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50 Years Old and Still Bounding Over the Counter: Klines Healthcare Practice Continues to Deliver Unmatched OTC Market Intelligence

Parsippany, NJ (PRWEB UK) 24 September 2013

With over half a century of market insights on the U.S. consumer healthcare market, Kline & Company expects that new paradigm shifts in regulations, retail, and technology will create new opportunities for medications to move along the Rx-to-OTC continuum and more growth prospects for the U.S. OTC market. Additionally, with the OTC medication market in the United States nearing $ 23 billion in 2012 alone and with the FDA - through its recent NSURE (Nonprescription Safe Use Regulatory Expansion) initiative - showing encouraging indications that it is becoming more receptive to allowing more Rx-to-OTC switches, the U.S. OTC market is fast returning to pre-recession health.

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, Kline’s distinguished Nonprescription Drugs USA report continues to provide the most comprehensive market intelligence expanding its longstanding OTC drugs industry know-how to include indispensable research on related topics including Natural OTCs, OTC Retailing, OTC Innovations, Impact of Recessions on the U.S. OTC Market, OTC Drugs: U.S. Competitor Cost Structures, OTC Consumer/Shopper Insights and a series of reports on Rx-to-OTC Switch.

In recent years, the U.S. OTC market has been hindered by significant product recalls by major players, with the resultant vacuum - abetted by recession-affected ever cost-conscious consumers - largely claimed by private-label alternatives. Laura Mahecha, industry manager at Kline’s Healthcare Practice, adds, “The impact and profound magnitude of ongoing economic uncertainty is borne out by more than half of respondents in a recent Kline survey disclosing that they’d changed how they purchased OTC drugs. Specifically, nearly a quarter of those surveyed choose private label OTC drugs whenever possible because of their perceived cost advantage.”

Despite the stronghold private-label products have on the market and the highly competitive nature of this market, there is still room for OTC brands to grow and prosper in the coming years with increased focus from major companies on innovations, new product launches and line extensions, and strategic marketing plans.

Currently, Rx-to-OTC switches continue to be a major force driving the OTC market as they increasingly involve large widely used products and drive demand by bringing ex-Rx users to the OTC market. Major Rx-to-OTC switches introduced since 1976 account for nearly $ 4,555 million in sales in 2012 and represent 32.8% of overall OTC sales (excluding home diagnostics, vitamins and minerals, and herbal products). The increased numbers of switch approvals by the FDA are expected to lead to future gains for the U.S. OTC market and could even create brand new, never-before-available-without-a-prescription categories.

The U.S. OTC market has evolved markedly, beginning with the FDA establishing an OTC review/Monograph system in the 1970s and the landmark Rx-to-OTC switch of hydrocortisone and its subsequent inclusion in OTC first-aid and anti-itch medications. The 1980s saw a recession fuelled spike in private-label OTC sales and the approval of ibuprofen as an OTC drug, in addition to the approval of many allergy, cough, and cold ingredients bringing brands like Nyquil, Benadryl, Triaminic, and Actifed to market.

View our 50 year overview graphic on Evolution of the U.S. OTC Market 1963-2013.

Download the file here or copy paste

There are challenges for OTC marketers including but not limited to private-label competition, retailer SKU rationalization, cost-conscious consumers, consolidated number of competitors, and increased scrutiny of manufacturing and quality assurance procedures. However, opportunities exist to see increased levels of growth over the next few years for the companies that have solid brands, good claims, strategic marketing, a steady stream of innovations and line extensions, and efficient and compliant processes.


EMR Consultants, LLC Offers Promotional Pricing for Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 Software

Acworth, GA (PRWEB) September 11, 2013

EMR Consultants, LLC has announced special $ 100 off promotional pricing for customers interested in purchasing Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 software from now until September 27, 2013. The discount can be applied to upgrades, the full-boxed edition or bundles that include the full edition. EMR Consultants will be extending this special offer in addition to meaningful integration of the software through their value added services, which include customized workflow assessments, installation and training.

There really is no better time to upgrade and save your practice additional time and money, said EMR Consultant President, Tiffany Casper, MSN. In addition to the special pricing, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 has already proven its ability to reduce costs associated with transcription services, and that is just the beginning of what is possible with this new software.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 is the newest speech recognition technology from Nuance Healthcare, offering medical practices with 24 physicians or less a more advanced solution for clinical documentation. The new software offers over 20% more accuracy than the previous version in addition to expanded medical vocabularies and faster recognition speeds. Text can now be produced up to three times faster than typing with an overall accuracy rating of more than 99% out of the box. The evolution of the hidden dialogue mode and customizable macros has also allowed clinicians to save more time by reducing or eliminating the need for unnecessary keystrokes and mouse clicks between multiple screens as well as redundancies in dictated text.

EMR Consultants offers Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 for medical practices with and without EHR systems. Certified consultants and trainers provide customers with an extensive analysis of their workflow before determining the appropriate configuration of their speech recognition solution. Following customized installation, EMR Consultants provides complimentary training to every customer and/or their staff as well as continued technical support to ensure optimal functionality and satisfaction.

To learn more about Dragon Medical speech recognition technology and the services EMR Consultants provides, visit

About EMR Consultants:

EMR Consultants, LLC consists of a unique blend of computer specialists and medical professionals that possess over 25 years of experience in computer programming and more than 20 years of active practice in the medical field. EMR Consultants bridges the gap between medical professionals and the requirements of Electronic Medical Record deployment and maintenance. We are able to customize electronic medical record systems for individual medical practices in order to prevent unnecessary loss of time and staffing resources. We are also available to assist in programming needs that prevent loss of revenue due to inefficient set up.


Digital Agency Rockfish Launches Digital CRM Practice

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) September 06, 2013

Rockfish, a digital innovation partner that drives business for some of the worlds largest brands, has created a formalized digital customer relationship management (CRM) practice that aims to work with brands to monetize big data into actionable, engaging experiences for consumers.

As digital, social and mobile have evolved CRM practices, the goal is no longer simply to capture more data. Marketers must now leverage digital CRM strategies to use the right data to respond to customers in real-time via the right device with relevant content that implies a company values their business.

Traditional CRM systems focus on targeting the right customer with the right message at the right time, says Dawn Maire, Chief Strategy Officer for Rockfish. But in the era of digital and mobile marketing, CRM needs to do more than that in order to keep up with the multichannel experiences available to consumers. At Rockfish, our CRM practice builds holistic solutions for communicating to the right customer with the right message in real time on the right device.

Rockfish has built on its award-winning mobile and digital practices to offer clients a cutting-edge solution for connecting with customers in the digital landscape. The holistic practice already counts a dozen major brands as clients; they turn to Rockfish for database design and management, CRM strategies, customer analytics and choosing service providers.

By leveraging rich data sets available through social APIs and using cloud-based computing to store large amounts of new data, marketers can tap into the growing consumer data and synthesize and act on it more quickly.

We can impact decision-making in real-time because of the technologies and digital platforms we are able to tap into, says Maire.

Leaders in the new Rockfish digital CRM practice include:


Brightstarr Delivers SharePoint 2013 in Practice, not Theory

UK (PRWEB) April 03, 2013

While many SharePoint vendors are still talking theoretically about SharePoint 2013 installations Brightstarr is demonstrating the new capabilities of SharePoint 2013 with their own website. As part of Microsofts Technical Adpotion program the Brightstarr team have been working with iterations of SharePoint 2013 since February 2012 and are therefore already experienced in the new features in SP2013.

Brightstarrs own website, built on SharePoint 2013 was first released in time for Microsofts SharePoint conference in Las Vegas in November 2012 and was the first commercial SharePoint 2013 website. The site is built using only standard SharePoint 2013 features, with no third party mobile add-ons or tools.

The website follows the design theme of the Microsoft Metro look, featuring the bold multi-sized graphics panels. As a SharePoint 2013 website it isnt just pretty; the design is fully responsive providing different interface layouts according to the device it is viewed on.

Will Saville, BrightStarr Co-Founder commented, We wanted this site to show the world where the new high water marks are for providing a rich, engaging multi-platform experience. Weve been working with SharePoint 2013 since early February 2012, and weve gained valuable insights which have helped us create a fresh web experience that works across multiple devices and channels. Theres an abundance of new features that customers have been demanding especially Search, Social Computing and Web Content Management that we think will really resound with business customers. With more users choosing to view the web on tablets and smart phones, its important to be on the cutting edge, and we think that SharePoint and the wider Microsoft technology stack are the way to do it.

Brightstarr are ideally positioned to provide clients in the USA, UK and other countries with the benefits of their practical experience of SharePoint 2013. They already delivering client projects including migrations to SharePoint 2013 and new systems built from the outset in SP2013. Their capabilities in SharePoint 2013 have not gone unnoticed by Microsoft who are supporting Brightstarr in their second series of SharePoint 2013 Seminars and Webinars.

BrightStarr supports its clients through strategic consulting engagements, and detailed client reporting, backed by decades of experience, so as to ensure that every project not just meets the expectations of the client, but rather exceeds them.

If you or your company would benefit from further information on SharePoint 2013 you can contact Brightstarr and sign up for the free seminars and webinars via their SharePoint 2013 website.

About the Company

Brightstarr.Com understand the digital workplace and build best of class solutions that increase employee productivity, elevate brands and create multi-channel revenue opportunities. Their uniqueness is the blend of both creative and technical skills that when combined deliver truly extraordinary digital experiences with the perfect balance of form and factor. Brightstarr are an award-winning four time SharePoint Gold partner and are regularly singled out for incorporating cutting-edge design and technical excellence into all of our customer engagements.

Rich Paterson co-founded BrightStarr in 2006 with Will Saville, and over the next 5 years, both of them helped the company in becoming a key player in the SharePoint services market with offices in the USA and UK.

You can contact BrightStarr on +44 (0)1483 239240 in the UK and +1 888 777 6850 in the USA or visit their SharePoint 2013 website

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United States Geography Practice Made Fun With New Educational App From Learning Gems

Portage, MI (PRWEB) November 14, 2012

Flash Cards United States, a new app from Learning Gems, provides children with an educational game that teaches United States geography and other useful facts. This educational app for kids and adults alike, is now available in the Apple, Barnes & Noble and Kindle app stores as well as from Google Play, can also be an entertaining way for adults to brush up their knowledge of U.S. geography.

This colorful new app offers 430 flash card variations along with nine different modes of gameplay. These include identifying states on a map of the United States, distinguishing capitals of the states as well as states by their capitals, recognizing states by their shape and also by their abbreviation along with matching abbreviations to the states, differentiating state flags, selecting famous places in the country and determining the various state birds.

Through creating an enjoyable, engaging activity, Flash Cards United States draws in the attention of students who can practice the different game modes. The bright graphics are eye-catching and through fun gameplay, children and adults are provided with meaningful, educational entertainment. Playing Flash Cards- United States overtime, students and their parents will learn or have their memories refreshed with state shapes, capitals, flowers, trees, stones, mottos and more. Flash Cards United States provides an excellent supplement to geography curriculum with the added bonus of useful trivia.

Learning Gems, a sister company of Blue Fire Media, has a line of educational apps that provide exciting ways for young children to practice various skill sets. Other topics covered in the different apps available include math, U.S. coins, spelling, basic shapes and colors as well as Spanish. The team that can be found in Portage, Mich. is a creative mix of graphic designers, programmers, schoolteachers and copywriters.

Sister company to Learning Gems, Blue Fire Media, which can also be found in Portage, Mich., are a team of professional web designers who specialize in web marketing and SEO.


La Verne Business Students Link Theory and Practice to Charity

(PRWEB) December 17, 2012

With University of La Vernes mission towards civic engagement in mind, eight business students donated nearly $ 2,000 to the LeRoy Haynes Center(LHC) in La Verne on Dec. 12th funding they have earned through their own entrepreneurship efforts.

Our motivation was the kids, said La Verne Junior Blanca Mireles, Vice President of Operations and Production for LV Tech Designs, the company that designed, marketed, manufactured and sold different-sized laptop sleeves, bearing the universitys name. These sleeves were then sold by the students at different university campuses and functions.

The task was part of a combined four-class undergraduate block that included finance, marketing, management and an experiential course. LV Tech Designs, as they branded themselves, brought in nearly $ 2,000, almost twice as much as the previous student team did. Students were instructed to take business theory and practice and put it into action by creating their own company.

The project brings to life all the material that the students study in the integrated class, said Dean for the College of Business and Public Management, Dr. Abe Helou. It also goes beyond teaching students to work only to make a profit. We want our students to become responsible citizens by sharing their hard work with the less fortunate as well.

According to Assistant Professor of Marketing, Dr. Susan Caple, students had to come up with a business concept, assess its viability, develop a business plan, present their plan to a banker, secure the funding, find a source to manufacture the product, sell the product and donate the revenue to a charity of their choice.

LV Tech Designs chose The LHC as the donation recipient for their profits. The center is a La Verne non-profit organization that serves more than 450 boys and girls of all ages and their families through programs that include: Non-Public School, Residential Treatment, Mental Health Services and Community Outreach.

Our biggest challenge was not having enough time to create a product, Mireles said. It took us two to three weeks to come up with the idea of computer sleeves. She added that they had other ideas in mind but they would have needed at least six months to finalize them.

After identifying strengths and weaknesses, LV Tech came up with roles and titles for their team, all made up of junior and senior students. Karina Balmaceda acted as the President, Alicia Chhan was the Manager of Inventory & Logistics, Blanca Mireles was the Vice President of Operations and

Production, Jonathan Truong was the Manager for Campus Sales, Brianna Martinelli was the Vice President of Public Relations, Brenda Perez was the Vice President of Finance, Raul Rodriguez was the Vice President of Sales and Jonathan Agee was the Manager of Online Sales.

Ive learned so much from this program. I got more experience from doing this project than from reading books, Mireles said. I dont think that a lot of students can say, I started my own company when I was in college, we made a profit and donated it to a good cause.

A check was presented to the LHC with the student participants and La Verne President Devorah Lieberman.

Nothing is more inspiring than seeing our students take what they learn in the classroom and apply it to real life, said President Lieberman. Our goal is for our graduates to take their skills and become successful global citizens, but also to remember to stay connected by helping their communities. This project is an excellent reflection of the University of La Vernes efforts.


Literary Translation as Creative Practice

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 15, 2012

Translation is a great way to read a literary text because it forces you to exhaust the complexities of meaning through deep reading, says Paul Vangelisti, author of over twenty books of poetry, NEA Translation and Poetry Fellow, and Chair of Otis College of Art and Designs MFA in Writing. The College has developed a special translation track in response to the increasing need for access to world literary traditions.

Many writers regard the practice of translation as an essential component of their craft, whether to study the work of an author they admire, to make that work available to readers in another language, or simply to inform and invigorate their own writing.

Otis graduate students consider the craft of literary translation both in the strict sense of the term, and as an independent strategy for writing. They examine three distinct types of translation: interlingual, i.e. from one language to another, intratextual, i.e. translation within a given language, and intersemiotic or intermedia translation. Students who choose the translation track will produce a book-length translation of literary prose or poetry as their thesis project.

Otis is uniquely positioned to offer a translation emphasis based on its facultys achievements in the field, its curricular focus on international writing, and its commitment to publishing works in translation. Graduate faculty members Guy Bennett, Jen Hofer, and Paul Vangelisti have published numerous works of literary translation, receiving major awards from PEN American Center, the Academy of American Poets, and PEN Center USA.

As the only full-residency MFA writing program in the city of Los Angeles, Otis makes the most of its location in a diverse, complex, multilingual city that has inspired writers ranging from Thomas Pynchon to Octavio Paz, Chester Himes to Thomas Mann. The program is enriched by the eclectic literary resources of L.A. -- its book festivals, reading series, galleries and museums, small presses, legendary writers haunts, and independent bookstores.

Biweekly literary events at Otis bring in writers, translators, and editors from around the world to discuss their work with students. Other graduate and undergraduate programs in Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Public Practice, Digital Media, Illustration, and Book Arts, offer the possibility for interdisciplinary projects and artistic collaboration.

A hallmark of Otis Graduate Writing Program is the press, Otis Books | Seismicity Editions. Established in 2003 as an alternative to both corporate and small press publishing, Otis Books is committed to publishing innovative works of contemporary fiction, poetry, essays, and creative non-fiction in high quality, elegantly designed editions. The press publishes four books annually, at least one of which is a work in translation. The program also publishes OR, a free-of-charge literary tabloid featuring an international array of renowned poets, prose writers, and visual artists.


Founded in 2000, the two-year residency program offers an MFA with tracks in prose, poetry, and literary translation. Workshops and literary seminars culminate in the completion of a creative thesis, while two-year paid practicums in teaching or publishing prepare students to work in fields that complement a lasting writing practice. Otis admits eight students each year to the degree program, maintaining small class sizes and a close working relationship between students and faculty. Additional information is available at


Founded in Los Angeles in 1918, Otis College of Art and Design prepares diverse students of art and design to enrich the world through their creativity, their skill, and their vision. The College offers an interdisciplinary education for 1200 full-time students, awarding BFA degrees in Advertising, Architecture/Landscape/Interiors, Digital Media, Fashion Design, Illustration, Graphic Design, Product Design, Painting, Photography, Sculpture/New Genres, and Toy Design; and MFA degrees in Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Public Practice, and Writing. Continuing Education offers certificate programs as well as personal and professional development courses. Additional information is available at

20Dec/120 Appoints New Director of Creative Services to Expand Their Emerging and Social TV Practice

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 27, 2012 proudly announced today that Stephen Knell has joined the company as the director of creative services to aid in expanding their emerging and social TV footprint for their clients and partners. In his new role, Knell will work to develop innovative executions of social media and interactive resources, including effective uses in broadcast, infographics, interactive and virtual design, while acting as a strong resource to aid client design groups and creative technologists on effective uses and best practices of products.

With over 20 years in the industry serving television audiences from local to network scales, Stephen brings extensive experience in graphics and design direction for news, sports, and entertainment based productions.

As part of a 15 year career at CNN, he served as art director for CNN's New York based productions and served as a member of the core team of leaders responsible for graphics transition to high definition as part of the network's launch of HD broadcasting in 2007. He also participated in the launch of CNNfn in 1995, the first digital network to launch simultaneously on television and the World Wide Web. He designed the market on-air information graphics and tickers seen throughout the network's 9-year run.

Kelly Moulton, North American Vice President of stated "As the social, participative and interactive televison space continues to change, grow and expand, we believe that having Stephen's creative direction and experience will allow our clients and partners to achieve newfound levels of success. We are incredibly excited to offer his vision as part of our client facing strategies."

About's award-winning interactive "TV. Mobile. Social. 1Framework." technology connects fragmented media platforms across broadcast TV systems, mobile, and social media platforms enabling real-time viewer participation, Social TV, and synchronized companion apps. In operation since 1999, has a global customer base including top brands such as ESPN, Univision, Al Jazeera, BBC, CBC, QVC, MBC, Music Choice, TV 2 Norge, TV 2 Danmark, Viasat, and VOA. More information about products is available at


Janna Lewis Moves Intellectual Property and Government Contracts Practice to Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs, Colorado (PRWEB) November 14, 2012

Holland & Hart LLP is pleased to announce Intellectual Property and Government Contracts attorney Janna Lewis has moved her practice to the firms Colorado Springs office. Lewis was previously based out of Holland & Harts Salt Lake City office.

As an active member of the firms Government Contracts practice, Lewis will focus on driving growth in the Colorado Springs market, as well as maintaining her Salt Lake City client base.

Lewis structures and negotiates licensing and technology deals within the commercial and the government sectors, providing her clients with practical, innovative, and cost-effective solutions.

Lewis also regularly assists clients in developing and optimizing their intellectual property portfolios. She conducts risk assessments for complex multi-party licenses and tiered government contracts. She also represents clients in government contract bid protests at the agency level and before the Court of Federal Claims.

Her clients hail from a variety of industries, including software, computer hardware, aerospace, communications, mobile devices, medical devices, entertainment, and renewable energy.

Lewis is a Certified Licensing Professional by the International Licensing Executives Society, as well as a member of the American Intellectual Property Law Association (Licensing and Management of IP Assets Committee, Anti-Counterfeiting and Anti-Piracy Committee), the American Bar Association (Forum Committee on Air and Space Law), the International Bar Association (Space Law, Technology Law, Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law Committees), the Women Tech Council (Education Committee and Advisory Board member), and Women in Aerospace.

Lewis holds a J.D. from the S.J. Quinney College of Law, University of Utah, a B.S. from Southern Utah University, and is pursuing a graduate certificate in International Security from Stanford University.

About Holland & Hart

With its firm-wide resources, local presence and coordinated efforts, Holland & Hart LLP delivers integrated legal solutions to regional, national and international clients of all sizes.

Since its inception in 1947, Holland & Harts more than 400 lawyers have consistently been recognized by leading national and international peer and industry review organizations for innovation and dedication to the practice of law.

For more information, visit

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simplifyMD EHR and Healthpac Practice Management Partnership to Benefit Physician Practices and Revenue Cycle Management Companies

Alpharetta, GA (PRWEB) August 23, 2012

simplifyMD, an ONC-ATCB Certified Electronic Health Records (EHR) software company and Healthpac, a medical billing technology company, announced a strategic partnership today. Under the terms of the agreement, Healthpac will offer simplifyMD products and services to its customers.

The combined products of Healthpac and simpifyMD will allow customers to leverage a world class medical billing platform with simple to use EHR software designed to integrate with existing practice management and billing systems without disruption to revenue and cash flow. With integration that will create seamless and efficient workflow from patient scheduling through the point of care and billing, physicians can reap the benefits of improved medical records management and accessibility while maintaining their existing workflow. By providing solutions focused on the physicians and administrators needs, Healthpac and simplifyMD improve profitability and office efficiency. Additionally, the combined HealthpacsimplifyMD product will allow Healthpacs Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) customers to offer a complete technology platform to their practices.

Michael Brozino, CEO of simplifyMD, said, The growth of RCM and EHR adoption are happening simultaneously. This partnership allows Healthpac End Users to achieve Meaningful Use through simplifyMDs EHR solution, while preserving the investment in their proven practice management system. simplifyMD also helps the RCM companies using the Healthpac platform to gain competitive advantage in the RCM market with a complete, end to end solution. Our Your charts, Your forms, Your workflow philosophy and product architecture makes it simple for doctors to learn and utilize our EHR and Healthpac is one of the most robust and popular practice management systems in the country.

This decision was made carefully and thoughtfully, said Buddy Claborn, CEO of Healthpac. Weve all seen many poor experiences with other EHR vendors and continue our drive to provide Healthpac customers with world class solutions. The relationship with simplifyMD gives our physician customers the technology infrastructure they need to manage their practices more efficiently and our RCM customers a competitive advantage in the marketplace."

About simplifyMD

Atlanta-based simplifyMD understands the stress and complexity physicians can encounter when buying and deploying traditional EHR systems. simplifyMD provides a simple experience to Electronic Health Records management for primary care and many other specialties through an EHR that mirrors the physicians chart, uses the physicians forms, and preserves the physicians workflow. simplifyMDs cloud-hosted EHR streamlines operational workflow, lowers operating costs and increases revenue without disruption to the medical practice. To learn more, please visit

About Healthpac Computer Systems, Inc.

Savannah, Georgia-based Healthpac Computer Systems, Inc. has been a software pioneer in the medical community since 1981. Healthpac provides advanced medical billing and management software for a range of customers that includes physicians, radiology imaging centers, healthcare providers, laboratories and medical billing companies. To learn more, visit


simplifyMDs solution is ONCATCB certified, having been inspected and certified by an Office of the National CoordinatorAuthorized Testing and Certification Body in accordance with the criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. Use of ONCATCB certified EHR technology is a required first step in qualifying eligible healthcare providers for incentive funding available under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

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