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Vocomo Announces Voice-over-IP Interactive Voice Response Product Supporting VoiceXML 2.0, SIP, H.323, and RT

Cupertino, CA (PRWEB) October 17, 2004

Today, Vocomo® Corporation, the pioneer in next-generation Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, announced immediate availability of its new open standards Voice-over-IP (VoIP) IVR platform: VocomoVoice® Response for VoIP. This network-attached IVR platform allows businesses to efficiently deploy their customer service applications in a single IP-centric network.

Intended for customer self-service and call centers with less that 30 agents, Vocomo has launched a new generation of IVR products that enable a significantly lower total cost of ownership. This advanced VoIP IVR software, with support for VoiceXML, SIP, H.323, and RTP, enables developers to build flexible, scalable, and cost-effective IVR applications. With VocomoVoice Response for VoIP, enterprises and service providers can realize the multitude of business benefits IP Telephony has to offer. Organizations can reduce costs, enhance productivity, improve customer service, and simplify management as they move toward an IP-centric communications model. Vocomo Voice Response for VoIP is the next step in telephony software innovation and IP Telephony for IVR systems.

“A network-attached IVR platform offers clear and compelling benefits for enterprise communications,” said Danny Lange, CEO of Vocomo. “Allowing all communications to flow over a single infrastructure – the network – lowers installation and maintenance costs, makes it easier and more affordable to deploy IVR systems for phone automation, and provides a flexible application environment that enables voice and data to more easily work together.”

VocomoVoice Response for VoIP is designed for a server platform based on Intel architecture, and integrates with Intel® NetStructure™ Host Media Processing software in place of specialized digital signal processor (DSP) boards for call handling and control. The media processing functions are handled on the host CPU, increasing performance while lowering overall system costs.

“By designing standards-based building blocks from Intel into their platform, Vocomo is able to deliver a flexible, scalable solution to the marketplace,” said Sandra Rivera, director of marketing, Modular Communications Platform Division, Intel. “This high performance solution will reduce the deployment time and total cost ownership of new converged communications applications.”

VocomoVoice Response for VoIP offers integrated WebSphere Speech Technologies from IBM. These automatic speech recognition and text-to-speech technologies enable enterprises to incorporate speech easily into their customer-facing telephony applications.

“IBM is delighted to be selected as provider of top quality speech technology incorporated by Vocomo into solutions for small and mid-sized enterprises and service providers,” said Alistair Rennie, IBM Vice President Marketing and Sales, Pervasive Computing. “In an increasingly competitive business environment, those businesses are seeking advanced contact center technologies to differentiate themselves through superior customer service. The combined Vocomo - IBM offering is helping businesses achieve that goal.”

Benefits of VocomoVoice Response for VoIP

Vocomo’s software moves IVR solutions from the domain of custom software and specially designed telephony boards to an open software model for standard high-volume computing platforms. Vocomo’s move offers significant advantages.

Lower cost of inventory and startup – initial capital investment is smaller

Lower development costs – development systems do not require specialized hardware

Lower deployment costs – software is less expensive to install and configure than hardware

Lower sparing costs – hardware can be used for multiple functions

Lower maintenance costs – maintenance is easier and less training is needed when system configurations are standardized

Integrated speech technologies – increased levels of automation in customer facing-applications

About Vocomo® Corporation

Vocomo is a leader in next-generation Interactive Voice Response (IVR) products for the enterprise market. Vocomo is making IVR systems more affordable and accessible to customers through standards-based technology. Vocomo's next-generation IVR product line — VocomoVoice® — enables companies to easily and quickly deploy automated phone services that can improve employee productivity, reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction, and create new revenue opportunities. VocomoVoice allows companies to extend existing or new Web applications to be accessible by any phone at the lowest total cost of ownership. Vocomo's technology fellow travelers include leading organizations, such as Intel, Dell, IBM, Brooktrout, and ScanSoft. Vocomo is a privately held company based in Cupertino, California. For more information please visit or call toll free 1.800.780.8626.


Vocomo Corporation

Toll free: 1.800.780.8626

Phone: 1.408.253.8626

Intel and Intel NetStructure are trademarks or registered trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries.

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Emergency Response Times Accelerated Using iolo technologies System Mechanic

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 6, 2010

iolo technologies announced today a critical implementation of System Mechanic Business in Greater Round Lake Fire Protection District (GRLFPD), which provides emergency response across six municipalities and parts of Lake County, Illinois. Recently, improving emergency response efficiency has become an important focus based on lessons learned during the Haiti and Chile earthquake rescue efforts, and organizations across the country are searching for the best solutions to improve disaster preparedness. By ensuring GRLFPDs computerized response and communications systems are running at peak operational performance and stability, the award-winning PC tune-up software for small and mid-sized organizations helps improve the fire departments response times and streamline decision efficiency made under life-threatening conditions.

Protecting nearly 60,000 residents in 16 square miles, GRLFPDs three firehouses run round-the-clock shifts every day of the year, operated by 65 staff and firefighter/paramedics. The department uses 50 Windows XP Professional PCs (17 of which are mobile) to run firehouse applications, business software, and dispatch operations. To accommodate varying shift personnel and response situations, some PCs may have up to 50 individual user profiles and each computer has access to all response-related information such as district maps, site-specific plans, HazMat storage, and the internet. With tightened budgets, the departments focus is on improving the speed and performance of existing PCs and thus extending their usable life cycle, rather than resorting to a complete hardware change-out.

In emergency response situations, every piece of equipment is expected to be immediately available and function properly. Our technology has to meet the same criteria. A few extra minutes spent pulling up a map of the fire location online can mean more burned property and lost lives, said Doug Lawson, administrative officer and IT manager for GRLFPD. While sticking to our budget, System Mechanic made an immediate and noticeable performance difference to the people who matter most my user community. Without me saying anything, firefighters would ask: wow, what did you do to the computer? System Mechanic bought us more time with our existing PCs and we are not forced to make the jump immediately to another operating system.

iolos System Mechanic, the #1 best-selling PC tune-up software in the US, Canada, France, Italy and the Benelux countries, was first tested on an older model worst-case-scenario PC with minimal RAM and a slower CPU. After delivering a significant performance improvement, System Mechanic was installed on all departmental machines. Following the implementation, the Windows XP machines continue to operate in a fast manner and are deemed to sufficiently meet the needs of the department. System Mechanics automation of many routine maintenance tasks also helps the department save additional time.

There are lots of tools, registry cleaners and tune-up applications on the market, but System Mechanic does exactly what it says it will, and with iolos regular product updates I have confidence that it will address new issues that may come up, said Lawson. System Mechanic is one of the best investments in an application we have ever made and would be the absolute last item to cut from my IT budget.

With more than 40 advanced tools, a range of options for novice and expert users alike, and industry-first Tune-Up Definitions, which deliver weekly updates on how to resolve the latest causes of PC slowdowns, System Mechanic is used to maximize the performance of more than 70 million computers worldwide. System Mechanic Business supports both 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows XP, Windows 7 and Vista and works on netbooks, laptops and desktops. System Mechanic Business starts at $ 79.95 for a 5 PC commercial license, and offers incremental volume discounts to accommodate virtually any installation size. It is available directly from iolo at, as well as many online and retail stores.


System Mechanic Business is a version of iolo's flagship System Mechanic


New GPS Enabled Location Device Connects Consumers with MedicAlerts Famous 24/7 Emergency Response and Health Information Service

Turlock, CA (PRWEB) July 31, 2013

MedicAlert Foundation International, the leading international emergency information and support network, and eTrak, developer of the smallest, most reliable GPS enabled device on the market today, come together to introduce a new, cutting-edge device for consumers named MedicAlert


Global Response Announces Seasonal Call Center Openings

(PRWEB) July 12, 2013

Global Response, of Margate, Florida, is announcing their newly opened seasonal call center positions. This type of work is perfect for businesses who need large numbers of workers for short amounts of time, and need to ramp up and down quickly. If youre in a highly seasonal business, consider your business cycle and look for an outsourced call center without a lot of accounts in your same industry. Look for one whose inbound call volume is low while yours is high. Theyll be in a great position to quickly and cost-effectively meet your needs with a staff of full-time, trained, tested and experienced agents. For example, a call center with many retail accounts is busiest during the holiday shopping rush. That peak of inbound call volume tapers off by the end of the fourth quarter, which means theyre a great fit for businesses whose peak season begins in the first quarter.

High cost of running a seasonal call center

Its not cost-effective for a seasonal business to run an in-house call center because it means running a three or four month enterprise at the cost of a 12-month model. Youre budgeting for year-long costs of facilities, licenses and other infrastructure thats fully utilized for only a few months. These expenditures come right off your bottom line. On top of that, youre dealing with the recurring burden on the IT department of equipment setup and configuration at the beginning of season and takedown at the end. Instead of making a one-time investment, its almost like youre building a call center from the ground up every year.

The pain of attrition

Then theres the problem of agent attritionyear after year, youll have to find, assess, and train replacements. And dont forget about the time and expense associated with job postings, advertising costs, panel interviews, computer skill assessment, and practical testing. According to Frost-Sullivans Reducing Agent Turnover in Contact Centers, the direct cost to hire and train a new call center agent is about $ 6,000. But thats just the beginning.

The indirect costs associated with attrition, say Frost-Sullivan, include:

Cost of lost productivity during the ramp-up period for a new agent

Cost of increased re-work and overhead to accommodate performance gaps of new agents

Cost of reduced performance prior to leaving

Costs associated with compromised quality of customer service, resulting in reduced customer satisfaction, lost upsell/cross-sell opportunities, customer churn, etc.

Considering all these factors, the Total or True Cost of hiring, training, and onboarding a new agent ranges from $ 15,000 to $ 20,000. For a call center that has to scale up by a hundred agents for season, that means a potential seven-figure impact to net income each year.

How a counter-seasonal call center strategy can help

Taking advantage of a counter-seasonal outsourced call center strategy means no more idle infrastructure and no more revolving door of human capital. When you dont lose your agents at the end of every season, you can dramatically reduce the costs of recruiting, training, and on-boarding. A contact center with complementary seasonality to your business can provide a functioning, cost-effective operation already in place, with successful employees and infrastructure ready to go from the season that just ended. No more complicated budgetingthey can charge a simplified or fully loaded rate that isnt complicated.

A foundation for rapid ramp-up

Not all call centers can scale up and down quickly. Only a counter-seasonal call center strategy will allow you to redeploy resources from one brand to the other as the seasons shift. Theyre already familiar with soft skills, technology and cultureleaving you free to focus on brand training. In addition, a dedicated year-round staff makes it possible to use short refresher training courses to quickly deploy dependable agents year after year who are already up to speed on your brand.

Experienced agents boost customer satisfaction

Counter-seasonality allows you to create bench strength so you can deliver consistently excellent service and ensure a customer experience that fosters brand loyalty and repeat business. Moving long-tenured, successful agents from one brand to another inspires confidence, knowing that you are sending in veterans to hit the ground running in your seasonal peak.

With a counter-seasonal call center strategy, your business is always the priority. Youre not competing for attention during your busiest time of the year.

Preserving your intellectual capital

Utilizing career customer service agents takes the guesswork out of recruiting. Long-term employees remember the policies, lessons and best practices that make up the intellectual capital of an organization. A workforce of well-trained, long-term, full-time employees can build up intellectual capital from year to year, which gets documented in a formal knowledgebase, empowering agents to provide even better service.

The counterintuitive takeaway

For seasonal businesses like tax preparers, cruise lines, garden centers and home builders, the counterintuitive takeaway is this: a contact center with few clients in your industry might be the best choice for your business. If your busy season occurs when your contact centers peak is over, they can focus on your business and deliver the benefits of an experienced and ready-to-go workforce. That means cutting the costs of infrastructure and attrition, accelerating ramp-up, preserving intellectual capital, and enhancing the customer experience. Thats how to use counter-seasonality to your advantage.


ReDvolution and Tech Assist, Inc. Collaborate to Launch New Applied Computer Forensics and Incident Response Education

ReDvolution and Tech Assist, Inc. Collaborate to Launch New Applied Computer Forensics and Incident Response Education

(PRWEB) October 23, 2003

ReDvolution’s highly trained Security Engineers have conceived an innovative peer-reviewed forensic investigation methodology that instructs students on how to perform extensive investigations on Unix, Windows and numerous other platforms using Open Source and commercial software tools. The ACF class is distinguished by ReDvolution’s hands-on, experience driven teaching methodology, unlike conventional lecture format. ReDvolution instructors incorporate dozens of real-world labs with real servers, real attacks, logs and case studies to provide students with an authentic and practical experience.

“ReDvolution offers a well-rounded course which does not compare to others in its intensity and scope. We at Tech Assist feel that this coincides with our other best-of-breed offerings,” says Julie Allen, Director of Products for Tech Assist, Inc. Organizations worldwide and thousands of investigators use Tech Assist’s tools. They will be offering ReDvolution’s ACF class through their website. “By offering an intense hands-on computer forensic training course which is product independent, we now are able to offer a complete computer forensic solution rather than just a set of tools for technical investigators to learn and use.”

“We’re extremely excited to be collaborating with Tech Assist, Inc.,” said L. Taylor Banks, Founder and Co-CEO for ReDvolution. “This relationship will allow us to offer our classes and expertise to hundreds of new businesses while increasing awareness of the importance of securing information from all possible threats.”

About Tech Assist, Inc.:

Tech Assist, Inc. was established in 1992 and is based in Palm Harbor, Florida. They provide enterprise security software and computer forensic investigative tools to clients that include Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement, Fortune Companies, Small and Mid-size businesses, Educational Institutions, US Military, and various other markets. Tech Assist, Inc. focuses on cutting edge technology and only offers best-ofbreed applications and services. For more information about Tech Assist, Inc., visit

About ReDvolution:

Headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, ReDvolution Technologies is a company specializing in delivering results in Information Security Education, Services and Secure eBusiness Solutions. ReDvolution's team of seasoned professionals focus on developing and delivering solutions that provide immediate operational impact for your organization, while at the same time giving you the flexibility you need to remain competitive in this fast-paced market. For more information on how ReDvolution can help your business, visit us at


Contact: Ralph Echemendia

Phone: 877-895-9755


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Global Leader in Audience Response Systems, IML, Launches New People Meter Software

Global Leader in Audience Response Systems, IML, Launches New People Meter Software

London, England (PRWEB) October 9, 2008

IML, market leaders in Audience Response Systems, have developed new software called People Meter, which provides a moment by moment on-screen track to gauge audience reactions to live presentations and speeches.

IML's People Meter can be used to rate the popularity of speakers and the effectiveness of presentations during debates, speeches, product launches, demonstrations and focus groups.

A choice of two on-screen opinion meter charts provide real-time updates which can be shown live on-screen; the IML People Meter Worm and Gauge.

The Worm

IML's "Worm" chart sees the Worm move up or down as audiences react.

The Gauge

Alternatively reactions can be shown in a "swing-o-meter" style gauge. See the dial move as opinions change.

How IML People Meter works

Audience members use IML's interactive Communicator keypads to input their reactions

to what they hear and see during presentations. Participants simply vote their approval rating on a given scale at continuous intervals.

Votes are received instantly and the data is automatically displayed on the chosen chart to give a visual representation of audience opinions.

People Meter Gauge in action

Ipsos MORI and the BBC recently used IML's People Meter Gauge to gather the shifting opinions of floating voters during both Gordon Brown and David Cameron's speeches at the recent political party conferences.

Using IML's new People Meter software the panel registered their approval or disapproval for what Gordon Brown and David Cameron said using IML's Communicator keypads.

To see how IML's Gauge was used click on the following links from the BBC footage -

In addition to the UK offices IML now has offices in North America, Germany, Belgium, Hong Kong, South Africa and Australia. To find out more about IML's global offices visit


About IML

IML is a leading global supplier of audience response systems. Their award-winning, interactive audience response keypads and software are recognized globally as the most advanced and sophisticated audience response system available.

IML's audience response services are used worldwide by big name clients who rely on their systems to gather accurate and invaluable feedback data in seconds. IML has delivered more than 12,000 successful interactive audience response events globally since being launched in 1991.

About Computershare Limited

Computershare (ASX: CPU) is a global leader in share registration, employee equity plans, proxy solicitation and other specialised financial, governance and communication services.

Many of the world's largest companies employ our innovative solutions to maximise the value of their relationships with investors, employees, customers and members.

Computershare has over 10,000 employees across the world and serves 14,000 corporations and 100 million shareholder and employee accounts in 17 countries across five continents.


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Email Marketing Leader GetResponse Gives SMB Marketers 1000 Free, High-Quality Images to Increase Response Rates

Email Marketing Leader GetResponse Gives SMB Marketers 1000 Free, High-Quality Images to Increase Response Rates

Wilmington, DE (PRWEB) February 2, 2011

GetResponse, a leading email marketing provider for the SMB sector and Implix flagship product, today announced that it now offers 1000 high-quality, email-ready graphics and pictures – absolutely free and available from GetResponse accounts – courtesy of a new partnership with

“We are extremely pleased to be partnering with iStockphoto®, the world’s busiest online stock image marketplace. Now over 180 000 GetResponse customers, with just a few clicks of the mouse, can add professional photos and graphics to newsletters for free,” says Simon Grabowski, Implix CEO and founder of GetResponse. “When it comes to competing for attention in today’s overcrowded inboxes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and iStockphoto is the 'go to' site for high-quality media. Based on our latest GetResponse study (, media-rich HTML emails can deliver up to 59% higher CTRs than plain text messages. So we wanted to make it easy for SMB marketers to boost their email marketing ( response rates all year long – without spending a dime of their 2011 budgets.”

To access the 1000+ email-ready images and over 20 categories of professionally designed library art, users simply create an HTML newsletter, click “Add image”, then browse the Gallery and select the perfect images for their newsletter or campaign. With more than 400 newsletter templates to choose from, marketers can create and save virtually unlimited combinations of graphics and design.

Benefit Highlights:

    Reduce or eliminate graphics costs.
    Save hours, even days, on image search.
    No need for additional graphic resources.
    Create beautiful, visually targeted and engaging newsletters.
For more information or to sign up for GetResponse email marketing and the free Image Gallery, the please visit

About GetResponse

GetResponse is an easy-to-use email marketing platform designed to increase email marketing ROI faster than any other medium for small businesses and Enterprise customers. GetResponse offers an intuitive newsletter editor (including 300+ newsletter templates), drag-and-drop sign-up form builder (500+ form templates), email analytics, unlimited follow-up messages, online surveys, advanced segmentation, social media integration and Five-Star customer service and training. GetResponse is the first SOHO/SMB email marketing solution to offer email-to-speech capabilities, video email marketing with 1 GB storage and iPhone ® application. Launched in 1999, GetResponse has grown to over 180,000 active users from 200 countries, delivering 10 billion permission-based emails per year.

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CodeRyte? Expands Management Team in Response to Explosive Growth

Bethesda, MD (PRWEB) January 30, 2007

After posting its fifth straight year of rapid growth, CodeRyte today announced the addition of two outstanding leaders to key executive positions. Josh Pollatsek has joined CodeRyte as vice president of business development, while Evan McDonnell has come on board as vice president of marketing.

“New customer agreements signed in 2006 increased our total contracted volume to more than 43 million procedures per year, and new installations nearly tripled the volume of medical reports running through the CodeRyte coding and workflow engine,” remarked Andy Kapit, CEO of CodeRyte, Inc. “Such explosive expansion requires seasoned, customer-focused leadership committed to innovation. Josh’s and Evan’s experience and track records of success will help CodeRyte become even more effective in creating value for our current and future customers and employees.”

With more than 20 years of experience in health care, Pollatsek will drive business development activities by building partnerships and guiding CodeRyte’s entry into the in-patient market. Pollatsek most recently served as Six Sigma director for 3M’s health care business. Previously, he worked for 3M’s Health Information Systems Division as business manager for its government and electronic medical record businesses. Pollatsek joined 3M when it acquired SOLON Consulting Group, a company he co-founded.

“CodeRyte has an impressive track record in a relatively new area of technology,” Pollatsek said. “It’s great to join a company that has already proven the technology’s potential. It is clear to me that CodeRyte can positively impact healthcare in so many different ways.”

McDonnell, who takes over responsibility for all of CodeRyte’s marketing activities, brings nearly 20 years of marketing and technology management experience to CodeRyte. He was part of the management team that purchased DataDirect Technologies, an enterprise software company, in a leveraged buy-out transaction in 2001. McDonnell subsequently rebuilt the company’s product management and marketing functions which helped reinvigorate top-line growth and bottom-line profit improvements. He played an instrumental role in the sale of DataDirect to Progress Software and led additional acquisitions while at Progress before joining CodeRyte.

“I was truly impressed by how much CodeRyte was able to accomplish without a marketing organization before I got here. It signaled to me that the market already understands the product’s quality and the management team’s dedication to outstanding customer service,” McDonnell said. “With a market reputation for excellence and innovation, CodeRyte is well positioned for rapid growth. I am excited by the challenge and opportunity before us.”

CodeRyte started in radiology and has since expanded its computer-assisted coding application to serve customers in five medical specialties: radiology, cardiology, pathology, orthopedics, and emergency medicine. Driving CodeRyte’s successful growth are more than 90 employees who have all been recruited to further enhance CodeRyte’s culture of customer satisfaction, innovation, and quality

software development.

Other recent highlights for CodeRyte include:

CodeRyte was named a finalist by the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA) for its 2007 Codie Awards in the Best Healthcare Management Solution and Best Distributed Computing Solution categories.

In 2006, CodeRyte substantially increased its list of academic medical center customers with key additions such as the University of Southern California and the University of Florida.

CodeRyte entered into a marketing agreement with CPU Medical Management Systems, Inc., a leading provider of healthcare information systems targeted to physician organizations and billing services. The agreement allows CPU clients and prospects to access the benefits of CodeRyte's services and technology.

CodeRyte introduced a new interface for coding vascular interventional radiology procedures. This patent-pending interface connects physician language, medical codes, and anatomical diagrams, dynamically highlighting arterial pathways to assist the medical coder in visualizing the medical procedure performed. Our robust coding interface enables less specialized medical coders to code these procedures with confidence.

About CodeRyte

CodeRyte is the premier provider of computer-assisted coding solutions for the health care industry. CodeRyte helps hospitals, physician practice groups, and medical billing/practice management companies increase revenue, lower costs, improve cash flow, and enhance compliance. By using our Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology and workflow system to identify correct billing codes and extract key clinical information, CodeRyte’s customers maximize appropriate reimbursement, reduce denials, decrease outstanding accounts receivables, and improve the efficiency of their coding organizations.

For more information, visit or call (301) 951-5300.

Ed Davis

FrogDog Communications

713-862-2505 x28


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ProDiscover Incident Response Named Finalist for Network Computing Magazine’s Well-Connected Award

Coranando, CA (PRWEB) April 20, 2005

Technology Pathways, LLC announced today that ProDiscover® Incident Response V3.2 has been named as a Finalist for the Well-Connected Award by CMP Media LLC’s Network Computing magazine.

"For the 11th year in a row, Network Computing will be recognizing the most outstanding tech products and services in the networking and IT world in our Well-Connected award 4/28 issue," says Mike Lee, editor of Network Computing magazine. "The awards are a snapshot in time, the best of what we evaluated over 12 months in our Real-World Labs® — more than 134 finalists in more than 44 categories have been named. The winners will be announced in our April 28 issue."

“We are honored to receive this prestigious recognition from Network Computing magazine,” states Steve Richardson, President and CEO of Technology Pathways. “This recognition reinforces the success we are having in the marketplace and the positive feedback we receive from our customers.”

About ProDiscover

ProDiscover Incident Response allows IT Security professionals to investigate intrusions and other internal incidents to detect and gather evidence of malware or illegal activity. It can forensically examine a live server within your network, while it is still running, thus minimizing travel, downtime, and lost productivity during an investigation, and evidence gathered by ProDiscover has successfully been used in both civil and criminal courts. In addition to examining the contents of the system’s disks, ProDiscover Incident Response can capture the contents of RAM memory and gather volatile system state information from a suspect system. This information can help in uncovering memory resident malware and passwords that may allow access to encrypted data.

About Technology Pathways

Technology Pathways, LLC is a leading edge provider of computer and network security tools and services for the Corporate IT, government, education, law enforcement, and legal communities. The ProDiscover® family of products provides affordable software solutions in the areas of computer forensics, incident response, system auditing, internal investigations and electronic discovery. Our CISSP certified consultants provide security, forensic and discovery services to corporations and law firms. Technology Pathways products and services are utilized nationally by major corporations and government agencies.

About Network Computing

For IT, By IT, Network Computing (, published by CMP Media LLC, Manhasset, N.Y., is dedicated to providing critical analysis of technologies, vendors and products to 220,000 IT Managers and Staff who are accountable for strategic technology purchase decisions. In 2003, Network Computing won a total of four awards from the American Society of Business Publications Editors (ASBPE), including a national award in the Best Technical Article category.

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Texas Memory Systems Sets SPC-1 Records for Flash Price-Performance and Average Response Time

Houston, TX (PRWEB) October 27, 2009

Texas Memory Systems, maker of the World's Fastest Storage®, today announced that its RamSan-620 Flash Solid State Disk (SSD) has submitted a record setting SPC-1 Result. The RamSan-620 produced 254,994.21 SPC-1 IOPS with Average Response Time of 0.72 milliseconds all from a 2U rack-mount chassis. The RamSan-620 delivers its performance at a cost of only $ 1.13 per SPC-1 IOPS. That SPC-1 Price-Performance is better than any competing RAID solution or Flash solution.

"Texas Memory Systems is to be congratulated for producing an SPC-1 Result that demonstrates excellent performance with outstanding response time," said Walter E. Baker, administrator of the Storage Performance Council. "Their commitment to producing SPC benchmark results to demonstrate performance and price-performance, provides end-users with a clear, unambiguous set of information to assist in purchase decisions."

SPC-1 is a sophisticated performance benchmark for storage subsystems. The benchmark simulates the demands placed upon storage in a typical server-class computer system. SPC-1 provides measurements in support of real-world environments and is designed as a source of comparative storage subsystem performance information.

The Texas Memory Systems RamSan-620 is a general-purpose storage solution that can increase performance for applications and users in a shared storage environment. Each unit can support two to eight Fibre Channel or InfiniBand ports. One or more RamSan-620s can easily be integrated into a mixed storage infrastructure and monitored and managed through a common management framework. Applications such as on-line transaction processing, data warehousing, high-performance data acquisition, batch processing, video editing, as well as Oracle, DB2, and SQL Server databases can all benefit from the RamSan-620.

"We are delighted that the RamSan-620 has joined our RamSan-400 and RamSan-320 to create a dream team of SSDs that is setting the standard for performance and value as verified by SPC-1," said Woody Hutsell, President of Texas Memory Systems. "Our proprietary Zero Quest™ technology is deployed across both our DRAM and Flash products to ensure that our latency remains the best in the market. This translates into sustained application acceleration and unrivalled value for our customers."

Details of the Texas Memory Systems RamSan-620 results as of October 27, 2009 are available at

Find more information about Texas Memory Systems' RamSan-620, along with price quotes and video, online at

About Texas Memory Systems

Texas Memory Systems ( designs and builds solid state storage systems for accelerating essential enterprise applications. The award-winning RamSan product line, known as The World's Fastest Storage®, delivers fast, reliable, and economical solutions to a broad base of enterprise and government clients worldwide. Founded in 1978, Texas Memory Systems continues to architect and engineer the future of solid state storage.

Texas Memory Systems, The World's Fastest Storage, and RamSan are trademarks or registered trademarks of Texas Memory Systems. All other trademarks belong to their respective owners.


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