDO'Z. "Joining forces with Toon Goggles, and enabling its great multilingual cartoon library on the KIDO'Z platform is a great addition of fun & safe content for our global community".

"We at Toon Goggles believe that children should have access to safe programming and through a safe portal," said Stephen L. Hodge, Managing Director, Toon Goggles. "KIDO'Z has been a pioneer in this field for some time now and it was natural that we would join together to ensure that children are provided with entertaining and enriching content within a safe and protected environment. We look forward to seeing what this alliance will grow into."

Now available to download for free in the KIDO'Z App Store, the Toon Goggles app includes 100's of videos that have been divided into six categories; girl, boy, comedy, action, pre-school, and educational. This partnership means that KIDO'Z now has even more entertainment options available to put at the fingertips of children!

Like all content featured at KIDO'Z, the videos within the Toon Goggles app are pre-approved and reviewed extensively before being released, so all content is 100% kid-friendly. New content is constantly added to their extensive collection, and kids have the chance to save their favorite clips and cartoons in their "Toon Box" for easy access.

With both companies striving to make children's online time fun and safe, it was inevitable that a partnership between these two industry leaders would happen.

Media Contacts:

KIDO'Z: Lucy Inbar: lucy(at)kidoz(dot)net t: +972 52 8000 585

Toon Goggles: Sabrina Propper;; 818.515.5798


About KIDO'Z:

In a world where kids are increasingly interacting with digital devices, KIDOZ mission is to provide a better, safer and friendlier digital experience for kids on Phones, Tablets, Computers and TVs.

KIDOZ, which has been listed as one of the top 50 tech products by BusinessWeek, launched its first product on 2009 as a kids OS for PC. Creating a fun and safe environment, with a collection of special tools, KIDO'Z enables children to carry out everything that adults do on computers, but simply, intuitively, and without needing to know how to read or write.

KIDO'Z is installed on millions of devices with dedicated users from all around the world. With a recorded 50 million blocks in the past three years, protecting kids from inappropriate content, KIDO'Z keeps to its promise of keeping all viewable content safe and fun.

KIDO'Z is currently PC, Mac and now Android compatible and is available for download from

KIDO'Z is developed by KIDO'Z Ltd, a Tel-Aviv based company created and managed by parents and top industry professionals.

About Toon Goggles: is the premiere 24/7 online destination for childrens entertainment.


Safe Listening Education Needs to be a Major Health Priority, Parents Say

Rockville, MD (PRWEB) May 03, 2012

Seventy-five percent of parents say teaching children how to use personal audio technology safely should be a major health priority, according to results of a new online poll commissioned by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).

One thousand parents with children age 18 and under at home took the poll this past March. It defined personal audio technology as devices where headphones or ear buds are used (iPods, other MP3 players, cell phones, computers, and the like). Crux Research created the poll content in consultation with ASHA, while the survey firm Toluna fielded the poll.

Complete poll results are available at

The parental call to make safe listening education a major health priority apparently stems from other poll findings like these:


Total Access Networks Chooses OpenDNS; Passes Speedy, Safe, Reliable DNS on to Internet Users Worldwide

San Francisco (PRWEB) May 7, 2007

OpenDNS (, the DNS provider that makes the Internet safer, faster, smarter and more reliable, today announced Total Access Networks Inc. is using OpenDNS to offload the 1 million DNS requests hitting its in-house cluster of servers daily, saving resources and CPU process time and providing an overall better Internet experience for its broadband and wireless clients. Total Access is a leading provider of managed Internet services and connectivity for thousands of individuals and organizations worldwide. OpenDNS is the world's-largest, fastest-growing DNS service.

Texas-based Total Access selected OpenDNS over BIND and other internal and external options because it gives Total Access a clear edge over competition - it's free and its feature set far exceeds anything else offered with a DNS service.

"While my competitors fight to learn DNS, they waste valuable resources," said Ted Green, CEO of Total Access. "With OpenDNS we have been able to complete several internal and external Internet projects that had been sitting on the back burner, since all of our resources are not tied up correcting issues with faulty DNS. Getting the projects completed means we provide a better service. We get back to installing, doing what we do best, and let OpenDNS handle the DNS from this point out."

Unlike other services that take weeks to deploy, it took only days to get OpenDNS completely up and running for all networks managed by Total Access. The Internet reseller now successfully sends 1 million requests daily to the OpenDNS servers and is pleased to know OpenDNS is entirely scalable - the more people using OpenDNS, the more addresses its caches are holding at any given time and the faster lookups resolve. Since its launch in June 2006, OpenDNS has delivered 100 percent uptime.

"I personally checked out OpenDNS and was blown away by the results," said Green. "No matter how small or big your company grows, DNS is a foundation staple of every ISP environment. We are excited to have OpenDNS as a service partner providing high-quality, fast DNS services to my customers around the world."

About Total Access Networks Inc.

Total Access Networks, Inc. is a leading provider of managed Internet services and connectivity for residents and businesses worldwide. Through high-speed, high-availability, state-of-the- art Internet Data Centers, Total Access Networks delivers superior reliability, security and performance to residents and companies using the Internet. Cutting-edge solutions include Worldwide Dialup Access, Nationwide DSL Access, Regional Wireless Access, Domain Registration, E-commerce Solutions, Merchant Services, Co-Location, Dedicated Web Hosting, Dedicated Access, Streaming Media, Content Distribution and Application Services.

About OpenDNS

OpenDNS makes the Internet safer, faster, smarter and more reliable. Based in San Francisco, the company operates a large distributed network that powers a new kind of recursive DNS (Domain Name System) service that provides all Internet users increased security, reliability and performance. OpenDNS is thoroughly committed to building and operating the best DNS platform in the world and to improving the Internet. For more information about OpenDNS, please visit:



Realty Software releases a New Online Property Management Software for all Property Managers and Owners – Providing Safe Data and the latest Program Online – in the Cloud

Park City, Utah (PRWEB) March 23, 2012

Realty Software is proud to announce that their award winning Property Management Plus Rental Software system, that has been fine-tuned since 1977, is now available in an Online Version. This new version resides online and eliminates any need to download and install new versions. The most up to date version will always be ready for your use online.

Another great benefit of this Online Version of PMplus is the fact that Owner, Tenant and Transaction Data ( Rents, Expenses, etc.) will always be backed up for you automatically, eliminating another routine chore from your workload. If your computer crashes or is stolen, the program and all your data is secure and can be immediately accessed from any computer online.

This new version can allow Owners to view their property data (operating statements, rent payments and detailed expenses for any unit or building) at any time by logging into their Owners portal. Tenants can also be allowed to view their rent payments account through the use of a Tenant log in portal. This provides both Owners and Tenants with timely, instant data about their properties and accounts 24 x 7.

This program captures all rent payments, partial payments, late fees and expenses. All data is tracked down to the building or unit level as appropriate. Reports include Late Rents, Vacancies, Expired Leases as well as Detailed Transactions, Operating Statements, Owner Balances, Ledger Detail, Owner and Tenant Information. Management Fees can be automatically calculated and posted for each owner. Checks to Owners can also be posted and printed with a couple of clicks. This is a complete Management and Accounting package tailored for property management.

There is a Demo Account for our Property Management Rental Software that can be used to try this Online version. The Demo shows sample Tenant, Owner and Transaction data, allows report printing and viewing of all of the screens. See us at http://www.RealtySoftware.Net

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ParetoLogic’s PGsurfer is Pleased to Announce the Birth of – A Website to Help Keep Kids Safe Online

SafeSurfer Screenshot 1

Victoria, B.C. (PRWEB) December 4, 2007

Hot on the heels of their launch of PGsurfer, a free parental controls software application, ParetoLogic unveils a new website for kids that focuses on responsible and safe online behaviour. is a unique, free website that is tailored specifically to youth from the ages of 8-14 that offers them a forum, games, video and computer game reviews, entertainment updates and news about the newest websites and applications, all with an underlying theme of responsible and safe Internet use. A safe place for kids to access the information they crave, this website is continually updated with user-generated information and is constantly fed with discussions and tips on how to keep safe on the Internet.

"We recognize that kids and teens are the experts on their own Internet usage and experience. The Internet is an integral part of their lives and parents are finding it really difficult to provide guidance in this realm," Says Amanda Cooper, Director of Communications at ParetoLogic. Addressing all things Web related for today's youth, provides kids a space to share information regarding the newest websites, Instant Messenger, and social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace.

Noting that the impetus for creating the site came from the alarming increase in online predators and cyber-bullying, Cooper credits ParetoLogic's CEO, Elton Pereira, for making children's online safety a priority. Stressing the motivation that drove the initiative, Pereira states, "We have the expertise and resources to make a difference. If we can save just one child from becoming the victim of an online threat, it will be worth it."

About ParetoLogic, Inc.:

In 2004 four brothers recognized that modern computer users need not rely on computer repair technicians to maintain their own PC's. Knowing that sophisticated technology married with a truly user-friendly interface would empower people to secure and optimize their own computers, the brothers researched the marketplace to define and develop the software products that would most benefit today's computer user.

ParetoLogic now employs 105 professionals to help them research, develop, and market software applications that will enable people to secure and enhance their computing experience. Available in eight languages in 186 countries around the world, ParetoLogic has established partnerships on a global scale to ensure that its products are available to all computer users, regardless of location, language, or computing experience.

Attention to the needs of the consumer coupled with a commitment to delivering exceptional software applications and resource-rich websites guarantee that our products will exceed your expectations.



Amazing Tech Products Inc. Unveils Purebuds: Revolutionary Earbuds for Pure Music, Safe Sound

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) July 11, 2008

Studies have proven that people who listen to music on their iPods and MP3 players all day are subjected to harmful levels of sound which can lead to hearing impairment. Until now, the only solution to mitigate damage done to our sensitive earbuds by direct audio has been to turn down the audio source. Seeking to produce a safer audio experience without sacrificing quality, Amazing Tech Products Inc. is proud to announce a solution: Purebuds

Purebuds utilizes the unique innovative reverse sound technology to make listening to music a safer audio experience. The latest in audio technology research tells us that sound directed away from the ear canal does not have the same damaging effects as sound blaring directly on our ear drums does. The integration of this technology in Purebuds directs sound waves away from the ear canal and ear drum so they do not drum audio waves directly into the sensitive ear canal like conventional earbuds.

"Purebuds meets the growing consumer audio demand for a healthy and entertaining way to listen to music," said Raman Narayan, VP of Product Development at Amazing Tech Products Inc. "We found it necessary to develop unique earbuds that integrate the latest technology, deliver a higher quality of audio experience, and minimize potential long-term hearing damage."

The Purebuds come with three different pairs of audio tips that enhance the musical audio environment. One can enjoy a pair of tips for Bass Boost, Full Range, or Surround Sound. These audio tips can easily be interchanged on the Purebuds to create new music listening experiences.

"Amazing Tech Products Inc has gone to great lengths to ensure that Purebuds offers great music and a safe listening experience. Purebuds customizable earbud tips allows users to create their own audio effect in which is a fun way to enjoy your daily musical dose," says Keith Washo, Founder of Amazing Tech Products Inc. "We are pleased to introduce these revolutionary digital earbuds on"

Priced at $ 49.99 (U.S. MSRP), Purebuds are available for purchase at select online etailers and at a bonus, purchasers can get FREE USPS Ground Shipping to any USA location. Visit our special Purebuds website to join the Purebuds revolution and learn more about Purebuds.

About Amazing Tech Products Inc:

Founded in 2007, Amazing Tech Products Inc. is a leader in creating and publishing compelling content around tech products, companies, and people who make innovative tech products. The company's websites, &, provide an online destination for people to discover, learn about, and engage with innovative tech products


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New Website Offers Parents Affordable High-Tech Devices to Help Keep Children and Teens Safe

(PRWEB) June 20, 2007

Visions Enterprises has launched the website this month, which will offer the tools to equip parents to meet many of today’s parenting challenges. This website was created in response to often seen news headlines, TV shows and today’s realities of parenting a high tech generation of youth in a high tech world.

Statistics are staggering on young children that go missing: 1 in 5 children and teens are approached by an online predator, 14% of all deaths due to motor vehicle accidents are teen drivers, usually because of speeding, alcohol or drugs. Children are equipped with cell phones, side kicks, computers and cars. Today’s parents not only need to educate and keep lines of communication open with their children, that also needs to be backed up with becoming a TechSavvyParent. Parents today need to equip themselves with high-tech parenting devices to keep a watchful eye on their children and be one step ahead of them to reduce the risk of harmful experiences or tragedies.

All products are affordably priced and user friendly. TechSavvyParents offers a one-stop shop. A parent can now LoJack their toddlers with radio frequency tracking devices, monitor what websites, chat rooms or community networks their child visits, who they talk with and what they are saying; give them a good reason to say no to drinking or taking drugs with the regular use of home test kits, and lastly, to remotely monitor their teen driver. With Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracking devices, parents are able to know where they are going, where they have been and where they are at, if they need help or to see if they are wearing seat belts or speeding.

Ron Kustes, one of the owners of Visions Enterprises, states, “Using technology as a tool to better parent and safeguard our children is currently cutting edge, however, will be the standard of parenting in the generations to come. As a parent myself I cannot think of a better business to be involved in than helping other parents take a preventive stance and be self reliant, proactive and equip them with the tools to increase their ability to safeguard their children.”

Visions Enterprises is an online marketing, service and sales company. They are a company that has seen and implemented the Vision of website development, online marketing and retailing since 1998. They specialize in offering customized services to small to mid size companies that want to establish web presence to increase visibility and sales. Their statement to their prospective customers is “We see the future in your business” together will be helping you realize “your” vision of success. is solely owned and operated by Visions Enterprises.


Ron Kustes

ron @



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Safe and signed

Safe and signed

Rugby community responder vehicle livery

(PRWeb UK) November 9, 2010

To meet with the emergency services regulations, the Signs Express team was called in to apply vehicle graphics, including reflective vinyl, to all sides of the Ford Focus to ensure clear visibility both night and day on the roads in and around the Rugby area.

Launched on 27th October 2010, the new Rugby Community Responder vehicle will be used as an emergency response car to ensure swift arrival at emergency calls so that patients can receive immediate treatment until a conventional ambulance arrives.

As a volunteer group in partnership with West Midlands Ambulance Service, the team has been working hard to raise money for the vehicle and equipment which will serve the local community.

Natalie Craig from Rugby First Responders commented: “The Signs Express team was very accommodating and we’re really grateful and over the moon with both the level of service and the end result, especially as we were so short on time. We’d originally been in contact with two separate sign companies but for one reason or another they’d both let us down at the last minute.

“Having taken a lot of time to gather the required funds through events and donations this meant that we still had to work to a relatively tight budget, Signs Express however, was very helpful and worked well within our financial constraints to help make the response vehicle ready in time for launch,” Natalie added.

The Community Responder vehicle has been in use for 65 hours since it launched and has so far helped on scene at five separate emergency calls.    

Signs Express (Warwick) provides a complete design, manufacture and installation service for all forms of signage including interior/exterior signs, vehicle graphics, exhibition and display products, window graphics and health and safety signage for businesses in Warwick and the surrounding area such as Royal Leamington Spa, Rugby and Stratford-Upon-Avon. For more information please log onto

Notes for editors:

1)    For further press information, please contact Sarah Critoph at Signs Express. Tel: 01603 625925 or e-mail: sarah(dot)ccritoph(at)signsexpress(dot)co(dot)uk.

2)    Signs Express is a member of the British Sign and Graphic Association, the British Franchise Association and The International Sign Association.


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