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AXIOMTEK’s New Fanless Low Power 5.25-inch Embedded Board, the SBC83677, is Released

(PRWEB) April 23, 2005

AXIOMTEK launches an anti-vibration and cost-effective embedded SBC with fanless CPU and onboard system memory. The 5.25" embedded board, the SBC83677, features an onboard VIA Eden low power CPU with a maximum running speed of up to 1GHz and a FSB (front side bus speed) of 100/133MHz. The CPU is configured in a VT8606 chipset. The SBC is a highly reliable solution for industrial automation and transaction terminals, like ordering processing systems; and additionally, it supports CRT and LVDS TFT LCD displays.

The SBC83677 can be used in harsh environments, and has incredibly higher performance statistics when compared to traditional Pentium 4 platforms. The VIA Eden-series processors are specifically designed to work well in environments with operating temperature up to 60 degree centigrade without a fan. An onboard optional 128/256MB of SDRAM benefits the system reliability as well. The embedded platform also features a PC/104 interface for 16-bit ISA bus expansion, a PC/104+ slot for 32-bit PCI bus functional modules, a Mini PCI type-III socket, SSD, Ethernet with Wake-on-LAN, and flat panel display controllers. We encourage you to discuss your application with our knowledgeable sales personnel for a solution which will enable you to bring your product to the market in the most cost effective and timely manner.

"The SBC83677 is an ideal solution for customer’s anti-vibration applications such as Industrial Automation, streaming intensive transaction terminals, and more," said Joseph Chou, Product Manager of AXIOMTEK’s Embedded Computing Division. "This low power fanless embedded board significantly increases both System MTBF and application possibilities."

Other features like an AC'97 Codec Audio, 4 COM ports with auto-flow control RS-485, a CompactFlash type-II socket with DMA support, Board unique ID, FDD, IDE, 4 USB ports and LPT headers, round out the board.

This astonishing solution is available now. For more information or pricing, please contact your territory sales representative or



Sunny UK, a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Roberts Warr, Launches New Website for Electronics and Low Voltage Power Supplies

(PRWEB) September 1, 2005

Recently launched at, the large and well established electronics subsidiary is increasing its business and exposure on the internet with this new website. Featuring product lists, company information, contact details and more, it offers the best way for potential customers and retail partners to find out about Sunny UK.

Sunny UK is the British distributor for Sunny Computer Technology Co. Ltd. Supplying a competitive range of Linear/Switching Power Supplies, AC DC Adapters, CPU Coolers, AC Sources, Transformers, LCD Monitors and PCB Assemblies.

Sunny UK is now able to offer factory direct pricing, which means you will be able to purchase at much lower prices, but still retain the high quality that Sunny is known for. Sunny welcome your OEM projects and have the Design Team and Research Dept. ready to accommodate any special projects you might have. Sunny UK can act as your overseas warehouse right next door. In order to get factory direct pricing, you would expect to buy the products by the container load. Not at Sunny UK! You can buy short run quantities and still get the same low price as if you were buying by the container.

Visit to find out this reliable and long established business can privide power supplies and electronics, along with great service.

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Semiconductor Cloud ERP Specialist Tensoft Signs Deal with Solantro Semiconductor — The Newest Renewable Power Management Company to Adopt Tensoft FSM

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) November 26, 2013

Tensoft, the leading semiconductor Cloud ERP provider, today announced the execution of a formal agreement with Solantro Semiconductor Corp. of Ottawa, Canada. Solantro, a provider of highly integrated semiconductor chipset-based solutions for distributed power conversion, energy storage and grid management applications will use Tensoft’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, featuring Tensoft Fabless Semiconductor Management (FSM), to manage end-to-end semiconductor ERP processes. Benefits include maintenance of disciplined inventory levels, dynamic lead times, bolstered production automation and heightened financial awareness and controls.

Tensoft FSM was built from the ground up to accommodate the semiconductor industry’s unique manufacturing flow using an "inverted bill-of-materials" (iBOM). The iBOM manages the nuances of starting with one wafer and ending with multiple die, chips or modules versus a traditional BOM available in mass market ERP and MRP systems designed to convert multiple raw materials into a single end product. FSM also supports many of the other functions that are critical for fabless semiconductor and integrated circuit manufacturers, such as the ability to consolidate and analyze work-in-progress (WIP), yield and attributes across vendors and over time, and the ability to track lot genealogy, both forwards and backwards.

“We look forward to implementing Tensoft FSM to manage our ERP and supply chain operations,” said Solantro’s COO Lucas Smith. “Tensoft’s track record in the semiconductor industry as well as their success with other renewable energy and power management companies made them an ideal partner for us. In fact, I have worked with Tensoft before and found that their products and services significantly enhanced the productivity of our team and the reliability of our delivery commitments. We look forward to a successful outcome at Solantro as well.”

“Solantro’s unique products, complex manufacturing processes and rapid growth make it a perfect fit for Tensoft FSM,” said Robert Scarborough, Tensoft President and CEO. “The ability to unite disparate departments, manufacturing facilities and systems through a single semiconductor ERP platform will enable them to scale for even greater growth in the future.”

Solantro joins other Tensoft semiconductor-based customers in the renewable energy and power management industries that create solar, storage, power conversion, high performance computing and LED products, including CHiL Semiconductor, Solar Junction, SemiSouth Laboratories and iWatt.

”Smart Silicon” manufacturers rely on Tensoft FSM for:

Industry-specific planning engine, production control, operations execution and distributor management capabilities, such as an “inverted BOM”, outsourced supplier and fulfillment portals and ship-and-debit capabilities, enable Tensoft customers to compete with larger competitors on a more even playing field.

Automated communication between subcontractor and supply chain vendors, providing real-time visibility and control into all production activity through standard reports and dashboards.

Streamlined capabilities at every step of the process from foundry to fulfillment to provide efficiency, visibility, and cost reductions, ensuring that Tensoft FSM customers can build the right materials and deliver them on time.

About Tensoft FSM

Tensoft Fabless Semiconductor Management (FSM) is a web-based application that supports semiconductor and related industry manufacturing processes. Delivered on premise or in the cloud, Tensoft FSM supports the unique production, supply chain and financial needs of semiconductor and high tech businesses, and is designed to smoothly scale with growth and changing business requirements.

About Solantro Semiconductor Corp.

Solantro enables the development of intelligent, distributed renewable power generation and smart grid management by introducing a fundamentally new approach to Grid-Tied Solar PV, Off-Grid/Micro-Grid, Grid-Tied Storage and Smart-Grid architectures. Providing highly-integrated semiconductor chipsets coupled with intelligent and customizable hardware and software reference platforms allows customers to bring to market highly-differentiated products with extremely attractive performance, reliability and economics. For more information about Solantro, go to

About Tensoft

Tensoft, the leading semiconductor industry Cloud ERP provider supporting emerging growth, mid-tier public companies and divisions of multinational conglomerates, provides business management applications to automate industry-specific lifecycle processes for the semiconductor, technology and software industries. Tensoft's business-ready solutions extend broad, horizontal ERP functionality to complete the most vertically demanding, high-tech needs through critically relevant content, domain expertise, embedded best practices and performance analytics. For over 17 years, technology companies worldwide have relied on Tensoft software and cloud-based services to power and improve operations. Tensoft is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia. For more information, go to or call (888) 450-4030 x406.


Power Generation Equipment Upgrades by Turbine Technology Services Contribute to Improved Performance

Orlando, Florida (PRWEB) September 17, 2013

Turbine Technology Services Corporation (TTS), a full-service gas turbine engineering services firm based in Orlando, Florida is playing a critical role in the upgrade of power generation equipment worldwide by modernizing control systems’ hardware and software to improve the operational performance of gas turbines.

It has been almost 30 years since microprocessor-based control systems were introduced in the power generation industry and—as is typical with electronics—the time to effective obsolescence of these systems has been relatively short. Advances in reliability, capability, flexibility and in the ease of use have been significant over this period.

Case in point, much of the turbine control system HMI and operator interface equipment that was installed in the 90’s and early 2000’s have become obsolete by current industry standards, prompting gas turbine operators to seek upgrade/migration advice from trusted global power engineering providers such as TTS.

In response to these industry challenges, TTS now offers GE gas turbine operators complete HMI upgrade solutions to bring these operator interface systems up to current standards.

The TTS solution is based on Industrial Turbine Service’s Turbine Monitoring System (TMOS) software, an established industry product which has been successfully applied around the world in the replacement of the original GE (I) and (HMI) product line.

These HMI upgrades from TTS provide an improved graphical interface that retains the features of the original operator interface product while adding powerful new capabilities and features including improved unit data acquisition, storage and analysis. These upgrades also provide innovative solutions to the system architecture and communication limitations imposed by the original systems.

“Aging, obsolete equipment increases the risk of failure, potentially leaving turbine operators unable to run or monitor their units,” said Pat Begley, VP of Sales for Europe, the Middle East and Asia at TTS. “HMI upgrades are a very cost effective solution for this particular problem.”

Over the years, TTS has performed numerous HMI upgrades for power generation customers, giving the company a unique insight and experience to address the needs of the industry—from system design and network architecture to hardware installation.

HMI upgrades from TTS are featured in September’s edition of Power Magazine and can be downloaded following this link:

About Turbine Technology Services Corporation

Turbine Technology Services Corporation provides gas turbine technology expertise and turbine engineering and construction services worldwide. The company’s experience and ability to provide technical solutions has led to the successful management of numerous gas turbine installations and modernization projects, and the provision of innovative and unique engineering solutions to gas turbine customers.

For more information about Turbine Technology Services, its products and services, please visit

For More Information:

Lisa Delliacono

Marketing Manager

Turbine Technology Services Corporation

Email: media(at)turbinetech(dot)com

Phone: 407.826.1796

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Girl Power: Game Development Graduate, Rebeccah Cox gets Apple Approval

(PRWEB) August 26, 2013

Media Design School talked to Rebeccah about her journey as a game programming student to indie developer.

Why did you decide to pursue a career in games?

I have always liked maths and have a weakness for logic puzzles. Programming involves a lot of lateral thinking and problem solving, so it suits my way of thinking and working.

How did you discover Media Design School?

I did one year of a bachelor's degree in computer science and found that I only had about four hours of programming a week and the other classes seemed irrelevant. I started at Media Design School the following year and really enjoyed getting to work on code for the majority of the time. Most of the assessments were based on making different games to demonstrate the subject we were working on like physics or AI. This project-based assessment method was what really made me learn the most about game development.

Why did you choose to follow a career in indie games rather than working for a studio?

I like making the whole game from scratch and enjoy art and design as much as programming. This is what led me to indie development, because I didn't want to specialise in any specific area and liked having creative control over projects. However, I also learnt that independent development would be a much harder road and I would definitely not be earning the same money as my peers who went with more traditional jobs. In the end, I decided that the benefits outweighed the drawbacks, and that I was willing to put in the effort to make going indie a success.

How did you decide which platform to develop for?

"I put in a lot of research and eventually decided on iOS because it would be cheaper and easier to make and maintain games. The biggest draw cards were the limited number of devices (and resolutions) and that Apple provides customer support, whereas Android leaves that to the developer. This meant that I would not have to buy a large number of phones and tablets, or hire testing teams and a customer support person to respond to emails. The other factor was that Apple only has one app store, whereas Android has many to choose from, which would require more work when it came to submitting games, and picking stores.

What were the biggest challenges in developing Koi Pond Code Breaker?

It was my first attempt at making an iPhone game, so I encountered a lot of challenges. I was taking a business course, which took away time from the project. I also had a new engine to learn, but I have had to do that before at Media Design School, so it made the process a lot easier. The main hurdle I had to overcome was finishing the game to where I was happy with it, especially since I was working on both the art and code.

What next?

The current goal is to get another three or four games out by the end of the year. In the near future, I am hoping to work on some children's games and interactive stories. I have one lined up that should be out by the end of the year, and will be tested by my old primary school, Aorangi, Rotorua. There is a lot I want to accomplish through games.


Power Practical Introduces Practical Meter, Batteries and New Branding at Summer OR

Salt Lake City, UT (PRWEB) July 31, 2013

Its hot outside and Power Practical isnt helping any. The Salt Lake City-based company is literally bringing the heat to this Summers OR. They manufacture and sell the PowerPot, a high-tech cooking pot that converts heat into electricity. The device is good for charging smartphones, GoPro cameras, etc. and cooking food--all from the heat of a fire. After successfully launching the PowerPot at Winter OR 2013, Power Practical is back with some fresh new faces.

The companys newest product is a small USB power meter that helps optimize solar panels and other portable generators. They call it the Practical Meter, and after introducing it on Kickstarter five weeks ago, the company has sold over 8,000 units to the tune of $ 167,000 in revenue. The Practical Meter plugs into any USB port and measures power throughput. It displays the power level in an easy-to-read 5-bar display that resembles signal strength bars on a cellphone.

If all 5 bars are lit up, youre charging at top speed. If you only see 2 or 3, you need to tilt your solar panel or use a better charging cable, said Riley Swenson, VP of Marketing for Power Practical. Most people dont realize that its actually pretty rare to get maximum charge rate from a solar panel with USB. Its possible but it requires good positioning and compatible cables. Our meter helps people use their portable power gear more efficiently.

The meter has an MSRP of $ 24.99 and includes special fast-charge cables the company says will increase power draw from solar panels. The company says it's aimed as a solar accessory but will be applicable to up-and-coming products such as the BioLite, hydrogen cell chargers, and of course Power Practicals flagship product, the PowerPot.

Power Practical has also complemented their battery lineup with the new Lithium 4400. This battery/lantern combo holds about 3 smartphone charges and can be rapidly charged in two hours. It can be recharged by solar panels, the PowerPot or at home. It weighs only four ounces and features an impressive 4-light LED lantern.

Look for Power Practical and the PowerPot at booth PV1033 in the new product pavilion. Or to learn more check out the official website at

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Abracon Introduces 4pF-Plated Tuning Fork Crystal for Ultra-low Power RTC Applications

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA (PRWEB) June 25, 2013

A globally preferred, leading supplier of frequency control and magnetic components, Abracon Corporation introduces its ESR Optimized, 4pF Tuning Fork Crystal for ultra-low power RTC applications.

Housed in a space saving 2.0 x 1.2 x 0.6mm SMT package, the ABS06-107-32.768kHz-T device offers a guaranteed maximum ESR of 80k, while plated at a 4pF effective load. Low power RTC applications with amplifier transconductance of less than 3


Hybricon Corporation’s RME1021M High Power Enclosures Named Best in Class

Ayer, MA (PRWEB) December 1, 2005

Hybricon Corporations RME1021M Series enclosure has been chosen as best standard enclosure of 2005 by EE Product News magazine. The editors at EEPN reviewed the past years products and chose the best products in each of their standard product categories. Their choice of best products was based on performance or innovation or other quality that caught their attention.

Hybricons RME1021M enclosures provide a significant improvement in cooling capability for high power ruggedized applications. The power dissipation levels of todays extremely dense CPU and DSP boards are dramatically higher than in the past and keeping these high power boards cool is a challenge. The RME21M enclosure meets that challenge by employing dual DC impellers powered by a dedicated power supply output and patented CoolSlot


Power Equipment Plus Explains What Dad Really Wants for Fathers Day

Vergennes, VT (PRWEB) May 17, 2013

Want to surprise your dad for Fathers Day this year? Give him a year off from the socks, ties and books and instead surprise him with a powerful gift that he will use for years to support his passions and let his inner handyman shine.

The nations largest online retailer of power equipment offers exciting Fathers Day gifts in the form of affordable tools including electric chainsaws, remote-start generators, shredder vacs and more to help dad tackle yard work and other projects.

Power Equipment Pluss experienced product experts have assembled their favorite gift ideas for dad in multiple price levels, and every gift ships free nationwide from Power Equipment Plus.

Gifts Under $ 50

Garden Tool Sharpener: a top seller and great all-around tool for refreshing hand tools, pruners, mower blades, knives, axes, and more. $ 9.99

Form-A-Funnel: this malleable funnel is an ingenious flexible draining tool perfect for changing oil and fluids in tight, hard-to-reach places. Great for winterizing and versatile; can be used with boats, motorcycles and cars, mowers, chainsaws, and more. $ 15.99-$ 32.99

Star Tron Enzyme Treatment: Most of todays gasoline and diesel fuels contain 10% ethanol, which increases the amount of water in fuel tanks, incomplete fuel combustion, and gum and varnish buildup. An enzyme treatment will save dads engine and make it last longer. One bottle treats 512 gallons of gas. $ 36.99

Firewood Moisture Meter: This handy tool will help dad to detect and measure the moisture content in wood. It will prove helpful when buying seasoned wood or preparing your own, and can help keep chimneys free of creosote build up that can start chimney fires. $ 49.99

Gifts Under $ 100

Shredder Vac: These multipurpose tools make cleaning your yard, walk, patio and driveway a snap by shredding lawn and garden debris for use as mulch or compost. Fall leaves can also be mulched for compost. $ 69.99-$ 99.99

Greenworks Electric Corded Chainsaw: This lightweight, gasless chainsaw is powerful enough to cut through large branches and small trees but versatile enough to trim rose bushes. $ 99.99

Timberjack: Hitting the ground with a running chainsaw can badly dull the chain or cause a dangerous kickback. To prevent these problems, the Timberjack holds logs off the ground for safe sawing. $ 89.99

Poulan 25cc Gas Trimmer: This powerful hand held gas powered trimmer is highly mobile and perfect for maintaining residential lawns. $ 99.99

Cool Gifts for Bigger Budgets

CORE Gasless Hedge Trimmer: With an engine that utilizes friction plates instead of the traditional wire winding, COREs gasless, zero-emission technology is revolutionizing the market, offering tremendous power to weight ratios and long use time between charges. Make dad the coolest guy on the block with this high tech, lightweight trimmer. $ 319.99

Cambell Hausfeld 1800 psi Pressure Washer: Enough power to clean cars, boats, siding and grills while using 80% less water than a garden hose. $ 129.99

Champion 3500 Watt Generator with Remote Electric Start: This powerful unit is designed for long life and easy maintenance. Whether being used to run lights during a storm or to power appliances on a camping trip, nothing beats the convenience of a remote start. $ 599.99

Be sure to check the garage before you buyyour dad may be loyal to a particular brand of power equipment, and those preferences matter.

For more information, Power Equipment Plus employs 80 full time US-based customer service and equipment experts (reachable at 1-800-550-8780) to help buyers choose the perfect equipment. For more information, visit

About Power Equipment Plus

Power Equipment Plus is an online superstore offering the best brands and fullest line of the power equipment available anywhere, superior customer service from 80 US-based experts, and free shipping nationwide.

Located in Vergennes, Vermont, Power Equipment Plus is an affiliate of Country Home Products, a proven leader in the power equipment industry with nearly 30 years of innovative products and made-in-the-USA manufacturing experience. Country Home Products is the parent company of the DR


Harnessing the True Power of a Network Support Team

New York, NY (PRWEB) April 29, 2013

When it comes to the world of modern business, there is no question that any company that interacts with computers in any remote fashion could benefit from the services of a dedicated IT support team. Yet often some of the largest perceived barriers to hiring such a team are concerns about cost.

When it comes to IT Support, a lot of companies will try to cut corners budget-wise, often by hiring on friends, families, or associates they know that are good with tech rather than a dedicated team of specialists says Emil Isanov, CEO of Etech 7. The bosss friend, for example, might be competent enough to connect a monitor properly, or even hook up routers around the office, and so the impression is given off that such a basic level of IT knowledge is sufficient enough for company productivity. A company accounting team might look at such a situation and think our internet works, our website functions properly; why should we bother allotting our budget to pay for a network support company?

Such a misconception, Mr. Isanov says, is common even among businesses that do bother to hire It support companies.

Most businesses arent paid to properly research and analyze IT workthats why they hire outside teamsbut the result is that they underestimate what these teams can do for them. A company that hires on a networking team, for example, may possess only a base knowledge of what that team does, namely internet hookup, data security, and network monitoring. But what theyre often unaware of is that these same networking teamsteams like the ones at Etech 7can also perform such tasks as website creation and maintenance and, more importantly, search engine optimization, or SEO.

SEO, according to Mr. Isanov, can be an invaluable business asset, even for smaller companies.

When it comes to SEO, the network management teams that are really good, that cover all the angles from the power of social media to the creation of regular new and exciting content and that use SEO reporting tools can actually optimize the website so well that a company can bring in more revenue from SEO than they spent on the networking team in the first place. While theres no guarantee of this necessarily, the possibility of expanding company reach through various outlets, combined with the knowledge that a companys network is reliable, their website is optimized for multiple platforms, and that their data is secure, should be incentive enough in my mind for any company to hire on an IT team.

Still, Mr. Isanov states, many are not fully convinced.

For those who arent entirely certain what an IT team can do for them, Etech 7 offers complimentary ebooks, advice, and consulting in addition to basic troubleshooting services. Were confident enough that if you dont like our service enough after one visit, you shouldnt have to pay for it.

About the Company:

ETech 7 is a technology services leader offering managed IT services, IT outsourcing, backup and disaster recovery solution. Please visit or contact (212) 997-1202 for more information.

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