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The FroKnowsPhoto Beginners Guide Teaches People to Capture Spectacular Images Simply –

(PRWEB) December 13, 2013

The FroKnowsPhoto Beginners Guide, a new photography guide for beginners, was designed by Jared Polin. As an expert in photography, he claims to help people to capture striking images easily without getting stuck with the Auto mode of their cameras. The 3-hour video will teach users the basics of photography and give real-life examples. The guide will provide users with tips, ways and suggestions to shoot impressive pictures. Users who receive little training of photography will find it easy to follow the guide. They will not restrict themselves to create pictures with the automatic mode of their cameras anymore. After the creator introduced his guide, he has received positive feedback from numerous customers who have been satisfied with The FroKnowsPhoto Beginners Guide. Thus, the website has presented an overview about its utility.

A complete overview of The FroKnowsPhoto Beginners Guide on the site makes it clear that this is an informative photography guide. It can help beginners reach higher levels of photography with ease and fun. Users will get a firm grasp of photography namely the fundamentals of cameras, photography principles, photography terminology, major parts and functions of any DSLR. They will also learn how images are captured and get prepared to take beautiful pictures at any time. Thanks to TheFroKnowsPhoto Beginners Guide, users will become more competent and confident in capturing images.

Mathew Turner from the site says: “This is a useful photography guide for those who wish to develop their photography skill systematically. Users can download the program to their computers instantly. The program is also available in the form of physical DVD and Data Disc. Users will receive the bonus 20-minute video outlining a five-year photography plan. This plan will guide users how to make photography a profitable business. Besides, users will grasp the opportunity to work as Jared’s assistant on four professional-level photo shoots. It should be noted that the program will carry a two-month money back guarantee. In other words, users can get your money back if they dislike the program for any reason. In this case, users have to pay shipping and restoring fees.”

To discover more about The FroKnowsPhoto Beginners Guide overview, they could visit the website.

Additional information on The FroKnowsPhoto Beginners Guide can be found on the official site.

About the website: is the site developed by Dung Vu. The site serves to help people find tips, techniques, methods, ways about various topics including entertainment, health & fitness, and self-help. If people have feedback on digital products, they could write emails to Dung Vu at dungvq(at)abb2u(dot)com.

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How To Overcome Procrastination | Attractor Genie Helps People Clear Their Limiting Beliefs About Money V-kool

Seattle, Wa (PRWEB) August 24, 2013

Attractor Genie course developed by John Petrov introduces to people secrets to success in business, finances, and relationships, tips to clear all their limiting beliefs about money, and lessons on how to overcome procrastination. After John Petrov launched the Attractor Genie course, a lot of customers have used it for learning how to live the life of their dreams easily. Consequently, the website completed a full overview about the effectiveness of this course.

A full overview of Attractor Genie on the site indicates that this course takes people step-by-step through the process of discovering advanced methods to end procrastination forever, and lessons about the law of attraction. The course also teaches people how to remove negative thoughts, how to activate the law of attraction, and how to delete their limiting beliefs. In addition, when ordering this course, people will get a guided meditation audio, videos, software, some self improvement books, and a lot of special gifts from John Petrov. Firstly, people will get the Attractor Genie manual that helps them master the law of attraction, and manifest anything they desire. Secondly, people will receive the Attractor Genie software that is designed to be simple to use. Thirdly, the course gives people 16 Law Of Attraction Tutorials videos that instruct them how to create projects for different aspects of their life such as confidence, friendship, new car, weight loss, spirituality, and other aspects. Finally, John Petrov offers people a policy of money back if the Attractor Genie course does not work for them.

Jayna Davis from the site says that: Attractor Genie is the unique course that covers tips for overcoming procrastination quickly. The course also reveals to people all the tools that are necessary to attract the things they want with the speed of light. In addition, when buying this course, people will get the Attractor Genie software that helps them manage their multiple projects, and keep everything in a well organized form. Furthermore, the course also introduces to people 33 categories of motivational quotes from different domains that are designed to remind them whenever they return to their computer to take action. Moreover, in this course, people also find out tips to write their own vision statements, ways to write a few thoughts every day to clear their ideas about what is worthy and important for them.

If people wish to view pros and cons from a full Attractor Genie overview, they could visit the website

To know more information about Attractor Genie, get a direct access to the official site.


About the website: is the site built by Tony Nguyen. The site supplies people with tips, ways, programs, methods and e-books about many topics including business, health, entertainment, and lifestyle. People could send their feedback to Tony Nguyen on any digital products via email.


Silicon Real – the new video podcast about the People behind the amazing tech scene with a focus in London

(PRWEB UK) 23 July 2013

Take a walk though Shoreidtich in East London around Old Street Roundabout, now coined Silicon Roundabout, and it's easy to witness the great accomplishments of both the City and the community at large. The ecosystem that has evolved over the last year couldn't have happened, as much as people may not want to admit, without some government help. But at the end of the day it all comes down to the amazing people and teams that have and are creating some amazing businesses.

What exactly is Silicon Real?

Silicon Real has been spun from the hugely successful video podcast called London Real TV. Its vision and mission is simple, tell the stories about the people behind the tech scene in London. Whether it's a hugely successful, a complete failure or just a company treading water, the team behind Silicon Real feels that these personal stories can not only be entertaining but extremely educational and insightful for entrepreneurs from all over the world. The stories are told in a tight 30min format that can be viewed on YouTube or downloaded via Itunes.


7 Things Really Beautiful People Just Do

Portland, OR (PRWEB) July 09, 2013

First lets discuss the definition of Beautiful: According to Merriam-Webster: 1- Pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically 2- Of a very high standard; excellent. So based on this definition, obviously beauty is in the eyes or senses of the beholder as it come in various forms for every individual, but this can gives you a foot in the right direction.



GuardRFID and AppLocation jointly release a combined Active RFID and Wide Area GPS/Cellular Gateway for In-Transit Visibility and Security of Assets and People

Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) April 23, 2013

Guard RFID Solutions Inc. and AppLocation Systems Inc. jointly announced the release of their Mobile Active RFID Gateway that combines GuardRFIDs Active RFID Readers and GPS/Cellular Gateways to provide real-time tracking and location capability for tagged items and people while in transit within a vehicle. The Gateway also supports the J1939 interface that can alert maintenance staff of active engine faults, track fuel economy, and provide maintenance notifications by mileage, time or engine hours.

AppLocations MobileFusion platform is integrated with GuardRFIDs Argus AllGuard server to collect tag data for generating reports and providing graphical views of the location and details of tagged items and personnel. By adding in-vehicle gateways to fixed facility RFID deployments, companies can now extend their chain of custody reporting and verification to include in-transit segments and delivery locations. In addition, personnel status and location can be achieved by utilizing GuardRFIDs Staff Tags.

Extending tracking, location and security to the wide area completes our vision for end-to-end visibility of materials and personnel, said Zahir Abji, GuardRFIDs President and CEO. Users of our solutions now have the ability to continuously monitor the movements of their assets and personnel, regardless of whether they are in the building, on company grounds, or in motion within a vehicle. This development opens up significant opportunities for planning and managing logistics and security for our customers, and takes RTLS to a higher level of utility.

We have been working with GuardRFIDs technology for some time now to provide warehousing and yard applications, as an adjunct to our fleet management solutions, said Gary Hartwig, AppLocations CEO. Materials management requires high tag acquisition rates and the ability to instantly detect tagged items when they approach choke points such as dock doors, and GuardRFIDs 433 MHz based technology platform performs these functions and others extremely well in the kinds of environments that we encounter with our customers. Integration of the system into the wide area enhances MobileFusions capability to an unprecedented level.

About Guard RFID Solutions, Inc.

Guard RFID Solutions, Inc. develops Active Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies and products for Healthcare, Industrial, and Enterprise applications. Guard RFID Solutions, Inc.s products can accurately track and locate equipment, materials, and people for enhanced automation, workflow, monitoring, and security solutionsall on one flexible platform. Guard RFID Solutions, Inc. is federally incorporated in Canada, with its head office in British Columbia sales offices in Chicago, IL and West Palm Beach, FL.

GuardRFID Contact:


Crowdfunding to Change The Way People View Networks, Information And Commerce

London (PRWEB) June 17, 2013

Urban Cloud is a next-generation social network that has focused on five key areas of innovation:

Innovative Design Urban Cloud is the worlds first social media platform that seamlessly unites social networking and marketing.

Native Advertising Urban Cloud uses a proprietary algorithm called STAC (Space, Time, Active, Content) to blend advertising into a users social timeline.

Validation Urban Cloud is able to weed out unverified and fake/spam user accounts, allowing for an enhanced social media experience for advertisers and users.

Positive Reinforcement - Urban Cloud features a unique reward system, through which a user can accumulate points for interacting with a business. These can be redeemed for rewards to build brand loyalty and recognise social influencers all at once.

Retailing - Each and every user has the ability to retail virtual goods and services on the Urban Cloud platform.

Only half of what Urban Cloud will do has been released (and weve only developed another 20% of the idea). The rest is being given over to the people; their voices will influence what features are implemented next and how the cloud develops.

We are uniting people at the centre of an internet revolution. Having launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo we have placed Urban Clouds future into the hands of the world. The community will transform the platform through their collaborated ideas, influencing Urban Clouds direction, and the features implemented on the platform.

We are currently at the prototype stage of development, and are set to launch our second iteration in the coming weeks. It will allow users to create an account, post content and collaborate to improve the Urban Cloud experience for all.

We will also be periodically releasing improvements as the site develops and are set to launch in October.

Businesses out there need this in their lives and we are proud to be a part of it from the onset. Look forward to the future of social business enterprise - Chris Charalambous, Global Creative Director QUINTESSENTIALLY CREATIVE / LIFESTYLE

Notes to editors

The Urban Cloud team:

Edward Heywood - A social science graduate from Queen Mary University, where he specialised in network theories. The initial Urban Cloud concept came out of his research and the problems that he identified.

Peregrine Park - At 15, Peregrine was interning as a software developer for a European Space Agency mission. From there his computing skills flourished as he studied Computer Engineering at Imperial College London, before working with the Business Intelligence Reporting Services team at Microsoft.

Sharan Soni - A national chess player since the age of 11, Sharan has worked to great effect in real estate management and development, and today is reading towards a degree in Business Management at Kings College London.

Additional Material

For more information on our crowdfunding campaign visit:

The Urban Cloud Infographic detailing the current social media landscape, the flaws associated with existing platforms and the solution, Urban Cloud:

To view our promotional and crowdfunding videos, go to:


Lovemycourse Launched For People Who Love To Learn

(PRWEB UK) 7 December 2012

Lovemycourse, the perfect site for people who love taking classes, or who have always wanted to but never tried, has been launched today. With over 22,000 courses available, the site makes booking a course as easy as buying a book online. You can search for courses near where you live, courses that cost


Living – The Home Technology People complete their state of the art Notting Hill project to great acclaim and a seal of approval from Kevin McCloud’s Grand Design Program

(PRWEB UK) 22 October 2012

Paul Clarke Living's Technical Director has been extremely busy of late. Living have launched several industry firsts with their unique minimalist technology designs and has been very involved with the finishing touches to their latest project completion in Notting Hill, which also happens to be featuring on the hit Channel 4 program Grand Designs 24th October 2012.

This wonderful and exciting project started for Living back in 2011. As all projects tend to start, a complete design was required but with the added requirement that Living do away with the proposed Building Management System, to be replaced with their own integrated solution, fully monitored and controlled from the Apple iPads to be installed. In addition almost every item in the home was also to be monitored and controlled including, Home Automation, Lighting, Audio/Visual, Home Cinema, Heating, Cooling, Blinds and the extremely popular Smart Glass window system. To say that this property has state of the art Home Automation is an understatement indeed.

What really makes this project and installation unique is the approach Living have taken with their minimalist technology design. Living have long been extoling the virtues of such an approach to home technology, shunning conventional wisdom that all walls must have huge touch screens, room stats, Audio/Visual controls or worse still all of the above. The result is this modern yet homely property that anyone can control from the moment they walk in. Apple may have coined the phrase you already know how to use it but Living Home Technology have mastered the art.

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More People Switching to Mac Then Ever Before?

(PRWEB) September 12, 2006

So how many people are Switching to Mac and how will this effect Apple's Market share? Our indications show that as much as 75% of all new Mac sales are PC Switchers, people who are Switching to Mac. Since Mac users are one of the most product loyal in the industry we can comfortably state that almost all Mac users will inevitably purchase another Mac when they are in the market for a new computer. PC Switchers would then account for 3 out 4 new Mac sales potentially quadrupling Apple's market-share over the long term.

So why are people Switching to Mac?

Is it because of the lack of Viruses, Spyware and Security Risks on the robust Mac OS X operating system? Maybe it's the eye catching, stylish and trend setting products that are drawing new customers to the Mac? Are people Switching to Mac because they wanted the ultimate iPod accessory, a Mac! Could it be the very competitive pricing and diverse product line that seems to have the perfect model for every? Is it Apple's very user friendly yet powerful and integrated ilIfe '06 digital lifestyle suite of applications for all of your digital media projects? Another possible draw is Apple's move to Intel as their choice of CPU for the entire computer line? Could it be that all new Intel based Mac's can also run Windows XP just like a PC making the Mac the only retail computer capable of running any OS and any software wether it be Mac OS X, Linux, Unix, or various Windows flavors?

With all of these major drawing features it's no wonder why Apple is seeing a huge wave of new customers Switching to Mac! After all why not get a Mac, it may be the best PC you ever owned...

This press release brought to you by, where you can find Articles, Reviews, Training, Podcasts and a helpful Forum to answer all of your Switching to Mac questions.



Your Promo People Designs Two New Types of Coolies

Fort Wayne, IN (PRWEB) July 31, 2012

Coolie experts, Your Promo People, have recently created the custom beer pitcher coolie and the custom solo cup coolie. The idea began when Troy Lewis, director of online sales at Your Promo People and a beer connoisseur, along with Larry Davis, YPP Graphic Artist, began thinking about the Fort Wayne German Heritage society's annual GermanFest. GermanFest was in need of a way to keep their pitchers and stadium cups of beer cold in the warm summer heat; the answer, to develop custom coolies for the event.

A coolie is a foam, scuba or neoprene device that is designed to insulate a canned or bottled beverage. Since its invention, the beer coolie has evolved both in material and style. Over the years, the materials of which the beer koozie is made has changed and the addition of the Zipper Bottle Koozie was made to ensure no beverage was left behind. Companies have even created koozies for 40oz bottles. What about other ways drinks are served? Why not beer pitchers and solo cups?

GermanFest sold the custom pitcher koozies and solo cup koozies at the event the first week of June. The custom made coolies went over with extreme success. The cup coolies sold out and the pitcher coolies neared that during the week-long festival.

Not only did Your Promo People supply GermanFest with the custom-made coolies, the festival also served their beer out of custom, plastic stadium cups courtesy of Your Promo People.

With inspiration, Your Promo People has expanded their already, large line of coolie products, to house two more, the custom pitcher coolie and cup coolie. The new products made their debut at GermanFest, but Your Promo People, do not anticipate a one-hit wonder.

About Your Promo People

Your Promo People, a division of JH Specialty, Inc, provides a practical solution to all promotional needs. JH Specialty is a full-service marketing communications company based in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Founded by John Henry III in 1998, the company specializes in the utilization of technology in social media marketing applications including, digital marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, events and promotional products fulfillment, website design, and web development. JH Specialty provides marketing solutions for a variety of clients from Fortune 500 companies to Mom and Pop shops across the United States.

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