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Author Your VCD/SVCD using Real-Time Video Editing with EasyMPEG

(PRWEB) October 20, 2004

DigitalView has released version 3.1.2 of EasyMPEG,an PC-based software package that can real-time edit and author your VCD/SVCD more easily and efficiently.

Maybe you have a DV camcorder to record the life scene,and want to save the content as VCD/SVCD,EasyMPEG can help you to edit your video file in a short time,and then create the video disc by yourself.

MPEG is the compress format of video file for VCD/SVCD and DVDs. After save your video to disk as .mpg file,EasyMPEG will show the mpeg file on your disk as a thumbnail list. EasyMPEG use a "Virtual-Play" technique to preview the content during the editing operation,this feature is very useful and exciting because you nearly see the result immediately after the edit and without any time-consuming. EasyMPEG just produce the new file after you had finished all editing. You will find that select several scene to build a new 600MB video file only have 5 minutes taken.EasyMPEG also support .dat file on VCD/SVCD and .vob file on DVD,which means you can add more stuff into you own file.

EasyMPEG has two mode to author your VCD/SVCD:"Sequence Mode" and "Menu Mode". I would like using "Nenu Mode" to create the disc because it can design very complicated multi-level menu. Not merely a static picture,the dynamic video file can be served as a control menus too. EasyMPEG still be able to use a picture array and background music become menu node. Sometimes you may only want to make a disc with simple that time,"Sequence Mode" is suitable. Under this mode,EasyMPEG can split the content to several discs to fit the capacity of disc automatically.

This software has another useful feature include view the detail of video file and demultiplex the mpeg stream.You will found EasyMPEG is a useful tool to work together with your DV camcorder.

EasyMPEG runs under Windows 98/NT/2000/XP,requires a PC with PIII500 or higher CPU,at least 64MB Ram. EasyMPEG costs $ 29.95. You can purchase EasyMPEG online at, or download a free trial version from the same address.

For more information, contact DigitalView Video Studio, Inc. E-mail: or visit their web site at

Evaluation copy available on request.

Contact: wenxibo



Embassy Suites Baltimore Installs FlyteBoard; Enhances Service with Real-Time Airline Information

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) August 27, 2013

Flyte Systems, the leading provider of airport travel information displays and digital signage content for the hospitality industry, digital signage, convention centers and related businesses, announced the Embassy Suites Baltimore Downtown installed its FlyteBoard airline schedule display. FlyteBoard gives guests accurate, real-time airline flight information for travel confidence that keeps them comfortably on property longer. Click here to request information on Flyte Systems' airport travel and guest information services.

Flyte Systems services add value to properties

Flyte Systems FlyteBoard and other travel services add considerable value to our properties by providing confidence and convenience to guests, said Craig Strickler, Kokua Hospitality LLCs vice president of transitions & standards. Kokua operates the Embassy Suites Baltimore Downtown. Kokua installs FlyteBoard and FlytePass boarding pass printing at its properties to maximize peace of mind for airport-bound guests. Flyte Systems services are a unique amenity that guests do not expect, but really love. FlyteBoard shows accurate departures, arrivals, gate information, and delays so guests can remain at the property until their flight is ready. Flyte Systems is the only full service flight information display solution that provides real-time airline flight information.

Flyte Systems launches InfoBoard total travel information center

Strickler noted that Flyte Systems is launching a new guest service display called InfoBoard that provides a full spectrum of travel and property information. I used InfoBoard at a recent tradeshow and liked it. It is a five-foot high touch screen display with icons guests touch to see flight times, property transportation services, and view property events and maps. They can also check out local eateries and entertainment, and see weather, traffic, and news.

InfoBoard is an attractive cost effective, interactive touch screen display that saves labor, provides greater guest service, and generates revenue. InfoBoard provides:


Real-Time Casino Customer Feedback, Casino Marketing Mistake, Social Media Mutiny Are Covered in This Weeks Casino Customer Service Solutions, Tactics and More

Boise, Idaho (PRWEB) April 02, 2013

The need for real-time casino customer feedback, surviving the social media mutiny and an important casino marketing mistake these topics and more are covered in the most recent edition of Casino Customer Service Solutions, Tactics and More, Robinson & Associates, Inc., announced today.

Those interested in receiving this weeks edition and future issues should contact Robinson & Associates at lbaird(at)raresults(dot)com or call 208-991-2037. They also may subscribe by clicking here.

Casino Customer Service Solutions, Tactics and More curates links to online articles, news releases, videos, graphics and more and presents them in a format that makes it easy for readers to review and then click for more information.

About Robinson & Associates

Martin R. Baird is a casino consultant and chief executive officer of Robinson & Associates, Inc. For 20 years, Robinson & Associates has been dedicated to helping casinos improve their guest service so they can compete and generate future growth and profitability. A Boise, Idaho-based consulting firm to the global gaming industry, Robinson & Associates is the world leader in casino guest experience measurement, management and improvement. Recently, it announced Simply Share, a real-time customer feedback platform that makes it fast and easy for casino customers to share their experience directly with casinos instead of posting comments online at social media sites.

For more information, visit the companys Web site at or contact Lydia Baird, director of business development, at 208-991-2037 or lbaird(at)raresults(dot)com. Read about casino customer service improvement at Martin Bairds blog at Robinson & Associates is a member of the Casino Management Association and an associate member of the National Indian Gaming Association.

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Linguamatix Offers Real-time Translation by SMS

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (PRWEB) May 26, 2006

Linguamatix Sdn Bhd, a company specialising in the development of computer-aided translation systems, in collaboration with Airocom Technology Berhad today announced the launch of a SMS-based translation service for the Malaysian public called LinguaMobile.

Earlier this year the Company released a trial online translation system, LinguaWeb Trial at, which allows users to search and surf all the English Internet content in Bahasa Malaysia. According to Linguamatix Vice-President of Sales & Marketing, Zaidon Omar Baki, The response to LinguaWeb Trial has been overwhelming. In the past 3 months more than 60,000 Malaysians have submitted 400,000 translation queries for over 100 million words, the equivalent of 5,500 pages of text every day. Most users are students from schools and universities, private and public sector employees, and even some professional translators. We have even heard from Malaysians overseas in the UK and the US. I believe the greatest impact has come from Malay speakers realising that they can access information on the Internet in Bahasa Malaysia.

Based on user feedback Linguamatixs translation technology can now be accessed anytime and anywhere via:

The Internet (by using a computer),

Wireless broadband (by using PDA mobile devices), and

Mobile phone (by SMS access).

Linguamatix has collaborated with local content aggregator, Airocom Technology Berhad, which provides the messaging technology and infrastructure to enable the Linguamatix translation service to be made available on mobile devices. Airocom was chosen as an ideal technology partner as the infrastructure they provide can be accessed by all major cellular operators. The launch of LinguaMobile on Airocoms platform not only enhances our solution offerings, but will further strengthen Airocoms market positioning in the private and public sector, said Fauzi Jamaudin, Chief Executive Officer of Airocom Technology Berhad. The translation service is not only made available on all cellular networks, but also on the whole range of mobile devices ranging from the low cost to the most sophisticated devices, added Fauzi.

Users can send an SMS to translate English text to Bahasa Malaysia by entering "[EM][space][English text]" and sending it to 33030. To send a translated message to friends, users can type "[EM][recipient's mobile phone number][space][English text]" and send to 33030. The SMS service is targeted at users who want to find a quick answer to their English queries in Bahasa Malaysia and/or share text with friends using a different language. For both services, users will be charged 0.50 sen per successful SMS transaction.

Linguamatixs high-throughput translation engine, LinguaBASE enables translation at the rate of 500,000 words per minute per CPU which allows for the real-time translation of millions of webpages per day from English to Bahasa Malaysia. Whilst computer-aided translation systems are not designed to replace professional human translators, they are particularly useful for providing users with a basic understanding of content for gisting purposes.

Linguamatix will continue to provide new and improved translation systems and services for the local and global market and the company is now focusing on developing various other language pairs. We will continuously enhance the system based on user feedback and we expect to provide more exciting news over the next 12 months, Zaidon said.

About Linguamatix

In 2004, Linguamatix Sdn Bhd commenced development of high-throughput computer translation systems for the global market. The Companys first product incorporates English and Bahasa Malaysia. Future languages will include Mandarin, Spanish, Arabic and other languages which are in high demand in various parts of the world. It is envisaged that Linguamatixs technologies will meet the demand for access to information by non-English speakers around the world.

About Airocom Technology Berhad

Airocom was established on 15 November 1999 as a software application developer and integrator, specializing in SMS applications and communication solutions. Airocom obtained the prestigious pioneer MSC status in the year 2000 and began its research and development activities by developing applications for the mobile service operators, particularly on the SMS gateway platform. Today, it has emerged to be a total wireless communication solutions provider in providing a comprehensive suite of solutions for the mobile service operators, the enterprise and the mobile consumers.

Translation technology powered by LinguaBASE

Communication technology by Airocom



Orad and Turn Social Media Chatter into Real-Time Viewer Participation for Broadcasters

(PRWEB) November 01, 2012

Orad, a leader in broadcast and graphics solutions, and, a company specializing in social media integration, announced today a joint collaboration to integrate broadcast TV with social networks. offers a unique framework to integrate Orads enterprise graphics solutions with social media networks and companion apps, enabling broadcasters to deeply engage audiences through a myriad of interactive and viewer data mining opportunities. Broadcasters turn to Orad to deliver data in a more visual and impactful way. This could be anything from on-air talent using the Orad graphic systems for visually deconstructing a complex sports play to a broadcaster employing Orads rich graphics capabilities to simplify the dissemination of mass content such as finance data from stock indices, says Avi Sharir, CEO, Orad. Our partnership with allows us to take content manipulation and distribution one step further and harness user-generated content within the broadcast itself. With interactive options such as polls, votes, questions, and games, broadcasters can now use Orad to deliver thoughts and opinions along with the program, deeply engaging viewers and creating new experiences. integrates participatory and interactive elements within the Orad broadcast graphics workflow. Broadcasters can easily connect to Twitter and Facebook, build interconnected services such as companion apps, and efficiently harvest valuable user-generated content, using stunning and beautiful graphical outplays generated by their Orad system.

"Television and the viewing behaviors that follow it are changing in vast ways. We are beginning to see new forms of interactivity emerge when viewers are brought into the storytelling process via social media and new forms of digital participation, comments Lars Lauritzsen, CEO, is incredibly excited to be able to partner with Orad to showcase the newest forms of storytelling in the most graphically brilliant and enticing ways.

The integration is available across the range of Orad graphics solutions including Maestro (on-air graphics), ProSet (virtual studio), RealSet (augmented reality), and Interact (interactive graphics).

About technology

The Interactivity Suite is a framework that unifies fragmented media technologies. From robust broadcast systems and mobile infrastructures, to social media platforms, the Interactivity Suite enables you to build infinite ways to connect one to one with your viewers and consumers. Whether you're a broadcaster or advertising agency, the Interactivity Suite is the framework you need to enable end-to-end Social TV, Synchronized Companion Apps and Participation TV.


never.nos multi-award winning interactive 'TV. Mobile. Social. 1Framework.' technology connects fragmented media platforms across broadcast TV systems, mobile, and social media platforms enabling real-time viewer participation, social TV, and synchronized companion apps. has a global customer base including top brands such as ABC News, Al Jazeera, BBC, CBC, ESPN, MBC, MTV3, Nelonen, QVC, TV2 Denmark, TV2 Norway, Univision, Viasat and Voice of America.

About Orad Hi-Tec Systems

Orad Hi-Tec Systems is a world-leading provider of real-time 3D broadcast graphic, video server, and media asset management solutions including news, channel branding, sports production and enhancement, elections and special events, virtual studios, and virtual advertisement. Orad's compelling solutions streamline production workflow, enhance viewer experience, and improve production value. More information is available at


Aonix Releases ObjectAda

Boston, MA (PRWEB) September 28, 2006



InterMetro Expands Investment in Solarsoft Real-time Production Monitoring System

Cincinnati, OH (PRWEB) July 10, 2012

Solarsoft Business Systems, a leading provider of enterprise software and IT services to manufacturers worldwide, announced today that InterMetro (Metro) has selected Solarsofts real-time production monitoring and manufacturing execution system for its injection molding facilities in Acu


Intuitive Business Intelligence and ETIAH Partner to Deliver Interactive, Real-Time Dashboards for Customers in the United States and Canada

Montreal, QC & Needham, MA, USA (PRWEB UK) 25 April 2012

Intuitive Business Intelligence Limited, ( the author of award-winning advanced business intelligence (BI) dashboard software, Intuitive Dashboards, announced today that it has signed a reseller agreement with ETIAH, (, a leading SAP and business process consultancy in North America.

The partnership allows ETIAH clients to benefit from the advanced capabilities of Intuitive Dashboards, which empowers users to create highly-interactive, graphical real-time dashboard views of their financial and operational data, based upon the metrics and KPIs that matter most to the user.

Our customers have been asking for easier to use and quicker to deploy data visualization and dashboard tools, said Frank Rubio, VP Sales and Alliances, ETIAH. Intuitive Dashboards is the perfect graphical reporting complement to our customers that may already have other dedicated or embedded BI tools implemented within their ERP infrastructure. Its also a great dashboard solution for clients who are looking to gain quick insight and make better decisions in areas where they dont have the time or resources for a traditional BI project.

We had a number of requirements in choosing a dashboard, continued Rubio. In addition to fast implementation, a drag and drop data visualization interface, and zero training requirements for end-users, it also had to be completely Web-based. Intuitive Dashboards met all of our criteria and then some.

The typical ERP solution contains a huge amount of very valuable data, but getting that data in an actionable format to end-users isnt always easy, said John Kitchen, President of Intuitive Business Intelligence, Americas. As a result of this partnership with ETIAH, ERP users in the United States and Canada will benefit from a web enabled solution that gives them the power to quickly visualize, interpret and manage critical operational data so that they can make faster, more accurate business decisions.

Intuitive Business Intelligence and ETIAH partnership/continued

About Intuitive Business Intelligence and Intuitive Dashboards

Intuitive Business Intelligence Limited ( is a rapidly-growing technology innovator in the field of Business Intelligence (BI) software solutions. Their products enable organizations to save time and money by making faster, more accurate decisions based on the wide-ranging data sources and systems that already exist within their business. Their flagship product, Intuitive Dashboards, empowers users with a single, consolidated, real-time view of critical business information, combined with proactive alerts to potential shortfalls in performance against the clients most important metrics and KPIs.


ETIAH is a leading IT consulting and business process management company that specializes in the delivery of SAP and Business Intelligence (BI) turnkey solutions. ETIAH provides SAP full lifecycle implementations, upgrades, change management, post-production support, global rollouts, enterprise mobility solutions, and cloud services. ETIAH is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec with offices in the USA and Canada.

For further information, contact:

John Kitchen, Intuitive Business Intelligence


t: 1.781.326.3243

Frank Rubio, ETIAH

e: frank(dot)rubio(at)etiah(dot)com

t: 1.703.291.4362

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High-Tech Real-Time Cricket Feeds to Reduce Illegal Web Streaming

Mumbai, Maharashtra (PRWEB) March 25, 2012

DAT Organisation is pleased to announce the launch of its new web service. After months of research and development by engineers from Indias leading IT companies, DAT has successfully developed highly customizable and easy to use premium cricket feed solutions.

Cricket being one of the most popular sports across the globe and looking at the ratio of Internet users amongst them, many websites aspire to en-cash the opportunity by displaying premium cricket feeds on their websites.

With its high-tech cricket feeds solutions, DAT has made things simpler for such companies.

During the launch of its cricket feeds DATs owner Mr. Arun Durairaj said, We are not just presenting the industry with its fastest cricket feed solution till today's date, but for us this is also a step towards reducing illegal streaming of the sport. Our feeds are not just real-time but the graphs and other important statistical data make our viewers experience equal to watching it live on TV. Needless to say the speed at which updates are given is faster to any illegal online streaming.

As of now we have introduced our scorecard in 8 different Indian regional languages and are already planning to add 5 more to our features. Our feeds will be available at a very affordable cost to all small and big websites that wish to display cricket feeds. We plan to cover every international cricket match as well as major domestic cricket tournaments in the future. Wagon Wheel and Pitch Map are getting slowly popular amongst cricket fans. The most important reason for this is they are not plain simple images but highly advanced Scalable Vector Graphics which are very interactive and give a close to accurate indication to a viewer of all the information required for him to get a real TV like experience. He added further.

Technology Features


SafetyChain Software Announces Innovations that Enforce Food Safety and Quality Compliance Realtime in the Cloud

San Rafael, CA (PRWEB) April 17, 2012

Food Safety Summit, Booth 626, April 17, 2012 SafetyChain Software, headquartered in San Rafael, CA, announces v5 of its SafetyChain for Food a new class of Food Safety Chain Management solutions that allow realtime enforcement of food safety & quality compliance along all points of a food supply chain.

A key innovation of SafetyChain for Food v5 is the ability for all participants in a companys supply chain to deploy scheduled tasks for food safety monitoring and/or quality attribute testing data to mobile devices with realtime analysis and actionable results. Sample task scheduling integrated with mobile data capture/analysis/alerts speeds throughput and promotes immediate corrective action inbound, during production and outbound.


HACCP technician receives notification on mobile device that a temperature sample must be taken. Technician directed to CCP monitoring site; captures temperature data point on mobile device form transmits securely to relevant people/dashboards in the cloud. If temperature compliant, can send data in realtime to anyone/anywhere for faster shipping release. If temperature non-compliant, can send email alert internally to FSQA/Production Managers to begin HACCP corrective actions.

QA technician finds incorrect package code date takes photo on mobile device, initiates corrective action by placing affected product on quarantine, corrects code date error and transmits before/after pictures of error and resolution.

Review customer complaints in field/customer site. Input quality attribute data and product pictures on mobile device share compliance/non-compliance data and pictures with customer and internal stakeholders anywhere/anytime via mobile devices/computer for faster customer resolutions.

Other scheduled tasks that can be electronically automated, analyzed and sent in realtime via mobile technology include: Preventative Maintenance Schedules, Master Cleaning Schedules, Finished Product Pathogen Sample Testing Schedules, Scale Calibration Schedules, Shelf-Life Testing Schedules, Hourly Quality Attribute Testing, GFSI Code/SOP Verification Schedules and many more.

Safety Chain Management is an exciting food safety and quality innovation that allows suppliers, manufacturers and retail/services customers to get realtime information that speeds compliant product throughput and promotes immediate corrective actions. These exciting enhancements provide our customers with an even greater ability to prevent non-compliant supplies and ingredients from coming in and non-compliant finished goods from going out, said Barbara Levin, SVP Marketing for SafetyChain.

For more information on SafetyChain Software and SafetyChain for Food:

Visit us at Booth 626 at the 2012 Food Safety Summit

About SafetyChain Software

SafetyChain Software specializes in realtime safety & quality compliance management for providers of consumable goods. Its innovative SafetyChain for Food enforces food safety & quality at every point in a companys food supply chain inbound, during production and outbound. SafetyChain for Food is a globally deployed, Software-as-a-Service solution designed for fast implementation and even faster ROI. SafetyChain for Food helps food suppliers, producers, distributors and retail/services customers enforce food safety & quality compliance; eliminate manual processing and errors; prevent recalls and retrievals; and protect market value and brand.

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