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Portland Oregon Personal Trainer Kisar Dhillons Grand Opening for the Art of Personal Training

Portland, Oregon (PRWEB) August 15, 2012

The Grand Opening will take place at Red Slate wine bar this Friday August 17th, 2012 from 6pm to 8pm. The guest list is by invite only and will be for current clients, nearby business associates and family & friends. Portland personal trainer Kisar Dhillon will be on site answering any questions that potential clientele may have, but the purpose of this shindig is to celebrate the opening of the best Portland Oregon personal training studios in the city.

Kisar Dhillons goal was to start searching for a private studio location within one year, but the opportunity arose when this wonderful space came for lease in the up incoming area in Southeast Portland. Along with The Art of Personal Training, there are various high tech, media and advertising firms that are in the same building, which adds to the extra hip vibe that this entire location has.

This hip vibe was implemented into Portland personal trainer Kisar Dhillons location. With the help of interior designers and professional contractors, this space has come alive with vibrant primary colors that will put anyone in a great mood and ready to workout. It has been 10 years in the making for this dream to come a reality and the time is here. After selling a successful private in-home personal training business, Portland Oregon personal trainer Kisar Dhillon wanted to do something different, and that is when The Art Of Personal Training became a reality.

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Personal Check Printing Software Adds Backup and Restore for Increased Security

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) May 05, 2012

New database back-up and restore features in ezCheckPersonal check printing software guards users data against loss due to computer crashes, viruses and similar data-loss events. The latest edition also includes updates to simplify installation for Windows Vista users.

Designed to give individuals and families the ability to save money by printing their own checks from home, ezCheckPersonal from now includes a back-up and restore system that protects users check-writing data from loss. With just a few clicks of the mouse, users checking account and payee data can be saved to an external hard drive, cloud drive or removable media. Should the user lose their main file due to computer crash, disc corruption, virus or other event, the back-up file is easily recovered and imported to the re-installed ezCheckPersonal.

Users of our business products have enjoyed the security of easy back-up and restore features and we decided customers of ezCheckPersonal should have access to that same peace of mind, said founder Dr. Ge. Losing important account data is a huge inconvenience and as people use the internet more and more, the dangers of viruses, hackers and other threats increase the chance of losing that important data. The new features in ezCheckPersonal check writing software allow users to safely back-up and protect their data without hassle or computer programming skills.

The new version 2.0.6 of ezCheckPersonal check writing software also includes updates to the installation package, making the process easier for Windows Vista users. In the past, some Windows Vista users with limited access permissions reported problems installing and running the software. In the latest edition, this problem has been remedied.

Personal check writing software saves users time and money.

With ezCheckPersonal check writing software, users can print checks quickly and effortlessly from home using their home computer using a standard laser printer. Information for checks can be automatically added to a check when a previous payee is selected, significantly cutting time spent paying bills. And printing from home saves money by eliminating the need for expensive pre-printed checks. Blank checks can be printed ahead of time for in-store purchases.

Additional features of ezCheckPersonal include:

Intuitive graphical interface leads users step by step through check writing and printing
Edit check layout and create customized personal checks
Supports unlimited number of bank accounts
Print signature image on checks
Print a logo or graphic on checks for customized look
Easy import and export of data
Support multiple check formats (3 or 4 checks per page)
Compatible with QuickBooks and QuickBooks check-printing formats
Never run out of checks more checks are as close as the nearest business supply store or order online at and choose Next Day Shipping

Customers can try ezCheckPersonal check writing software risk free

Customers can try ezCheckPersonal free to ensure it meets their needs. Users simply download the fully functional software at and begin using it. If customer likes it, he can purchase a license key for just $ 24 per installation to unlock ezCheckPersonal for unlimited use.

To save even more money, customers can get the full-version license for free through a special offer with TrialPay. Details online.

About ezCheckPersonal check writing software

Louisville, Ky.-based is the developer of ezCheckPersonal and can be found online at also has a complete lineup of affordable and easy-to-use tax and financial software titles for small businesses, including ezW2, ezPaycheck, ezCheckPrinting, ezBarcodePrinting and ezTimeSheet.


Mobile Media SMS-MMS Messaging Makes Business more Personal: announces customer endorsed best practices in mobile marketing.

Baltimore , Maryland (PRWEB) April 22, 2012

According to the Digital Marketing Deva, Maya, one solution to this fragmentation is text messaging. SMS-MMS Texting gives businesses an efficient and cost effective solution to help reach their target audience. But, with Mobile devices being so personalized and private, the question most businesses often forget to ask is: Does your customer want to hear from you in such a personal way? Businesses have to be responsible and strategic about using mobile marketing as a way to reach their customer or they may alienate them."

Increasingly businesses are realizing that when the traditional modes of marketing and social media become clogged, it is SMS text messaging that will break through the bottleneck to instantly reach customers. Right now, the wireless industry trade group CTIA, says the open rates for Text Messages are at 97%. When this is compared to mere open rates of 5-20% for email that result is impressive.

It is clear that mail is no longer the fastest, smartest or best way to reach anyone. Most people are overwhelmed with email and much of it is spam as well. When you need to reach someone right away, there is a growing trend to use SMS-MMS Text Messaging Marketing as the business tool of choice. However, businesses should be concerned that as more and more customer receive SMS messages, that they will see texting as just another form of spam.

At Milagro Mobile Marketing clients are asked to consider carefully how personal it is to send someone a text message. Careful consideration should be taken to create a SMS-MMS Text Messaging Marketing strategy that is relevant to the customer. "Text messages should only be sent when it is particularly important to that customer, and usually only one or two messages should be sent in a week at most" says Maya Mendoza "Companies should also be particularly careful about what time of day they send messages." Maya suggested that in her studies for setting up restaurant campaigns it has proven more effective to not send a SMS-MMS Text Message about dinner specials at 7am in morning but her results were much higher when sent a sms-mms text message offering coffee and a muffin special until 11am at that time. Be time appropriate to your business model and customer base.

Maya Mendoza, CEO for said, "We're interested in building long-term relationships and assisting our clients in the same way. When you use SMS it is important to engage with your audience and not just 'sell to them.' We would rather have 5000 fully engaged subscribers than 50,000 coupon seekers so do not spam your customers, respect them."

Mendoza added, "By giving your mobile number, you are allowing a business to contact you in a very personal way. We recommend that the business should only share exciting news that is compelling, relevant and time appropriate. We know that if the business sends irrelevant, unwanted stuff to customers that the trust will be broken, and when the trust is broken, the relationship between the customers and the business is over."

About Milago is an international company with a mobile workforce and offices in Glasgow Scotland and Baltimore Maryland. Founded by CEO Maya Mendoza, the Digital Marketing Deva, as she calls herself, Milagro Mobile Marketing delivers a comprehensive range of interactive mobile marketing tools that make it easy to create, deliver and monitor all types of mobile campaigns. Milagro's new and high tech mobile systems allow businesses the ability to send text messages to groups and can track the actions taken by her customers. Users can deliver: mobile coupons, mobile surveys and voting, mobile sweepstakes, mobile virtual business cards, QR codes and more.

Many market segments and brands are already benefiting from's user-friendly and secure mobile marketing environment. For more information on custom designed SMS-MMS Text Messaging Marketing campaigns go to for up to date information on comprehensive custom packages and competitive prices.


Aurametrix Revolutionizes Personal Health Management

Sunnyvale, CA (PRWEB) April 16, 2012

Aurametrix, Inc., a provider of health management solutions, today announced immediate availability of the Aurametrix personal health management system, a breakthrough analysis tool that accelerates the process of identifying variables that influence human health. The web-based solution is targeted for use by people who experience food sensitivities, allergies, or metabolic disorders, or who want to improve their diet and exercise to maximize their wellbeing.

By using innovative computational methods and rich data sources to correlate symptoms with health determinants, the Aurametrix solution represents a bold step toward providing individuals cost-effective personal health management systems that complement traditional diagnostics, said Russ Altman, professor of bioengineering, genetics, and medicine and chairman, Department of Bioengineering at Stanford University.

Functional disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), though rarely life-threatening, trigger a variety of symptoms that can take both a social and economic toll on individuals, said Irene Gabashvili, founder and CEO of Aurametrix. The Aurametrix personal health management system provides users unprecedented insight into health determinants based on automated analysis of local air quality and allergen levels, existing medical conditions, diet, exercise, and other variables. The system also draws inferences from aggregate analyses it performs every day. As the Aurametrix user community grows, so does the breadth and depth of the systems collective knowledge base, helping people connect the dots to better health.

Many ailments are difficult to diagnose because their symptoms can be triggered by a variety of factors in combination, including food types, stress levels, and environmental stimuli. Years of personal trial and error are often needed to link reactions with the underlying causes before diet and lifestyle adjustments can be made to alleviate the symptoms. The Aurametrix personal health management system is an easy-to-use, yet comprehensive analysis solution that lets people rapidly identify subtle cause-effect relationships that contribute, either positively or negatively, to their health. It helps individuals not only uncover conditions uniquely affecting their symptoms, but also fine-tune their diet and exercise levels over time so they can reach their optimal wellness plateaus.

About Aurametrix

Aurametrix, Inc. is a privately funded company headquartered in Sunnyvale, California using the latest advances in software and knowledgebase technology to provide next-generation web-based health management solutions. The Aurametrix personal health management system is a breakthrough analysis tool that lets people connect the dots to better health. For more information, please visit Aurametrix online at

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Vatterott College adds Legal Assistant, Personal Fitness Trainer, and HVAC Service Technician at Fairview Heights Campus

Fairview Heights, IL (PRWEB) April 10, 2012

Vatterott College announces the addition of three new programs, Legal Assistant, Personal Fitness Trainer and Heating Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Service Technician, at its Fairview Heights, Ill. campus located at 110 Commercial Lane. All three programs will prepare students with essential skills before they enter the workforce.

The Legal Assistant program is designed to introduce students to the legal field. Graduates of the 40-week diploma program are qualified to pursue an entry-level legal assistant or legal secretary position in a private practice setting, public interest setting or corporate legal department. In the classroom, students will take 56 total quarter credit hours instructed by practiced legal professionals. Courses range from legal terminology and computer concepts to criminal law and legal research.

As the nationwide effort to maintain physical fitness rises, so does the demand for personal trainers. The Personal Fitness Trainer diploma program at Vatterott incorporates comprehensive coursework, certification training and practical experience to help students gain employment as a personal trainer in gyms, fitness centers, private studios and corporate wellness programs, or to start their own personal fitness training business. Experienced trainers instruct courses on fundamental basics and evolve toward advanced topics such as kinesiology and a comprehensive personal trainer externship. Students also have the opportunity to attend a personal trainer boot camp where they are challenged to focus their career vision. Graduates of the program are prepared to take the NASM-CPT certification exam, offered by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), to become a Certified Personal Trainer.

Students in Vatterotts Heating Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Service Technician (HVAC) program at Fairview Heights are taught the skills needed to secure an entry-level position as a maintenance or service technician in the industry upon completion. The HVAC program provides courses based on the theory and working knowledge of heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, high pressure steam, energy management and commercial environmental systems.

At Vatterott College, we strive to offer our students degrees and programs that will provide opportunities now and in the future, said Cameron Bond, campus director at Vatterott College in Fairview Heights.

Vatterott College in Fairview Heights is currently enrolling students for the Legal Assistant, Personal Fitness Trainer and Heating Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Service Technician programs. Day and evening classes provide students with the flexibility to continue their education. For more information about the courses offered at Vatterott College in Fairview Heights visit or call 618- 489-2400.

About Vatterott College

Vatterott College has been dedicated to providing quality career training to students seeking the necessary skills to advance in their field since 1969. Vatterott, with its headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, has campuses across the Midwest, offering education in high-demand fields. Diploma, associate and bachelor degrees are offered in advanced trade industries and computer technology, with 25 locations, as well as an online division, across ten states. To learn more, please visit


Sky Catcher Introduces a Virtual Personal Computer That Fits Into Your Pocket or Purse

Sky Catcher Introduces a Virtual Personal Computer That Fits Into Your Pocket or Purse

Spindale, NC (PRWEB) January 25, 2010

Sky Catcher Solutions introduced a portable, personal computer that is smaller than a pack of cigarettes at the DOD Cyber Crime Conference in St. Louis today. The North Carolina based Technology Company’s VPC²™ operates inside its ENCRYPTOKEY™ a highly secure USB device. The VPC²™ contains its own WindowsXP™ operating system and even has the option of operating within the most secure environment available in the enterprise world today – a cyber-warfare grade VPN known as the VPN4™. “Don’t be fooled by such a small device”, said President and Chief Operating Officer Kent Covington of Sky Catcher Solutions. “The VPC²™ has everything that a standard PC offers but without the size and security risks”, Covington said.

Sky Catcher’s VPC²™ is truly a secure and portable desktop. Much more than a USB device, the VPC²™ replaces the laptop for portability. The VPC²™ turns any non-trusted machine into a secure platform for a fully managed portable desktop. Everything needed resides inside the VPC²™ – use any PC or laptop for only the keyboard, monitor and mouse. No traces of the VPC²™ are left behind on the host machine and there is no data transferred to the host machine. In fact, the host machine does not even need to have a hard drive installed. The full virtual desktop is in the user's private partition, ensuring no cross-contamination. There is no data leakage to host, and no host infections or vulnerabilities can jump to the VPC²™ desktop.

According to the FBI, over 90 percent of all computer security breaches are a direct result of not having the latest patches or security updates installed or simply the ability of a skilled hacker to exploit as yet unknown vulnerabilities in a computer operating system. In a recent theft of a “single” laptop computer holding sensitive Veteran information could have cost the taxpayers of the United States as much as $ 500 million as reported by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. There is a multitude of data within the Enterprise marketplace that is at risk today. The VPC²™ now provides a way for that data to be secured while at rest or while it is being transported; either physically or electronically.

About Sky Catcher Solutions

Sky Catcher Solutions is a North Carolina Based systems integrator and market leader in developing highly secure and encrypted portable solutions for data, video and voice transmissions via LAN/WAN networks. For more information, visit or call 888-577-8899 – Ext. 116.

Contact Info:

Don Thompson

Sky Catcher Solutions

650 West Street

Spindale, NC 28160

828-288-8899 Ext 115



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Forgot Your Password? Password Genie Makes it Magically Appear: New Password Management Software Revolutionizes the Way Americans Secure Personal Information Online

Forgot Your Password? Password Genie Makes it Magically Appear: New Password Management Software Revolutionizes the Way Americans Secure Personal Information Online

Cedar Rapids, IA (PRWEB) October 18, 2010

Anyone who has ever forgotten a computer password is familiar with the "Forgot Your Password?" button on the sign-in page. Now, there's a secure and convenient way for computer users to save, store and recall all their passwords instantly. Password Genie™ is management software that users can download on up to five computers and can be shared with unlimited users.

"Password Genie is a sophisticated software program in a growing field called password management," said Robert O'Dell, President and CEO of Security Coverage, the developer of Password Genie. "This type of management is becoming more important since it is estimated that the average computer user maintains more than one dozen passwords that today require more complexity with character variations and length to meet security demands."

According to scientists from Georgia Tech Research Institute and quoted in a recent HelpNet Security article, the growing number of processors and their increasing processing power on graphic cards will soon make 7-character passwords "hopelessly inadequate" to withstand brute force attacks. It's only a matter of time before online services begin requiring 12-character passwords, further complicating consumers' digital lifestyles.

Ideal for consumers, small office and home office users of all ages, Password Genie is easy to install and use: 1. Visit, 2. Install Password Genie and create a Master Account, 3. Sign into your protected websites the first time, 4. Password Genie automatically will provide a prompt to save logins on-the-fly, 5. Every time consumers visit their protected websites, Password Genie will automatically sign them in.

The program adapts to users' online habits and securely captures passwords while they move from site to site. The software can be customized easily to meet each user's preferences. "Every user can create his or her own settings and security levels," said Jennifer Rudolf, Password Genie Product Manager. "Additionally, at any time, each user can view and manage all passwords from a single program, and even across multiple computers."

The program uses 256 bit AES encryption for the local password storage and 128 bit SSL encryption when synchronizing between computers, both very trusted and safe encryption methods. It saves all usernames and passwords so consumers never have to write them down again. Password Genie is supported by 24/7 customer support if issues should occur and there is also a secure backup service ensuring that if anything happens Password Genie will recover all of the user's saved passwords.

About Password Genie and SecurityCoverage

Password Genie was launched in October 2010 and compliments a sophisticated line of products from SecurityCoverage, Inc. SecurityCoverage provides fully managed, fully supported, corporate-style desktop computing security and technical support services to individual users through a partnership group of Internet Service Providers, telecommunications and cable companies and financial institutions across the nation. Based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the privately-owned company offers a one-stop shop suite of web-based products and services, designed to drive revenue and promote customer loyalty. Password Genie offers users the same level of convenience, "hands-free" support and "hands-free" protection that large corporations provide their employees. For product and company information, contact Teisha Welsh at (319) 298-4731 or visit

# # #

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Armor2net Personal Firewall

Armor2net Personal Firewall

Sparks, NV (PRWEB) September 9, 2004

Armor2net announces the release of Armor2net Personal Firewall, a program for the Windows operating system that helps protect computers from the threats on the Internet and World Wide Web. With Armor2net Personal Firewall in place, end-users can breathe a sigh of relief.

Armor2net Personal Firewall software provides a complete spectrum of Internet security and Internet privacy for computers. The program protects the computer from hackers, data thieves, and other Internet-based dangers. Armor2net Personal Firewall carefully monitors the computer and tracks all connections, both incoming and outgoing. This allows the user to determine which connections are allowed and which are not. The software will show complete details of each connection, so the user can turn off unsafe connections and block dangerous Internet sites.

In addition, Armor2net Personal Firewall is able to stop Internet pop-up ads, a feature that can be customized for each individual Web site. The program will also search your computer for spyware, and remove the spyware components safely. Armor2net Personal Firewall allows the user to grant and deny access to the Internet on a per-application basis, which will prevent harmful worm, Trojan horse, and spyware programs from infiltrating your computer. The program also alerts you of any intrusive behavior coming from the Internet.

Armor2net Personal Firewall has an easy-to-use interface and is very intuitive. Unlike most of its competitors, Armor2net is truly “intelligent” firewall software that allows many of its functions to be automatically processed. The application is perfectly suited for home and office, for new users and those with greater experience.

System requirements

Armor2net Personal Firewall will run under Windows 98, ME, 2000, and Windows XP. It requires 32MB of RAM and 20MB of free hard disk space.


Armor2net Personal Firewall is available for $ 19.99 from the Armor2net Web site at

For more information on Armor2net Personal Firewall or other products from Armor2net, contact Armor2net at (+1)775-321-9608,press@armor2net.comor visit the company’s Web site at


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Carry Your Personal Cloud in Your Palm: iTwin Makes It Simple to Securely Access All Your Files on the Go

Carry Your Personal Cloud in Your Palm: iTwin Makes It Simple to Securely Access All Your Files on the Go

Singapore (PRWEB) June 09, 2011

iTwin today announced enhancements to its award winning iTwin file sharing device ($ 99) to even more effectively replicate the experience of sitting in front of a home or work computer from anywhere. A new thumbnail image view allows the user to see photos and other remote image files in the familiar “preview” look and feel to that of working on a local machine. Also released in this update, iTwin users can now seamlessly stream remote media files without making a local copy. iTwin is also now compatible with almost every type of known proxy server, so users can remotely access files from all network environments. Existing iTwin users can simply “plug and play” to take advantage of these new benefits, without the requirement of paying monthly subscription fees or the need to purchase a new device.

These new features allow iTwin to function as an even better “Personal Cloud.” iTwin makes it easy to quickly view and edit files in the original stored location—protecting the security of the user’s most private and confidential files. iTwin users do not pay monthly subscription fees as is typically required with cloud storage space. And since iTwin is hardware and only limited by the size of a computer’s hard drive, users can access any number of files of any size under the one-time purchase price of $ 99.

In a recent article in the New York Times on cloud storage, Verne G. Kopytoff writes “…well-publicized hackings and thefts at big companies like Sony, RSA Security and the e-mail marketing firm Epsilon Data Management worry the late adopters.” Further, George Hamilton, an analyst with Yankee Group, states in Kopytoff’s article, “I wouldn’t want to put anything with a Social Security number on a cloud-based storage service.”

“iTwin continues to innovate to deliver a simple and secure way to remotely use a computer in the same way you would by sitting in front of it,” said Lux Anantharaman, co-founder and CEO of iTwin. “Cloud storage has severe limitations, and it requires storage of sensitive information to be turned over to a third party, leaving it open to being compromised. With the iTwin, because a user’s information always is stored on their original device, the risk of private information being used inappropriately is mitigated.”

iTwin comprises two identical parts that resemble a standard USB drive. One part of the iTwin goes into the main computer, the other half, or “twin,” can be activated on any PC with an Internet connection, enabling immediate access to files from one computer to the other. Twin employs two-factor authentication, military-grade 256-bit AES encryption, and a proprietary remote disable feature to protect information with the highest standards of security. iTwin enables users to share, copy or back-up work documents, digital music and photo libraries, or general files and folders often needed from the road. iTwin professional users can also collaborate by remotely accessing and/or editing files, while ensuring complete versioning control.

In an online review in the Chicago Tribune on May 17, Terry Gardner writes “(iTwin) really is ‘plug and play’. I like the option of traveling with a little flash drive rather than my laptop so I can share photos or music with a friend or use the friend's computer to work on documents stored on my home computer.”

iTwin is available now at an introductory price of $ 99 USD at iTwin will be exhibiting at GDGT Live New York and in the CEA Line Show during Consumer Electronics Week in New York City, June 21-23, 2011. To schedule a meeting with iTwin during the show please call Schwartz Communications at 415-512-0770 or email iTwin(at)Schwartzcomm(dot)com. For more information, please visit

About iTwin

iTwin is a user-friendly device for connecting any two online computers, anywhere in the world, safely and simply. It supports Microsoft Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista. Unlike storage offerings with space limitations and privacy risks, iTwin’s award-winning product comprises two identical halves that need only be plugged into two computers for them to be instantly connected and secured by hardware-based encryption. iTwin, honored as a 2009 finalist in the TechCrunch50 awards, makes remote file access as simple as using a flash drive while enabling users to replicate the experience of one computer on any other computer with an internet connection. Travel light, take as many of your tunes, videos and pictures as you'd like and eliminate leaking of sensitive data by leaving the laptop at the office. For more ideas on how to be productive and worry free with iTwin, please visit, or follow us on twitter @iTwinTweet and Facebook at


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Nothing Personal: Employees Still Don’t Understand Perils of Computer Use at Work

Nothing Personal: Employees Still Don't Understand Perils of Computer Use at Work

Mount Kisco, NY (PRWEB) November 13, 2006

As we mark e-mail's 25th birthday by exchanging more than 143 billion messages a day, it's not all cause for celebration. A new survey reveals significant misunderstanding among American workers regarding the privacy of their personal e-mail and other computer activities in the workplace. A large percentage do not know that even their most personal messages may be stored electronically and can come back to haunt them or their employer. Just ask former Florida Congressman Mark Foley, whose improper instant messages to Congressional pages made the news last month.

WeComply, a leading provider of business ethics and compliance training, today released the results of a survey entitled Nothing Personal: 2006 Survey of Computer Use at Work. Fielded by Kelton Research, a national polling firm, the survey asked 1,000 U.S. workers whether they thought their personal computer activities at work remained personal or became business records of their employer. The survey covered personal e-mails, instant messages (IMs), web searches and word-processing files created on computers in the workplace.

Among the survey highlights:

    Overall, more than half of all workers did not know that personal e-mail, IMs and unsent files created on work computers may become business records.

    Over 40% of those surveyed did not realize that personal web searches on their work computers could become business records.

    Two-thirds of all workers did not understand that personal IMs to friends could become business records.

    Younger workers (18-34) tended to be less aware than older ones. More than half of the younger group (55%) did not understand that sending an e-mail to a friend created a business record, compared with 39% of those over 55.

"While we've seen more and more companies issue 'appropriate use' policies and monitor their employees' computer activities, we wanted to find out if employees really understood how the policies applied to them - especially to computer activities they considered personal in nature," said David Simon, WeComply's founder and president. "As we suspected, most employees don't realize that virtually anything they do on their work computers is archived somewhere within the company and could end up in tomorrow's headlines or next year's court records."

Concerns about electronically stored information (ESI) are especially high in view of amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) that are scheduled to take effect December 1, 2006. The amendments establish new procedures for an orderly exchange of ESI early in the litigation process, thus making it all the more likely that inappropriate e-mails, web searches, IMs and other ESI will come to light in pre-trial discovery.

"The better employees understand what winds up as a business record, the less likely they'll be to use their work computers in ways that jeopardize themselves and their employers," Simon said. "But these survey findings show that there's still a long way to go."

For more information, or to request a copy of the survey report, please go to WeComply Report.

About WeComply

WeComply is the leading provider of customizable online compliance training, offering more than 40 programs on such topics as business ethics, workplace discrimination and harassment, information security, privacy, international law, and financial integrity. WeComply's Record Management and E-mail and Internet Use training programs have been revised to reflect the results of this survey and to help companies comply with the new FRCP amendments. For more information, visit WeComply.

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