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IMG Artists Announces Official Achievement of Guinness World Record

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 08, 2014

IMG Artists, the global leader in the performing arts and lifestyle events management, announced today that the Company’s production of the “Largest Firework Display” has been officially verified as a Guinness World Record®. The rigorous confirmation process included a tour of all 400 firing locations.

Barrett Wissman, Principal and Co-Chairman of IMG Artists, said, “We are deeply honored to receive official recognition from the hard-working and spirited team at Guinness World Records®. IMG Artists was honored to work with the Government of Dubai and our production partner Fireworks by Grucci to achieve this spectacular World Record and commemorate Dubai’s memorable year.”

The six-minute show featured 479,651 individual fireworks controlled by 170 skilled pyro technicians and over 60 computer control systems ensuring split-second accuracy across the whole of The Palm Jumeirah and the Islands of The World, occupying 95km of seafront. The show surpassed the previous record of 77,282 fireworks set by Kuwait in 2012 within the first minute, with shells being fired at a rate of approximately 80,000 per minute and 1,332 fireworks per second.

A video highlight of the event can be viewed by visiting

IMG Artists is the global leader of performing arts management. For thirty years, the company has set the standard for excellence across the artist management, touring, events, festivals and cultural consulting fields. IMGA's 150 dedicated specialists in twelve offices across three continents offer unparalleled international reach and depth of experience to the company's artists, clients and partners. With the launch of the SAGE joint venture with China Arts and Entertainment group, new venue management and technology initiatives designed to support and enhance the core business, IMGA remains the vanguard of the industry.

For more information, please contact:


Jonathan Morgan, t: +1 214 965 9955 e: jmorgan(at)perryst(dot)com

Jeana Foxman, t: +1 214 965 9955 e: jfoxman(at)perryst(dot)com


Becky Farrell, IMG Artists t: +44 (0) 20 7957 5891 e: bfarrell(at)imgartists(dot)com @imgartistsny @imgartistsuk


On Its 40th Anniversary, Hersheys Chocolate World Attraction Hits Record Attendance and Sets Bar for Multisensory Brand Experiences

Hershey, Pa. (PRWEB) October 23, 2013

To view the full multimedia news release, please visit

At age 40, Hershey’s® Chocolate World® Attraction shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, the world’s most visited brand experience recorded its best summer season in its history this year and the original location in Hershey, Pa., hosted more than two million visitors from all over the world. The experiential marketing leader continues its momentum as more stores are set to open around the world.

“As a pioneer in offering devoted brand fans a place to immerse themselves in a complete brand experience, Hershey’s Chocolate World has been a popular destination since we opened the doors of our flagship location in 1973,” said Amy Hahn, Vice President and General Manager of The Global Hershey Experience and Licensing. “We keep modernizing these amazing branded experiences to give consumers unique new ways to engage with our brands and keep coming to Hershey’s Chocolate World in record numbers.”

More than 150 million guests have visited a Hershey’s Chocolate World Attraction since 1973, and the flagship location in Hershey, Pa., hosts more visitors than any other brand experience in the world.

Record-Breaking Summer Season

Summer is the peak season for Hershey’s Chocolate World Attraction and this summer set the attendance record and ensured the popular destination will record its best full-year attendance in its 40-year history. Summer attendance was eight percent above last summer, the previous season record.

Summer 2013 also featured some record-breaking statistics for the original location in Hershey, Pa.:

    More than one million pounds of chocolate sold
    200,000 visitors were immersed in a Hershey’s Kisses digital experience that pulled consumers inside the imaginary factory of the Hershey’s Kisses TV commercial
    175,000 visitors created customized chocolate bars at Hershey’s Create Your Own Candy Bar attraction, a 12 percent increase over the prior year
    75,000 guests learned the art of tasting chocolate through the Chocolate Tasting Adventure
    More than 200,000 guests helped solve a mystery inside the Hershey’s Chocolate Factory with live animated Hershey™, Reese™ and Kiss™ characters at the “Hershey’s Great Chocolate Factory Mystery 4D Show” launched in May in time for the 40th anniversary

Multisensory Marketing Leader

The Hershey Company has been recognized for its use of technology and innovation to develop new confectionery products to meet consumers’ needs. And Hershey’s Chocolate World has long been recognized as a leader for breaking ground with new, interactive and customizable multisensory consumer engagement experiences. From the moment guests walk through the doors, the scent of chocolate and freshly baked cookies greets them, along with Hershey branded characters and brand imagery on a scale unmatched anywhere else. From high-tech exhibits to unique ways to make the experience completely personalized, visitors to Hershey’s Chocolate World are completely immersed in their favorite candy brands and every sense is constantly pampered and teased with chocolate.

Guests can customize their chocolate bars, taste different chocolate offerings and in Hershey, Pa., take a chocolate tour ride to learn how Hershey’s Milk Chocolate is made. These memorable, engaging and multisensory experiences increase consumer loyalty and result in lifetime retention.

Award-Winning Retail and Merchandising Designs

Part of the success of Hershey’s Chocolate World in creating a 360-degree brand experience is retail and merchandising designs that visually surround consumers in a complete brand experience, engage them with their favorite brands and provide access to the widest assortment of product available in one location.

The Hershey’s Chocolate World Times Square store underwent a complete design renovation in 2012 and received top honors in the Visual Merchandising & Store Design (VMSD) magazine’s International Visual Competition. Only 10 stores were recognized in VMSD, the leading magazine for retail design and visual merchandising industry

“Our Hershey’s Chocolate World stores not only set a high bar for merchandising excellence, we also learn new and innovative ways to present our brands to consumers and then share that learning with our broad distribution retail customers,” added Hahn. “Our store designs are pacesetters for what traditional retailers can do in their stores. They serve as learning labs where we can continually create new and better ways to present and merchandise our products in ways that capture the attention and imagination of candy-loving consumers.”

40 Years of Confectionery Fun:

Hershey’s Chocolate World Attractions have celebrated a number of key milestones over the past four decades, including:

    1973: Hershey’s Chocolate World Attraction in Hershey, Pa., opens its doors for the first time, offering chocolate-lovers a “behind-the-scenes” view of the creation of the classic confections through a simulated factory tour ride
    1984: Hershey’s Chocolate World Attraction visitors take on the Hershey’s brand – literally – with personalized messages on molded chocolate bars, followed by personalized 5-pound bars (1999) and packaging that features customers’ images on a Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar wrapper or genuine Hershey’s Chocolate World Attraction Syrup bottle (2009)
    2000: Visitors to Niagara Falls, Canada, plunge into a chocolate-lovers dreamscape with the opening of the first Hershey’s retail experience outside of Hershey, Pa.
    2002: A new Hershey store opens in New York City’s Times Square featuring actual factory equipment to dispense candy to millions of Hershey’s chocolate patrons at the landmark location
    2008: Hershey’s Chocolate World Attraction makes its first appearance outside North America in Shanghai, bringing the chocolate-loving experience to millions more in the Eastern Hemisphere
    2014: Hershey’s Chocolate World Attraction will open in Las Vegas, Nevada, where the new retail experience will bring a bit more of New York City’s Times Square to MGM’s New York, New York Hotel & Casino
    2014: Hershey’s Chocolate World Attraction will open a second location in Shanghai, China, bringing the latest retail brand experience to the second largest confectionery market in the world

Hershey’s Chocolate World Global Footprint Grows for the Next 40 Years

To share the Hershey experience with more brand devotees around the world, The Hershey Company continues to invest globally and expand its retail footprint around the world by launching the next generation Hershey’s Chocolate World retail experience. The new retail experience, which captures the excitement and imagination of the original global flagship location, will be packaged and exportable to new markets to reach new and loyal consumers across the globe.

Hershey’s Chocolate World retail footprint will expand in the next four to five months with the new stores opening in Las Vegas and China and plans for additional new locations worldwide over the next few years.

Current Hershey’s Chocolate World locations include: Hershey, Pa., New York City, Chicago, Niagara Falls, Shanghai, Singapore and Dubai.

Additional information and multimedia on this announcement is available at:

About The Hershey Company

The Hershey Company is the largest producer of quality chocolate in North America and a global leader in chocolate and sugar confectionery. Headquartered in Hershey, Pa., The Hershey Company has operations throughout the world and approximately 14,000 employees. With revenues of more than $ 6.6 billion, Hershey offers confectionery products under more than 80 brand names, including such iconic brands as Hershey's, Reese's, Hershey's Kisses, Hershey's Bliss, Hershey's Special Dark, Kit Kat, Twizzlers, Jolly Rancher and Ice Breakers. The company is focused on growing its presence in key international markets such as China, Mexico and Brazil while continuing to build its competitive advantage in the United States and Canada.

For more than 100 years, The Hershey Company has been a leader in making a positive difference in the communities where its employees live, work and do business. Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of the company’s global business strategy, which includes goals and priorities focused on fair and ethical business dealings, environmental stewardship, fostering a desirable workplace for employees, and positively impacting society and local communities. Milton Hershey School, established in 1909 by the company's founder and funded by a trust administered by Hershey Trust Company, provides a quality education, housing, and medical care at no cost to children in social and financial need. Students of Milton Hershey School are direct beneficiaries of The Hershey Company's success.

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USA Flight School Sets World Record for Master Instructors

Mesa, Arizona (PRWEB) August 30, 2013

Aviation Performance Solutions LLC (APS), a USA-based flight school with training centers in Arizona, Texas and Europe, announced today setting a record on their status as the world leader in number of specialized master instructor pilots on staff. APS now has five Master Certified Flight Instructor - Aerobatic (MCFI-A) instructors on their team, more than any other training organization.

For perspective on this achievement, there are approximately 97,000 CFIs in the United States. Fewer than 800 of those aviation educators have achieved the status of Master CFI with only 32 of those instructors attaining the Master CFI - Aerobatic designation. "Aviation Performance Solutions (APS) places significant and well-placed emphasis on the critical importance of instructor professionalism, quality assurance and instructional effectiveness." said Sandy Hill, president and co-founder of the Master Instructor Continuing Education Program (MICEP), the international accrediting authority for the Master Instructor designation, "APS should be congratulated on being the established leader in having the most active MCFI-Aerobatic designated instructors on staff of any training organization in the world today."

The MICEP Master Instructor designation is a national accreditation recognized by the FAA and available to other flight instructors around the world. Candidates must demonstrate an ongoing commitment to excellence, professional growth, and service to the aviation community, and must pass a rigorous evaluation by a peer Board of Review. The process parallels the continuing education regimen used by other professionals to enhance their knowledge base while increasing their professionalism. Designees are recognized as outstanding aviation educators for not only their excellence in teaching, but for their engagement in the continuous process of learning -- both their own, and their students'. The designation must be renewed biennially and significantly surpasses the FAA requirements for renewal of the candidate's flight instructor certificate. In the words of former FAA Administrator Marion Blakey, "The Master Instructor accreditation singles out the best that the right seat has to offer."


Aviation Performance Solutions LLC (APS), an Arizona USA limited liability company dba APS Emergency Maneuver Training, headquartered at the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport in Mesa, Arizona USA, has trained over 5,500 professional pilots in fully comprehensive upset recovery skill development. For two decades, with additional training locations in Dallas (Texas USA) and The Netherlands (Europe) APS has been committed to giving professional pilots of all skill levels the highest quality upset prevention and recovery training available. APS offers comprehensive LOC-I solutions via industry-leading computer-based, on-aircraft, and advanced full-flight simulator upset recovery and prevention training programs. In addition to all flight training being in full compliance with the internationally-recognized Airplane Upset Recovery Training Aid Revision 2 and the recently issued FAA Aviation Circular 120-109 on Stall and Stick Pusher Training, APS is the only Part 141 Flight School currently certified in the delivery of complete upset recovery, stall/spin and instrument recovery training courses worldwide.

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Help/Systems, IBM i Software Provider, Celebrates 30 Years with Record Number of Active Product Licenses

Eden Prairie, MN (PRWEB) December 20, 2012

Help/Systems, a rapidly growing systems management, security, and business intelligence software company, celebrates its 30th year of business this month with over 43,000 active product licenses.

Founded in 1982 with two employees and a single product for automated job scheduling, the company has grown to 14 offices worldwide with more than 200 employees, 45 products, and 6,300 customers.

Janet Dryer, CEO of Help/Systems, attributes the companys steady growth to a consistent strategy of agile product development, a rewarding work environment, and a strong commitment to providing world-class customer service and support.

Our customers are great evangelists for our software and our company. Some of them have been with us since the System/38 days, said Dryer. Over half of Help/Systems customers own multiple products.

As the first software company in the United States to be certified under the ISO 9001 standard, Help/Systems continues to prioritize quality and makes continuous improvements to existing products.

While the IBM i platform remains the companys primary focus with comprehensive solution sets for systems management, business intelligence, and security and compliance, Help/Systems is also moving into the multi-platform space.

Development decisions are based on the needs of our customers, explained Dryer. In addition to IBM i, our customers increasingly run critical applications and processes on Windows or UNIX servers. We look forward to providing solutions that accommodate this growing trend.

Other development initiatives include application plugins and web-based interfaces for existing products, including SEQUEL Web Interface, the online tool for SEQUEL Software, Help/Systems business intelligence solution.

To the Editor:

Help/Systems, LLC is a leading provider of systems management, security, and business intelligence solutions for Power Systems servers running IBM i, UNIX


Pit Bulls VanValkenburgh Breaks Land Speed Record at Bonneville

Huntsville, AL (PRWEB) September 28, 2012

Charlie VanValkenburgh, owner and president of Pit Bull Products, Inc., has won the 1000cc Production land speed record at Bonneville. Pit Bull, a motorcycle stand and accessory manufacture, started preparing almost two years ago. They purchased a BMW S100RR from BMW of Atlanta specifically for the purpose of competing in and winning this event. The bike was customized by Michael Godin and Kevin Hunt of KWS Motorsports, along with other companies which contributed by producing prototype motor parts for the bike.

Charlie VanValkenburgh has been traveling to Bonneville as often as possible since 2010. Hes watched the progress of the bike for two years as the team improved its speed and performance. Last year, Barry McMahan began working on the bike in his Huntsville area shop as well as going along to the Salt Flats with Charlie V to provide support on site. By October 2011, the team felt that the bike was prepared for a record breaking performance. The event was rained out that month and the Pit Bull team waited until August of this year to return to the Salt Flats to break the record.

Charlie made back to back runs at 199.326 and 197.166, respectively, beating the old record of 197.116 and setting a new record of a stunning 198.246 mph! VanValkenburgh is thrilled with this record-setting achievement and acknowledged the hard work of the team, saying, "It took a lot of work to get a record at Bonneville and it was definitely a team effort. The qualifying run and back up run were the 82nd and 83rd trips down the salt with the same bike.

VanValkenbergh extended his thanks and deep appreciation for the work and support of Barry McMahan for building a bike which could break the record with a stock pipe and air box, his fianc


Empower Network Business Enjoys Continual Success and Growth with Another Record Setting Month

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) August 30, 2012

Home-based jobs are the most sought after careers in America as they allow people to spend more time with family by giving them the freedom to make their own work schedule.

With so many people on the hunt for a work at home job, most people have found that it is very difficult to locate a legitimate company that has job openings. However, there have been quite a few computer-savvy people that have discovered a legitimate work from home program called Empower Network, which allows them to be their own boss and create their own work schedule with the potential of making a full-time income.

The Empower Network system is the brainchild of a former homeless man named David Wood. After many failed attempts at business ventures, he finally developed the Empower Network system which gave him the tools he needed to make over $ 1 million dollars within the first 12 months. He now owns a 4,000 square foot home in Costa Rica that has an exquisite ocean view.

Empower Network is a complete affiliate marketing system that helps people quickly develop a networking system and online business. The system is based completely on educating its members on topics such as blogging, sales, marketing, communication, and search engine optimization.

Each member will receive professional training guides and educational videos that will teach them the strategies and methods that they need in order to have a successful business.

For a low monthly program fee of as little as $ 25, members will also receive a fully functional website with ready-made Empower Network product advertisements along with an educational course on how to drive the right kind of traffic to the website.

Each site is hosted and maintained for free by the company itself. And it even comes with full Facebook integration to maximize your earning potential!

Each of the Empower Network products comes with a training guide that will help its affiliates learn to strengthen their skills in marketing each of the products.

The best thing about the program is that its members receive 100% commissions on all of their website sales. A commission rate like this is something that affiliates are saying is worth every penny of their investment. Plus, the investment risk of just $ 25 is so minimal that there is virtually no reason not to try the program. It is also worth nothing that after getting just one referral to join Empower Network, the program will have paid for itself.

With all of the recent growth, exposure, and expansion of David Sharpe and David Wood's Empower Network opportunity and system, now is the perfect timing for those looking to make a part time to full time income online no matter prior experience or knowledge level.

Visit to learn more about the products, system, and sale funnel behind the massively growing Empower Network Business.


Dailymotion Hires Neil Gladstone as Vice President of Content, Capitalizing on MTV and AOL Track Record

New York, NY (PRWEB) June 20, 2012

Dailymotion (, the worlds #2 video portal with more than 100M UMV and the #29 top site online overall as ranked by comScore, Inc., today announced the company has hired Neil Gladstone as its new Vice President of Content. Neil brings to the Dailymotion team a strong background in curating, developing and writing editorial material, as well as spearheading premium content partnerships and programming initiatives on behalf of editorial brands, blogs and entertainment properties. In his new role, he will develop new content partnerships with both premium and independent providers, spearhead relationships with emerging filmmakers and artists for Dailymotions fast-growing Motionmakers program and work to further increase Dailymotions US market share and overall footprint in the Western territory.

Most recently Director of Content and Programming for, Neil worked to define MTV homepage programming and develop strategic partnerships for the brand. Launching the MTV site for men,, he successfully produced high-profile entertainment content including videos featuring A-list personalities such as Donald Glover, Sara Bareilles and Troy Polamalu.

Prior to MTV, Neil served as editor-in-chief of AOLs Asylum and Lemondrop blogs, and oversaw the creation of Comics Alliance. The development of these properties flourished under his guidance, expanding the quality and breadth of AOLs editorial presence.

Neil Gladstone brings a plethora of rich content development and editorial curation experience to Dailymotion US, an invaluable asset that will help us continue raising the profile of our premium content offerings and high value entertainment, said Roland Hamilton, Managing Director for Dailymotion US. With his deep knowledge of how to establish, grow and maximize entertainment and editorial properties across the web, we look forward to seeing how his expertise will further augment the exciting expansion in premium quality content and high-level partnerships we have enjoyed thus far in 2012.

Neils early background comprises more than a decades experience in journalism and editorial content production, including stints with United Feature Syndicate, CMJ New Music Monthly and the Philadelphia City Paper. In his new capacity at, Neils rich background in both editorial and programming expertise will serve to pioneer higher level premium content partnerships with top entertainment, broadcast and online programming companies, brands and franchises.

Joining the Dailymotion US team to work on the content and programming front is an exciting opportunity, said Neil Gladstone, VP of Content for Dailymotion US. I look forward to working with an exuberant and energetic team in continuing to raise the profile of the worlds largest independently owned video portal.

Neil holds a Bachelors of Science from Cornell University.

About Dailymotion

Dailymotion has 172 million unique visitors generating over 1.5 billion video views every month according to Comscore. It has recently been ranked among the top 20 most visited websites in the world.

Dailymotion offers the best content from users, independent content creators and premium partners in the media and entertainment industries. Using the most advanced technology for both users and content creators, Dailymotion provides HD video in a fast, easy-to-use online service. Dailymotion offers a high quality user experience across all digital devices (computers, mobile devices, connected TVs and tablets).

Dailymotion is available around the world in 15 different languages and 34 localized versions featuring local home pages and local content. For further information, please visit

Media Contact for Dailymotion US:

Mark Lindsey

Miller PR

(323) 761-7237


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Sun and Fujitsu’s SPARC Enterprise T5440 Server Redefines Midrange Enterprise Computing with Industry-Leading Price Points, Power Management and Multiple World Record Benchmarks : New Energy Efficient Chip Multi-threaded (CMT) Server with the Solaris OS Delivers Up to 4x Higher Performance and Costs Up to 80 Percent Less Than Competitive Systems

TOKYO & SANTA CLARA, Calif. (PRWEB) October 13, 2008

While competitive systems from IBM and HP cost as much as 80 percent more or deliver as little as 1/4 the performance, the SPARC Enterprise T5440 server with the Solaris(TM) 10 Operating System (OS) delivers world record performance and enables customers to consolidate and virtualize midrange applications, including large scale OLTP databases, CRM and ERP. In a compact 4U package, the SPARC Enterprise T5440 server increases server utilization while reducing energy consumption and lowering operating costs. Additionally, the SPARC Enterprise T5440 server is the first chip multi-threaded (CMT) server to scale up to four processors.

"Sun is dramatically changing IT economics and delivering enormous value to the midrange market that could not come at a more critical time," said John Fowler, executive vice president, Systems Group, Sun Microsystems. "The Solaris-based SPARC Enterprise T5440 server offers incredible performance on a completely different curve in a footprint that's half the size of the competition. For customers, it all comes down to faster, smaller, greener, better. And with the built-in virtualization of Solaris, they can save even more."

"The new SPARC Enterprise server delivers the vast scalability of 256 compute threads in just a four RU chassis," said Masami Yamamoto, corporate senior vice president of Fujitsu. "With the addition of the SPARC Enterprise T5440 server, we will be able to further address the needs of customers who are looking to enhance the performance of their datacenters while gaining the benefits of energy efficiency, consolidation and virtualization."


The SPARC Enterprise T5440 server, with up to 32 cores (256 threads) and 512 GB of memory, is one of the first systems to incorporate unique power management features including the ability to park idle threads. The server also features Intelligent Fan Control (IFC) which adjusts rotational fan speed according to changes in temperature thereby reducing power consumption. Running fans at lower speeds saves significant amounts of energy, and also reduces noise and vibration which helps extend component life. An additional design element that maximizes power savings is dividing the chassis and fans into cooling zones which allow a response only from those fans needed to compensate for changes in temperature. The SPARC Enterprise T5440 server also features a redesigned power distribution subsystem with highly efficient digital regulators which reduce wasted energy over previous analog designs.

With built-in, open source, no-cost virtualization via Solaris Containers and Logical Domains (LDoms), the SPARC Enterprise T5440 server is an ideal platform for consolidating hundreds of existing enterprise class workloads onto a single system. Additionally, for existing Solaris customers, the Solaris 8 and 9 Containers capability enables customers to run multiple Solaris 8 or 9 environments on a single SPARC-based system. As a result, customers can quickly and easily move existing physical environments to virtual containers on Solaris 10 and take advantage of the performance, scale and cost savings of new SPARC Enterprise CMT-based servers today. Solaris 10 10/08, to be released later in October, also enables improved virtualization performance and includes an enhanced Solaris ZFS file system which offers increased data integrity and a fully integrated disaster recovery capability to help ensure business continuity.


The SPARC Enterprise T5440 server packs up to four processors into a four RU enclosure weighing 88 pounds (40kg) and typically consumes just 1,575 watts of power. Based on an industry-standard Java Business benchmark result published on SPARC Enterprise T5440 server, customers can reduce acquisition costs and still get better performance than the new eight processor IBM Power 560 Express system, which takes twice the amount of physical space, weighs twice as much and consumes 26 percent more power.(1)

The SPARC Enterprise T5440 server also offers massive I/O performance and expandability with up to 10GB/s of raw I/O bandwidth. With the addition of the optional External I/O Expansion unit, the number of I/O slots available to SPARC Enterprise T5440 server can be expanded to support up to 28 PCI-E slots, yielding 2.5x more slots than the competing quad socket HP rx6600 server. More food for thought on the SPARC Enterprise T5440 versus the competition is available at and


The SPARC Enterprise T5440 proves its mettle with world record performance on seven benchmarks including the best four processor result on two-tier SAP


Email Off The Record: Non-Documentable Email Technology Gaining Popularity

Email Off The Record: Non-Documentable Email Technology Gaining Popularity

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) June 30, 2010

It is estimated that 1 in 5 outgoing emails contain content that poses a legal, financial or regulatory risk for businesses and their employees. But thanks to an increasingly accepted email technology, those risks are vanishing – much like an email typed on VaporStream Electronic Conversation Software.

Unlike e-mail, which is “electronic documentation” VaporStream emails are safe, secure and intentionally not stored or documented—just like a verbal conversation. A VaporStream email conversation does not leave a residual message and vaporizes after it is read. VaporStream emails cannot be cc:ed, forwarded, saved or printed so the conversation remains with the respondents and avoids miscommunication since other people don’t see “just one part” of the conversation. A VaporStream conversation uses 256 bit encryption, resides in RAM, and the head and body are separated in transit.

VaporStream helps solves many of the most critical communication and collaboration needs of an organization--that are not being, and cannot be met by e-mail. First, it has most of the advantages of a verbal conversation—but is much more convenient. Second, it reduces the growing expense of e-mail. And, VaporStream minimizes the risk and high cost of miscommunication and litigation. VaporStream is not designed to eliminate e-mail, but to decrease the overall volume of e-mail (and its inherent cost), while fostering better, healthier internal conversations, and reducing the potential cost for litigation.

And it is proving to be impressive in many industries, such as healthcare. In fact, VaporStream was just named a "Cool Vendor In Healthcare Provider" by Gartner, Inc. a leading analyst firm. Why? For accountability and quality of care in the medical profession, many communications within a hospital need to be captured and recorded, and become part of the medical record. However, it is also necessary to have email conversations that should be off the record and private to protect patient confidentiality. VaporStream is recordless and secure.

VaporStream operates in Software as a Service (SaaS) mode and integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and all major mobile platforms like BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, iPhone, etc..

“If you need to transfer files or document your communication, send an e-mail,” says VaporStream CEO Joseph Collins. “For everything else, use VaporStream.”

VaporStream costs $ 7.50 per month per user. Enterprise pricing varies by size and scope of the company.

For more information go to:

To download a free 60-day trial version of VaporStream, go to:


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Trinity Centre Rebranded in Record Time

Trinity Centre Rebranded in Record Time

Signs Express (Aberdeen) provides rebrand signs for Trinity Centre

(PRWeb UK) August 21, 2010

Working to tight deadlines, the Aberdeen signage specialist was contracted to rebrand all the signage inside and out of The Mall Trinity. This work was completed in advance of the recent re-launch of the centre back to its original name of The Trinity Centre.

The full rebrand of the shopping centre required numerous signage solutions and included over 250 square metres of vinyl to be printed and laminated. The new signs included cut and printed vinyl graphics in lifts and on doors, cash and pay machines along with car park barriers; interior and exterior sign trays and inserts for light boxes and directories; wall panel displays; and exterior street banners.

Trinity Centre manager Linda Stewart commented on the project: “With over 120 signs required to complete the re-brand, the two week installation was only part of the process. Jim Gifford, Signs Express (Aberdeen) centre owner, along with his team also needed to use their expertise to manufacture the signs over a three week period in advance of installing the majority of the signs outside of the shopping centre’s opening times. This meant working through the night, in close cooperation with the Trinity Centre staff, to get the work completed in time for our big opening.”

Jim added: “To keep within the two week installation period, we had to manage our time as efficiently and productively as possible. As well as having time constraints, the project also had some interesting logistical challenges to overcome so that we could ensure that everything was installed on time. For example, we needed to close roads to install the roadside signs and use a variety of powered access platforms and scaffold towers to access the many and varied sites inside and outside of the centre. This has been a very satisfying project to work on and we are delighted with the finished effect.”

As part of the UK and Ireland’s leading signs and graphics company, Signs Express (Aberdeen) provides a complete design, manufacture and installation service for all forms of signage including interior/exterior signs, vehicle graphics, exhibition and display products, window graphics and health and safety signage for businesses in Aberdeen and surrounding areas.

Notes for editors:

1)    For further press information, please contact Sarah Critoph at Signs Express. Tel: 01603 625925 or e-mail: sarah.critoph(at)signsexpress(dot)co(dot)uk.

2)    Signs Express is a member of the British Sign and Graphic Association, the British Franchise Association and The International Sign Association.

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