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XFXs New Radeon R9 and R7 Series Of Graphics Cards Are An Evolution On The Outside And A Revolution On The Inside.

Ontario, California (PRWEB) October 11, 2013

XFX today unveiled the XFX Radeon™ R9 290X, R9 290, R9 280X, R9 270X, R7 260X and R7 250 graphics cards, XFX’s first series of AMD GPUs with AMD’s 2nd Generation GCN Architecture and PowerTune Technology designed for super optimized gaming performance. XFX’s new GPUs also feature AMD’s Mantle and AMD TrueAudio technology, the latest innovations that redefine the GPU by enabling both gamers and game developers with unprecedented audio and performance enhancements for compatible games1.

XFX Ghost 2.0 Thermal Technology

The XFX Radeon R9 and R7 Series graphics cards are also the first introduction of the all-new XFX Ghost 2.0 thermal design, which is a substantial design evolution from the original Ghost thermal design introduced in 2012. XFX’s new Ghost 2.0 features the same open airflow design for maximum cooling as well as a new lightweight poly carbonate construction for super high durability and heat resistance. A new two-piece design which protects PCB components from damage and dust and created a beautiful modern design unlike any other graphics card in history.

Unlocked Voltage

Select XFX graphics cards now feature higher voltage caps giving gamers the power to customize and truly push their graphics cards to the limit.

Digital Power

Digital power supply signal provides voltage signals that are more stable and accurate than conventional analog designs, meaning the voltage can be adjusted more quickly and precisely during overclocking. The result is more stable overclocking.

More Power Phases

XFX Graphics cards with unlocked voltage utilize a 6phase vs 5phase power design. This provides 20% lower temperature on the power IC, and provide stable power to the GPU for better overclocking.

2nd Generation PowerTune Technology

The XFX R-Series of graphics cards will feature the second generation of AMD’s PowerTune technology, which offers a substantial improvement over the previous generation. PowerTune features real-time voltage and clock speed optimization enables intelligent power monitoring to enable higher clock speeds and better performance for the newest games. Tuning the card’s settings to hit its peak clock rate more often.

Mantle and Graphics Core Next (GCN) Architecture

The award-winning Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture in the AMD Radeon R9 and R7 Series graphics cards continues to serve as a driving force behind the Unified Gaming Strategy, now comes together with the introduction of Mantle.

Mantle empowers games like DICE’s “Battlefield 4” to speak the natively with the Graphics Core Next architecture for a deeper level of hardware multi-platform compatibility.

TrueAudio Technology: World’s First Programmable Audio Pipeline

XFX R-Series GPUs featuring AMD TrueAudio technology empowers game developers with a programmable audio pipeline on the GPU through a built-in audio signal processor which supports 150 sound sources vs the previous limitation of only 50 sounds. TrueAudio enables 7.1 surround through headphones and zero CPU overhead. This enables game to utilize more realistic environmental dynamics, a richer tapestry of sound effects, breathtaking directional audio and more.

Multi-Display Technology: Redesigned for Ultra-resolution Gaming

XFX Radeon R9 and R7 Series graphics cards are made for gaming on UltraHD 4K (3840x2160) displays. Additionally, with AMD Eyefinity multi-display technology, gamers are free to use virtually any combination of display outputs when connecting matching monitors to the DVI or HDMI® outputs on their system.

XFX Radeon R9 and R7 Series graphics cards will be available for purchase in the near future.

About AMD

XFX a division of PINE Group Limited designs and integrates technology for desktop computing, including graphics cards, power supplies and desktop computing accessories. XFX brand is the gamer’s choice for video cards and power supply units around the world. We design and manufacture our award winning products in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities located in mainland China. The company’s dedicated research and development team are continually pushing the limits to meet the demand of the ever-growing and performance-driven gaming community. We have sales, product marketing, and technical support centers setup throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. Founded in 1989, with its headquarter located in Hong Kong, PINE Technology Holdings Limited (PINE) has been a publicly traded company since 1999 and is listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The company has over 300 employees located in 13 facilities worldwide and has distributors in over 50 countries. For more information, visit

1.Application support for Mantle is required. AMD TrueAudio technology is offered with select AMD Radeon™ R9 and R7 200 Series GPUs and is designed to improve acoustic realism. Requires enabled game or application. Not all audio equipment supports all audio effects; additional audio equipment may be required for some audio effects. Not all products feature all technologies — check with the component or system manufacturer for specific capabilities.


Diet Doc Hormone Diets & Weight Loss Plans Joins Telehealth, the Newest Healthcare Revolution, Enabling Patients to Connect with Physicians Anywhere in the Country

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) November 18, 2013

The professionals at Diet Doc are serious about helping everyone lose weight to improve health, longevity and quality of life. The company is consistently searching for new ways to make achieving weight loss goals simpler, more convenient and less costly for everyone in need. Utilizing Telehealth, the latest medical technology, now enables the company to reach patients in even the most remote regions of the country, delivering fast, safe and consistent weight loss directly to patients’ doors. One of the first prescription diet companies to join this new revolution in healthcare, Telehealth allows patients and physicians to connect via the telephone, thus avoiding time consuming and costly visits to local weight loss clinics.

Patients who are ready to change their lives by losing unhealthy excess weight can begin simply by calling the company or logging on to the computer to complete a comprehensive, yet quite simple, medical evaluation, after which the patient will schedule an appointment, at their convenience, to speak directly with a board certified physician. This level of personal service allows the doctors to review and assess each patient’s entire system and to identify any improperly performing organs or other barriers that may hinder fast weight loss, without the patient ever leaving their home. Each patient will receive a plan of action along with a complete and detailed physician report.

Qualified patients will work closely with nutritionists, who are certified and specially trained in the science of safe and fast weight loss. Diet plans will be designed that are unique to each patient’s personal nutritional lifestyle and medical needs, designed to be rich in essential nutrients, helping the body to function at maximum capacity while melting pounds and inches. Because the diet plans incorporate a wide range of delicious food choices, patients find that they maintain their interest while the rapid loss of weight keeps them motivated. Each diet plan is uniquely developed with emphasis on achieving optimal weight loss with focus on safety and improved long term health and weight maintenance.

Diet Doc’s prescription hormone complements the uniquely designed diet plans by sending a powerful signal to the hypothalamus to target stores of trapped fat to be released into the bloodstream and burned as the body’s primary energy source. This dynamic combination turns the body into a fat burning machine with patients reporting fat melting from the body in areas that are typically the most stubborn and difficult areas to lose, such as the belly, hips, thighs and underarms.

Diet Doc offers incomparable services to dieters across the country, delivering a consistent effective medically supervised diet plan directly to patients' doors. To further add to the convenience of this revolutionized new diet plan concept, videoconferencing eliminates the need for costly, embarrassing and time consuming follow-up visits to weight loss clinics, while offering improved and easy accessibility.

The addition of Telehealth is making losing unhealthy excess weight easier than ever before. By shifting their focus to the numerous possibilities that Telehealth offers, Diet Doc has made their prescription hormone diet plans available nationwide. Diet Doc’s physicians and nutritionists can reach out to a patient in any location using advanced technology, eliminating all geographical and communication barriers.

Diet Doc Contact Information:

San Diego, CA

(800) 272-0482


Twitter: DietDoc10

Facebook: DietDocNaturalHealth


After the Revolution in Touch Computing Made Possible by Windows 8, Senior Care Corners New Tips for Selecting Computers for Seniors

Greenville, SC (PRWEB) October 30, 2012

The art of selecting a computer for senior loved ones was redefined going into the 2012 holiday season by Microsofts introduction of Windows 8 and the accompanying announcements of new computing devices utilizing the Windows 8 touchscreen capability. Among the beneficiaries are older adults and the family members seeking to demonstrate how easy it is to gain the benefits of going online and participating in social networking.

Reflecting this major change in product offerings, and both the opportunities and confusion that it may drive just as the shopping season begins, Senior Care Corner has developed new tips for those choosing computing gifts for senior loved ones.

Were thrilled by the opportunity the wide range of touchscreen devices offers to seniors previously unable to use or uncomfortable using computers says Barry Birkett of Senior Care Corner. We want to help family caregivers and other loved ones open new doors for older adults through the web and social networking.

Considerations When Selecting Computing Devices for Seniors

Taking into account these points can improve the likelihood a device purchased for a senior loved one will provide enjoyment and other benefits well after a gift is unwrapped.

Consider how the device will be used.


The Revolution in YouTube to MP3 Conversion has Begun

Palm Harbor, FL (PRWEB) July 18, 2012 is pleased to announce the launch of its new YouTube to MP3 converter. The company, founded in 2010, aimed to create a free YouTube to MP3 converter that didnt require downloading and offered complete user control over file types, sizes and quality.

Dissatisfied with the quality of current converters and the plethora of problems associated with them, Kyle and David Rahmi decided that they would create their own solution. Xenras YouTube to MP3 Converter aims to solve the problems alternatives face by allowing users to adjust all aspects of the download process from download quality to bitrate and file size whilst simultaneously ensuring the safety of its users.

YouTube to MP3 converters have become increasingly popular with internet users looking to download the latest songs and acquire the wealth of original content YouTube has to offer. YouTube is one of the best places to pick up hard to find music, video and original music; much of which is unavailable anywhere else.

Xenras YouTube to MP3 converter allows users to Download YouTube videos and convert them into a multitude of formats to ensure a high quality final product. One of the key criticisms other YouTube to MP3 converters have faced is that there is no way to edit the quality, clarity and size of the final downloaded files. This often leaves users with poor quality recordings that dont reflect or improve upon the original YouTube video quality. Xenras YouTube to MP3 converter has a built in editing suite that allows users to adjust file size, audio quality, video quality, volume and bitrate; as well as track names and artist names. These innovations make Xenras converter one of the most useful YouTube tools available online. The co-founders have managed to deliver, in their own words, the most streamlined, simple, effective yet creative YouTube to MP3 solution.

The editing options are what makes Xenras YouTube to MP3 converter outshine its competitors but the co-founders are also keen to point out the added safety features their program deploys to protect users from harmful malware. The majority of YouTube to MP3 programs require a program to be downloaded onto your computer in order to run. Whilst many of these programs are legitimate, a huge number of them have become infected with malware and particularly spyware programs as they have been distributed and re-distributed across the web. These programs store and transmit private data to criminal organisations and can severely compromise computer users personal information. In order to circumvent these potential pitfalls Xenra decided to host the program exclusively on their servers; in order to guarantee that user safety is maintained. As David Rahmi puts it By hosting the program exclusively on our dedicated servers we are able to ensure the program remains secure whilst maintaining the highest level of user satisfaction.

Xenras YouTube to MP3 converter boasts one of the most original, and useful, features of any YouTube converter by being integrated with browsers; via add-ons for Firefox and Chrome. This key feature enables users to download from their browser without interrupting their usual internet use. Once the plug in is installed YouTube videos display an icon giving an option to download and convert any file that is being accessed. This innovative new direction in YouTube to MP3 converters has allowed Xenra to revolutionise the way in which individuals can use these types of programs; providing added usability as well as increased security.

For more information on Xenras YouTube to MP3 converter you can visit the website at, get in touch with us via email at biz(at)xenra(dot)com or contact us directly on 0424678144.

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Blacknight Wants You to Join the Mobile Revolution With goMobi

Carlow,Ireland (PRWEB) April 12, 2012

Leading Irish registrar and hosting company Blacknight have made it their mission to help customers go mobile with a free 30- day trial of the goMobi mobile site builder.

It is projected that by 2013, there will be a billion mobile Internet users; Blacknight are helping their customers get ahead of the curve by giving them the tools to take their main websites mobile.

GoMobi ensures that your website will display properly on mobile devices as well as optimize large graphics so 3G users wont get hit with massive data bills. It also allows users to adjust the content of their mobile site so the most important information will be available instantly to mobile users. Whether it's your opening hours / location on a map / menu or latest news from your site with goMobi it's simple to have a cost effective mobile website online in minutes

Mobile technology has become a huge part of the market with many users accessing the Internet exclusively by mobile devices, explains Michele Neylon of Blacknight. Businesses can no longer afford to be inaccessible to mobile Internet users.

GoMobi makes it possible for customers to easily find your business anywhere, anytime. The interface is intuitive and easy-to-use giving customers immediate access on their mobile phone to key information about your business with the ability to contact you with just one click or touch.

Each goMobi site is built and optimized for SEO, and includes creation of a sitemap, well defined page titles and descriptions, optimized site structure for navigation and more. Also, when you sign up for goMobi, you get access to the user-friendly goMobi Setup Assistant that puts you in charge of your sites look and content.

Neylon continues: As a company we prize innovation and are pleased to offer a 30-day trial of goMobi to help businesses transition to adding mobile site capability. We cant wait to see what our customers do with the service.

After the 30-day free trail has completed, users have the option to continue with a subscription or cancel the service. Blacknight are confident that once you go mobile, you wont go back.

Visit to learn more about goMobi and sign up for the 30-day free trial.

Visit to learn more about joining the Blacknight mobile revolution.

About Blacknight:

Blacknight are an Irish based, ICANN accredited domain registrar and hosting company. Recipients of several awards for their revolutionary use of social media, Blacknight are one of Europes most cutting edge Internet companies. Blacknight constantly seek to lead the way by introducing innovative solutions for its client base and provide dedicated servers and colocation as well as a comprehensive range of Microsoft Windows and Linux based hosting plans and domain name registration services to business globally.

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Free Customer Feedback Platform, Feedback Revolution QR, Has Selected Pageviews to Provide SEO and Internet Marketing

Boise, Idaho (PRWEB) February 21, 2012

Businesses need real time customer feedback if they want to survive and grow. From dentists that want more referrals to restaurants that want customers to come in more often its all about knowing what your customers want, said Martin Baird, Chief Feedback Officer. South Office LLC created Feedback Revolution QR to give businesses the platform they need to generate real time customer feedback.

Baird said, Feedback Revolution QR is a very powerful tool that is simple to use. The challenge is to get businesses to find out about it. He also added, We knew that we needed to find an SEO partner that can make us stand out in the internet clutter.

When we first saw the customer satisfaction survey tool they created we were shocked by how simple and powerful it was, said Terry Mickelson, Chief Digital Officer for Pageviews. He continued, Weve all seen traditional comment cards. Even the receipts that say call and tell us how we did. Feedback Revolution QR really does revolutionize customer feedback.

"The customer feedback and customer satisfaction survey space is crowded on the internet. Its not going to be easy getting them on the first page of search engines, but if it was easy anyone could do it, commented Mickelson.

Feedback Revolution QR, was created to provide a free real time customer feedback service to help businesses add value to the customers experience and improve business practices. Baird said, Our customer feedback platform is great. Its easy to use and is very valuable to the businesses that use it. Our challenge is getting the word out to business owners. Once they try it they love it.

Because the service is quick and easy, customers are more likely to participate and provide valuable customer feedback. They scan a custom QR code with their smartphone. The customer types or uses speech to text to share their comments on the phone and then transmits their feedback by touching a submit button.

It takes less than 60 seconds to provide customer feedback. Customers can also participate on their computer or any other device that has an Internet connection, using a URL for the customer survey. Their responses are anonymous, so they can be honest about their customer feedback without guilt.

After looking at our SEO choices we knew it had to be Pageviews. We look forward to them adding our free customer feedback platform to their first place rankings, explains Baird.

About Feedback Revolution QR

Feedback Revolution QR is a FREE service and uses advanced customer feedback technology to give businesses a leg up when it comes to collecting and analyzing customer feedback. By making it fast and easy customers share their feedback directly with the business. This customer relationship management tool helps our clients grow in these tough economic times.

About PageViews

PageViews is an American owned and operated company, based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our Scottsdale SEO company has been getting top rankings for small, medium, and large companies since 1998 with results of over 75,000 first place listings.

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A New Revolution in Computer Desks

A New Revolution in Computer Desks

The Revolution Desk

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 22, 2008

Innovation and cutting-edge products have always been the specialty of computer furniture manufacturer, Versa Tables, but their latest computer desk has literally created a new revolution. The Revolution Computer Desk combines the classic simplicity of a writing desk with the intricate functionality of a technologically advanced computer workstation all in one complete solution. The Revolution Desk features a unique rotating panel surface, designed to hide a mounted computer monitor below the surface of the desk when the computer is not in use and a clear, frontward view even when the monitor is being used, due to its recessed design.

"You really have to see the desk in action to truly appreciate the functionality and ingenious mechanism we've developed for the Revolution Series Desks", said Chris Stormer, Chief Operations Officer at Versa Tables. "When there's a nationwide demand for a particular product, we put our designers and engineers to work so we can meet that demand and exceed the expectations of our customers. This desk provided some extra challenges because we wanted to make sure that the final result was unique, functional and durable while still meeting the strict criteria we knew was necessary. The result is a series of computer desks that protect and hide the monitor under the surface of the desk and leave a clear workspace when the computer is not in use."

And the ingenuity doesn't stop there. Another feature that hides underneath the surface of the desk is a retractable keyboard drawer. The solid steel keyboard tray doubles as the flip-up mechanism which controls the monitor's smooth rotation from its hideaway under the surface to its ergonomic, user location atop the desk. Due to the semi-recessed viewing area, the Revolution Desk is the perfect solution for a classroom or training room environment because it leaves a clear view to the front of the room, even if the monitor is in use.

"There are some computer labs and classrooms that don't require and unobstructed view to the front of the room due to the positioning of the tables or desks in relation to the instructor", remarked Stormer. "Versa Tables outfits schools, computer labs, military training and other educational institutions across the United States, and every situation is unique. We constantly strive to provide solutions that will make everyone's life just a little bit easier, and the Revolution Desk is just the latest in a long line of fantastic, American made computer furniture. Simple as that!"

If the staff at Versa Tables seems to take a lot of pride in their products, it's with good reason. All of their computer desks, tables, carts and accessories carry a lifetime warranty because they are confident that their products are the best on the market, and the Revolution Desk is no exception.


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TechTV and Peachpit Press Publish TechTV’s Guide to the Golf Revolution: How Technology is Driving the Game New book on the future of golf technology includes insights from such golf greats as Phil Mickelson, Justin Leonard, Nick Price, and Arnold Palmer

TechTV and Peachpit Press Publish TechTV’s Guide to the Golf Revolution: How Technology is Driving the Game
New book on the future of golf technology includes insights from such golf greats as Phil Mickelson, Justin Leonard, Nick Price, and Arnold Palmer

(PRWEB) January 15, 2004

SAN FRANCISCO CA )PRWEB) January 15 2004--As golf manufacturers and golf course designers continue to advance the science of the sport, golf writer and author Andy Brumer has risen to the challenge of creating a guide that takes an in-depth, visual, and compelling look at how technology is changing the face of golf.

In TechTV’s Guide to the Golf Revolution: How Technology is Driving the Game (0735714061, $ 24.99), Brumer takes a relaxed, jargon-free approach as he explores a wide range of topics including clubs, balls, grips, golf fitness, swing analysis, apparel, bags, shoes, and courses. His contributor’s list reads like a PGA leader board, with commentary from standout players including Phil Mickelson, Justin Leonard, Nick Price, Arnold Palmer, and Gary Player and insight from such high profile influencers as Titleist’s Bob Vokey, Nike’s Tom Stites, and TaylorMade’s Benoit Vincent, to name a few.    

TechTV’s Guide to the Golf Revolution casts an eye to the future by examining how past products and technologies have influenced today’s equipment and using that knowledge as a base to predict where golf is headed in the future. Brumer foresees a continued emphasis on hybrid metalwood/iron design, COR technologies that will benefit golfers with slower swing speeds, the widespread use of launch monitors in clubfitting, and better biologically engineered grasses for more environmentally friendly golf courses.

Comparable books on golf simply don’t offer the breadth and caliber of expert contributors, nor the unique look at technology’s effects on the sport—all from the expert viewpoint of an accomplished golfer. “In my 30-plus years in the golf industry I've encountered a handful of writers who research and understand the technical issues involving equipment,” says Barney Adams, founder of Adams Golf. “Andy Brumer is one of this group and I'm sure readers of his book will benefit from this expertise.“

Andy Brumer, a four handicap golfer who has written on the golf industry for over 13 years, has penned articles for most of golf's major magazines, including: Golf Digest, Golf Magazine, Golf Illustrated, Sports Illustrated, Travel and Leisure Golf, Links Magazine, Golfweek, The Golfer, Golf for Women, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, Westways Magazine, Sport Magazine and others. He has also served as editor-in-chief of Golf Tips and Petersen's Golfing.

About TechTV Press

TechTV Press books serve as technology lifestyle guides that encompass everything from practical how-tos and useful advice to revealing looks at the unexpected side of technology. Recent titles include “Sell it on eBay: TechTV’s Guide to Successful Online Auctions,” “Secrets of the iPod” (3rd edition), “TechTV’s Mod Mania with Yoshi: A Guide to Customizing Your Computer & Other Digital Devices,” “TechTV’s Security Alert: Stories of Real People Protecting Themselves from Identity Theft, Viruses and Scams,” “TechTV’s Microsoft Windows XP for Home Users” (2nd edition), and “TechTV’s Upgrading Your PC” (2nd edition). Also available this year is “TechTV Leo Laporte’s 2004 Technology Almanac,” TechTV’s third annual popular collection of technology tips and tricks provided by popular on-air host and technology expert Leo Laporte.

About Peachpit

Berkeley-based Peachpit Press has been publishing top-notch books on the latest in graphic design, desktop publishing, multimedia, Web publishing, and general computing since 1986. Its award-winning books feature step-by-step explanations, timesaving techniques, savvy insider tips, and expert advice for computer users of all sorts. It is the home of the internationally recognized Visual QuickStart Guide series, New Riders Voices that Matter series, and is the publishing partner and distributor of Adobe Press, Macromedia Press, and Avid Press books. Peachpit Press is a company of Pearson Education, the world's largest education publisher and a Pearson (NYSE: PSO) company. Learn more at


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Author Shane Sorenson Releases His Powerful Debut — A Butterfly’s Revolution

Author Shane Sorenson Releases His Powerful Debut -- A Butterfly's Revolution

Green Bay, WI (Vocus) March 27, 2010

A powerful memoir that paints a searing portrait of life for Indian indentured laborers in colonial South Africa, and an honest account of the inhumanity of Hindu caste hierarchy, is all set to astound readers as author Shane Sorenson releases his compelling debut titled A Butterfly’s Revolution.

This memoir follows Leo, the son of a British plantation owner, and Ram, the son of an Indian indentured labourer, who became intimate friends. As young adults, the two become attracted to humanitarian work. They travel to a Hindu village called Sugarbush—‘a place,’ Mohandas Gandhi tells them, ‘in desperate need of human development at its most basic level.’

Upon their arrival, they discover that although the labourers have earned their freedom from their British and Dutch owners, a new class of master has taken their place—the land-owning men belonging to the Hindu forward castes—and so little has changed for the masses. They embark on a five-year struggle to bring progress to Sugarbush and to instill the concepts of human dignity and equality. Will these two young men succeed in realizing their noble intentions?

Readers will find themselves engrossed in this riveting memoir as they uncover more revelations and witness a surprising end. For more information on A Butterfly’s Revolution, log on to

About the Author

Shane Sorenson is a native of Green Bay, Wisconsin, and an accomplished legal journalist. He has lived most of his adult life abroad—England, Hong Kong, Singapore, Argentina, India, and South Africa. A Butterfly’s Revolution is his first novel.

A Butterfly’s Revolution * by Shane Sorenson

Publication Date: March 24, 2010

Trade Paperback; $ 15.99; 185 pages; 978-1-4500-3502-6

Trade Hardback; $ 22.99; 185 pages; 978-1-4500-3503-3

eBook; $ 9.99; 978-1-4500-3504-0

Members of the media who wish to review this book may request a complimentary paperback copy by contacting the publisher at (888) 795-4274 x. 7479. To purchase copies of the book for resale, please fax Xlibris at (610) 915-0294 or call (888) 795-4274 x. 7876.

For more information on self-publishing or marketing with Xlibris, visit To receive a free publishing guide, please call (888) 795-4274.

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Revolution Introduces Custom Graphics Program for Rentals and Shops

Revolution Introduces Custom Graphics Program for Rentals and Shops

Orem, UT (PRWEB) February 4, 2004

Revolution Manufacturing, North America’s largest snowboard production facility, announces it’s new custom graphics program for ski and snowboard shops, as well as rental fleets.

"The Made In USA label is becoming more and more important to customers and shop owners as some Asian manufacturers have experienced quality control issues. While quality is on the top of buyers’ minds, we wanted to offer that and even more. That’s when our custom graphics program was hatched," said Brady Fox, Revolution’s Marketing Director.

Revolution combines the industry’s top design engineers and builders with the world’s largest and most sophisticated snowboard and ski presses. This enables Revolution to build snowboards and skis with the highest standards in the industry. Since it’s official opening in 2003, Revolution has become the OEM provider for several world class ski and snowboard brands. These companies have been impressed with Revolution’s quality, fast turnaround, and competitive prices.

Along with the big brands, many ski and board shops nationwide have contracted with Revolution to build custom rental fleets and shop-branded skis and snowboards. "Selling and renting products with a shop’s logo and graphics on them is a great way for shop owners to build their own brand name," said Fox.

The revolution has begun. Made In the USA means something again.

For more information about Revolution Manufacturing, visit or call 1-888-542-SNOW.


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