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15Feb/140 Reveals Studio Rendering as the Top 3D Illustration and Animation Firm for the Month of October 2013

(PRWEB) October 04, 2013 has awarded Studio Rendering as the top 3D illustration and animation agency for the month of October 2013. 3D illustration and animation services are investigated by the independent research team to establish which services offer the top 3D illustration and animation services. While there are thousands of web development services offering services in the industry only the truly best are highlighted within the rankings.

The independent research team at performs a veracious evaluation of the mobile development services in order to remain apprised of the latest achievements of performing 3D illustration and animation companies. Performing companies are researched through the use of five verticals of evaluation in areas including design quality, project analysis, technical support, creative collaboration, and animation quality. The ratings of top 3D illustration and animation companies is revised based on the results of the evaluation to showcase the top in the mobile development industry.

The independent investigation team spends time benchmarking the web design industry as a whole to better interpret how contesting 3D illustration and animation consultants influence the industry. Time is spent participating in various trade shows to obtain a wider apprehending of the industry and to connect directly with 3D illustration and animation consultants in a neutral setting. Customer referrals are often used as another metric to determine which 3D illustration and animation consultants supply the best services.

The listings are released monthly to assist businesses in selecting a top contending 3D illustration and animation firm. Studio Rendering has been highlighted in the list due to their compelling solutions identified through the proprietary investigation process. Thousands of web design and development firms are considered each month but only the truly best are considered for the listings.

About Studio Rendering

Studio Rendering offers their 3D illustration and animation services to companies looking to have a 3D representation of their product or services in a variety of environments. They are a 3D animation agency with focuses on illustrations to help visualize a concept or idea and animation services that help bring visions to life. Their services also include interactive 3D rendering for 360-degree views, product configuration tools, and even motion graphics.

About is a well-known independent authority on web design and development. The main objective of is to uncover and reveal those individuals or companies providing the top web design and development services all over the world. A specialized team of researchers examine thousands of applicants each month who are seeking to be ranked as a top web design and development product or service by the independent authority.

To view the rankings of the top 3D illustration and animation firms visit:

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50th Anniversary GDUSA Survey Reveals Stock Visuals are ‘Essential’ to Graphic Designers; 95% Use Stock and Expect More in Future

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 26, 2013

An annual survey of Graphic Design USA (GDUSA) magazine readers shows that designers rely on stock visuals more than ever. The survey, which the 50 year old magazine has been conducting for 27 years, shows that 95 percent of designers use stock visuals in their work -- up from 34 percent when the survey first began in 1986. In addition, nearly two-thirds of designers use stock more than 20 times a year and one-third turn to this resource more than 100 times a year.

Corporate sponsor for the 2013 Stock Visual Survey is iStock by Getty Images. The results will be published in their entirety in print and online in early October.

“Over the past quarter century, stock visual use has evolved from marginal to mainstream and now into an essential designer resource in an image-centric world,” says Gordon Kaye, editor and publisher of GDUSA. “‘Essential’ is a loaded word and some may chafe at it. But if you simply look at frequency of stock visual use, it is hard to argue otherwise. As a practical matter, frequency of use is at an all-time, recordbreaking, once-unimaginable level. Nearly every designer uses stock visuals in his or her work and most turn to it frequently, often for ideas and inspiration as well as for execution.

”What has changed from the early days when stock visuals were a grudging last resort for creatives?

Says Kaye: “Stock visual usage works because its central value proposition — choice, accessibility, convenience, affordability — dovetails perfectly with the tight budgets, the short turnarounds, the challenging assignments, the multiple media, the demanding clients, and the digital workflow that graphic designers face every day. And it is clear from their comments that creatives believe stock providers are successfully responding with more content, better technology, more options. There has been an attitude adjustment: designers get that stock helps them stay balanced on the tightrope that is the creative business today.”

Readers were also asked to forecast the future role of stock imagery, as part of GDUSA’s 50th anniversary year-long look at the future of creativity. “Designers see the future of stock imagery as more of the same,” says Kaye, “and that is a good thing.” In general, they expect the coming years to be characterized by abundant content, quality imagery, and an increasingly efficient digital infrastructure.

The survey also reveals concerns and the hint of change in the air. Primarily, designers express fear that oversaturation, duplication, and dependence on stock images threatens originality and exclusivity. And in response to the changing culture and demographics of America, there are heartfelt calls for more diversity in image offerings by race, gender, age, and lifestyle. As for possible changes in image sourcing, a vocal minority noted the potential disruption of the camera phone, the looming influence of the cloud, and the possible migration -- not yet substantial -- of stock searches from desktops and laptops to tablets and mobile devices.


Types of Stock Elements Designers Use In Their Work:

Stock Photos 95 percent
Stock Illustration 81 percent
Stock Footage 21 percent
Stock Audio 13 percent

Top 10 Categories Designers Use Most Frequently:


Designer Role in the Licensing/Purchasing Process:

Sole/Primary Decisionmaker 86 percent
Secondary Decisionmaker 13 percent
No Role in Decision 1 percent

Designers Mostly License Royalty Free Images:

Royalty Free 99 Percent
Rights Managed 37 Percent

Many Designers License From A Micropayment Site:

67 Percent

Top 4 Favorite Overall Stock Providers (in order):

Getty Images

The ‘Go-To’ Micropayment Stock Provider:


Top 5 Reasons Designers Choose A Particular Provider:
Affordable Prices
Quality of Collections
• Ease of Search

Freshness of Images
Familiarity With Brand

Top Media For Which Stock Visuals Are Licensed:

Print 93 percent
Digital/Online/Mobile 77 percent


For 50 years, Graphic Design USA has been the business-to-business magazine for graphic design professionals. GDUSA covers news, people, project, trends, technology, products and services. The GDUSA brand now includes a 50,000 visitor-a-month website, two monthly e-newsletters, an iPad App, and several Design Annuals covering the best in Graphic Design, Web Design, Package Design and Corporate Design. The 50th anniversary editorial focus features special reports on the greatest graphic designers, art directors, organizations, and projects (and much more) of the past half-century. Contact:


iStock by Getty Images is the web's original resource for crowd sourced royalty-free stock images, media and design elements, offering millions of hand-picked photos, illustrations, videos and audio tracks. A site “by creatives, for creatives,” iStock started in 2000 as the pioneer micropayment photography site, freeing creatives everywhere to create beautiful communications on a budget. The site has become one of the most successful and profitable user generated content sites in the world. iStock is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Getty Images. iStock recently rebranded to marry the freshness, innovation and strength of the iStock brand with the quality, heritage and credibility of Getty Images. Contact:


GDUSA has long had a special focus on stock visual imagery and providers, and carries more editorial and advertising pages on the topic than any other creative magazine. Since 1986, the editors have been conducting an annual benchmark industry survey of how creatives are using stock in their work. This year, the survey was sent to 5,000 GDUSA subscribers selected at random, of which 751 responded. The survey in its entirety will be released in print, online and app in early October.


Gordon Kaye, Editor/Publisher

Graphic Design USA - GDUSA

89 Fifth Avenue, 9th Floor

New York NY 10003


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24Oct/130 Reveals August 2013 Rankings of Top SEO Copywriting Agencies in Canada

(PRWEB) August 22, 2013 has revealed the 10 top SEO copywriting consultants in Canada providing services in the internet marketing industry for the month of August 2013. Businesses scouring for efficient SEO copywriting services turn to the rankings offered online in order to discover SEO copywriting consultants which have been tested by an independent third party. The rankings are adjusted monthly to account for the latest accomplishments of top contending internet marketing consultants and to highlight the top providers of efficient services.

The independent research team spends time researching search engine optimization copywriting agencies in Canada by taking a rigorous look at key strengths and competitive advantages of competing internet marketing agencies. The rankings are organized through the use of a set of evaluation areas. The five areas used to benchmark and compare search engine optimization copywriting agencies include variance, marketable, conversion driven, SEO friendly, and writing standards. Internet marketing agencies are put to the test to ensure the best agencies are included to assist businesses in selecting the absolute best search engine optimization copywriting agencies to meet their specific needs.

The 10 top SEO copywriting agencies in Canada for August 2013 are:


2) Direct Consulting Group

3) IMP Canada

4) SEO Expert

5) Netwriter

6) Web4Designing

7) Applecore Interactive

8) Scanlink

9) Digiaux

10) TechWyse Internet Marketing

ABOUT is an established independent research firm in Canada focusing on the analysis and ratings of internet marketing services all around the world. The ratings are organized by the independent research team each month to showcase the best search engine optimization copywriting services based on their performance and their rating achieved through the proprietary analysis process.

For the rankings of the best search engine optimization copywriting firms visit:

SEO copywriting firms interested in being evaluated and published can visit:

21Oct/130 Reveals Recent Shift to Online Video Campaigns with Success of Denver-Based Advertising Start-Up Altitude Digital Partners

New York, NY (PRWEB) August 19, 2013

Digital video ad spending has skyrocketed in recent years and continues to grow at a rapid pace. According to eMarketer, video ads accounted for 7.9% of total advertising spending in 2012 and in four years it is predicted to increase to 14.5% of all advertising spending. In the article, The Rise and Rise of Denver-based Advertising Start-up Altitude Digital Partners, analyzes what the amazing success of Altitude Digital Partners will mean for the digital advertising industry and those seeking digital marketing jobs in the industry.

The article reveals how this brand new online display and video ad tech firm has managed to stay in front of recent industry trends - including the shift to online video - and managed to beat other advertising firms to the punch by providing a new product that advertisers are clamoring for. Readers will also learn how Altitude Digital Partners unique platform is able to make a connection between publishers and advertisers and make the entire process simple and streamlined. Readers will become informed as to exactly how the company was founded, how the founders discovered an untapped market and were able to start the business with basically nothing and now are able to generate $ 28 million a year in annual revenue. The article discusses how this has an effect on the digital advertising industry with the addition of 80 employees after starting with just one in an amazingly short period of time just four years.

The company, which was listed last year at number 54 on the list of fastest growing U.S. companies by 500 Inc., can educate many digital marketers by giving them a lesson on how to stay on top of industry trends, target a specific demographic, offer something new and innovative and tap into a completely untapped market.

The digital marketing industry continues to grow and chance at a spectacular pace and those seeking digital media jobs need to be educated and up-to-date on the current news and trends. These changes are of significant importance to those currently in the job market. In order to stand out from the crowd, job-seekers need stay on top of what is happening in order to achieve success in this industry. presents news coupled with insights such as these to arm strategic job seekers with the knowledge and skills that they need to succeed.

About MediaJobs: Making Your Job Search Easier by Finding the Great Companies First is a digital news platform that combines the power of news articles with listings for media jobs to bring rich context and strategic insight to jobseekers in the media landscape. provides source insider information from the hottest media companies, top players and products worldwide.


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AXIOMTEK Reveals New Pentium M Compliant EPIC Form Factor SBC

(PRWEB) November 16, 2005

AXIOMTEK, an Associate Member of the Intel Communications Alliance (ICA), is proud to launch the world first EPIC form factor SBC, the EP820, which features the most updated Pentium

6Sep/130 Reveals The Most and Least Expensive 2010 Vehicles To Insure in Interactive Tool

Foster City, CA (PRWEB) March 15, 2010's annual ranking of average car insurance rates reveals that the Porsche Carrera GT2 two-door coupe is the most expensive vehicle to insure among 2010 models. A 40-year-old male would pay a national average of $ 2,943.78 for car insurance annually and that's assuming the driver has a good driving record.

On the other end of the scale is the Mazda Tribute I (2WD four-door SUV) the least expensive 2010 vehicle to insure among the more than 2,400 vehicles examined. Looking across other categories, the Dodge Caliber is the least expensive passenger car to insure, the GMC Canyon WT (2WD 2 Door 2.9L) is the least expensive pickup to insure, and the Honda Odyssey LX (5 Door 2WD SOHC) is the least expensive minivan to insure.

Youll find average premiums for more than 2,400 vehicles, including national and state averages, in Insure.coms new interactive car insurance comparison tool.

The profile of the average person who drives a particular model has great influence on the premiums for that vehicle. Costs for collision and comprehensive coverage are based on the model's "loss history." For example, small cars that are often driven by young, inexperienced drivers tend to be more expensive to insure. Car insurance rates also tend to rise with horsepower.

The Least Expensive 2010 Vehicles to Insure

Make & Model, Style & Type, Avg. national premium

1. Mazda Tribute I 2WD


Customized Fat Loss Review Reveals Kyle Leon’s New and Improved Way of Losing Weight

Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) July 18, 2013

Kyle Leon lets the public know how Customized Fat loss is becoming one of the best ways for people to lose weight with amazing end results, that people will see and love with beyond surprise.

According to following Customized fat loss plan people will learn the necessary daily steps to maximize the amount of fat they lose and how to schedule their meals per day. Customized Fat Loss System is a twelve week training plan that is designed from the heart for a truly unique fat loss system, which it includes eating the right foods to match the body structure and inner components.

Kyle Leons software is endorsed and promoted by registered physician Dr. Jill Hollowell, and according to Daily Gossip this is another reassurance that this new diet plan will work for all body types. Along with this, Customized fat loss keeps people on track with daily meals with the help of a specific diet plan being on the computer. According to the author this is now the new and refined way to work out without having to over think about daily plans and worry about what should be the next meal.

The central concept of the Customized Fat Loss program is called Somato-Specific Nutrition. In laymans terms, its what people normally know as all the different body types as well as the specific nutritional requirements depending on that body type.

Customized Fat Loss identifies and breaks down more body types than the three main types which are (ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph). That way it can give a more precise meal plan compared to other diet products out there and help people increase the chances of being lean and structured.

Customized fat loss is now growing with people around the world just dying to try it due to the fact its known to work and keep body looking in magnificent condition with results others will be envious of. As the word spreads around about this new product people learn how important it is to make sure they are all healthy and fit, this planning program just makes it more possible for everyone to enjoy eating, exercise, and life with a twist.


The Rainbow Egg Reveals a Heartwarming Introduction to Adoption

Macon, Georgia (PRWEB) May 16, 2013

The Rainbow Egg, by Linda Hendricks, shares the story of adoption through the eyes of the birthmother, not the eyes of the adopted child.

The book introduces a chicken named Hope, who lives without a nest in the forest with the bears, deer and turkeys.

After Hope finds herself with an egg, she comes upon a chicken house where she meets Mr. and Mrs. Rainbow, who have a nest but no egg. Hope places her egg in their nest and an adoption unfolds.

Hendricks hopes that readers find the book highlights the love in adoption, showing adopted children that their birthmothers loved them very much.

I wanted to write a book that would give my adopted children a story of love where their background is concerned, says Hendricks. They must know that their birthmothers loved them very much.

The Rainbow Egg aims to display that birthmothers perform a selfless act of love when they place their child in an adoptive home.

The Rainbow Egg

By Linda Hendricks

ISBN: 978-1-44977-539-1, $ 12.95

Available at, and

About author

We will brand Linda Hendricks as physician, author and mother. Well highlight her education at Georgia Tech and the Medical College of Georgia as well as her struggles with infertility and adoption of her two children.

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Profitability Expert June R. Jewell Reveals How Corporate Culture Steals Profits from Businesses in New Book

Vienna, VA (PRWEB) May 28, 2013

Many businesses arent aware that there is money hiding in a company, and that corporate culture may be negatively affecting the bottom line. June R. Jewell, profitability expert, exposes the ten cultural traps that are stealing profits from businesses in her recently published book, Find the Lost Dollars: 6 Steps to Increase Profits in Architecture, Engineering, and Environmental Firms.

A companys corporate culture could be its own worst enemy, says Jewell, and can keep a business from moving forward. Her book dives into the basics of running a good business, from marketing and client relations, to cash management and computer systems.

The culture of your firm directly impacts your profitability. How you look at money, deal with your financial management, and manage your staff directly translates into policies, processes and behaviors that cause projects to go over budget. Without a healthy focus on profit, an owner may find it difficult to grow the business, says Jewell.

With over 28 years of business management consulting experience, Jewell has seen firsthand how culture cuts into profitability. Some of the culture traps discussed in her new book include:

Why it's critical to balance quality with budget

The importance of setting client expectations

How taking a low bid project cuts a companys profitability

How demanding clients adversely affect employee morale

Why time and materials contracts may be costing you money

Find the Lost Dollars: 6 Steps to Increase Profits in Architecture, Engineering, and Environmental Firms is available on Amazon as hardback, paperback, and Kindle book. For more information, please visit


June R. Jewell is a widely recognized authority on profitability for project-based businesses, including architectural, engineering, and environmental firms. She is the President and CEO of Acuity Business Solutions. June has helped hundreds of companies in the A/E/E industries achieve accelerated growth and sustained profitability. Using a breakthrough collaborative methodology, she helps businesses improve processes, create smart systems, and drive effective execution for improved business performance. For more information on her programs and consulting, please visit

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